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Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Short Explanation?

By Anna Von Reitz

You start out playing a game of Checkers, but in 1913, they changed to Parcheesi and didn't tell you anything about it.
Then, in 1933, they changed to 3-D Chess and never said a word.

And now, they are trying to change the game and the rules again, all without telling you anything.
So there you are, Joe Schmoe, still proceeding according to the rules and assumptions of playing a game of Checkers, when the Rats are now playing Clue.
This is called the "assumption of a normal course of business".
When they advertise a "home loan" you naturally assume that they are proposing to loan you money to build or remodel a home, right? That would be "a normal course of business".
But that is just your assumption. Because they have no money to loan and haven't had any money for decades. So what is actually going on here?
They are proposing that you loan them your home as collateral backing their debts and investments. "Home loan"--- right?
What if nobody ever tells you any different, and you just go on thinking that they have loaned you money, when in fact, they've given you a bunch of I.O.U's. and you have loaned them your home instead? '
They took "title" to your home and used your assets to raise capital which they used to pay their debts and make investments --- gave you a little bit of the gross receipts as credit equal to the amount of the "loan", and kept 9/10ths of the benefit for themselves.
That is what has actually gone on here.
Millions of Americans have unknowingly loaned the banks labor and assets and yes, their homes, in exchange for worthless I.O.U.'s that the banks then deliberately dishonored.
That's what the foreclosure crisis is all about.
You "loaned" them your house, instead of them loaning you anything.
They then used your house as collateral to borrow money from investors, named you the "secondary" and co-signer for their loan and claimed that your house was their collateral ---- and absconded, leaving you to pay off their mortgage to their creditors.
This is not "a normal course of business". This is not anything close to what you thought was going on.
You were playing Checkers and they were playing Parcheesi.
And now the filthy animals are trying to change the game again and set up another round.
That is "whutsup".


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  2. It does not matter what they do, what matters is what you do. Did you make the deal? You are also playing with iou's.
    Did you sign your name in agreement?
    Did you receive the home you borrowed upon, are you,or did you Pay back the loan as agreed? You did make purchases with the "iou's You recived ,Did you not?
    If you borrowed money against a home, did you get the funds?
    Why should you not pay them back?
    You are not 'victims', you made the deal.
    Same thing with a car, etc. You made the deal, if you do not like the way they play the game, do not engage.
    The foreclosure crisis is about people who got "themselves" in over their heads. Needs vs wants. And yes there are some shiesters and predators out there.
    Have you never heard of Buyers beware?
    Stop being victims and accept what the person in the mirror did, move on!

    1. A contract must be transparent and a mutual benifit.
      These Schusters lead you to belive it's thair money being loaned fraud!

    2. Psssst...A follower, your state of spiritual maturity and Worldly EGO man-logic Vanity IS Showing may want to consider LOOKING deeper within for true knowledge and wisdom in All these worldly taught "False Appearances" and Vain "judgements" in limited EGO beliefs. The truth IS within You, if YOU are Willing to SEE for Yourself Now. Are You Willing To See Yourself Now?? This IS the Quest-i-on.

    3. The mutual benefit is you get the property as agreed too.
      Nothing more nothing less.
      Nothing was stolen from you.
      Keli, leave it to you to look down upon logic and reason. If you want to see the Truth in the opposite, that is your choice. It will not be mine. You can poke and jab at me as you wish, as you have no doubt been taught.( my spirit maturity comes from above thank you.)
      Do you still forgive me?

