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Friday, May 31, 2019

"Tax Processing Centers" --- Public Warning Notice --- Demand for Action

By Anna Von Reitz

The latest in a long line of Tax Frauds committed by the US Territorial and Municipal US "Government" corporations is on the way.  

I am referring to the advent of "Tax Processing Centers" --- these bogus private operations are springing up all over the country and forewarned is forearmed. 

What appears in your mail is one of those particularly irritating letters that are glued together around the edges and that you have to deconstruct very carefully to avoid tearing.  

These missives are addressed to Municipal Public Transmitting Utilities --- names that appear in ALL CAPS --- and use what appear-to-be Middle Initials, but without a period to designate it as such.  Observe the form of the NAME:  JOHN M DOE.  The names being used now are also devoid of hyphens or other punctuation:  LINDA A SMYTHE ANDERSON, instead of Linda A. Smythe-Anderson. 

Their first dodge will be to announce that a "Federal" Tax Lien has been established on your property, usually at some time in the past.  This will be big news to you and you will, of course, be frightened.  When you run down to the Recording District you will find that yes, indeed, a mammoth Tax Lien has been filed against your property.  And I do mean a Big tax lien --- often ten times the value of the property, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of "tax lien" that just appears out of the blue sky.  

This is because the STATE OF COLORADO, for example, is being bankrupted as a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION.  Instead of paying their taxes all these years, they have claimed exemption as a government entity, only to have it discovered that they were operating as commercial corporations and therefore not eligible for exemption.  

Oh, my.  So, their tax debts are being passed in domino fashion to their "presumed" Secondary Co-Signers --- JOHN M DOE and LINDA A SMYTHE ANDERSON.  

None of this has anything to do with any American State National or American State Citizen, but we are being dunned just the same.  

Your options are: (A) join the party and file for bankruptcy protection along with the rest of the rats, submit yourself to the tender mercies of the bankruptcy court, have the black mark of bankruptcy against your name, and hope to survive with your home, $8000 worth of personal assets, and one car per family; or (B) get on your broomstick and beat the politicians and the Queen and the Pope responsible for this situation with your pens and your law suits and your commercial claims until they decide that, perhaps, this isn't the way to do business after all.  Scream bloody murder and share the news with everyone you know, or (C) do what we have been telling you to do all along, and after you have joined your State Assembly, see your State Coordinator about National Credit Redemption.  

In order to make their scheme "legal" they had to provide for remedy and we have found it.  The bad news is that the system supporting the effort is so old, unkempt, secretive, and rickety that moths fly out of the record books and everything concerned with redeeming the credit we are owed is painfully slow. Think: sloths on vacation, even though, to be fair, the IRS workers in charge are slaving away and doing their best. 

It is a priority assignment for everyone reading this to send letters to everyone they can think of involved in the Government Corporations --- "US" Senators, Congressmen, President Trump, the US Attorney General, the UN General Secretary, the Queen, the Pope, and everyone in between --- demanding a modern National Credit Redemption Program and a special Credit Card to be issued to qualified American State Nationals --- the only Parties to whom such Redemption is officially owed.  This Card is to be used to pay off mortgages, tax debts, medical bills, college loans, auto loans, and utility bills.  

Once issued, the Cards can be used by the State Coordinators and others to pay off these debts for friends, neighbors, and others in our communities who are in need regardless of their political status. It's our Credit.  Until the whole system is updated into the modern age, we are stuck using rubber stamps and registered mail and daily firefights with confused IRS Agents who know nothing --- absolutely nothing --- about the National Credit. 

Those of us who have teeth are taking a bite out of the backsides of the perpetrators and demanding action and broad spectrum correction and are holding back our own claims to protect seniors and others who are losing their homes as a result of this impersonation fraud and the slower-than-molasses-in January response curve.  Those in urgent need, need to come first. Those who aren't being billed yet need to stand down and hang on and tough it out until we prevail upon the perpetrators to modernize delivery and release the National Credit. 

