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Thursday, December 27, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday's Mail -- 1862

[This note got "dropped out" because of my location during the holidays. It's a personal post -- a reflection of how the past follows us forward in many ways. For example, I wouldn't exist if the Lakota hadn't attacked New Ulm, Minnesota, in 1862. My Great-Grandmother and her first husband, who was killed in the attack, would have just continued on to California like so many others....]

Today, the Day After Christmas, we have definite diagnosis from a canine cancer expert that no, my Labrador Retriever does not have lymphoma and yes, he does have laryngeal paralysis and is a good candidate for "Tie Back" surgery. 

So, so far, so good. 

After a morning appointment to determine this, I came home to deal with still more wreckage from the Earthquake-- both oddly dating to 1862 and Minnesota. 

The first was the breaking apart of my giant Christmas Cactus, a 15th generation of one that Charlie Mayo gave my Great-great Grandmother, Hannah Knight Alexander. 

The large Majolica Pot it was in hurtled off a plant stand and broke in a hundred pieces. The Cactus which was just beginning to bloom broke into many pieces of fronds, too. 

These I picked up and am endeavoring to root, thinking of that long-ago Christmas when Charlie Mayo came home from Edinborough, and brought my Great-Grandmother a rooted slip of the latest horticultural discovery: a Christmas Cactus. 

We have kept it going all these years, through all these generations: Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus made the journey to Alaska in 1987, and has been here growing in a variety of pots ever since. 

The giant Majolica pot that bit the dust in the November 30, 2018 Earthquake was only the most recent home of The Family Christmas Cactus. 

It first came away with me when I left home for college when it lived in a plain earthenware pot and has been part of my adventures ever since. Even now, when it is suddenly split in a hundred pieces and searching for new roots. 

The other attachment also comes back to the Mayos and 1862 and Minnesota and the Second Battle of New Ulm.  My Great-Grandmother and her husband, Merton Eastlick, were traveling westward with a party of pioneers headed by Dr. William Worrall Mayo the fateful August of that year and all were caught in the midst of the Great Sioux Uprising of that year. 

Merton Eastlick and two of the small children were killed outright by the Lakota and Mary Alexander Eastlick was seriously wounded and left a widow with three surviving children.  Together with Dr. William Worrall Mayo the survivors limped back to Rochester and yet another story began. 

This winter on Christmas Eve I received a gift of Magic from a Lakota Grandmother.  She sent me two exquisite Dream Catchers and many other items and totems of faith in life and the Great Spirit that binds us. She did not tell me her name, but she sent me her spirit. 

So here we are, all together, after all these years.  I am hoping that Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus will--as it has so many times before-- grow new roots. And I am hoping that the Lakota Elder read this and know that I understand and cherish their prayers. 

We are all in this together. 

And as if to make the point all that much more obvious, I sat down after dinner and did the clean up and repair of my essential oils cabinet. 

My Great-Great Grandfather, Joseph Alexander, was the "Green Witch" for the Mayo brothers, the early form of a pharmacist. My earliest memories are of his herb lawn and tumbling headlong down a slope robed in Violets and thyme. 

Today, I carry on the family tradition of herb lore and use of natural medicine and have a large collection of essential oils in small vials in wooden cases. 

Amazingly, only four vials were damaged: Damiana, Hyssop, Violet, and Chinese Lotus. 

So tonight I sat at the table in my dining room pouring over my essential oil collection and re-bottled and re-labeled those four oils and contemplated all the nuances of scent pouring over me and my household. 

It smells wonderful and alive in my house tonight and I feel very close to my Great-Great Grandfather, his wounded daughter who became my Great-Grandmother, the Lakota whose lives entwine with ours, the plants and the Earth that are our common heritage. 

Hyssop, the bitter herb of the Last Supper, Damiana, the herb of women and the moon, Violet, the sweet floral scent of my home state and youth, and Chinese Lotus, the magnificent warm power of sun and water combined. 

