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Friday, November 23, 2018

A Perilous Thanksgiving

By Anna Von Reitz

On November 19, 2018, the Enemies of all life on this planet sacrificed their own High Priest. It happened -- of all places -- on Long Island, New York.
They sought to create a rift in time and open up "the gates of Hell". They failed.
It did cause a nasty burned stench. It did send out a shock wave of stale energy that was released.
Many of you may have noticed this as a vague sense of unease and an odd color of sunlight and moonlight, too, over this Thanksgiving holiday.
I am sorry that I wasn't able to enjoy or share with you all the joyousness of this special holiday, but as ever, the evil-doers among us choose to do their works while normal people are otherwise engaged.
[Yes, Virginia, there is a reason that they passed the Sixteenth Amendment to their corporate "constitution" on Christmas Eve.]
This happening is a clear indication of just how desperate the situation is for the members of the Cabal, and the necessity of keeping the pressure on them.
I have recently been criticized for telling the Pope and the Queen that both Rome and London are slated for demolition. It's not because of me or anything I've said or done that this is so. It's because of them and what they have done and failed to do, and the poor choices they continue to make.
It is apparent now that most, if not all, of those involved in these evils cannot imagine their own salvation, cannot believe that they could ever be forgiven, and so, have chosen to play their hand.
The utter failure of their "workings" this past week must be generating even more fear and panic.
As for me, I had a brief, blindingly beautiful moment of Thanksgiving, and otherwise had to work through the worst of the aftermath.
The worldwide manhunt for Lucifer is over. He was murdered by his own followers, under water, using a special ritual sword.


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  1. Well funny mention Long Island and Virginia because 2 new Corporate Globalist Gates of Hell are opening in Crystal City, VA and Long Island City, New York, 2 new AMAZON Headquarters.

  2. What in earth are you talking about and could you be ANY clearer!

  3. So apparently MY guesses of who it was are wrong, they're still slithering around.

  4. Well, I see another strong Rebuke of bull5hit is in order. There is not a speck of truth in any of this Article. Ya really ought to learn by now, that those Channeling messages are making you look foolish. Lucifer is far from dead, his best days are yet ahead of him and Hell is overfilling on a daily basis now.

  5. Well, I don't doubt something uplifting happened perhaps back east from my own experiences on ThanksGiving 's eveningšŸ’„šŸŽ¶

  6. I saw the strange color of the moon and smelled something I cant describe.
    I cant tell if Im frightened or elated . I have a strange sense of hieghtened awareness and energy .

    1. I smelled it too! It STUNK and I couldnt put my finger on what it was relating to. hm

  7. Go to the following link and take note of The Author in the upper right corner.
    Posted October 5, 2015 Updated October 5, 2015
    Second Brunswick tax fraud conspirator sentenced to 4 months in prison
    David E. Robinson, 79, is sentenced on Monday in U.S. District Court in Portland about a month and a half after co-conspirator F. William Messier, 71, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

    1. There is a difference between a publisher and an author.

  8. On November 19, 2018, the Enemies of all life on this planet sacrificed their own High Priest. It happened -- of all places -- on Long Island, New York.
    They sought to create a rift in time and open up "the gates of Hell".
    They failed.
    The worldwide manhunt for Lucifer is over. He was murdered by his own followers, under water, using a special ritual sword.
    Now i thought the gates of hell were opened in 2012?
    Sure would like more info on this because what you have posted is clear as mud and double minded to boot.
    If all this were even 'remotely' accurate it would be a Thanksgiving to remember, don't ya think?
    'murdered' by his own followers contradiction to the word of God, is it not?

  9. Abby,

    I've met people that you can't tell if and when they are lying, unless you watch their mouth, if it's moving, they are lying.

    One even read the bible almost daily, see,, I'm a God fearing man! He would go to a church of some kind and wanted to be a preacher. Ackkk?

    He was nothing but a control freak because of something that happened to him in the past. Whenever negative things happen, we have to take time to find out why it happened and then we will be prepared to deal with that again. Of course there will be more of these things happening, if we don't live as God intended us to live.

    Because of his unwritten rules that no one knew of, and I committed a mortal sin, in his eyes, he turned off the lights and assaulted me, was hit 15-16 times on the head. I can vouch that one does see stars, or white flashes in my head after a few hits, like a muted strobe light flashing in my head. His way of doing it is he will cold cock you on top of the head, that stuns a person big time. He waited 3-4 seconds then got me on the floor and started using my head as a punching bag.

    Needless to say the last 4 years and 9 months weren't my favorite years, been stretching my spine and neck since Feb of last year 3-4 times a week, starting to see progress.

    Then another guy that is about the same thing without the assault. I lied with one of the straightest faces you will ever see. Everything was about him, what's in it for me,, he stole a GPS, a 200 dollar tool set, brand new rod and reel that was never used,, all total was at 500 dollars switched hands. I asked him if he seen the rod and reel, his answer was, Dennis I already have 100 rods, what would I do with another one?

    Typical BS.

    I've gotten away from both of them, met a few more before I asked the universe, why do I keep bumping into this type of people? The answer came instantly, use more discernment!

    Perhaps you should use more discernment with the sites you visit, you just might be taken in.

    Focus on one, like a letter in the mail, put a stamp on the letter and stick with it until it arrives at the proper destination.

    I have trouble putting 2 and 2 together, that's from my brain turning into scrambled eggs while being assaulted. Yeah, PTSD to the max, been working on myself ever since then. Now I'm making progress a lot faster. Can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel as they say.

    Get off the fence and focus on one job, or else you will not get anything done. Yes we've been getting a lot of pieces of a puzzle, but we don't have to look in books and what have you just to find a puzzle, Anna has done the hard part that I feel 90% of the people can't do if their life depends on it. Be grateful and take the time to study and slowly putting the pieces together instead of whining that someone does not do it all for you.

    Grow up and put your big girl pants on already,,

    We are the ones that are here to "save" ourselves, stop expecting changes, be the change. Praying without action is the same as no prayer at all.


  10. One more thing, the guy that assaulted me actually came out and said he prophet, the next coming? Btw, I was the tenth person he did this to, but I'm the only one that took him to court, the police were hearing complaints, but no one reported it.

    The only way that people like this can continue, is by good people to not do anything. I did the right thing by doing it, how about you?


  11. i agree Denniss, MUCH discernment is needed, and should not be afraid to mention our concerns to each other. And thanks for sharing, i wish you well.
    Discernment can be a two way street.
    That being said, i recognise my sarcasm in the following.
    beep beep beep beep,tic tic tic tic tic ,de de de de de de de::: ATTN. ATTN. This just in! Lucifer has been murdered!!!!
    "The worldwide manhunt for Lucifer is over. He was murdered by his own followers, under water, using a special ritual sword." More breaking news forthcoming?????
    Come on people? Ya know i could not find anything in the New york obituaries, perhaps he had an alias?

    1. Fact: a "Man's" physical body-mind alone has -zero capacity for True Discernment and IS trained to only "literally" SEE/falsely perceive limited or NO VALUE "SYMBOLS" As Images of "MASS" meanings and distorted differing perceptions and vain,shallow, weak "Beliefs" hence the Confusion and Chaos of Many "Fleshly" Tongues speaking mindless "babel" of "FAITH" BY LITERAL "WORD" ONLY and Lacking True Spirit-Fruit Positive Energy divinely connected in Faithful Communion for our Pure, Eternal Living Immortal Will, Soul-Mind of Living In the Flesh "True Church Body" in Faithful, Thankful, Kind, Compassionate, Charitable, In Authentic Joy and Peaceful Service to All. No Exceptions.

      Man's mind falsely, vainly "BELIEVES" to have "TRUE FAITH" and "TRUE INTELIGIENCE" when their Words and Actions are fruitless, temporary, self serving, egotistical, Judgemental, competitive, FEARfilled, ill-logical, selfish, gluttonous, suspicious IN All, wishy washy and ALL Brought to them By "THE PUBLIC FOOL SYSTEM" of the DARK, For THE DARK and BY THE Dark Spirit, Souless DEAD MIMICKING "SYSTEM" of GRAVEN IMAGES and "FALSE WORSHIP" of FALSE "THINGS" only APPEARING REAL!!

      Time to Literally Get Over Your "SELFIE" "PUBLIC" Masks AS All IS No Longer "UNDER" FALSE GOVERNING "IMMUNITIES" Or Free from Divine Judgement and Willful private persecution. Its Time to Seek True Redemption and Restore balanced "Order" from within For All Now. No Stone IS left un-turned Now!!! So Grateful!!

  12. She's being specfic. A real individual body was killed in ritual - the guy at the head of the hierarchy.

    Whether he's a long lived, and now dead extraterrestrial, as Marduk or similar, or a human that gave itself over to dark entities, or etc combo alternatives (re learning more about this being), may be unclear to many, but if this is true, the continued resistance of the corrupt power players has just gotten a major lynch pin removed. Very exciting! Hopefully the velocity on their exit will pick up, as well as (my wish) their actions fully brought to light.

    1. Specific or not...the spiritual hierarchy is far, far bigger than Anna or Kim PossiblešŸ˜…

    2. Yes, Leland....beyond any limited(Literal) imaginations in Physical body-inferior temporal-mindedness Indeed! Hear No Live Spirit, See No Live Soul, Speak No Live Harmony only mindless babel of Vain, shallow attempts by the "worldly" trained "believers" of vain "Literal" WORLDLY FAITH without Living Soul-Mind/Pure Spirit-Heart Substance to authentically sustain or support it. Firing on 1 weak cylinder indeed!!
      Tune Up Time!!! Awwwwwwwww Yes!!!!

      Much Gratitude, Love, True Awareness and Eternal Joy, Peace for All Now