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Monday, February 11, 2019

By Their Works

By Anna Von Reitz

I have always preferred to think of myself as a "Christian", a member of the Universal Church, and have always regarded doctrinal and denominational differences as big question marks. 

There may indeed be only one correct doctrine in the end, but just as easily there might be no correct doctrine ever created by man.  The same goes for denominations.  So far as I know, God did not come down to Earth and declare a schism between Catholics and Methodists and Baptists and Mennonites and Baptists and....  men and their differing opinions did all that.
Judging from the number of times the Disciples had to be directly corrected, and even with the help of the Holy Spirit ---accounting for our egos, bad hearing, temptations, and other faults--- I don't put my faith in doctrines promulgated by men. 
This is why I have an inclusive and broad view of religion. So long as people are trying to live honorable and peaceful lives, taking care of each other and their families and communities, I tend to call that "good". Live and let live.

We will all get our corrections when the time comes.

But when "Christians" harbor organized crime within their Church and benefit from it....

When they act as Trustees in Gross Breach of Trust with respect to entire countries and billions of people suffer....

When they take crimes and sins like pedophilia and make them into sacraments....

When there is no end to this relativism and wishy-washy spineless lack of basic ethics and honesty....

When they twist any reasonable plausible recognizable definition of "Christianity" into something else....

Then I protest -- because they are not just giving themselves a bad name, they are disgracing all those who answer to the name "Christian".

And they are disgracing Christ. 
If a Christian will not stand up for the memory of Yeshuah and his Teaching and his Living Spirit, who will?
I have been polite. I have been patient. I have been supportive of Church reform all across the board. 
I have often stood in the gap and defended people who are trying to do the right thing though their sins be as scarlet and also defended the millions of completely innocent Christians who are being disgraced and misrepresented.

Yes, I have called forth the Loyal Angels of the Living God and I am not ever going to be wishy-washy about that. Nor will I apologize.    

Being a Christian is not a "relative thing" subject to "interpretation" via some kind of "fluid definition" that suddenly includes cannibalism and the rape of little children. No.

That's not "Christianity" you feckless, shameless Liars.

That's Satanism, and by your works you shall be known.


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  1. Paul loves to delete my comments & then say I am 'wrong again Leeland'

    Meanwhile Ben Fulfords just posted one of Anna's AWESOME article here🎯💗

    2019-02-11Special letter to the editor from member of founding family of Federal Reserve BoardBy Benjamin Fulford Letters to the Editor 0 Comments
    Benjamin, until the following issue is seriously addressed and corrected within the U.S. military and USA leadership, nothing is going to significantly change. The ongoing chaos and seemingly never-ending problems that are keeping the USA “stuck,” as it is now, are that Donald Trump and current key individuals within the U.S. government and military leadership are somehow being controlled by the Zionists/Mossad. They have unwillingly sold out through blackmail.

    I am sure most of them, given an opportunity, would want a way out and will turn around and fight to save America and join the fight to destroy the cancerous New World Order (NWO) who tricked them into such uncomfortable situations, but for now all they want is to save their own reputations and skins, and the only way they can do that as things are is by following the Zionist orders.

    We need to turn around and change this to our benefit because of their positions of power and the intricate and deep knowledge they possess of the enemy. We seriously need to help turn those who are now foes into friends instead. As things stand now, the Zionists blackmailing them keep ordering them to support and give Israel unlimited aid financially and militarily at all costs.

    Little do most people know that Israel IS THE CENTRAL GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS OF THE NWO. This is why our very own corrupt U.S. senators and members of Congress bow instantly to the commands of the Elders of Zion. This is also why all the Zionist puppet-country leaders around the globe bow to the state of Israel, because Israel is the puppet master and everyone must always sing by its dark tune.

    What Washington and the Pentagon must realize is that the Zionist global cartel headquartered in Israel IS the New World Order movement. Until the U.S. military realizes that as an undeniable fact and makes it a priority to defeat and forcibly remove all the Zionist leaders, presidents, and prime ministers scattered around the globe who were strategically put into key positions of power in key countries, and put new untainted country patriots in their place, we are just endlessly going around wasting time and doing nothing in a vicious cycle which resembles something like trying to pet and contain in a door-less cage a violent and rabid beast that in reality needs to be put down.

    1. Isaiah 9:21
      Britain against America and both against Israel
      Seems to be where the people are?
      Birth Promise and scepter promise. All three need to humble themselves and return yet again to Yahuah. Yet this is not what we are told or warned of on the "world stage."

  2. "The answer lies in offering immunity to all the key leaders in government and military positions, with the condition that they will be removed at some point to give room to a new, fresh, untainted, uncompromised, and clean leadership.

    I honestly don’t see a faster way to move things along in any significant way. I know we all want justice, but we are not talking here about just the repercussions of a single crime being committed. We are talking about achieving total and final planetary liberation from thousands of years of physical and spiritual slavery.

    Unfortunately, Benjamin, not everyone is as honest and valiant as you to discuss their past in a public forum as you have done. Luckily, you are a single man and you are a free soul who also happens to be a freedom fighter. Most world political and military leaders are in a much different position where the public perception means EVERYTHING to their lives, political positions, and professions.