The air is full of their natural magic and the keynote of all these many elements come back to 1862, all now and present in the winter of 2018 --Charlie Mayo's Christmas Cactus, the Lakota Elder's gift, the memory of the young widow who remarried and became my Great-Grandmother, Mary Alexander, the essential oils whose scents were cherished then and now. 

God bless us all in this New Year. May the past be at peace at last. 


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  1. Domestic terrorist ? Look in the mirror !

  2. Ucadia, go crawl back under that rick where you belong.

  3. Wow, another great accomplishment to add to the great collection.

    1. how is your hardened old heart Abby ??? Ever figure out rev 3 :12 last 3 words ? How about the seven seals ? Love is the drug.....

    2. Cause Im not a suckka, that makes me hard hearted? Oh thou silly man. Wake up and get rid of your political correctness and learn to love the Truth. Im not a butt kisser and Im not here to win any acceptance awards.
      Come on Blue, instead of just loving to throw shit at me, why dont you step up here and tell us all just what real actual visible accomplishments she has had, then since you think you know so much, LOL Tell us all what real changes have been made. Tell us how the pope and the queen and all the others have snubbed her Mandates. Tell us how the Court System of BAR jackasses obediently stepped down, then. Where did that happen, pray tell us oh mr. all-knowing one.
      And tell us all where is all the money from the ''9 Trusts she has herself'?
      Just how long are you all going to sit there and pretend she never said these things? If you think IM going to pretend and play nicey-nice with you, then you need to give yourself a good dousing of icey cold water to jerk you into Reality here.

      So either answer these questions, or else shut the hell up with your cutesy little remarks to ME. You know Im correct, and you also know you guys are too gutless to admit it.

      And while you are at it, learn to learn what the bible says, cause your random picking out verses don't even apply. My Name is written in the Book of Life, so you wanna know.......what?


    4. Thank You Anna for this priceless awareness in authentic wisdom and to honor in gratitude our true Roots, grounding in True Peace, healing re-stored!! Awe-mazing Reflections shared INDeed, So Grateful Now!!

      Much Gratitude, True Awareness, unconditional forgiveness, Pure Love and Eternal Peace-Joy Be Abundant for All Now

    5. Leland oh you big cry baby. Whaa Whaaa LOL

      Between the cry baby little boys in here, and the silly mentally disturbed little girls, its quite a quirky gathering, lol

    6. Ah, another 'Christ-like" post from dear Abby💞

  4. He needs the attention apparently...

  5. ginkgo the old persons herb dilates. The circulatory system to the brain and extremities .

  6. Anna,
    Knowing what Damiana is please do explain to your locals why Mr. Belcher smiles more now... Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you Anna. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.

  8. How about we meet for coffee UCADIA...You will have a story to tell , when you get out of the ER.

  9. Wow! I have a Christmas Cactus my dad grew sometime in the 1970's, he passed in 1986 and when my mom passed in 1991 I took it home. It was surviving in spite of me as I had no idea how to care for it then at Christmas 1992, it bloomed at least 200 flowers and I have kept it going ever since. It was beautiful again this year. They are a wonderful plant and bring back many memories.

    All the best with your cactus recovery Anna.

  10. An uplifting story that aroused my curiosity and, since I enjoy essential oils, I thought this may awaken a few to these wonders and natural medicine.

    I will pray that you soften your heart, remove the edge from your tongue and learn to live and let live. You could express kindness and empathy for such a wonderful woman who can take the experience she has been through and write of the wrongs and sadness of such an event and yet educate people with warmth, reflection and love. Your words only brought about sadness.

  11. ANNA -- This man Rich Simpson works with these cannabis oils and he claims that how he makes it people have been cured form stage 4 cancers any and all types. He proudly claims this is a cure all!!!!!!!!!!!

