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Friday, May 31, 2019

Lawful Military Service v. Legal Military Service

By Anna Von Reitz

The basic issue is very similar, if not quite the same, as the difference between acting as a peacekeeping official versus a law enforcement officer. In one capacity, you are acting lawfully and in the other you are acting legally.
The activities appear very similar, but are fundamentally different because they are being engaged in under totally different premises and different forms of law and different jurisdictions.
The Lawful Soldiery of a nation, which includes a Lawful Navy and Lawful Air Force, operates under the Geneva Conventions. A Legal Soldiery by contrast is a private Mercenary Force and operates under the Hague Conventions.
Through no fault of their own, our honorable men and women in the Armed Services of the United States, have been forced to act as Mercenaries for hire ever since the Civil War. This is why they and their activities fall almost exclusively under the provisions of the Hague Conventions which were in fact developed out of the Lieber Code adopted by Abraham Lincoln and imposed upon our troops as General Order 100, the very first Executive Order ever in the history of this country.
When a Lawful Soldiery goes to war, it is an officially Declared War among nations. When a Legal Soldiery goes to war, the "war" may be declared or not, and may be engaged in as guerrilla warfare and include aims and activities that are not normally allowed by the Lawful Soldiery.
The employment of Mercenaries --- also known as Crown Pirates, Privateers, or Soldiers of Fortune for Hire --- has gone on since ancient times.
The history buffs among us will remember that King George III hired German Mercenaries from the Principality of Hesse --- Hessians. It was a contingent of Hessian troops that were the target when Washington crossed the Delaware. These men were sold into a form of slavery by their government. Instead of being Free Agents and selling their services as soldiers on the open market, they were conscripted against their will and used as gun fodder, with the proceeds being collected by their local tyrant, the Grand Duke of Hesse.
The same thing has happened to millions of Americans. Our boys and girls have been sold as cheap mercenaries and the proceeds collected by the "US Government" ---- which by now we have all learned, is a foreign entity on our shores, albeit, under constitutional contract to serve and defend our States of the Union.
The Draft enforced during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam was exactly the same kind of conscription forced upon the Hessian soldiers--- we just didn't know it. It was based on the "presumption" that the men and women serving in these conflicts were all "voluntarily" and knowledgeably adopting United States Citizenship, which in itself was a crock.
Just as FDR conveniently forgot to inform us all that our sons and daughters were being used as cheap commercial mercenaries, the following Administration didn't inform us (or them) that in order to ever come home again, they would have to expatriate from the presumption of United States Citizenship and that they would have to expatriate in order to receive the actual benefits of their Service, which were supposed to include lavish stock portfolios, freedom, and their Constitutional guarantees.
Some men, notably corrupt Generals and General Staff, made out like bandits during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam-- and retired into lives of luxury because they expatriated back to their original birthright political status and collected on those stock portfolios, all nicely plumped up as a result of wartime demand for corporate goods and services.
The rest of us got the G.I. Bill and never came home from Foreign Service because nobody told the troops that they had to expatriate from the status of "United States Citizenship". So they and their children and their grandchildren remained on the record as slaves owned by the Federal United States, subject to the whims of the Queen and the Pope's Municipal Congress, and their stock portfolios remained "unclaimed", in the care of military bankers who managed these stock portfolios "for" the victims of this scheme.
Does someone need to pay for all this fraud against the American States and People? Yes. Their names are Francis and Elizabeth. But we must all admit that they can never, ever repay what they owe us. They can never give back the lives lost and destroyed, the families cheated, the time on Earth that could have been so much different and better.
What we can do is wake up and smell the java. Especially, the military can wake up and smell the java: you are being used as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit, your political status is being damaged and misrepresented, your country is being endangered by this ongoing fraud and malfeasance, you and your families are being surreptitiously and fraudulently enslaved, and at the end of the day, you are being cheated out of investments -- stocks and bonds -- that are owed to you.
Who knew?
Quote Benedict XVI in a high-pitched wail: "Nobody told me!"
Well, now that you know, what are we going to do about it? Even the lowliest Buck Private who served in World War II is richer than Midas on paper. And most of them and all the other G.I.s are struggling to get basic services out of the Veterans Administration. Does that make sense to you?
Most of them still don't know that they aren't naturally "United States Citizens" and that they need to expatriate from any such status the moment they leave the Service, and that if they don't do this, they are permanently deprived of the freedom they fought for and which they deserve, as well as the Lion's Share of benefits they are owed from these filthy corporations and also denied their Constitutionally guaranteed rights as Americans.