And everyone needs to "Bang a Gong" --- loudly enough that they can hear it in Whitehall and Saint Peters.  

The next scam is a "Warrant of Distraint".  

Now a "Distraint Warrant" (as opposed to a "Warrant of Distraint") is a peculiar warrant used in the United Kingdom for the collection of tax debts.  

Are we in the United Kingdom?  

No, didn't think so.  And the rats in Whitehall who think we are in the United Kingdom need a fire lit under their tails to inform them that our generosity does not extend to "gifting" them with our continent and our National Credit.  

What these scam artist Tax Processing Centers are sending out is a "Warrant of Distraint" --- a bogus "simulation of legal process" that so far as I know exists only in Montana and is enforceable only with respect to "County of ________" organizations.  

Along with this completely horse-hockey Notice they announce their intention to levy your bank accounts and cause other trouble until the above referenced tax liens are paid in full.  Oh, lovely.  We have scam artists making up bogus tax liens and then going around to ignorant local banks and levying bank accounts based on this manure. 

Everyone have your pitchforks and bonfires ready?  See why the perpetrators needed 25,000 one gallon canisters of cyanide and 30,000 guillotines to kill their Priority Creditors?  American Military, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mr. Trump..... UN Secretary General, Pope Francis, Lizzy?  

If you don't want to be identified as the criminals in this story, you'd better get busy and release the $950 trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" Prince Philip collected in Canada ---- most of which belongs to us, and you also need to start paying out the National Credit.  

If you look at the Return Address for these "Tax Processing Centers"  you will see that: (1) there isn't a real Return Address.  All it says is "Tax Processing Center" and then the name of your town and state.  The only contact is a telephone number, and if you call it, a scam artist will be waiting on the other end, telling you how they are going to "help" you out of whatever they can skin you for.  (2) The Return Address does reveal (in tiny type) that it is for "Private Mail Only" --- it's not a government publication, it's not a government organization, it's a private commercial debt collection based on totally false presumptions being carried out by criminal subcontractors of the US Bankruptcy Trustees, and they all need to be arrested and have their rumps permanently resettled on their shoulders.  

As I have said many times, this is not a matter of politics.  It is a matter of crime. Those crimes include impersonation, kidnapping, unlawful conversion, constructive fraud, inland piracy, collusion, barratry, identity theft, collusion, false claims in commerce, credit fraud, press-ganging, conspiracy against the Constitutions, commandeering of Public Vessels, securities fraud, and more. 

If the perps don't want to be permanently recognized as nothing but sleazy criminals and outlaws deserving a noose, it's well-past time that they took action and directed the enforcement of the actual Public Law we are owed and did their jobs to protect us.  

They can begin with closing down the "Tax Processing Centers" and expediting the removal of all these fictitious "Tax Liens" and ceasing and desisting all other attempts to collect debts that don't exist.  They can also shut down the "US Bankruptcy Trustees" on a permanent basis and nationalize the banks that have been colluding with this foreign agenda on our shores. 

We call upon our traditional Allies and the People of the world to join in the Housecleaning that is so obviously required; let it be peaceful, effective, and understood by everyone involved.  

If you receive one of these bogus letters, open it and copy its contents front and back, and take it to your local Sheriff and the Territorial State Police and the District Attorney and the State Attorney General and the Governor and whomever else you can contact and swear out a criminal complaint demanding that these "Centers" be located and the perpetrators arrested for violations including: 

Combined MUNICIPAL and Territorial Notices
of Violation(s) and Failure(s) to Perform