    4. "The mutual benefit is you get the property as agreed too."
      That IS the Lie Believed by the gullible and "trusting" unconsciously ignorant!! Prove it!!!!!! Prove YOUR worldly trained words and shallow Beliefs!!!
      Your depth "perception" in Worldly mental conditioning In False Witness/Judgement based on False teachers"TITLES" and False Appearances AS "Property" IS Vain and shallow-minded ignorance INFact and INDeed. Oh Please Divine "Worldly" JUDGE and RULER over ALL, Please Provide Your Certified Evidence (two witnesses) In True testimony that the Home and Land ARE actually EVER "PAID IN FULL" and that NO OTHER "LEGAL ENTITY" (DEAD Agency) Can present a "INTEREST" or HIGHER "Authority" Claim OVER the alleged "graven image" a.k.a "Property" once Its "Title" has "Cleared" alledgedly!! You Sure/Madam KNOW absolutely No "thing" about the level and depth of perception from which Anna Speaks and Teaches!! You Are Spiritually Deaf, Dumb and Blind to All Internal knowledge and wisdom within! Its time to Grow Up and Take personal responsibility for your Own ignorance, unconcsious choice In participation IN ignorant Behavior, lacking all substance and True Facts! Move Over know it All Teen "Spirit" in consistent rebellion and opposition to True mature wisdom/knowledge from within, and accept In true Faith that the Divinely Guided Do INfact Know the True Facts, and know What They are BEing Called to Behave accordingly Now. Move On or Move Over!! We Got this Now

    5. The bottom line is that the "lender" didn't loan anything of value. The "borrower" created the funds with his signature. The "loan" was prepaid.

    6. "The mutual benefit is you get the property as agreed too."
      That IS the Lie Believed by the gullible and "trusting" unconsciously ignorant!! Prove it!!!!!! Prove YOUR worldly trained words and shallow Beliefs!!!
      we (fAMILY) are 8 months from our home loan maturity date. What began as a 30 year loan was refinanced into a 15 year loan and yes we also have an equity loan. during the long and somewhat steady course of this we used this equity loan for expanding and remodeling, we also purchased vehicles that Yes, Yes , Yes we drove, we enjoyed, WE USED AND PAYED FOR AS AGREED.
      We also did our best and were blessed with the ability to pay back these loans as agreed. If we were late, hey guess what we payed a penalty. That is part of the game, par for the course.
      As for proving it, you have my word, You know i speak the Truth & that is why you are so upset.
      There are two sides to every story.
      Anna, a "self appointed Judge" seems to give you one sided and often distorted facts, one view point. Is that the way of a judge?
      Is not a judge to be impartial?
      i have known people through the years who have played the part of victims, missing payments, not making contact with their creditors until it was too late. i have also seen and know those who game the system, Ringing up the old credit bill for all she is worth and no way to pay THEIR BILLS. They cash out end the end , file their bankruptcies (just as the Trumpster) and move on,(Rinse white wash and repeat.) NEVER accepting their personal responsibility in this. The lawyers the judges the banks all play a part in this no doubt, yet all are part and parcel of the destructive cycle. And who pays? We do, the ones who continue plugging away paying our bills to the best of our abilities and those who are blessed by God to work and make our way.
      There are rules for the slaves and the masters. Looks to me like both sides have blood on their hands. In a manner of speaking.
      There are consequences for both sides.
      With all this end of the world talk have you ever wondered how many have ran out and rang that old credit card up for all shes worth? Well you reap what you sow,
      Exercise personal responsibility in all you do and say each and every moment.
      Also do not be fooled by the trickster, if you think 'lasting' peace is coming first you are simply deluded. You had better start looking around at the world, they did not call it Mutually assured economic destruction without a reason. If we are reaching a reset imagine a one sided world of people filled with hate ,fear and rage, that only takes into account self and their one sided bully pulpit position.Mob mentality.
      In fact look at the hate steaming off of you,look at the name calling, Is that what we are all to resort too? Now where Kelli is that script of Love?
      Stop worshipping Anna.

    7. To "a follower"...what about those of us that either got a loan and paid it off completely, or just pay cash for the home in the beginning...Does the Bank play fair then and give you "legal title to your home or your car....NO..!!
      SO why do they complain when we were playing with clean hands and in good faith.....the banks commits fraud on people who honor there contracts as well as people who dont....What is the incentive of a good person to be good on their word when the only thing they want is to screw everyone out of everything...!!
      "Cavet Emptor"(buyer beware), is slowly being changed to "Cavet Venidore"(seller beware)...!!

