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Friday, May 31, 2019

Response from Jim McBride on the Two Deals article.

I received an email from Anna today, The Two Deals – Not Just the New Deal, requesting a response. As usual Anna gets to post her side of the issue to the masses while my responses are generally met with resistance and posting delays resulting in an extremely limited distribution. There seems to be some fear of a real and honest dialogue. A fear that is fiercely protected by Anna’s followers. It seems that so many are willing to take Anna’s rhetoric and name calling filled preaching as gospel while any factual rebuttal is labelled as an attack against her personally.
I make no judgments concerning Anna. Who am I to judge? But, I do take exception to the twisted logic and outright dismissal of valid research while readily admitting ignorance to TWEA. Even worse is a rebuttal based in that ignorance.
Anna’s comments are in black while my responses are in red.
When I look at the history and read the documents, especially those concerning Roosevelt and the "New Deal" and the Conference of Governors and its actions "pledging" the good faith and credit of "their states and the citizenry" thereof --- it's apparent that they were talking about their Territorial States of States and the States of States "citizenry" --- meaning those relatively few people who actually were United States Citizens. Not American State Citizens.
They gave their all-----all 1 in 1550 of us. (Take note that Anna uses the inclusive word ‘us’) And it didn't hurt them much, as most of them were ineligible to act as American State Citizens in the first place.
You may well be correct, but, then there was FDR’s Inaugural Address of 1933 wher he addressed the American people convincing the entire American population to also ‘Pledge’ their property and labor to a sacred purpose …… a Public Trust. FDR had to have the STATES (The administrators) behind him before he could get the people to follow.
If it was simply about "pledging" the good faith and credit of "their states and the citizenry" then FDR’s inaugural Address was addressed to only 1550 people, yet it was broadcast to the entirety of the American people ‘asking’ the people to also pledge their good faith and credit which FDR accepted as a gift at the end of his address. The Territorial States of States and the States of States had no authority to Pledge our good faith & credit. The United States needed all of our property as collateral for the receivership which required the consent of the people.
It was the entire American population who suffered through the great depression NOT just the 1550 territorial employees. It was the entirety of the American population who was ‘offered’ a way out of the depression and that way out was to ‘Pledge’ our good faith & credit to the common/public good as well. You will notice FDR’s offer and then acceptance of the GIFT/Pledge of the people’s good faith & credit to be collateralize for the Public good.
What they did was provide an excuse for a "legal presumption" that all the rest of the people in every State were similarly "pledged" and by a process of constructive fraud, undisclosed contracts, and semantic deceits, those responsible unlawfully converted the estates of millions of Americans into their "Public Charitable Trust" scheme "as if" they were actual United States Citizens or Citizens of the United States when they were never either one and never "volunteered" and never "donated" their children or their earnings, either.
It was a giant constructive fraud and identity theft and impersonation scheme, pure and simple.
It is so easy to point fingers and paint the entire American population since 1933 as VICTIMS as if the people played no part in the creation of our present reality. I for one, am NOT a victim screaming “Oh Whoa is me THEY did this to me!” When one puts away the VICTIM EXCUSE and bores down into the reality we find that we have been complicit and must take responsibility for our part of the reality we have co-created for ourselves. In so doing we see that there is a remedy …. A method for us to correct the actions of our mother’s and ourselves. We can either wine and cry about being victims or we can accept out part in our reality and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
“…. if we do as Jim suggests without first reclaiming our Lawful Persons as American State Citizens, we have no other recourse: we have "voluntarily" identified ourselves as British Territorial Subjects owed restitution under the quid pro quos of the New Deal. This then means that we cannot receive remedy as Americans.

Lawful Persons as American State Citizens is a position/status WITHIN THE WORLD OF COMMERCE. By claiming that lowly status one is disavowing their true status as a beneficiary in original jurisdiction the highest position on the globe. The world operates under a feudal system consisting of layer upon layer of trusts within trusts. One can choose to STAND in any position of any one of the millions of trusts that exist in the world today. OR, one can claim their true status as beneficiary in original jurisdiction, a superior position that encompasses every trust within those layers upon layers of trusts.
One cannot serve two masters! You are either a citizen of God’s kingdom and beneficiary in original jurisdiction or you are a lowly Lawful Person and American State Citizen thereby forsaking your rightful status under your Creator. This is a world of free will and choice!
The Public Charitable Trust was set up in the wake of The American Civil War as a welfare fund for displaced plantation workers and their families to help former slaves survive the bumpy transition to freedom. That is still the basic premise of the Public Charitable Trust, in that it is supposed to go to poor people in hard circumstances to pay for things like catastrophic medical bills and emergency shelter and travel money to get them back home when they have wound up in a place and can't get home. Now they are liquidating this trust as part of the General Bankruptcy of the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia.
I now see the confusion. You may be correct in your assessment of the Public Charitable Trust, but incorrect in identifying the proper trust of which I speak and/or the public trust in which the property of the American people has become embroiled.
I just can't see myself as a Brit nor as a Pauper, and I certainly am not a "Person of Color"
You went WAY OUT IN LEFT FIELD here with these ASSUMPTIONS. Nowhere, in the TWEA process for redemption of the property does one identify themselves as Brits, paupers or Persons of color.
Equally, neither do I identify myself as a State National or lawful person or American state citizen. I am NOT a citizen, nor property of ANY STATE, Territorial States of States and/or the States of States NOR any status that identifies me as less than a citizen of God’s kingdom, beneficiary in original jurisdiction.
Whether you can accept it or not the reality is that our world is built on the feudal system established in the Bible. In the beginning God granted man dominion over all things ….. yet the Bible is clear that God RETAINED OWNERSHIP granting man ONLY dominion over all things.
And the land and soil is there to be claimed …
ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! But, one must understand that the property of the American people is HELD IN TRUST …… the 1933 New Deal Public Trust ….. administrated by a provisional/occupational force by the consent of the people!
TWEA is the Trust Indenture setting forth the Parties, their rights and remedies, duties and liabilities and their relationship one to the other. TWEA is to be used by the beneficiaries to gain a remedy while the coeds and statutes are for use by the Citizen/slaves. The courts understand your status as soon as you file an action by the choice of law that you use. If you use the codes and statutes you are considered a citizen/slave yet when you use TWEA as your jurisdiction the court understand that you MAY be a private beneficiary …… and the tests begin to find out which you are …… beneficiary or citizen/slave.
It's the reclaiming of the land --- the actual and factual world -- that I care about and value.
We are on the same page here! But, we must understand the world of trusts. One cannot TAKE property from a trust! One MUST properly REDEEM the property from the trust. To TAKE is THEFT to REDEEM is HONORABLE!
The process for the REDEMPTION of our property, our good faith & credit, is set in stone within the Trust Indenture, TWEA. We have an absolute right of redemption of our property AND we have an absolute pathway to redemption all established within the Trust Indenture, TWEA.
We regain possession and control over our property and labor through the honorable redemption of our property and NOT by force or theft. Why use force and/or theft when a lawful process exists for the peaceful and honorable release and return of our property?
The TWEA process for the redemption of property has the side effect of correcting your status within the records of the Custodian of the Alien Property from the of Enemy Alien to that of Beneficial owner of the claimed property.
The ABC corporations can only charge those listed as Enemy Aliens! They are required to ensure you are on the Alien Enemy list prior to filing charges against you. Removal of your name from the Enemy Alien list is a bi product of the Redemption Process. The civil administration is CHARGING the property when you go into their courts NOT the living man/woman. When you go to court you are defending your private property rights. The ENEMY ALIEN has NO PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGTHS while the beneficial owners hold all of the rights and power. From which position do you choose to handle your private affairs?
OH and BTW, you can have your cake and eat it too, as the United States also owes the American people the net earnings (interest and dividends) accrued and/or accruing in your name for the use of your good faith & credit.
Perhaps Jim would be kind enough to share the affidavit and let me see what is required?
Over a year ago, (not two years) I provided Anna a great deal of my research, complete with side notes, annotations and comments, in an attempt to open a dialogue on the subject. Although Anna readily accepted and shared my research there was never any effort forwarded to open a meaningful dialogue. No questions, comments nor concerns were expressed ……. CRICKETS was all I heard in exchange for my open and honest sharing.

Although this seems a rather back door kinda method for an open and honest dialogue, but at least a dialogue has begun. Let’s see if it gains any traction this time. jt


  1. We were taken to the cleaners fleeced.the great depression was the biggest transfer of wealth in history.
    flush with cash after roaring 20s.everyone was in markets leveraged and the called all loans due pay in 24 hrs..or forfeit all.
    2008.they made off with 22 trillion too.

  2. Case No. 1:19-cv-0060 in the District Court of the District of Columbia

    It is my understanding that the private (asset) funds are held by the IMF/World Bank and not the federal reserve banks. They profit through the special access and use of those funds, yes, as it is he who controls the assets rather than he who owns the assets that wields the power. The Custodian of the Alien Property, AKA Steven Terner Mnuchin who is the trustee along with President Trump. We have proven that in four cases now.
    We have also established that the CoLB has no intrinsic value. It is simply prima facia evidence of the conveyance of your property to the Custodian. The Registration date on the CoLB is the vesting date.
    The CoLB is absolute, undeniable evidence that you are a beneficiary in a trust relationship with the Custodian of the Alien Property; That the Custodian has invested and re-invested your good faith & credit, and that you have a beneficial right to those net earnings (interest and dividends) and the Custodian has a fiduciary duty to provide you access to those net earnings.
    All of this information is within the one statute, TWEA, which is the Trust Indenture concerning your good faith & credit.
    In trust matters it is the Trust Indenture that is the law of the trust. NOTHING OUTSIDE OF THE TRUST INDENTURE PERTAINS! Everything is within one statute to obtain an equitable remedy in a trust matter. TWEA has established the jurisdiction, venue, the type of suit (Suit in Equity) and who the Defendant must be.
    TWEA provides you every step along the way, but just in case there is something unseen or non existent, TWEA mandates the District Court shall establish and issue all rules, process, decrees and orders as concerns the implementation and administration of the Public Trust.
    We are now pressing the courts in two separate cases to establish the process for the discharge of any case against you in one federal court and how to discharge a mortgage and other debt in another. When we act like the beneficiaries that we are ….. armed with the actual Trust Indenture (the Law of the Trust), the venue and jurisdiction which the courts cannot deny with a fiduciary duty to protect the trust and the trust beneficiaries.
    We now have everything we need to take back control of our property. We have even figured out how to get the attorney out of the case, as in in personum.
    The District Court is NOT an equity court but is an Equity court by characteristic, taking on the characteristics of equity.

