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Monday, March 25, 2019

Factoids From Tonight's Conference Call -- March 25, 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

I hate it during teleconferences when people go blat-blat-blat and spout out names of legislation and books and everything else so fast and I am left wondering if I heard it right or got the right number, etc., so I am doing a little due diligence here to help the Listeners and recap for everyone:

About our American Government:

The Republican States of the Union [The United States--- unincorporated] control and own the Republic States of the Federation [The United States of America--- unincorporated] which control and own the Confederate States of the Confederation [the States of America] which are actually "States of States".

The states own the States which own The States of States.

This is why it is necessary for the living people to correct their political status records so that they can act in their capacity as People, assemble their States of the Union, and finish the reconstruction of The States of States we are owed.

As you can see from the above, only Lawful Persons can operate Republic States, and only the Republic States can create and charter their own Confederation States [aka States of States]. 

This is what is necessary to finish the restoration and reconstruction of our lawfully mandated government.

Our American Government operates by Declarations known as "Freeman Letters" and does not function on Executive Orders or Municipal Code.

The book I mentioned that explains "Republican in Form" --- that is, the Republican States, is Emergence from Illusion -- Nation Building Should Begin at Home, by Ricardo Johansson, pages 77-91.  The author doesn't understand some of the fine points of other issues of jurisdiction and our peculiar American History, but his explanation of the form of government we are owed is spot on.   So is his expose of University Publishing and the Confederation Congress and the promotion of Hickey's corporate charter "constitution" from 1847 onward.

The other reference I made was to the Lanhan Act, also known as the Trademark Act of 1946, which prohibits Trademark Infringement, dilution, and false advertising.  It's important to know that your Proper Name is a Trademark protected under the Lanhan Act, Title 15, Statutes at Large 60 Stat 427, 15 USC 1051 et seq, which  especially protects Unregistered Trademarks--- 15 USC 1125 (a). 

This is protection that the Territorial Government owes to you and to millions of private unincorporated business owners throughout the county whose Business Names are also Lawful (Common Law) Trademarks and therefore Unregistered Trademarks: Joe's Bicycle Shop,  Kate's Dog Day Kennel, and so on.

When you record the Re-Conveyance of your Proper Name to the land and soil of your birth State, you are recording your Trademark's permanent domicile and leaving no doubt as to its lawful ownership and provenance. This is an Unregistered Trademark in Common Law protected by the Lanhan Act.
So is your thumbprint or any other unique Seal you use for business or Trade purposes

Many State of State organizations also provide additional protections as part of their General Session Laws, which are designed to administer State Trust interests owed to the People of each State.

As living people we are not party to nor subject to any of these codes or regulations, but we may invoke these public obligations of the Territorial Government for our private purposes, especially when dealing with employees of the Territorial Government. They have a commitment to fulfill regarding the protection of Unregistered Trademarks and you now know exactly where that commitment is stated --- and thank you for the reminder, C.Johnson!  


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