      Both parties have to be honest with each other from the beginning or fraud is an absolute result...!!
      People have to stop blaming other people for the fraud being sold by the best cons that ever existed
      ...the banks and there attorneys...!!
      Everyone "wants" things they really can't afford, but if someone makes it possible to lower monthly payments to an achievable point of their income , then everyone will naturally be drawn to it, not realizing that the agent isn't telling the buyer the entire truth about the loan....he is intentionally withholding information in order to falsely "enrich" himself and the Bank just to gain his commission...!! If the buyer is being irresponsible, then the banks are really lazy and irresponsible..!! They are the ones that caused the meltdown of 2008, not the few people taking on a fraudulent loan by the Banks because they just had to have it no matter what, because the banks realize that people's eyes are bigger than their stomachs...!!

    8. James how can you say you never get or got legal title after it was payed?
      Do you still drive your first car, or have you sold it?
      How many people disclose "everything" and why should we? Do many of us buy a home and intend to turn a profit?

    9. James,
      Also if we are sovereign individuals should we not also recognise when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs?

  3. Can we just kill them all and sieze back what was stolen and defrauded from us ?, seriously ? They declared war on us and committed unspeakable acts of terrorism, extortion , murder... on us...why give them due process or any considerstion ? Why not just impale them and let the birds and maggots eat ?


    they're already dead. "law merchant" and "roman civil law" are simply the "law" of tooth and claw. they are already animals/demons.

    they are addicted to usury and human trafficking. they have no other sustenance. in the end, they are just junkies/bums who don't want to work for their own "credit", yet still need their fix so they rob everyone else.

    they may have traces of "human" remaining, but they are 24/7 zonked out of their minds. i am not advocating "they are not human" i am saying they are "gone" "wasted" "high" "on crack" delusional. spreading their disease everywhere.

    i see them more as mentally deranged lunatics. can we put them in a clinic?

    if they werent drunk all the time, they might not be psychopaths. they are addicted to everyone else's credit.

    "neko is an overpriced merchant, but he sometimes has useful items"

    "They" are Spinosists: perhaps the matter is the other way round, i.e. that Spinosism is "Them,"

    R. - I simply assert that they are revolutionaries objectively and subjectively, quite consciously.
    G. - The bankers! You must be mad?
    R. - If you like, then in order to give a picture of finance, as of a work of art which is most obviously a work of genius and the most revolutionary of all times, poetry is required.

    1. "psychotic" is the word. always talking about "money" that doesn't actually exist, just digits in their computerized "ledgers", "monetized debt" (a.k.a. we stole everyone's credit)

      they need straightjacketed patriot58. loco in the capaco.

      they see courts that dont exist, incorporations they call states, debt that they claim is money, etc.

    2. They have made their bed, let them lie in it. No pun.
      We seem to be surrounded by narcissist, and man they are not hard to miss, when you have been gifted with an eye for them.
      Speaking of $$$ and Narcissistic behavior check this out:
      Do your own fact checking,Not you Xerces, i can see that you do.
      Remember the outsider Trump, Well if you care to look, this man has been an insider most of his life.
      My self i would not say he has been planning it, but he has been a part of it.
      Trump has been planning this for 35 YEARS!

