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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Would-Be Settlors

By Anna Von Reitz

The Plot Thickens.  Why you cannot support the Michigan General Jural Assembly ----besides the fact that it includes US Citizens in its membership, which our actual geographically-defined States forbid --- it turns out that the Brits using the US Military as pawns, have been at it again.  

Look what I received in the mail this morning from James Courtade: 

"You will recall [and I do] that while I was designated to be the Sec. of the Treasury I was the Michigan Governor. In that capacity I met with groups and set up county assemblies. To my dismay I found out that Robert Gilman and a few others were working behind my back to unseat me. It made no sense.
Then I discovered that they had created a Settlor document, which gave them total ownership and control of the state. They knew I would not go along with such an effort and that is the reason they wanted me gone.
When I first met Robert he talked about his military background, which was quite impressive. It, therefore, came as a shock when I found that he was attempting to subvert the Michigan Assembly.
I addressed the membership of about four hundred and told them what was going on and then resigned. Immediately all but about twenty people left the group. Going on today, I submit, is an effort to replace the existing state with one that is even more harmful to the people. According to Bruce Kamps, a friend with over forty years of experience studying law, according to the document the settlors would own everything and be able to dictate the form or species (gold, silver, planum) of the taxes as well as the amounts to be paid by the people.
Over the many months that you wrote about the merits of the Michigan Assembly I expected that the matter had been corrected and that Robert was no longer involved. Reading this article I find to my dismay that he is still there. The people of Michigan must learn that the man is evil."
I stop short of presuming that Robert is evil, but he is certainly misled and is misleading others.  The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions --- good intentions driven by partial and incorrect information leads to disaster every time.   So it is that I have found numerous former military personnel involved in efforts to seize our country in the same way that so many Banana Republics have been seized --- by Settlor Agreements.  
These men and women having been in the US Military have been conned into assuming that they are "US Citizens" --- and they have never bothered to question that, even though the Marine Corps daily drill drums it into their heads that they are what?   Americans!   
So it may take a moment or a month or a year for many former military personnel to realize that they WERE functioning as "US Citizens" while in the service, but were not born as "US Citizens" and are not naturally "US Citizens" and that there is in fact a foreign allegiance to the British Crown involved in being a "US Citizen".  
It may also take a while for them to completely understand that as long as they adopt "US Citizenship" they are at a profound disadvantage politically, and will never be able to enjoy the freedom they fought for.  All they will ever have is "liberty" ---- what sailors get (only at their Captain's discretion) when they make it to port.  
If that's what you guys in the military fought for, that's sad.  If you fought for freedom, it's time to sever all presumption of "US Citizenship" and act as American State Citizens instead. 
So what is the evil Settlor's Agreement that Robert and his group have put together?   It's a claim to be the "Settlors" of our ESTATES which were created under conditions of FRAUD and which have been balled up by the same Municipal Perpetrators and British members of the Armed Services. 
As Would-Be Settlors, they get to distribute what they want to distribute and otherwise act as little gods over the rest of us.  They get to claim the land and everyone else goes hungry.  It's what the Protestants did to the Catholics in Ireland.  And its all based on bull crap.  
So, now we know "the rest of the story" and the reason that Destry and Sun-Tzu and the rest of the Plotters reacted so violently and spread so much gossip against me when they realized that I was representing the interests of the actual People of this country and that I was bent on doing the Settlement the right way, so that everyone's interests were preserved. 

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  1. Wow.! I'm glad I am outta that.


    Discernment. It can be difficult to sharpen this skill and one must have much practice in determining Truth from the B.S., to use this "inner-knowing" takes going through such experiences that Anna and Robert have gone through possibly several times. There's always a bit of truth mixed with lies. I myself have had much experience in dealing around those who claim to be "genuine". They come across relatively smart or genius, claim to be for humanity (some more than likely admit to a post education or military background), but eventually show their true colors in their actions which are exposed once they are unable to hold on to the actual authenticity.

    Then there are posts like the above, by Frank O'Collins, if that is even a real person. Question everything. Take nothing such as this post to heart.
    defends nothing. It simply defines an individual/non-human who is not for the greater good of humanity, lacks moral judgment capabilities and only knows how to lash out with childlike bullying words and demeanor. Be fully aware of paid agents, and web bots hired just for this reason. They seek your negative response and reaction to continue on. DON'T FEED THE BEAST.

    Articles such as this by Anna and Paul show the genuine concern and warning.
    U you are unfamiliar with mind control, do more research. Fundamentally, this is the #1 weapon used on humanity to wage war upon our brother.


  3. May I add the following:

    True freedom ultimately involves considerable personal responsibility. No masters above, certainly, but no slaves below.

