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Monday, March 25, 2019

Ron Vrooman is Simply Wrong

By Anna Von Reitz

Ron Vrooman is Simply Wrong

He thinks he is acting as an American. But he's not.

He thinks that a "US Citizen" is the same thing as an American.

In fact, as can be simply proven, the two things have never been the same.

He thinks that a "State" is the same as a "State of State".

That, too, is simply wrong.

He thinks that he can act in the capacity of an Oregonian -- a State National or State Citizen of Oregon -- and at the same time continue to claim that he is a "US Citizen".

That's wrong, too.

He even claims that he is the coordinator of the Oregon Assembly, but that's wrong also.

You can't act as a US Citizen of any stripe and act as the Coordinator (or even be a member of) the Oregon Assembly.

In these delusional assumptions, Ron is not unlike many other Americans who persist in error even after they have been shown the truth and even after it has all been patiently (and repeatedly) explained to them.

The ONLY thing that a "legal person"---- and all US Citizens are legal persons by definition ---- can assemble is by definition a State of State corporation, not a State.

People acting in the capacity of Lawful Persons are the only ones who can assemble a State of the Union.


This is the Law, the Fact, and the History of it.

Ron Vrooman is welcome to stay a US Citizen of whatever kind, but he is not welcome to make false claims of American State Citizenship while he is doing so.

This is like a Spaniard claiming to be Irish and a member of the Irish Government to boot.

What he is doing is in fact anti-American.

Until he understands the requirement of singular allegiance to his State of the Union, he can't do what he wants to do as an Oregonian and he can't lead others to success, either.

Everything he is saying, preaching, doing is wrong and it is wrong because he can't or won't grasp the difference between "America" and " the United States" and can't see the difference between a "State" of the Union and a "State of State" corporation.

Don't follow Ron into the same old trap.

He is doing and assuming the same kinds of things that I warned Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine against.


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  1. If you are gonna build a house on the beach in view of the maritime ocean, make sure you don't build it too close and on the sand where the tide will rise periodically and wash it away! And if you are gonna follow, make sure the blind is not leading the blind, otherwise you may be trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle! This is spiritual warfare people, and remember paperwork alone is not going to deliver you from the hand and lies of the evil ones in high places! You must face the enemy who may be your employee and speak with power and authority! When David the sheppard boy came onto the battlefield and faced Goliath, he came in the name of the Lord, AFTER he was called to lead Israel, and with the annointing oil on his head, he called out the giant who mocked him and the army of Israel! The future King of Israel stood at a distance(out of jurisdiction) and with knowledge, courage and faith, being nearly naked and wearing only sandals, a loin clothe, and carrying his slingshot and a Rock, David knocked the giant out cold and with the giant's own sword(a double edge sword, I believe), and David cut his enemy's head off! The Philistines turn and ran in fear, and as David raised his trophy in his left hand, he carried the double edge sword ‘in his right’ and paraded the giant's head around the battlefield before bringing it to the King! This is spiritual warfare people and our mandate is Romans 8:14-39. For all creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God, for creation itself will be set free from corruption, into the glorious liberty of those who are led by the spirit of the Lord! Be bold and courageous for help is all around us as we are surrounded by a legion of warring angels. All the land lost in the Garden of Eden was restored and reclaimed on that old rugged cross when blood was shed to pay a price(a debt that we could never pay). Let not that precious blood which was shed, be in vain, for the promised land that flows with milk and honey may be occupied by giants now, but the battle is the Lords! Remember the children of Israel left Egypt and slavery with all the gold, crossed the Red(maritime)sea on dry Land, and the River Jordan too! "These things that I do, shall you do also, and greater things than these shall you do!" ~ Yahshua

    1. So is it spiritual or is it warfare? The lust for blood seems like a dominant theme throughout your dissertation which leads one to speculate that it may not be compatible with spirituality. Be careful what you wish for!

    2. Good point Will and thank you for that, but I presume you have not spent much time in the Bible, which in my humble opinion is not a book of religion, but instead the greatest history of Law on planet Earth. And if you don't study history, you are not studying law! I do not believe spiritual warfare is a contradiction of terms. IMHO: spiritual warfare is good against evil in simple terms, and not a lust for blood, but power. Often misinterpreted, misunderstood, misused, misquoted and rejected, the Bible has nonetheless stood the test of time. For instance: Money is the root of all evil. THAT IS NOT WHAT THE BIBLE says! The 'love' of money is the root of all evil. And that Biblical truth is unfortunately a double edge sword. The first blood shed in the Bible was when God skinned animals to hide naked shame in paradise resulting from disobedience and acquiring the knowledge of good and evil. BTW: the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is battle after battle fought over real estate, aka land. Peace, my brother...

  2. We do have a list of the measures that will be taken at the State Jural Assemblies by those acting as coordinators of the same.

    Those measures must be kept intact otherwise assembly meetings will deteriorate into chaos as U.S. Citizens try to participate but are unqualified, so confusion will enter the assemblies, and assembly work will not be able to be accomplished.

    It is anticipated that many interested but less informed people will want to attend to get the ideas of what is going on to re-construct the united States of America organic States as The United States of America.

    That can be very beneficial in helping those who would like to support the work to become informed and get themselves prepared with the needed recordings and corrections of their political capacities.

    Therefore it would be an important aspect of re-populating the organic States with State Nationals to allow observing but non participating U.S. Citizens who express a real interest and who conduct themselves accordingly to visit State Assemblies, without any right of participation, until their recordings are completed and they return to the land jurisdiction, along with having the mental clarity to become American State Nationals, leading up to their participation in State National Assemblies.

    With few now involved in the work of re-construction, having an openness to people who are disaffected with the chaotic political, social and economic conditions encouraged by lack of accountability to any land jurisdiction encourages more and more departure from a moral and lawful society. When many more people correct their status and re-populate the land jurisdiction, momentum of re-construction of our land States will increase toward order and return to a sane and moral society will be well underway.

    1. If I was a betting man I might conjecture that the assemblies are being sabotaged by infiltrators to cause enough general mayhem to prevent said assemblies from being booted up. This is likely to be a pattern throughout the process, causing one to ponder a solution.

    2. Based upon my eye witness of assembly building for 10 years now, you are so right Will. The solution may be to let nature take its course and regarding mayhem: as they sow, shall they reap! Karma, anyone?

  3. You are 100% correct Will, as I've observed this viscous cycle of infiltrator behavior repeat its m.o. and agenda repeatedly for last 11 years. Maybe someday enough intuitive and truly gifted people will courageously come forward and finally put their spines into kicking these narcissistic control freaks to the curb and actually break this insanity cycle once and for all.

    1. Thanks Kelli, if you google this Vrooman fellow he shows up in an article that doesn't frame him the most illuminating terms.