    3. That should tell you something - bankruptcy or no bankruptcy of the US like Anna speaks about, these bankers can literally pay with nothing but digits in a direct deposit to a bank that they own and operate - same thing with the paper money too, they can print whatever they want and when they want
      It does not matter if Anna made claim to anything - they create and manage all of it worldwide and it is all being done out of Switzerland and the BIS (Knights Templars)
      It should come as no surprise that there is now a rebuild Iraq 2030 UN plan in motion and it is being carried out by the same organizational type structures they have in play all over the world
      Interconnect everything and everyone to a central nerve center and monitor and manage the subjects within the region on a collective basis to determine their social responsibility as per the plans set forth in the UN Sustainability Agenda
      And lets have a look at who is behind the curtain of the monitoring of everything and everyone in the world
      Guess when this nation was created?
      Guess who created it to corralate with the Bible and other books to bring about the end times?
      US will support this nation as per the biblical book they were provided because they are the chosen?
      Anyone at this point who does not see that this has all been orchestrated is either blind or just does not want to really see
      They know people are sitting waiting for their savior Jesus to come and save them and their bought and paid for 501c3 churches are part of the entire fraud they have perpetrated on everyone all around the world
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Shelby,
      They will support this nation because they do not understand the Bible nor the very word of God, they do not know True Israel.
      False miracles are first.

    5. Another nonsensical bible post by a follower😂

      The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors (1875)
      The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors; Or, Christianity Before Christ, Containing New, Startling, and Extraordinary Revelations in Religious History, which Disclose the Oriental Origin of All the Doctrines, Principles, Precepts, and Miracles of the Christian New Testament, and Furnishing a Key for Unlocking Many of Its Sacred Mysteries, Besides Comprising the History of 16 Heathen Crucified Gods is an 1875 book written by American freethinker Kersey Graves,[1] which asserts that Jesus was not an actual person, but was a creation largely based on earlier stories of deities or god-men saviours who had been crucified and descended to and ascended from the underworld. Parts were reprinted in The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read edited by Tim C. Leedom in 1994, and it was republished in its entirety in 2001.

  5. HELLO, wake up did you not know that when you signed a $150,000 mortgage contract with a Bank, Mortgage company, or some other type of Financial Institution; they gleefully took it with others to the Federal Reserve and got 10 times (possibly more than this!) the value of your promissory note that you created for them! NOW Bankers or Financial people have $1,500,000 cash from your $150,000 promissory note that you created for them by signing it. Are we done yet? NO!! Now your asset is traded by them monthly on their books as their collateral, over a 15 year period of trading at LTV of 90% value in trade programs of 44 week renewable trades = $89,100,000 for them. $0 for you. OH but are we over yet? After about 14 years of you paying them mortgage payments totaling approximately $150,000 to them; you still owe $150,000 to them?? REALLY?? So no wonder you can't pay them any more money they have sucked you dry while making vast profits! Now they take your home and can even sell it to their friends even for as little as $100 and they made more profit, you are now homeless as a good debtor slave and they have your home, new Bank Buildings and plenty of money all at your expense!! Were you ever told of this? Where is your share of profits derived from trading your asset? 50% would be fare would it not? This is actually failure to disclose making the contract NULL and VOID from its inception. All of this process Bankers don't want you to know, YOU might want some of your money back from them!! The money changers have perpetrated such scams upon GOD'S Children since before Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Son of GOD Almighty, YAHWEH, threw them out of his FATHER'S Temple in Jerusalem!! GOD Bless and Protect YOU all as HIS Children!!

    1. un known,
      There is this little thing called interest, now believe it or not this was part of the deal, you pay back more than what you borrowed.
      You were forewarned and were not ignorant in this as you claim.

    2. Oh yes, many of us had to pay our Insurance and property taxes, also included in this monthly payment.You may want to go back and refigure how they took advantage of you!
      Darn personnel responsibilities!

    3. Unknown...try telling that to "the peoples" prosecutor..."a follower"...!! Yes, some people always want things they can't afford...especially these days when there are so many temptations of the materialistic new world of technological cars and homes...!!

    4. Honest and excellent content...
      THANK YOU...
      The lying bankster Globalist friends version is septic thru-out....folks needed to hear/see your correct assessment in rebuttal = much appreciated-!

    5. Honest and excellent content...
      THANK YOU...
      The lying bankster Globalist friends version is septic thru-out....folks needed to hear/see your correct assessment in rebuttal = much appreciated-!

