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Friday, October 5, 2018

Martial Law Schmartial Law

By Anna Von Reitz

Hate to break it to everyone, but technically, "the United States"
--as opposed to "The United States"-- have been under "martial law" since 1863, and they have illegally and unlawfully intruded upon the rest of us, seeking to involve us in their commercial mercenary "wars".

If Mr. Trump needs elbow-room to go after the worst of the criminals in their corporations, let me be the last one to raise a finger to prevent him. It is long overdue.

At the same time, let Mr. Trump and the rest of the world be aware that people identifying themselves as "American Nationals" who have reasonable evidence of their provenance and who are not directly employed by the federal "government" or offering to harm anyone should not be endangered or overly inconvenienced by federal housecleaning activities on our shores.

As large as the number "51,000 indictments" sounds, and is, it's not all that overwhelming. We deal with more cases than that every day in this country; the only difference is that this time, actual criminals will be brought to trial instead of "offenders".

And if, for example, Hillary Clinton or other known shysters attempt hide themselves in our jurisdiction, it is already established Public Law that Mr. Trump and the U.S. Army can come reclaim their own vermin. They just have to be very careful not to harm or unduly impose upon our people or property in the process.

As for us, none of this federal frou-frou-rah is our business and should not concern us. We should be more than happy to sit tight in our homes and snug in our beds and play pinochle for a few days. Let the Army and the National Guard come rule the streets for a few days and flush out the worst of the vermin.

Go pack in some extra food, water, fill up prescriptions for yourselves and pets. Extra pet food. Toilet paper. Tampons. Some gas for the grill and sterno to heat water. A few extra gallons of drinking water and some tap water for flushing the toilets manually. Considering the time of year-- extra firewood and blankets might be nice.

Consider it a mini-vacation. Time with the family.

Turn off the television and radio. Leave your cell phone on, in case there are any important announcements. Watch a movie. Read a book. Play indoor "fetch" with your dog. Cuddle your kids. Get around to reading that dusty Bible on the shelf.

These are the "Last Days" of the old system.


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  1. Goosebumps! And not just because it's a little chilly in here... ✌☮✌

  2. According to this site the number is up to 55,677 already.

    1. There is probably ten times that amount of people who still haven't made the list...and that's only in our country, let alone the world...!!
      But like that attorney joke goes...what do you call 1000 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean called.....a good start...!!

    2. James, you are most probably right. I do know that the number has been growing by 5,000+ every month. Some have tried to debunk this as being bankruptcies but examining the cases they do not appear to have bankruptcy numbers and are not in bankruptcy court. US District court and Bankruptcy court are 2 different animals.

  3. Anna are you parroting what we have known for over a month or do you have first hand knowlege???

  4. And if so is this the vacation you said you were taking???

    1. Anna has expressed in the past what she values as "vacation time" and taking a break from mountains of legal projects she and team have been working on. Writing articles IS part of how she relaxes in her version of "downtime" as her readers Are important to her as friends/families. I truly Love and value that about her💖 Thank you Anna!!

      Much Love, Gratitude and Peace Be Now

    2. Kelli Miller,
      What Anna said is the opposite of what you describe Kelli.
      Anna,- "If I am relatively quiet the next couple of weeks, it should be no cause for concern. A huge amount of work has been done over the past several weeks, too much to even begin to describe. I am exhausted and my offices are stuffed floor to ceiling with paperwork related to all of this.

      So I am going to be taking a few days off to "mop up" and rest and recoup and spend time with my friends and family, who have been sadly neglected the past several years.

      Until you hear otherwise, we continue to need donations. We are operating your government of the people, for the people, by the people on your prayers and Cookie Jar Money, while the government of the persons, for the persons, by the persons is being reformed."
      And as you will notice another money plea!
      Now what has she done since this announcement? she has written and posted another 12 articles littered with half truths.
      My Bible has no dust on it!

    3. Afollower: what part of "Anna has expressed in the past" do you not comprehend? I personally have read a few of Anna's articles in the Past 3-4 years that express that message from her own heart and in her own words, as my heart perceived them. I find her work (writings) to be priceless knowledge, consistently thought provoking and Insightful beyond a shadow of doubt.
      I'm sorry you don't see any value in her work or her deeds on behalf of us all. Live and let live right? Your choice. IS Anna and teams work causing You personal harm? Has she taken something from you? Why are you so threatened by her work and needs of support from those of us who choose willingly to give? Are you Jealous or envious or??? What exactly has Anna personally done to you to cause You to behave so insecure, disrespectful and consistently twist her words and personally attack her work and personal calling?? What is your Beef, exactly? Do You even know?
      Thank you in advance for your thoughtful considerstion and response🤔
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

    4. kelli, stop with all the vindictive false accusations, just to justify your own decision to self-deception. We are not ALL gullible. There is not a thing here to be jealous or envious of nor anything to cause us the lease ''insecurity''. Perhaps all that stuff pertains to yourself. Seems to me You are the one with all ''the beef'' toward anyone who doesnt agree with You.