    We need to understand that everyone makes mistakes and therefore everyone deserves another chance and a way out IF they genuinely want redemption. Sadly, most people caught within those unfortunate cycles of evil, as I call it, and are afraid, because no one want to see their lives and reputations destroyed and ruined, their loves ones hurt, incarcerated, or worse, even killed.

    I make these statements based not on my perception on what I have read in alternative media channels, but based on my own personal life experiences, because there was sexual abuse and pedophilia within my own family while I was growing up as a small and innocent child. I am one of those few lucky ones that decided to run away from home at a very early age to put an end to the cycle of evil instead of keep perpetuating onto others as was done to me, my siblings, and loved ones. Yet I wouldn’t like to see any of my family members’ tormentors punished, killed, or even imprisoned.

    Why? Simply because I realized the true root of that evil and therefore I forgave everyone. I forgave them because I realized that they were doing it because the same or worse had been done unto them throughout their lives by their parents, grandparents, and so on, but they just were simply afraid and not as strong as me to be able to break free of such dark evil. They were in reality just victims like me—sad victims of a system that cannot be broken with more evil, only with unconditional love."

  3. "In conclusion, most people had the opportunity to grow up in normal loving families, and to them it will be kind of hard to understand what I am trying to say here, but as loving humans we must realize that certain part of our population wasn’t as lucky as them and instead they have been broken and traumatized through satanic brutalization since birth to eventually continue perpetuating the system of evil we are now trying to overcome.

    The only way to stop, for good and for all, this madness of insurmountable dark evil is by giving them a chance to find a way out of the only thing they have ever known, which is their current cycle of evil they seem to be stuck and entrapped by, and just offer them a well monitored opportunity of redemption. They will also at some point need to be medically and psychologically treated to overcome whatever damage was done by traumas they need to overcome.

    Part of the answer to put an end to this complicated obstacle lies within the following article, and I unfortunately believe it to be an absolute truth.

    You can share that information anyway you want, especially with the high military echelons.

    Let me just make perfectly clear that only a portion of those compromised can be helped or salvaged. Perhaps a majority of those are now “helping” behind the huge apparatus of evil, but there are many who have irreparably damaged and those are now set in a mode to kill “everything and everyone” that does not comply with their “programming.” Those must be eliminated and shot on sight for the good of humanity."

  4. Bold and courageous statements as usual... And in my humble opinion, that kind of bold and courageous ACTION is our only remedy at this point in the game! Thank you Anna... because of hypocracy, I gave up labeling myself as "Christian" over a decade ago. I am a follower and believer of Yahshua.

  5. Hmmm...this isn't on topic but it is interesting.

    1. If you believe that article and can't see the propaganda smear there isn't much I can say that will change your mind.
      And you are right, it's not on the topics in the article.

    2. Paul I meant no offense to you, to be clear I don't really know what to think of it. Sorry to be off topic as you said.

      I have heard some unsavory things about Blackwater/Xe and I do recall that a bunch of them were strung up in Iraq, overall the outfit doesn't have a great reputation.

      I think I will just bow out from making further comment here, thank you for your hospitality on the few times we have interacted Paul. I admit I will miss Abby for heaven's sake but best of luck to you and everyone else in this situation and fight for the right thing in this world.

  6. Anna said: "So far as I know, God did not come down to Earth and declare a schism between Catholics and Methodists and Baptists and Mennonites and Baptists and.... men and their differing opinions did all that."

    Allow me to offer some further information to Anna and others who may be interested that can clear up the endless "differing opinions".

    A young boy was determined to ask God which church he should join, so he went in to a grove of trees to pray and to place his question before God. To his astonishment as he prayed, he received a history dividing visitation. Two glorious beings looking identical, descended into the forest from heaven above from directly above him, and stood in the air above the forest floor. One said to the boy, "This is my Beloved Son, hear Him! Their countenances shone in glory above the brightness of the sun.

    The sixteen year old boy wrote of his experience:

    "... while in the attitude of calling upon the Lord, in the sixteenth year of my age, a pillar of light above the brightness of the sun at noonday came down from above and rested upon me. I was filled with the spirit of God, and the Lord opened the heavens upon me and I saw the Lord.

    And he spake unto me, saying, “Joseph, my son, thy sins are forgiven thee. Go thy way, walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments. Behold, I am the Lord of glory. I was crucified for the world, that all those who believe on my name may have eternal life. Behold, the world lieth in sin at this time, and none doeth good, no, not one. They have turned aside from the gospel and keep not my commandments. They draw near to me with their lips while their hearts are far from me. And mine anger is kindling against the inhabitants of the earth, to visit them according to their ungodliness and to bring to pass that which hath been spoken by the mouth of the prophets and apostles. Behold and lo, I come quickly, as it is written of me, in the cloud, clothed in the glory of my Father.”

    "My soul was filled with love, and for many days I could rejoice with great joy. The Lord was with me, but I could find none that would believe the heavenly vision. Nevertheless, I pondered these things in my heart."