The members of Congress, at least some of whom have known about and profited from this travesty all along, have smiled and kept mum and spent the proceeds. Let's all remember John McCain and the two-week long spectacle of his unending funeral. And let's all take comfort that, at least, it was a funeral.
The return of America as its own country, no longer in the thrall of foreign corporations, and the return of our Armed Forces to the status of a Lawful Soldiery, is long overdue. So are the benefits owed to all those who were mis-characterized as "United States Citizens" long overdue.
For starters, reclaim your birthright political status. Re-convey your Good Name back the land and soil of your birth State. Formally expatriate from any presumption of Territorial or Municipal United States Citizenship. If you are a veteran, send the head of your branch of service an informative letter telling him or her that you have elected to return to your birthright political status and have expatriated and retired from any further presumption of United States Citizenship. You will, however, continue to collect all earned benefits and maintain your Honorable Discharge.
There was an effort to conscript more volunteers from the general populace by establishing and alleging that a "civilian military service component" exists, for which we recommend sending a DD 2168, also. The object of applying for benefits that you obviously don't qualify for, is to get an official response admitting that you are not part of any such "civilian military service component" and therefore not obligated in any way in your civilian life to military discipline or United States Citizenship. This is one instance where we want our applications to be denied.
Lately, we've been seeing numerous cases where military records have been altered, always to the detriment of the men involved.
In one case, a 20 year veteran of the Navy Seals came up totally missing from the military records. Poof! His entire career in the military disappeared without a trace and he was being denied service from the VA. Luckily, his deceased wife had kept his records faithfully and his son still had them.
In another case, another Seal's Death Certificate came up with the box for "Military Veteran" checked "No".
In a third case, a Seal's Service Record was altered to show completely different duty stations, history, and educational components--- all serving to downgrade his rank and the amount of his military retirement.
For whatever reason, it appears to be Open Season on Navy Seals' records and if you or anyone else you know is a former Seal, we suggest making sure that your service records are secure and it might be a good idea to request new copies. See if your information is correct --- and still on file.
It's good advice for anyone retired from any branch of the US Military to make sure that your records are secure. What they owe you is one of the more significant portions of their National Debt, and there is growing anecdotal evidence that in addition to cheating veterans out of freedom, political status, and pay and benefits they are owed, their military records are being altered and "lost".
If they were ever actually employed by the US Corporations in an "official capacity" as professional Lawful Soldiery there is considerably less likelihood of these sorts of things occurring, but as it stands, most US military veterans have never been part of any Lawful Soldiery, and were merely mercenaries employed in a private capacity by Foreign Corporations engaged in wars for profit.
Such corporations can and do go bankrupt and just as they are engaged in shady business on a global scale, they are not above bilking people out of retirement and pension benefits.
I know this is going to be shocking for many people to contemplate and yes, I expect considerable backlash from outraged veterans. It is indeed very disturbing, but also is self-evident when you are aware of the rest of the history involved. From the moment Abraham Lincoln ordered the initial attack of the Civil War, the United States Military has been acting as a Commercial Mercenary Force --- a legalized private military "Security Service" operated by commercial corporations on a "for hire" basis.
I guess the only other thing that can be said about this circumstance is that if we had known what was going on: (A) a lot less people would be veterans and (B) we would have charged a lot more for our services.
Please observe that an Airman First Class with two kids and a wife will have to apply for Food Stamps to survive, while his counterpart answering an ad in Soldier of Fortune Magazine stands to make $125,000 a year, plus perks.
It is instructive that when the Selective Service contacted my son and he said, "No thanks, I'm not adopting US Citizenship." their response was complete and utter shock and disbelief. The lady on the other end of the phone line didn't know what to do. She was reduced to stuttering, "But, but, but--- you have to sign up for Selective Service! Everyone does!"
Not everyone has to and not everyone does.
It took four increasingly strong letters refusing their "offers" and a dozen phone calls before they finally admitted that no, Selective Service is not mandatory for Americans.
I noticed my son was rather upset about the whole experience. In a different world, with a Lawful Soldiery to join, it would be a different thing. As it is, if he ever decides to seek employment as a mercenary, he'll get paid the going wage for it.


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