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Thursday, December 27, 2018

What I Know About Warnings and Arrests

By Anna Von Reitz

A large number of criminal networks have been uncovered both here and abroad, which have been siphoning large amounts of money out of the American economy and which have been contributing to illegal arms and drug markets, human trafficking rings, and even darker purposes, such as murder related to organ harvesting, Satanic rituals, and pedophilia.
The bunny trail has led to some of the highest offices in government and down to the local subcontractor level. The clean up began in Arkansas and is spreading outward from that initial beach head. Most likely it will hit Nevada or New Mexico next, which have similarly been hot beds of racketeering, illegal gambling, smuggling, and other criminal activities.
Arkansas, Bill Clinton's old stomping ground, was Ground Zero for the clean up operation, because so much of this corruption was connected through contacts in Arkansas or started there.
A pernicious system of "kickbacks" from the Federal level down to the local government units is apparent throughout. This system promotes racketeering and kickbacks based on racketeering and extortion.
About 70,000 indictments have been processed thus far and the number of total indictments continues to grow as more evidence surfaces and more criminals turn on their compatriots and provide evidence against them. Nobody knows how many people will eventually be indicted by so-called Operation Clean Sweep, but it could easily go over 100,000.
Some of these cases will be tried by military courts because the persons and activities fall under that jurisdiction. Others will be tried by civilian courts.
People can expect to see some famous names in the line-ups and will be shocked by scope and ferocity of these criminals.
The best thing for us to do during the "rodeo" is to stay at home and off the streets. Just hunker down and let the police and military units assigned do their jobs.
Children and pets need to be kept under close supervision.
It's highly recommended that you pick up extra prescription medications you might need during the next month.
Every effort has been and is being made to assure the continuation of utility services, but it can't hurt to have extra food, extra water, and a "camp potty"--- a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat and lid on it, ready to go, if needed.
The idea is to be ready to just stay home for a week to ten days and not go anywhere. Be ready in the event that the lights go out or the local grocery store closes.
And other than that, be psychologically ready, as much as you can be, for the sight of military units guarding public buildings and people ---even well-known people--- being arrested and accused of heinous crimes.
This is not a Kodak Moment in our country's history, but it is a necessary effort to put an end to institutionalized crime.
Once the roll-up starts, nobody knows how long it will take to meet the primary objectives, but the best estimates I have heard are a week to ten days. That may be optimistic, but gives at least a reasonable parameter to plan for.
I advocate everyone being ready for at least a couple weeks of shut down at all times, simply because I have lived through two disasters already --- a wild fire and an earthquake -- and know the score.
The time to plan is BEFORE you actually need extra food, water, blankets, a do-it-yourself toilet, prescription refills, heat, and some means to cook food and boil water. If you have those emergency needs provided for and have your emergency plan in place, it will be a lot less stressful when and if you need to deploy and actually make use of these provisions.
So far as I know, the indictments are real and will be enforced, which gives rise to the reasonable expectation that at least in some places and for some period of time, it will be desirable for Americans to find a seat and stay home.
Better to plan for that and not need to do it, than to need extra supplies and to not have them on hand.


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  1. This is the best Christmas present ever. I cant wait for the heads to roll and for all the non believers to eat crow, cold and from me.

  2. Replies
    1. Please do, nothing to be ashamed of and if it will help just one person, then that will be a blessing.

    2. Sure the information is here to be shared, shared, shared!

  3. Yea, Abby, but the takeaway from that is that Hillary held that position as number one for 17 years.....and now the people love Michell Obama, instead of Hillary....she is disgraced and humiliated...!! She won't be running for anything anymore..!! By the way, the one you missed is Opra...jessss!! Give me a break...!!

    Something is transpiring right now because of Trumps govt "shut down"...which is technicically called a "RESSES"..!!

    I Never knew it , but apparently when the Congress is in Resses, there is an article of the constition that gives the president the RIGHT of "Resses appointments", meaning he can appoint anyone he wants into a position, without congressional approval standing in his way....Yrump takes his famous line seriously....your fired...!! Trump is a player..!! I bet he finally goes after our WALL to justice....our traitorist judges and courts....he has to clean up that swamp completely if we ever expect to change anything...or Trump either...!! Let's hope they all wind up at GITMO....!!

