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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Who to Trust?

By Anna Von Reitz

I often get asked who among the various sources should be trusted as reliable --- and the answer is that none of us get it 100% right a 100% of the time. Including me.
Nor are we all "perfect" in all venues and respects, because everyone that I mention has their specialties and tends to work in some particular jurisdiction of the law or arena of historical inquiry. Some are focused on private relief and others are more focused on general relief/restoration of a proper lawful government and still others are focused on some particular historical research period.
So when I make a recommendation like this it is with a built in caveat emptor, in that you have to know or learn where the pieces of the puzzle fit and define what your own needs are.
In terms of people/sources who reliably make the Good Faith Effort besides my own team and who dig up good nuggets of Truth with the consistency of Truffle Pigs, I would include [in no particular order]:
Rod Class -- PAGs and Administrative Law
Kelby Smith of HISAdvocates -- Private Living
Jean Keating -- Maritime and Admiralty Law
Mark Emery -- Private Living
Kurt Kallenbach - Paramount Claims of Life, History, DNA
Romley Stewart - History, DOG LATIN, Fraud Investigation
Neo - Statutory Law and Practical Quick Fixes
Peter of England - Private Banking, Current Events
SEDM - Federal Bureaucracy, Private Living, Forms
Boris - Private Living
Jordan Maxwell - History, Birth Certificates
Robert David Steele - Natural Law
Field McConnell - Military, Administrative History
Neil Warren - Lawful Banking (England)
Richard Cornforth -- Statutory Law, Legal History
John Trowbridge - History, Statutory Law, Constitution
Mary Croft - Government, History, Attitude Adjustment
Brent Winters - History of Law, Constitutions, Common Law
Freedom School - IRS, History, Statutory Law
Isaac Witham - Early American History, Treaties
Michael Kearns - Early American History, Treaties
SPLSPro -- British Equity Law
Emily Windsor - Cragg - British History, British Law, Monarchy.
Republic of Texas - IRS and Tax Court, Land Patents
No doubt I am forgetting very worthy groups and people at this moment and will think of them with a big "ouch!" as they (or their fans) call me to task. Please don't think that just because someone's name doesn't appear on The List that it is any strike against them per se. This is just an Off-the-Top-of-My-Head list of some of the many people and organizations who are contemporaries providing insights via websites, videos, teleconferences, or publications and who have consistently provided solid information in these subject areas.


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