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Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Federal and State Constitutions, Vol. I United States-Alabama-District of Columbia - Online Library of Liberty

By Anna Von Reitz

Just found a great online resource for the State Jural Assemblies to use to research the founding documents of their respective States so long as they clearly recognize the context of this publication in 1906 and the nature of the incorporated entity doing business as "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" which is being referenced.

In 1906 the rats had just finished their preparations to declare the Scottish interloper doing business as "The United States of America, Inc." bankrupt the following year, so they had need to boot up a new replacement which they based in Puerto Rico following the Insular Tariff cases that got pushed through the United States Supreme court from 1900-1905. These were seminal cases that allowed them to run things offshore--- Hooven and Allison v. Evatt, Downes v. Bidwell, et alia.  So this is the "new" version of the swindle: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) chartered in Puerto Rico under Spanish Law of the Inquisition in 1906. 

The use that these Vermin made of the information contained in this book was purely criminal and anti-American, but in the process they compiled information about both the actual founding documents and the organic laws of the individual States.  You have to be careful because they refer to States of States, i.e., "Confederate States" as "States"--- instead of calling them what they are: commercial corporations, and this requires patient discernment. People have to think about what is really under discussion (creating a foreign corporation to form a Holding Company for foreign States of States) in this book, as a book, or they will be confused-- but as a resource for historical documents of the various States, it's handy for sure! 


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  1. This seems to skip many pages
    Heres a full version

    1. Interesting : Vol 2 Page 1007
      Article 8 Sec 3 of the Illinois Constitution
      "rights of conscience"

  2. Funny see no direct chapter for the North West Ordinance which established the Federal/Territorial government and considered a precursor/framework to the Federal Constitution. The 1787 Ordinance was passed by the Confederation then reestablished in 1789 by the Federal Government.
    It is referenced under "Illinois" on pg. 957 of Vol. 2.

    (Wiki- Quote)
    """Designed to serve as a blueprint for the development and settlement of the region, what the 1787 ordinance lacked was a strong central government to implement it. This need was addressed shortly thereafter, when the new federal government came into existence in 1789. The 1st United States Congress reaffirmed the 1787 ordinance, and, with slight modifications, renewed it through the Northwest Ordinance of 1789.
    Considered one of the most important legislative acts of the Confederation Congress,it established the precedent by which the Federal government would be sovereign and expand westward with the admission of new states, rather than with the expansion of existing states and their established sovereignty under the Articles of Confederation."""

      "Documents illustrative of the formation of the union of the American States"
      It was a special book primarily produced for members of Congress

      Note the Table of Contents which list in order of events
      Virginia Convention of 1786
      (to decide a federal plan to regulate commerce)
      Ordinance(North West)of 1787
      (new territorial government plan)
      Federal Convention begins 1787
      (to plan and implement a new Constitution)

  3. Reading that makes my brain hurt. It is legalese and even prior to the " Civil War " they screwed around with words.." State of State " , " person"....Satan was alive and well back then.

  4. Anybody know about the Constitution for the New States of America
    Found this to be pretty interesting
    Kinda goes along with this UN plan
    I believe it's clear to see they are changing things and producing documents that they say existed back in the 20's?
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. "STATE" seems to be the multiple courts in dry dock.

  6. Non related but VERY IMPORTANT
    WE MUST STOP 5G - SMART anything
    Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology
    All living things on this earth are targeted
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved


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