    6. Honest and excellent content...
      THANK YOU...
      The lying bankster Globalist friends version is septic thru-out....folks needed to hear/see your correct assessment in rebuttal = much appreciated-!

    7. @mtman2 We heard you the first time! Stop the copy/paste already!

  6. And the crooks move forward while entire countries are being plundered
    Little long to read, it's from 2010.
    This is an interesting story put together from various articles and TV shows by the British Times paper. It shows what Obama and his friends are really all about. It's not hope and change, it is money.

    I warn you, the first part is a little boring, but stick with it. The second part connects all the dots for you (it will open your eyes). The end explains how Obama and all his cronies will end up as multi-billionaires. (It's definitely worth the read. You will not be disappointed).

    A small bank in Chicago called SHOREBANK almost went bankrupt during the recession. The bank made a profit on its foreign micro-loans (see below) but had lost money in sub-prime mortgages in the US . It was facing likely closure by federal regulators. However, because the bank's executives were well connected with members of the Obama Administration, a private rescue bailout was arranged. The bank's employees had donated money to Obama's Senate campaign.
    In other words, ShoreBank was too politically connected to be allowed to go under.

    ShoreBank survived and invested in many "green" businesses such as solar panel manufacturing. In fact, the bank was mentioned in one of Obama's speeches during his election campaign because it subjected new business borrowers to Eco-litmus tests.

    Prior to becoming President, Obama sat on the board of the JOYCE FOUNDATION, a liberal charity. This foundation was originally established by Joyce Kean's family which had accumulated millions of dollars in the lumber industry. It mostly gave funds to hospitals but after her death in 1972, the foundation was taken over by radical environmentalists and social justice extremists.