    "For when the mirror of understanding is still you will see that, age after age, one has begotten the other in the dark womb of their separateness. So my Will declares that those who cannot live together must perish together. My Sword vanquishes both and frees the kingdom…" -UNKNOWN

  4. I have removed the post by Frank O Collins, which is not his real name. He is a troll, and for many reasons including some really foul language is not allowed to remain on this blog. He also goes by Ucadia, and Unknown and I delete everything he posts. So don't bother to answer anything he writes here.

  5. I found this site to have some good information for those in Canada and elsewhere
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Found this page to be very informative
    Be sure to read at the end how all of this ties in to the book of revelations - NO accident or prophecy here folks - planned
    The pdf comes from this article
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Why can't we get behind something every single living person wants, whether it be the patriot movement, the LBGT community, Gay rights movement, Black lives matter, Women's right, and every other "civil rights arguememt that we can all agree eliminate the IRS completely once and for all, even for who in their right mind wouldn't go along with just that one focus....!!
    We need a battle cry that crosses all racial, cultural, and religious boarders.....and I can't think of a better one than there anyone out there who actually loves the IRS...????

    1. eliminating the IRS for corporations is what the crooks want. this gives the undead corps. even more limited liability, and even more equal than others "artificial personhood", the incorporations get to be "us citizens"...and ensures everyone else will be too. because they are now even more elevated above the natural person.

      if the goal is to revive common law, it is a bad idea. if people dont see any reason to bring back common law, i suppose it has possible merits.

      however, simply put, legal title holders/landlord should be paying all taxes. equitable title does not. this is how a "peldge" "trust" has worked for centuries. see hanbury's modern equity, this is why "Trusts" were created, why at tfirst the king was against them, but after 1694 bank of england (private, first "big" central bank), then he allowed trusts, because he still got his "cut" and "taxes" ahead of time, borrowing/inflating pounds. this is teh same system more or less worldwide.

      simply put, they are not following pledges/trust law, which has been the case for centuries. if the us corp./military/state of x/us citizens, and all the incorporations formed under their auspices are "sovereign" they should be paying ALL taxes as they are landlord/hold legal title.

      if a state citizen/national is "Sovereign" then they too should be paying "taxes" (IF they consent/have delegated/contracted for services) BUT actual states nothing but gold or silver coin can be legal tender.

      hence, it makes sense they set up fake "state of x"...they cant tax actual state citizens. having stolen everyone's credit and with "pledges" normally they cant tax anyone else either....but the "landlord" tries to anyways.

    2. "the dispatch of merchants" william/bill avery 1976 also mentions this "eliminate taxes for corps" is exactly what they want. an artificial "solution" that only works for the undead, nothing for the living man or woman.

    3. "pledges" as i have pointed out here before, they are also supposed tocall us "Sir knight" if they dont know our names see "knight" and scotage socage blackmail/whitemail are also enlightening definitions. we are also supposed to get a maiden (calculated based on expected earnings for the landlord for our marriage/offspring; landlord wants more tenants); if we dont like the landlords choice of bride, we can "pay" the difference.

      we are supposed to have rent-free hovels. this is in exchange for "knights service" from "pledges" (e.g. the "draft" signing up for "selective service" etc.)

      esquires (bar attorneys) are supposed to take care of our horses/stable.

      the IRS/et. al. is simply not following the laws of "pledges" and trusts.

      MANY MANY things all go back to the "pledge"

      people quote edward mandell house re: "ancient law of pledges" but really, they are NOT following the law of "pledges" and trusts.

      in the middle ages, such false "pledges" would get the landlord being catapulted a dead/diseased horse into their keep. this was "biological warfare". or wrap a cat in sheets/paper and light it on fire and toss it in the IRS building.

      the magna carta, the king "gives" people the "right" to detain any future king who violated it.

      the magna carta also says if england goes to war with a country of a law merchant, they will be treated the same way that country treats englanders.

      im not suggesting people storm the IRS/landlords...i am saying in the middle ages they wouldnt have put up with this garbage and false "pledges"

    4. that is a fascinating book:

      weapons: an international encyclopedia from 5000bc to 2000ad. the diagram group. 1980 ISBN 0-312-85946-5
      i am not advocating anything, but it is within the magna carta you can treat the IRS/law merchants how ever they treat state citizens/nationals.

  8. Anna, as long as that agency is allowed to exsist, everything you do will be for nothing....there is only one way to fight fair on this battlefield and that means eliminating the IRS completely and even prosecuting everyone including all the agents and principals with terrorism and conspiracy to commit fraud against 400 million Americans...!!

  9. Anyone in the path of the Orville dam please keep watch - it would appear that they are working for that dam to be let loose and take out maybe a million people in California
    Part of their UN agenda to depopulate not to mention this gets them the land they looking for and wiping out crops to create the famine as the bible script they are following to make Christians believe this is all an act of God
    Psychpaths to the core
    Other articles on the above links reveal a whole lot of information so be sure to read them all and pass them on
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. Paul,
    (Luke X. 16.) "for he," says St. Augustine, “who has not the Church for his mother, will not have God for his father;"
    The church is the Bride of Christ. Not the mother.
    mother church, mother earth, all seem to contribute to false worship and false thinking. We are not told to go through the church to get to the Father.
    We are told that we the (Individuals) are to become the church, the temple itself, through the Son, to the Father.

    1. Ephesians 5:31 "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother ...
      “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and ... 32This mystery is profound, but I am speaking about Christ and the church.

    2. Your understanding of the history of this concept is limited and incorrect.
      Here are several pages from the very ancient writings of the early fathers.

      Part of the problem is reading the Bible without the guidance of Christ's true Church.

      This term is most often used among Roman Catholics as Holy Mother Church. The Church is considered to be a mother to her members because she is the Bride of Christ, and all other churches have had their origin or derived from her.

      Don't make the mistake of thinking that I am trying to defend the new and false religion headquartered in Rome known as the Novus Ordo. It's NOT Catholic at all. They have stolen the Offices, the buildings, and the names, and yet they have perverted almost everything taught and practiced by the true centuries old Universal (Catholic) Church. Rome has fulfilled the prophecy of La Salette and has "become the seat of Anti-Christ. But be very careful that you don't throw the "baby out with the bathwater" so to speak, or perhaps you never have had true Faith or have never been in Christ's true Church. That's not for me to judge, but now that you have said what you said it behooves you to study up on Church history and teaching FROM THE CHURCH, because we will all be held accountable for the truth that we willfully neglect.

    3. a follower: there are MANY competing churches, which means many competing baptisms (names, form, intentions, many other things). some of them are mentioned/explained on

      "morals and dogma" analysis also explains why st. john is patron saint of freemasonry, why knights templar worshipped baphomet and john the baptist's head (one and the same, IMO, history channel is stumped, makes perfect sense to me) .

      also explains "the rite" movie (anthony hopkins, priest tricks him at the end, nothing is solved, but movie makes it appear things were "fixed").

      also explains "the shining" movie. google for rob ager analysis.

      using "The bible" to destroy catholicism explains masonry, protestants, many things. whether people "Agree" or not, it is the only explanation i have found that makes any sense to me.

      a site rosariofatima was making a list of 20-50 (possibly more) rosaries over the centuries, and "diverting devotions" (slowly trending towards heresy)

      it would be interesting to see a list of all baptisms "catholic" and "protestant" and anything else. there are MANY.

      ive seen protestant churches websites, they more or less just give up, dont believe baptism can be that important, otherwise there wouldnt be so many "competing" versions.

      there are MANY churches and MANY bibles which means MANY baptisms.

  11. As American State Assemblymen, we cannot allow our discussions to devolve into a Religious Bickering. Since the dawn-of-time humans have ranted on 'bout philosophy, and "THEIR-word-of-GOD" as they know it. We're not here to argue these points.
    Our goal ? Our purpose ? is it not to create our Court System? Shall we be diverted ? perverted ? subverted ?
    Is the Grand Jury that low upon your ladder of importance ?
    We need some FOCUS, here.
    Anna is showing us all how Not to be revenued, diluted. Attention anyone? Knock. Knock.
    Our job is to be Secular even tho our entire Law is based upon the Bible. Rome has infused itself into our lives even tho it is presently Luciferian in totality.
    Our job is to determine the difference b/t pepper and fly shit.
    We must be shrewdly discerning.
    We, each must cease thinking like slaves. We are Owners.

    1. i agree in general/tone, but devails in the details.

      which bible? the catholic one? masonic king james? book of mormon? ucadias not-released? (noting against frank o collins, he seems to have done good research, unsure if he is affiliated with people callintg themesleves "ucadia" and "canons" etc.) francis bacon king james?

      "our entire law is based upon the bible" -- which bible? the masonic/illuminist "all men are created equal" (we are "equal" to the "satanists" and they must be "tolerated"?)

      "rome" is "secular" which "luciferianism"/masonry/illuminist always masquerades as.

      while i agree with general tone, anna has already made "biblical claims" etc. anotehr poster expected we should give "tithing" to her.

      if people are trying to be "secular" i dont see it. looks like "bible worship" and nothing else allowed. which "bible" always left unspecified.

      wycliffe bible, persons are syyne. he was a common lawyer. also said to be proponent of "communitarianism" aka "communism"

      there WAS a mostly "bible-based" america. that was articles of conf. federal constitution said you cant require religious oaths for office.

      "based upon the bible" is meaningless. so is satan's kingdom, mirror image. "the forbidden secret" 2007 stanley monteith notes "angel in the whirlwind" (google for video, or or youtube should have it).

    2. jefferson had his own bible. john adams e.g. did not subscribe to it.

      much of the "Federal citizen" garbage is "Based upon the bible" too. they have "national prayer" week. office of faith based and community initiatives (bush ii, obama, and now trump) see "morals and dogma" analysis.
      the knights templars are/were based on st john the baptist, who has/had a pre-christ baptism (to destroy catholicism, deny christ)...also "Based on the bible".

      masons defend them nowadays, the "pope" executed them.

      masonry is also "based on the bible" (and koran,talmud,etc. it is the furniture of the lodge, the great light they must follow/work by).

      modern "churches" (protestant and rome-connected catholics) tell us we are supposed to obey "gov" because "God" put them there according to the "bible" (stanley monteith, "brotherhood of darkness", points out why this is bunk, mixing apples and oranges)

      the masonic "christian socialist" edward and francis bellamy "pledge" is "Based on the bible" (According to their "interpretations")

      eliphas levi, 19th century warlock, socialism is the true "catholicism". there are still "christian" groups who say this today, using "the bible" as evidence.

      both sides of "civil war" thought the "bible" was on their side. lincoln,stuck in the middle, noted this, wouldnt say his "religion" so people were skeptical of him and this was his answer.

      john ruskin and successor fabian socialists, also "based on the bible" (at least, that is how they market it to people; he had different opinions at different stages of his life).

      many of the "federal citizens only" "State of x" think "law merchant" is "based on the bible". if you dont work you dont eat. nevermind the miles of usury and theft and the fact this is slavery and treason. you have to honour your (unconscionable) contracts.

      anytime you point out a "sin" we are told "judge not lest ye...". this seems to be the standard "Satanist" line.

      (one of the perhaps many) homosexual running for us citizen phony office, "God created me that way, take it up with my creator". i am neither defending nor criticizing his "lifestyle/law", just pointing out, his "Defense" at least in his mind is "Based on the bible"

      there are people who say trump is "based on the bible" (and we should vote for him the masons would HATEEEEE that, thatll show em!).

    3. slavery was defended as "based on the bible"...and abolitionists also thought "the bible" was on their side.

      "the mark of cain" is still used against blacks "based on the bible". "mormons" do this too, to this day.

      polygamy, also was "based on the bible" (ancient jews practiced it). then they had a "Revelation".

      monogomy, nowadays, is defended as "based on the bible"

      the phrase "based on the bible" is completely meaningless, entirely in the eye of the beholder.

    4. and then when the "feds" told the "mormons" to dissolve/liquidate their incorporated "church" circa 189x and polygamy is not "common law" which all the states of the union are supposed to follow...that too was "based on the bible".

      i dont know if they "appealed" but looks like the modern/mainstream LDS is still/once again an incorporation...this again is "based on the bible (and subsequent revelation/books)"

      MANY incorporated "churches" do roman civil law and law merchant and usury-drenched "finances" (and martial law "pledges" too), and claim it is all "based on the bible".

      "our father [of all lies? you will have to guess which we mean]"

      "the lord [is this the angel in the whirlwind? you will have to guess. is this lord god of genesis elias? you will have to guess from the many "bibles" who we mean]"

      the masons say "the bible" is sun worship/rebuilding of solomon's temple hidden in there.

      the kabbalists/wicca/occultists/etc. claim there are 72 or so kabbalastic names of "god" hidden in old testament. there is a "left hand path" and "right hand path", the sephiroth, etc.

      (nothing to do with handedness you write with or throw a ball with or bat with; video game "sephiroth" characters are perhaps vaguely based on such things)

      let us not get into "numerology" "based on the bible". or astrology "based on the bible". or the "lord of hosts" "based on the bible". (hosts == stars).

      various versions of "our lady" are the star of the sea (sea in this context meaning sky i believe, the heavens). the sun is the lamp of god. is this sun worship/lunar cult, or "based on the bible" ? a combination of the first two? all three at the same time? a revival of paganism? an attempt to destroy catholicism by comparing our lady to pagan entities?

  12. As I have said before, if you don't want to hear anything about Catholic teaching, don't attack the Church. I am happy when you leave it alone.
    If you attack Catholic teaching I will defend it with everything at my disposal which is a considerable library on line of church history and the writings of the early fathers of the Church and Our Lord and His Apostles. If you leave it alone I will be silent. But if you spout heresy in the comments I will counter it.
    There is only ONE true religion on this planet, and it is the one Jesus founded when he walked this earth. It's up to us all to find it, and get in it, and stay in it until we take our last breath. And that, my friends is the only thing that matters in life...