NOTICE OF CLAIM of “sole relief and remedy” under Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e) of 2012 and previous.
Notice of Violation of Lanham Act --- attempted attachment and seizure of Unregistered Trademarks; Title 15, Section 1125 (a)and 11. 
Notice of Violation of Admiralty, Maritime and Prize Cases, Title 28, Section 1331 (1) and (2) and (12).
Notice of Violation of Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction of the United States, Title 18 Section 7 (1), (3), (8) and (13).
Notice of Violation of The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of Title 39, Sections 1-908 and 3621-3591.
Notice of Violation by Presumption of the Public Vessels Act, 46 U.S.C.A. Appendix Sections 781-790 as originally enacted.
Notice of Violation of The False Claims Act, Title 31 U.S.C.A. Section 3729 (a) and (7).
Notice of Violation of The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Title 28, Sections 1602-1611.
Notice of Violation of the United States Statutes-at-Large, Title 12, Section 411.
Notice of Administrative Failure by the IRS/Internal Revenue Service for Failure to Produce Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Vouchers and Instructions, failure to validate Proof of Claim as required by the Administrative Procedures Act, failure to provide remedy required by the Emergency Banking Act, and the United States Statutes-at-Large. 
The Scammers responsible may claim that you violated Federal Mail Statutes by opening mail that wasn't "really" addressed to you, but bear in mind, that the entity being addressed doesn't really exist, and if you have done your homework and have recorded your Certificate of Assumed Names, you have control of any and every Name or NAME associated with you and your assets, including any "permutation, ordering, variation, style, or punctuation" of your names. 

Time to settle this, folks; dig down to the bottom of it and throw it back in the laps of the greedy criminals responsible.  

Feel free to distribute this Public Warning Notice to all and any local, state, national, and international peacekeeping officials and law enforcement officers, all politicians, all corporate officers, all bank officers, all agencies including the IRS/Internal Revenue Service, and any actual news agencies in your communities.  

White Hats --- land this one on the President's Desk. 


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  1. The evil actions in the evil, ever more complicated system never end. I think the root problems of FRAUD, THEFT, TORTURE, MURDER ought to be handled in the jural assemblies, and put an end to these vile creepy things once and for all...but what do I know?

  2. To We the People: Also and furthermore, we are the white hats, The People of The United States of America, need to print off a copy of this, Anna's Blog Post and sign it on the bottom and mail it to Trump, with a cover letter, stating We the People see the fraud and it must be stopped. We the People must stand and claim we have seen, DISCOVERED THE FRAUD AGAINST US AND THE NATION OF SOVEREIGN SEVERAL STATES. If we don't do it, then who?
    If We as Individuals see the fraud, it is our duty and obligation to ourselves and our families to act, on behalf of our Republics, our futures and our posterities.
    This should make it perfectly obvious, they know the America People are waking up and acting for reclamation and they are attempting to remove from us even the ground on which, your feet stands.
    If you do not think, we are in a PAPER WAR, then you better think again. It time for all the side liners to get off your backsides. They are lobbing PAPER BULLETS AND TEAR GAS, to beat We the People back into our corners and to once again become GOOD CITIZENS. You better darn well become BELLIGERENT....CLAIMANTS (PAPER ENEMY COMBATANTS) and get in this PAPER WAR.
    This fight for our sovereignity did not end with the revolutionary war, it just changed MODUS OPERANDI. But, you better believe the RED COATS are still working in high places of our governments, to provide seize this nation and proudly give it to the Vatican and Queen.
    If you don't see it, you need to take you blinders off. If one of us is attacked, with these TORTIOUS TAX ACTS, then all of us are attacked. We all need to take actions right now to nip this in the bud.
    We the People can bring the IRS behemouth to its knees and it is time. My last video.

  3. ps just made a video about this post and for this post. feel free to copy and share it.

    1. ps. I am in my researching seeing more blatant statutory violations of rights and told ignoring of any and all lawful claims. People are have court cases, as plaintiffs, dismissed because the U.S. as defendant is admitting it never sent any LEVY NOTICES. So the tax courts are dismissing the cases, without remedy to the plaintiff's, the America.
      They are not answering any affidavits of IRS VIOLATIONS and the advocate offices are crickets.

