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Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Very Powerful Tool and a Warning:

By Anna Von Reitz

Until you learn to walk, you can't run.

Many of you are just now completing the collection of your documents, securing your Witnesses, and are recording the paperwork to effectively evidence your return to your birthright political status as an American.
This is heady enough stuff for people to wrap their heads around. It takes time to internalize what this all means and more importantly, how it works.

One thing that should be obvious, but isn't for many people, is that this process is not automatic nor is it retroactive. If you are already engaged in a court suit, the only part of the paperwork that is going to help you is the BC and Witness Testimonies. 
Why? Because the rest of it can only be proven to start with whenever you record the paperwork. Up until that time, you are "on the record" as a "US Citizen" and there is no credible evidence that you objected to this political status or claimed any other political status prior to recording your claims.

So you have been living under one system of law and one "presumption" of political status most of your life, and then, suddenly in midstream, in the middle of a court case, you want to change horses? 
You can see why judges and prosecutors dismiss such actions as self-interested attempts to avoid prosecution.

You can still go to the DA with the Birth Certificate issued in your NAME and your Witness's Testimony as proof of unconscionable contract, and you can still give him or her the Pep Talk related to the 1934 Trading With the Enemy Act, etc., but this has to do with the basic initial fraud that began when you were just a baby---- their deliberate misidentification of you as a Territorial US Citizen. 
Claims of this sort can save YOU from prosecution in a wide variety of circumstances, but come at it from a whole different angle than the other paperwork. You are basically saying, look, I was born on the land and soil of this American State, but I was misidentified as a US Citizen and never told anything about this. It's an unconscionable contract. 
And because it is unconscionable (literally not a contract that you are aware of since it was created when you were a baby) it cannot be enforced.

Once you have discovered the fraud and the identity theft, and you have taken formal action to correct it via recording your "return" to the land, etc., the evidence that you are an American and operating as a "Lawful Person" is greatly strengthened. 
Now you not only have proof of unconscionable contracting processes leading to constructive fraud and false legal presumptions, you also have evidence of your actual choice of political status and your capacity as a Lawful Person.

This kicks things up a notch. Not only do you have proof of your identity and of unconscionable contracts being exercised without your knowledge, but you have evidence of your actual, lawful status on the record.

These are two separate issues. 
One is proof of a "mistake" leading to identity theft and fraud and false claims in commerce--- the other is proof of the capacity in which you choose to act, that is, as an American State National (or American State Citizen) and as a Lawful Person, not a Legal Person.

As both of these fundamentals are established, your position strengthens, and any excuse for misaddressing you as a "US Citizen" vanishes --- any excuse, that is, but lack of awareness of the foregoing. To cure that, you must give proper Notice, secure proof that you gave such Notice, and your Notice must be enforceable.

Now we come to the Very Powerful Tool which can next be employed to enforce personal accountability on the part of bureaucrats with respect to you--- "Notice Regarding Named Entities/Notice of Liability and Demand to Show Cause". 
We also come to the Warning. 
This tool, which is about to be distributed through the State Assemblies for the use of people who have already collected their records and recorded their paperwork, should not be used in two specific instances.

1. It should never be sent to anyone acting as a Judge or federal elected official.

2. It should not be used if you do not yet thoroughly understand your own position so as to be able to defend it.

The reason you should not use it on a Judge or federal elected official is that they are officials of a foreign government, not merely paid employees thereof. They have a certain form of immunity as a result and it is far too dangerous and complex in terms of issues and jurisdictions for a novice to open up that can of worms.

The reason that you should be cautious otherwise is that power tools can be dangerous until you learn how to use them. Used improperly or addressed improperly, such powerful informational Notice and Demand Processes can break you off at the elbow.

You must be prepared and able to competently respond to any responses you receive back from such Notices. In most cases, you will hear nothing but silence and you will then be able to call your shots, but if you do receive a reply, you need to be able to reply on your own two feet.

There aren't enough Counselors in Law yet to guarantee that you will have access to competent help, so you have to feel secure in your own knowledge before you go forward.

For all these reasons and because only those who have completed their paperwork are fully qualified to use them, the Notices, other than the Mandatory FSIA Notice, will only be available through the State Assemblies.
This is a step-by-step process and there is a significant learning curve. Form up and join your State Assembly so that you have access to ongoing training and resources that can only be applied by Lawful Persons and for Lawful Persons: of, for, and by The People.


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  1. Unrelated to the article
    If anyone has kids take heed as to this warning about Apple
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  2. Anna glad to see this post. Great warning about the deep end of the pool. I reconfirm, everyone, needs to take heed to that warning.

    But, this is a great natural progression for the group and love to see it. Thanks for the article.

  3. Anna, great information !!! Maybe, in the near fture you can comment on the "Notice of Liability" used by the "In Power Movement" against elected officials.

    It would appear, those using it would of the same "political status" as the defendant parties.

    You did mention in a past post, to be used by American State Nationals or American State Citizens, it would be more potent in it's use..

  4. Dear still don't understand courtroom procedure...!!
    If the court tries to charge you with something, there is a mandatory "Counterclaim" (FRCP 13) you must file against them, and then force them to answer what exactly is my "NEXUS" with the Corporate U.S. and how was it done...???? Now it's them on the "hot seat"....just filing a counterclaim is pretty much a win...!! They can't prove you ever voluntarily ever claimed the status of "US CITIZEN " and definitely never had one public school teacher ever once talk about "STATUS" in America or that there ever was anything but one status...!! Then BOND the case using "Subrogation" for $10 million if he rules against you in any way, shape, or form...!! But actually, just the filing of a "Counterclaim" should end the case immediately if the courts played fair...!!
    There is one major rule that you cannot ignore when forced to go to court.....always take as many "witnesses" with you as possible , Sgtdo if the judge does something unlawfully, all your witnesses can write up an Affidavit concerning what took place...!! This is where everyone need witnesses with you in court..!! Trust me, they do take Notice for "liability" reasons...!!

    1. James, I agree, in fact with you and Anna both! But here is the 'rest of the story': most people also were never taught 'in school' how to do a PROPER counterclaim! And that's where they get in trouble. And... going to court without witnesses is a major vulnerability!!! OML! We need cameras in the courtroom, and that should be a law! Can I get a witness? Can I get an AMEN to cameras (witnesses) in the courtroom?

    2. project veritas in 2018 won a federal case against public officials for the right to video them, as part of the 1st amendment rights, even privately. Look it up.

    3. Response to James from Anna Von Reitz:

      InPower outlines a process that we can adapt for purposes far beyond Smartmeters and is well-worth studying. However, for us to use this same basic process for our situation requires considerable prep work and tweaking. The consequences of addressing our problems without a solid foundation can be very serious so that is why I am not just Willy-Nilly providing it. People MUST prepare and MUST know what they are doing PRIOR to initiating a Notice Process.

  5. OML! People we need to learn to do the 3 step, administrative process as a counterclaim. BTW: that is why they 'give' us 90 days between court 'appearances' is to 'allow' us to do our counterclaim! Patriots: Study to show thyself approved! Let's Roll! The truth shall set you free...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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