  4. Incidentally, Anna is giving very good advice about preparing for the worst....just because we are living in the "last days", doesn't mean that before he returns there won't be catastrophes before then, and to be prepared for the worst right now...!!

  5. James, I agree we should always have some preps in case of any number of things that could happen. We had one part of town get a power outage for 2 weeks, but ours was only about 8 hours. So you never know. Just somebody hitting a power transformer on a sunny afternoon has happened a couple times.
    Yes, Oprah was the other one, LOL, go figure. She is a ''token' and misleads peeps to think they could have the same opp that she got. NOT. And she is sure no role model for anything, except how to diet and turn around and fatten back up, lol.

    James, we always live like we are gonna be here for a long while, and at the same time, as if we are not.

  6. Strange world CIA bush, clinton,general Rodriguez who relived General Hann preventing him from saving embassy in bengazie.
    And the dirty hands on all face flags
    They bombed Navel headquarters on 9/11
    .and Trump makes official another branch of Navy space were Obama directed to advocate for Muslim studies.
    Who's on first?

  7. I would like to understand the posts that some of you write, but cannot because your spelling and grammar suck. Please check your messages before you post so I, and others, don't go bonkers trying to figure them out. Thanks so much.

  8. James, do you mean to say Recess?

    I know that trump is now threatening to keep the gov. shut down, and that might be a good idea. Especially a good idea to just close the border entirely till the demorats start acting like american. If not, then they are treasonists and should be arrested and sent to gitmo, and stop this tinkering around with them.

    Seems to me like they are not playing by any rules, and if trump does play by rules, then he will lose the fight for sure. Any of you folks out there beginning to see how it is that nothing ever gets done?

    Anna, clean up means nothing if there isn't going to be any follow through. All we ever hear about is clean up, round ups, raids, and then it all just goes cold, like into cold case files, LOL.
    Makes me wonder if they are just making momentary headlines, and then taking them in the front door and letting them back out the back door.

  9. Want to see what the Sandy Hook false flag has created in your public schools?
    And how new organizations and processes are being created and implemented in Florida schools too (now how convenient is that)
    All the human chattel donations to these foundations is helping to create an even further police and surveillance state across the nation
    Most recent school incident being Indiana, hmm I wonder what they have planned to be rolled out all over the schools in that FEMA Region
    So let's see our children are no longer being taught cursive writing but are being taught to report anything they see or hear to this surveillance system (run by who?)
    Be sure to read the other articles on the site I linked
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. sorry shelby, i have to take grave offense.

      my 6th grade teacher "once you hit junior high, you will have to write in cursive"

      of course, by then they all wanted typewritten, handwritten in ink was discouraged.

      i was the last year they used typewriters to teach "typing".

      (now, out of nowhere, we are the next self-bestowed silicon not the way i remember it.)

      all that is to say: shorthand is where it is at. elegant and functional.

      cursive is just decorative, wishes it could be as fast and stylish as shorthand.

      down with cursive, up with shorthand! 300 WPM!

      can cursive do that? can qwerty? i think not!

    2. also, we lefties are probably biased against cursive because we smudge our handwritten ink.

    3. shorthand is the one redeeming feature of woodrow wilson.

      (see linked ny times article about how he wrote speeches in shorthand, but was lousy typist. hence "the shining" comparison)

    4. I pray that this starts happening soon... my hubby wants to cut me off from politics... he thinks I'm addicted... I am for good reason!!

  10. I heard about blue lasers being used to destroy power grid transformers and power lines.

  11. unless the corrupt judges,lawyers, politicians and the corrupt legal system and the corrupt political system is taken down nothing will change, it will be just another dog and pony show. The corporate dictatorship will continue business as usual, that has made the people of the states slaves through deceit and corruption, it all sounds like another bama, yes we can until i see with my own eyes the things named above is done. I will check back later to see if this was censored.

  12. what's with you unknown / anonymous posters ??? you should be censored !!!

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  14. Well, it’s 2023 and Arkansas is as corrupt as ever! I have never experienced anything to this level before (71 here) and it goes all the way to the bottom. This would include all businesses, independent contractors, attorneys, representatives, and there is NO justice for crimes committed against the people (me).


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