    2. I heard something on several occasions that may be of some use here
      Present the birth certificate to the prosecutor or other and make the following statement
      This is not for identification purposes
      This is evidence for my beneficial interest
      I hearby release my interest to you to settle this matter
      It is suppose to wrok fro medical bills, taxes, etc
      Not sure if this may be of benefit but thought I would throw it out there
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Shelby, I am not much on trying methods and procedures. I research facts and law and do my best to act, with valid and lawful actions. But, if that seems like it would work for you, try it. Those type things do not work for me, as it leaves too many holes up, that can be used as snares against us. I can see a lot of issues with it. But, who can tell, until it is tried. I won't be the tester.

    4. I hear you just throwing it out there is all
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    5. Shelby, yes I know. But, we must comprehend, not all the bait in the pond, is good to eat. However, if a fish wants to eat the bait, they are absolutely free to do so.

  4. The latest in a long line of Tax Frauds committed by the US Territorial and Municipal US "Government" corporations is on the way.

    I am referring to the advent of "Tax Processing Centers" --- these bogus private operations are springing up all over the country and forewarned is forearmed.
    "To the advent of?
    This sounds like a typical scam from the get go. You say "it is coming?"
    So has it happened yet? Do you have any names and or cases, or is all of this just what has become More Fear Mongering?

    1. Yes a follower, I do! I have a private blog spot and am dealing with this from members of my blog daily, what is being done by the IRS. Not only that I have been researching legal court cases and see from reading those cases, what is happening...ILLEGALLY AND UNLAWFULLY BY THE IRS and the usurpations and absolute violation of STATUTES, is increasing. But, of course you would not know these things, because you are nothing more than a chronic cry baby, claiming some kind of superior knowledge of God and Country. You continue to post, your ignorance in and of both.
      You are nothing more than a spineless wimp. The true battle between light and darkness is occurring and you can't see it and are blind as a bat. You obviously are not standing with us, who are fighting the very beast system that put CHRIST AND HIS TRUE FOLLOWERS TO DEATH, 2000+ YEARS AGO. You are so blind and impotent, you won't see it, until it is right on top of you and dislocates your head from your shoulders. Then you can stand before the righteous judge and He's going to show you how much on the wrong side, in your lukewarmness abomination you are currently standing. So not only will you lose your life to the beast, you will lose your life in the second death, your own soul. I would after saying that, love to offer my personal and private opinion of you, but I am denied that opportunity by Him. You are truly one of the vipers, which Jesus called out!

    2. PS. I am not fearing or mongering anything. I am speaking the TRUTH IN FACT. I am standing! I am challenging others to stand! Of course I count you out in that, as you can't eat the meat, you have no knowledge of and we who stand must have a spine, in which to do it. Fear is not in my spirit or my vocabulary, because I have nothing to fear, because I know in whom I stand and I know, his grace and mercy and directions are with me and guiding me. It I must surrender this life to the beast, if that is the Lord's will for me, then I will do it standing on the side of this righteous cause, you imbecile! My eyes are wide open and I will be darn, if I will allow you to prevent, hinder or stop me from opening the eyes of others, as to what is FACTUALLY HAPPENINGS. Do not get in my way PHAROAH or I will continue to reveal you as the fraudulent claimant of A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, which you profess to be. You do not follow Him! If you did, you will be in this fight and not in opposition. You are a thief and viper!

    3. thank you c.johnson for putting that loathsome 'troll type' in his place ! these negative trolls stick out like a sore thumb !! time wasting paid disruptors !!!

    4. lut, it always sickens me, when people of darkness, try to prevent light from coming forth. It even sickens me more when people of darkness do it, while they claim they represent the light.
      Those that follow him do not follow any darkness, because He is the light and there is no darkness in him.
      So, I am glad you appreciate my comment, but I truly did it for LIGHTS sake! He is that light!

    5. most everyone's intuition tells them what these dudes are all about !! only ones these dudes are fooling is themselves; not smart !!!

  5. A court case everyone must become aware of, we must take action against the banksters and it doesn't matter if they are the fed, imf, irs or treasury. it's time to call out the fraud!

    1. ps. the total and utter banking fraud by IMF, IRS, TREASURY AND THE FED. RESERVE. CALL THEM OUT ON THE FRAUD: