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Monday, February 11, 2019

#Net4TruthUSA – 383 – Last Chance, America

Found Here:


    This is for the future of the entire world - they all work for the UN and the BIS they all have Dunn And Bradstreet numbers
    If the techno giants and the banks are not stopped now there is no turning back people
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  2. One more link - see how they struck deals to move our jobs out of the country for slave labor so the corporations could get richer
    This is of course so that when they come in for the kill that we have no incomes, homes, food, healthcare - now if TIMES UP from Hollywood doesn't tell you what they up to nothing will
    And if the tell lie vision show LAST WHITE MAN STANDING does not give you a clue as to just who their targets are you BEST WAKE THE HELL UP
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  3. All US high technology going to middle east
    The BRICS deal was to immigrate people in to the country and take our jobs and to outsource them to those nations for cheap labor
    And since when do we need permission from the CEO of a corporation to stand up and defend our God given rights to be free from this global tyranny
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  4. It has to start with the method that Anna Von Reitz describes in her article #928 found here
    Removing yourself from under corporate jurisdiction is of primary importance. If you are new to this, start by reviewing her articles since the beginning of 2019. Anna and the living law firm do amazing and wonderful work, revealing a process that has been purposely obscured by the Crown and the Vatican. Anna's work is not just for us in America, it is for all the people worldwide.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  5. I have no means to pay their extortion fees for the release of my names(s) or my DNA, something they should not have control of in the first place and all done through fraud
    It is rediculous to think that 300 million Americans alone need to apply one by one paying their extortion fees to free the names given to us by our parents and stolen by the very bankers that are controlling this mess
    Hell the bankers are the ones who created the world courts so just who is going to enforce any blanket protection to all (especially the babies) from these parasites
    I understand what is going on but there are millions of us without means to pay their extortion fees and billions who nothing of the fraud?
    So I guess that means that those who have filed their paperwork get to live in the hell on earth they have planned and those of us who cannot pay or those who know nothing about the world wide fraud will be sacrificed
    I put that to God is all I can do
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