    He also claims that it will do the same for our pets, cure anything wrong. Thought you might want to check his site out before start cutting on your loyal friend, your dog. Here is his site --

    1. Michael, I think you are referring to CBD oil which is from a family of the cannabis, but is not marijuana so it does not have the drug effect. And yes CBD oil seems to be very effective for a whole host of ailments and diseases, but it has to be taken in rather high dosages, which then makes a person very sleepy all the time. For that reason I cannot handle it, as I dont want to drag day and night, lol.
      CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which is in the marijuana plant family, but is not MJ and it lacks the drug that is in MJ, so it is now legal, since it was passed within the Farm Bill just a few short years ago. Just dont plan on staying awake enough to hold a job or to drive a car.

      Note: There are lots of money grubbers out there and they don't mind putting out CBD made in very filthy shops and from foreign countries, so ya need to do background check for cleanliness, purity, and content before you just go ingesting anything. A cheap price will indicate cheap shoddy product. The high quality, genuine product will cost you about $100 a month..approx. ...for a sufficient strength to do the job; maybe more. But should start out with a low dosage and work up to the higher dosage like that.

      Just sayin' what Ive studied about it. Best to get educated about CBD oil before you start on a healing program with it.

  12. I dont know Ucadia, but why is it every time he posts something, you all gotta just go piling on like some street gang club of thugs?? YET, there are plenty of others in here that hurl some very unmerited stuff to others, but you same Thugs say nothing to them?? Are you biased and just pick and choose because you sure don't look like you have any moral standard of Conduct that you stick to ! You just see somebody pound on Ucadia so you just wanna join in, looks like to me ! Ive seen others say much worse stuff, yet that seems to be ok with you all. So just what is your real Moral Compass?

    1. Leland, go look in the mirror and you will see who the Moron of the Year Award goes to, LOL.

    2. Ah...Dear Abby being 'cute' in her Christ-like' posting here I see💓

  13. I am a born and bread MN girl. I get the story.

  14. Unless u r from mn u would not get this story. Sorry Abbs no need for bible versus here

  15. Abby- check out that site, the man has been working with it since 2001 and from what I have seen he is pretty well know in Canada, had some books on Amazon.

    He talks about it being good for anything with animals, I though I would mention it to Anna, I know her dog is having problems.

    As for Ucadia, go back and check out some of the fowl language he uses in talking to Anna and all of the ones that are following her, that includes you. It is like he has a personal grudge against Anna and this forum.

    1. Michael, well you know I dont like vulgarity or vulgar words. But my point was the double standard that many in here have. And how they will rush in if its said against Anna, but if said against anyone else, then they just let that slide; thats their double standard.

      Yes, CBD is also good for animals, just probably a different dosage for them. They'd have to study up first to know how to use IMO.

      Ucadia doesn't bother me much, he is entitled to agree with anna or not agree with her, thats up to him. But what irks me way more are those that try to intimidate people like me to ''toe the in go along to get along'' and I absolutely abhor people that are like that. Whereas Ucadia just plain abhors what anna SAYS and what he feels is her 'agenda' or goal; he spits it out and then he's done.
      One thing Ive come to realize over many decades, is that you can't make people like certain other people, so I pretty much just let people be who they are, unless they are speeling new age crap as if its true/fact. Thats when I counter-punch, lol.

  16. A quick search revealed all kinds or at least a lot and more findings appearing the all animals have cannabinoid receptors. Already prepared for meeting up with cannabis plants. There is Tertahydrocannabinolic Acid, Cannabinol,Cannabidiol, Cannabigerol, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Tetrahydrocannabivirin, Cannabivarin but most of all this medical and just pleasure combo store has a ton of new data. Very knowledgeable folks there and local grown and produced nearby. I read the brain of our species has more receptors than any other thing found so far....
    So the terpenes or essential oils are even more numerous and useful it appears and for many things, best way is reccommended the entire plant. I figure that about people too. Would you rather have a friend in a pill form reduced to the alleged essence or the whole friend complete?


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