    That vision was the beginning of the Restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which stands restored in fulness of doctrines, ordinances and authority today.

  7. I invite all who are interested to visit, and to search the history, the richly informative revelations in scriptural books which make today's speculations and confusions about the nature of God and His Plan of Salvation very clear. This includes additional books of scripture which provide other eye witness accounts of Christs ministry to other people than those in Jerusalem who also looked to Abraham as the father of the faithful, and whose personal accounts are other witnesses of Jesus Christ being the Son of God and the Redeemer of the repentant. These other prophets are all speaking in harmony with the Bible, they refer to the Bible, telling in their writings much greater detail of the creation, of the lost tribes, of many other prophets who testified that Christ would come, and of Christ himself establishing His church in the new world. If you are sincerely interested in Jesus Christ and His works, you will discover the story of the restoration of the fullness of the pure gospel.

    Anna cannot say what was quoted of her above, for she now has been been given an invitation to learn what the Lord said about the condition of "Christianity" and to learn of a marvelous work going forward across the face of the earth today, preparing people from every nation for His return.

    1. Paul, we followers of Anna's articles are glad to have someone like you who has been supportive of getting her revelations about an out of control government and what can be lawfully done about it. We altogether are a group seeking to know the truth and in learning and applying the truth, be made free of the oppressors who number in every kind here upon the earth. That seems a legitimate purpose for Anna's blog and for our participation in it with our comments.

      Your participation has consistently been used to give you opportunity to connect the Anna Blog readers to Catholic messages. You make it clear that you believe that because Jesus Christ made Peter his leading apostle, and that there were other apostles Christ had chosen while He lived in mortality to carry forth his work of declaring the kingdom of God to people everywhere, that you believe that Christ's church has remained true, consistent and intact from that time onward to its appointed calling by Christ. Those are known claims your church makes. It claims that the authority to administer in the affairs of Jesus Christ on earth has always been and always will be its sole and unique authority. But the apostles were murdered for speaking the truth, like Christ was murdered for speaking the truth. Man without God is not capable of carrying the truth forward in time, for corruptions are part of mans nature.

      Were a reader to go from the link above you provided to the article it displays, the reader would have been distracted from my invitation. I would like it if you would accept my invitation to read some of the inspiring and revealing doctrines from the website I referred, and then comment from your own direct experience instead of dismissing what I offered with a pre prepared commercial message prepared by Catholic church advertising agency for its adherents to use in spreading Catholicism. I know you believe the Catholic Church has the work of declaring the kingdom of God to people everywhere, that you believe that church has remained true to its appointed calling by Christ.

      No one can know the character of any thing or any one without having first carefully studied the man, likewise with a church. So with respect for your devotion to Catholicism, I trust that readers searching for answers and truth will not allow the dismissive article you have posted to distract them from my invitation to investigate the actual doctrines and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

      Shall we know the truth by listening to rumors and opinions of others? I say to know the truth we must study from the source itself. Then as a prophet promises, we must pray - with real intent - to have the truth of it confirmed to our heart through the visitation of the Holy Ghost. If after applying this revealed process of confirming truth we feel a burning of the heart in the joy of experiencing the Holy Ghost manifest the truth unto our soul, we may rejoice in having received a personal witness of the truth from God. This is the promise made to all who read the Book of Mormon, to know of its truth.

      Whoever is distracted by nay sayers, rumors, doubts, fears, by evil speaking of others, will have been distracted and will go on being confused by the pervasive evil voices that haunt the human mind with doubt and fear and hesitancy to commit to the kingdom of God. This is why confusion reigns supreme, and why Satan has such power over Gods children on earth. But with faith in God's promise of how we may personally know the truth, explained above, and by pressing onward to study and to know the truth, we may be made free in knowing and in applying revealed truth.

    2. For years I didn't say much about the errors in the comments, but when you all start to attack the Church of Christ I feel obligated to defend His truth and teachings.

      I didn't even try to correct some of the things Anna said, thinking that my preface in blue print at the top of every page would make you all realize that our opinions were not always on the same page, and that's OK.

      So if you don't like it just stay silent.

      Mormonism is a false religion started by man. It's polytheistic and pure fantasy, and it's of recent invention.

      That is all I have to say about it.

      If you want to promote a false religion start your own blog to do it. Don't do it on here.

      If you want me to be quiet and go back to the way I did things when we started this, then just shut up and stop attacking the true Church. This applies to everyone that comments on this blog.
      Keep your comments on topic.

      Joel, don't tell me what I believe and then not read what I link to here. You have no standing to argue one way or another until you read what I present. If you won't read it then keep quiet.

      You evidently have not read anything I have said about where to find the 20 Century old Catholic Church in our time. It's certainly not in the Vatican at this time in History.

      So get your story straight about who is Catholic and who is not, before you write comments like this, and don't promote your religious beliefs on this blog.

      I could just as easily get the words of Anna out without allowing any comments whatsoever on her articles.

  8. Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Status correction ,eeting , sunday 8- whenever pm est

    Flee from the Satanists and stop tithing the bastards 125% of your life force, children , wealth...

    Lets get this done , then we can stop the incessant complaining and stop this insanity.