    This JOYCE FOUNDATION, which is rumored to have assets of 8 billion dollars, has now set up and funded, with a few partners, something called the CHICAGO CLIMATE EXCHANGE, known as CXX. It will be the exchange (like the Chicago Grain Futures Market for agriculture) where Environmental Carbon Credits are traded.
    Continued in next section
    CAll comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Under Obama's new bill, businesses in the future will be assessed a tax on how much CO2 they produce (their Carbon Footprint) or in other words how much they add to global warming. If a company produces less CO2 than their allotted measured limit, they earn a Carbon Credit. This Carbon Credit can be traded on the CXX exchange. Another company, which has gone over their CO2 limit, can buy the Credit and "reduce" their footprint and tax liability. It will be like trading shares on Wall Street.
    Well, it was the same JOYCE FOUNDATION, along with some other private partners and Wall Street firms that funded the bailout of ShoreBank. The foundation is now one of the major shareholders. The bank has now been designated to be the "banking arm" of the CHICAGO CLIMATE EXCHANGE (CXX). In addition, Goldman Sachs has been contracted to run the investment trading floor of the exchange.
    So far so good; now the INTERESTING parts.
    One ShoreBank co-founder, named Jan Piercy, was a Wellesley College roommate of Hillary Clinton. Hillary and Bill Clinton have long supported the bank and are small investors.
    Another co-founder of Shorebank, named Mary Houghton, was a friend of Obama's late mother. Obama's mother worked on foreign MICRO-LOANS for the Ford Foundation. She worked for the foundation with a guy called Geithner. Yes, you guessed it. This man was the father of Tim Geithner, our present Treasury Secretary, who failed to pay all his taxes for two years.
    Another founder of ShoreBank was Ronald Grzywinski, a cohort and close friend of Jimmy Carter.
    The former ShoreBank Vice Chairman was a man called Bob Nash. He was the deputy campaign manager of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid. He also sat on the board of the Chicago Law School with Obama and Bill Ayers, the former terrorist. Nash was also a member of Obama's White House transition team.
    (To jog your memories, Bill Ayers is a Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago . He founded the Weather Underground, a radical revolutionary group that bombed buildings in the 60s and 70s. He had no remorse for those who were killed, escaped jail on a technicality, and is still an admitted Marxist).
    When Obama sat on the board of the JOYCE FOUNDATION, he "funneled" thousands of charity dollars to a guy named John Ayers, who runs a dubious education fund. Yes, you guessed it. The brother of Bill Ayers, the terrorist.
    Howard Stanback is a board member of Shorebank. He is a former board chairman of the Woods Foundation. Obama and Bill Ayers, the terrorist, also sat on the board of the Woods Foundation. Stanback was formerly employed by New Kenwood Inc., a real estate development company co-owned byTony Rezko.
    (You will remember that Tony Rezko was the guy who gave Obama an amazing sweet deal on his new house. Years prior to this, the law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland had represented Rezko's company and helped him get more than 43 million dollars in government funding. Guess who worked as a lawyer at the firm at the time. Yes, Barack Obama).
    Adele Simmons, the Director of ShoreBank, is a close friend of Valerie Jarrett, a White House senior advisor to Obama. Simmons and Jarrett also sit on the board of a dubious Chicago Civic Organization.
    Van Jones sits on the board of ShoreBank and is one of the marketing directors for "green" projects. He also holds a senior advisor position for black studies at Princeton University . You will remember that Mr. Van Jones was appointed by Obama in 2009 to be a Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House. He was forced to resign over past political activities, including the fact that he is a Marxist.
    Continued on next comment
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  8. Al Gore was one of the smaller partners to originally help fund the CHICAGO CLIMATE EXCHANGE. He also founded a company called Generation Investment Management (GIM) and registered it in London , England . GIM has close links to the UK-based Climate Exchange PLC, a holding company listed on the London Stock Exchange. This company trades Carbon Credits in Europe (just like CXX will do here) and its floor is run by Goldman Sachs.
    Along with Gore, the other co-founder of GIM is Hank Paulson, the former US Treasury Secretary and former CEO of Goldman Sachs. His wife, Wendy, graduated from and is presently a Trustee of Wellesley College . Yes, the same college that Hillary Clinton and Jan Piercy, a co-founder of Shorebank attended. (They are all friends).
    Interesting? And now the closing...
    Because many studies have been exposed as scientific nonsense, people are slowly realizing that man-made global warming is nothing more than a money-generating hoax. As a result, Obama is working feverishly to win the race. He aims to push a Cap-and-Trade Carbon Tax Bill through Congress and into law.
    Obama knows he must get this passed before he loses his majority in Congress in the November elections. Apart from Climate Change he will "sell" this bill to the public as generating tax revenue to reduce our debt. But, it will also make it impossible for US companies to compete in world markets and drastically increase unemployment. In addition, energy prices (home utility rates) will sky rocket.
    But, here's the KICKER (THE MONEY TRAIL).
    If the bill passes, it is estimated that over 10 TRILLION dollars each year will be traded on the CXX exchange. At a commission rate of only 4 percent, the exchange would earn close to 400 billion dollars to split between its owners, all Obama cronies. At a 2 percent rate, Goldman Sachs would also rake in 200 billion dollars each year.
    But don't forget SHOREBANK. With 10 trillion dollars flowing though its accounts, the bank will earn close to 40 billion dollars in interest each year for its owners (more Obama cronies), without even breaking a sweat.
    It is estimated Al Gore alone will probably rake in 15 billion dollars just in the first year. Of course, Obama's "commissions" will be held in trust for him at the Joyce Foundation. They are estimated to be over 8 billion dollars by the time he leaves office in 2013, if the bill passes this year. Of course, these commissions will continue to be paid for the rest of his life.
    Some financial experts think this will be the largest "scam" or "legal heist" in world history. Obama's cronies make the Mafia look like rank amateurs. They will make Bernie Madoff's fraud look like penny ante stuff.
    Continued on next comment

  9. Funny how climate change and global warming are part of the CO2 scam and they have it all set up to make billions upon billions of dollars while they pass higher electric costs off to the consumer
    Take a look at the jobs and technology they are/have funneled out of the US
    And while all this goes on - the US is being stripped of everything and the people are being herded in to FEMA Mega Region SMART Cities of which 5G is the key to connect it all together
    ID2020 is part of it to, the biometric entry exit system, they have 100 mile radius jurisdiction around all water ways and you can be subject to verification of who you are and what your purpose is and if you do not comply you can be jailed period
    35% of the US population lives on shore lines and they are subject in this jurisdiction - can you say coming roadblocks and checkpoints
    NGO's, Councils of Govenrments (private membership associations) set up and implementing UN Agenda 21 all across the United States
    And if you are hearing a lot right now about the power grid, well there is a reason for that to - can you say it is a take over of our power grid - they are testing the Mega Region Zones and the Rockefeller is part og that strategy too
    And have a look at the links on this page
    You see where they have electric vehicle infrastructure councils set up and working to bring about the driverless car - this is all part of UN Agenda 21
    TRUMP is nothing but one of them. He is the front man while they usher in the North American Union and flood the United States with immigrants from all over the world just like they are doing in the EU and Canada
    Ever hear of The Kalergi Plan
    So while they purposely create weather events to rid the earth of useless eaters they also clear off the land
    Survivors are being rounded up and either being housed in WalMart FEMA Camps or they are being exterminated period
    Months now we've heard the crap about indictments and the evidence is more than available for these to have been issued and carried out long ago and yet nothing
    You can pretty much bet that if anyone is arrested it is going to be the little guys and not the ring leaders
    And why would they not get the little guys, they have it set up on the back end to get paid money in their for profit prison system - have read they are repurposing old military bases all over the US to be used for internment centers - now how convenient is that
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Interesting and relevant tho is quite old as Trump is not bring the "front man" claimed.
      Tho was written when looking into what was an unknown future at the time.
      One can only imagine the national to Liberty + fair play had the "Witch of Benghazi"[Nurse Rachet Hilliary] got in our White House = Trump and supporters blindsided her and the Globalist/statist Far-Left God haters

    2. Interesting and relevant tho is quite old as Trump is not bring the "front man" claimed.
      Tho was written when looking into what was an unknown future at the time.
      One can only imagine the national to Liberty + fair play had the "Witch of Benghazi"[Nurse Rachet Hilliary] got in our White House = Trump and supporters blindsided her and the Globalist/statist Far-Left God haters

    3. Interesting and relevant tho is quite old as Trump is not bring the "front man" claimed.
      Tho was written when looking into what was an unknown future at the time.
      One can only imagine the national to Liberty + fair play had the "Witch of Benghazi"[Nurse Rachet Hilliary] got in our White House = Trump and supporters blindsided her and the Globalist/statist Far-Left God haters

    4. @mtman2 We heard you the first time! Stop the copy/paste already!

    5. Be careful Dan...a fool may chastise u😅

  10. Anyone who has gone to a bank or finance company to get a ''loan'..... they were ALL bogus for many reasons. Firstly, the loaning institution has never given full disclosure. They never loaned you any of their money, they have no money, but what they ''loaned you' was money YOU created by signing the application for a loan; they then USED your own signature to create the money they pretended they loaned you.
    But in reality YOU created your own 'loan money' then why do they give you a payment plan PLUS add Interest to pay back a bank that loaned you NOTHING.
    At best, the bank should have merely facilitated this transaction, assisted in creating your money, and perhaps be paid a reasonable fee for their ''clerical work'.

    This is ALL true, Ive studied it, it is how banks work, it can and is verified by the very booklets that the 'central banks' have published themselves. Ive read some of them myself.

    Nobody ever agreed to such a deal, as the banks never do loans with full disclosure. They used your own signature to create the loan, and that in itself involves fraud. Fraud makes anything null and void. All foreclosures are conjured up fraud. How can anyone be foreclosed for not paying a fraudulent 'loan' which they never loaned you?
    (If you took out a 150 thousand home loan, you end up paying back twice that amount. Go figure.)
    Ive just been reading from vetted sources (?) that there are now no hydrated banks in the u.s. They are all illiquid. If true, then that should bring about some real squirming activity from them.

    1. How many people disclose "everything" and why should we? Do many of us buy a home or a vehicle and intend to turn a profit?
      How much disclosure do we want and need?
      If you do not want or need the deal, DO NOT MAKE IT!
      What is so hard about this?
      The Love of money is driving many mad.

    2. I love money a follower...I just ♡ serving GOD more💞

  11. This blog is not about receiving exact right information about our plight. Ten people that live in ten different locations most likely have each read many of the same articles, or books on any given subject and because we are each different our perspective may naturally vary from one to the other.

    We should be celebrating our individuality not finding fault. What is wrong with sharing opinion, even if it may be wanting, or maybe it is completely wrong. I view what I read here as potential valuable information to be mixed with that I believe to be true, but that is also open to change if a greater, or more informed opinion is shared.

    A good example of this is what Freeman1 has done to help the friends of Anna and her site. As limited as the successes appear to be regarding settling outstanding IRS debt, Freeman1 has done a great favor to those diligent enough to grasp what needs to be done if we are to get the IRS behind us. Anna shared with us what she knows about the process and Freeman1 helped us get s little bit further. Thank you to both Anna and Freeman1. I have yet to be able to achieve the success Freeman1 or Anna has, but since they both swear the process works I believe them and am certain success will come if I stay faithful with my study time on the matter.

    You can say what you like, but prove the bible is not a book of pure speculation. Some who boast of the most, or greater, knowledge than some others, go way over board in what they assert to be biblical truth. Legalistic bible talkers (and there are a couple of those types on this blog) do great damage to the spirit of man. This means that the only good that arises from such boastful and legalistic viewpoints is the fat headed pride that grips the heart of those whose mission it is, not to gently share with a godly and accurate view to conversion to Christ, but to take the name of the Lord in vain through fruitless vanity.

    1. But then why would anyone want to be merely a follower of ancient myths when the 'truth' of 'reality' is right here in front of us?♭♯

    2. Net, you and I think alike. All of we, the people created on this planet in this form have that God given ability to perceive and that perception is portrayed based upon our willingness to observe that which we hear, see, feel, smell and touch and attempt to disseminate what we have been taught about how to use those senses by the multitudes of teachers.

      As we can see, each generation of schooling teaches different meanings of those senses and currently critical thinking skills are not even on the agenda. So is the colour we have been trained to call Red really red or is it blue or green or brown?

      If one grows up learning that colour which we call Red is really Inkerdop, then who are we to say it is not?

      Language and dialogue can be so much fun!

    3. See latest cover of The Economist bs yet Dan?

    4. Interesting Cover Leland.

      I downloaded and horizontal flipped to read. While it may be telling the NWO's agenda, the fact that they do announce their plans affords the rest of us to interfere with them. I think it also helps to discern and analyze the false flags they present to wake others up. I think it upsets them with the volume and speed with which they are called out. Perhaps the Pinnochio image tells all for the page.

  12. How is this for perspective (from Abraham Hicks 1998)

    "Thought that is projected, now thinks. So it’s not possible to separate the thinker from the thought, because the thinker thinks a thought, and then the thought thinks and becomes a thinker, and then the thought, that was a thought that is now a thinker, thinks another thought, which becomes a thinker, also. And so, there is a constant summoning of Life Force. Now, a thought that is thought longer becomes Thought Form. A thought that is thought upon by many, becomes Thought Form. A thought that is thought upon by many, in a very clear undiluted fashion, as from Nonphysical Perspective where there is no resistance, becomes physical matter. That’s why the physical universe is a by-product of the Nonphysical attention or focus. So, the Nonphysical Energy that created this physical mass from the Energy of the Universe, the mass itself, now becomes a thought that is thinking, that is attracting the Energy.

    Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA, on 8/2/98

    Our Love
    Esther (Abraham and Jerry)"