  3. This is all fine and dandy for people who can pay for to join for the services but many many people are being left without work or any income at all - we cannot pay for things
    And if this is such a grand thing why use the handle unknown
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. I am James Thomas McBride and I posted under my email but it showed up as Unknown.
    We charge for several reasons;
    1) Every man is worthy of his hire. I charge for services rendered and not for the information;
    2) This case has been my life for the past two years after losing everything to the government ..... one more time...
    3) I have a need to eat and for a place to sleep so that I can provide this information and these services, not to mention the cost of maintaining several websites in support of this venture.
    4) In every battle there are those who fight the war and those who pay for the war. I cannot do both at this time.
    5) People place little value to things that are freely given. But, once invested they take the time and energy to really take it in.
    6) To quickly identify those who choose to cry Poor Me! I am a victim once again! rather than do the equitable thing and privately request an alternative payment schedule or exchange.

    This is all about equity. Those who want equity must come in equity. Wining and crying don't go very far in equity. Equity is about taking charge of your own affairs and acting in unlimited liability. Limited liability is the root of all evil that we experience today.

    We are here to help you take back your power but you got to do your part. jt

  5. Thank you Mr. McBride. Is there a website that you can share here that we can go to? And I agree: Every man is worthy of his hire.

    1. Thank you I hope Paul does not mind my posting my site here. I thank him in advance.

    2. Mr McBride I was not wining and crying it was an observation.
      I've lost everything I own 3 times Mr McBride so no need to tell me what this beast has done to you.
      Very skilled and yet not one employer will hire most likely due to the fact that I am working to get the word out everywhere as to whats going on and I don't make a dime for any of it
      Thank God I have family that has not sent me in to the streets
      If I had a means to pay you I would - can I help you in some other way in exchange for your services?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. C. Johnson, Shelby here, as we discussed before yes there are two separate records and we are not getting the correct records through vital statistics
    I believe the record we need is referred to as the long form birth record but not sure
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. I was and still consider myself a Divine Province member. It was Jim's work with Notice Recipient that started me on my truth journey. He will always be one in my heart.

    Jim has put his life into this work and as even served unwarranted jail time for his work to free Mankind.

    It would be nice if Anna and Jim could come together.

    Much respect Jim!!!

  8. has this guy got it right?

    1. The birthday, actual date of birth
      The berth of the entity/vessel day, the day it was registered
      2 different dates, 2 different records
      This is the guy and the information that we shared weeks ago
      If you watch some of his other videos you will see that the departments are now actually forging documents to cover up the fraud
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. JT here and I went to the Dept of Health, Vital Stats and requested 2 birth certificates duplicating an experiment created by Romley. (video mentioned below)
    On the first application I used the actual birth date and received what I call an 'abstract' that contained only the PUBLIC data. This document was perforated making it an Indenture.
    For the second application I used the Registration date on the BC and I received what many call the long form which is a copy of the document filled out by mom and signed by the doctor.
    The first is the actual evidence of the conveyance of the property to the Custodian while the second one is evidence that you owned the property immediately prior to the conveyance, an important piece of evidence!
    TWEA states that the very act of registering the birth with the Registrar constitutes the official notification of the conveyance.

  10. I don't know if anyone gets Jim's point! He sums it up right here:> "I do not identify myself as a State National or lawful person or American state citizen. I am NOT a citizen, nor property of ANY STATE, Territorial States of States and/or the States of States NOR any status that identifies me as less than a citizen of God’s kingdom, a beneficiary in original jurisdiction." What he is saying is: "I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven" and a child of God! Let that sink in...

  11. JT here and I agree 100%. That CoLB does not certify the birth event and certainly does not stand as proof of life. Agreed!
    The CoLB is the prima facia evidence of the conveyance of your good faith & credit to the United States and as such is the evidence that you are a beneficiary of the trust and NOT a subject of the trust.
    You speak of this white copy as proof of ownership to the child. Can one OWN another and not be slavery? You seek for proof that you are a slave? The fact that you are walking and talking and breathing is the proof of life. Proof of life is not the issue. For me it is not about proof of life it is all about the property. The people are sovereign because we are property owners. Our good faith & credit is collateralized by our equal yet undivided portion of the divine estate. That is what they are after! Not you or I! It is all about the property and we can prove that we are the true owners of the property which is held in trust. Therefore we are the beneficial owners of the property. As the beneficiary you hold the highest position in the trust.
    Free the property and you free the body!!
    TWEA tells you how to redeem/free the property and thus, free yourself. jt