    5. Abby you have been sufficiently Noticed and warned about Ever addressing me again with your hateful, bitter and possessed mind attempting to cause me harm.

      Paul, as the Blog owner/moderator of this comment section, your attention to Abby's consistent verbal abuse upon me and others who actively support Anna's work and attempt to engage in civil "on topic" dialogue to assist each other on this journey. This needs to Stop Now, and your assistance is required to prevent anymore harm for which you may be held personally liable for failing to take appropriate action when requested. Thank you

    6. Kelly,
      i made it quite clear what my beef is.
      It is you that refuse to comprehend.

    7. So Be It. I perceive Anna's and others messages in my way, and you perceive them in yours. Let's agree that we both perceive quite differently and leave it at that, shall we? Now kindly I request that when I share my perceptions based on personal first hand knowledge and/or experience in direct response to someone's comment other than you, that you refrain from addressing me or thinking you have any right or authority to interject Publicly to "Correct" my thoughts or perceptions in any way. You mind your business and I'll mind mine, capiche? thank you very much.
      Have a beautiful Day!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now for All

    8. Lets agree to disagree, shall we?
      This seems to be a public forum and we should all be and allow each other to discuss these things in an adult fashion.
      Pointing out the lies is an obligation. listen or do not.
      That is your only choice.
      There is no peace nor Love with lies nor half truths 'ever.'

      I'll give ya this one, Anna said 'if.' If i am relatively quiet."
      See how easy that could have been?

    9. "There is no peace nor Love with lies nor half truths 'ever.'"

      Let me be perfectly clear afollower: I do not consent Now, nor have I ever appointed YOU to play JUDGE or Worldly trained LORD Over my personal awareness, perceptions,knowledge, experiences expressed on this blog, Ever. So consider any falsely perceived "obligation" you may have ingrained in YOUR mind to "point out" (force your p.o.v) onto me, YOUR own conflicted thoughts of what constitutes "lies" and "half-truths" according to your personal opinions, beliefs as YOU choose to perceive them, as Your own public/private business to Govern, not mine. You understand, You got that, are You Clear? I was NOT initially speaking to you, nor was my response to Robert anything more than sharing my innerstanding of Anna's intreptation of "vacation" according to "past" messages Anna has "expressed" and I "described" as I personally "perceived" which YOU took and twisted to fit your OWN suspicious minded narrative. You tresspassed on my right to express myself freely, peacefully and You chose to breach my peace by directly addressing me under false pretenses. Your First Mistake.
      Now, in the essence of Peace making, Do not address me further.

    10. Kelli, if you are so easily harmed by anyone who notifies You that you are falsely accusing people, then maybe you do not even belong on the internet.
      In reality, it is You that is being THREATENING here; you are always threatening to sue somebody, and even now you threaten to sue Paul? Do you not see that You want to be free to make all sorts of inuendoes toward people, with the multitude of your chosen pet words........and then you try to ''hold people liable'' if they rebutt your false accusations and slanderous inuendoes?

      Kelli, you need to take a good look at yourself and see what you are doing. Actually, I view you as a very dangerous person to have around. You seem unable to take the Heat, but you love to dish it out. IF you were really so sure of your own stance, it would not even bother you what others say.
      But your very persistent protest and tears all the time, are very telling that you lack confidence in what you say.

      I just so happens that it IS our responsibility to point out errors, mistakes, and wrongful statements. Now don't you think its about time that you cease your constant trouble making and threatening to sue people all the time??
      Dont forget about reaping what you sow, and what goes around usually comes back around and bites you.

      There hasnt been one thing said here that warrants your uncontrolled rage.

    11. Kelli...Abby isn't ALL bad...just a little verbose here & there on her interpretations of biblical nonsense & Anna's stuff💓

    12. Kelli, now let me tell you something: You are in no position to warn me about anything. Who do you think you are to go around barking orders to anyone? We ALL have freedom of speech, and when You post something Publicly as this Forum IS, then you set yourself up to be critiqued, and its time you realize that.

      You have the most hateful speech in here and are the most hypocritical of anyone who has ever passed through here, simply by your spiteful inuindoes and hateful slurs towards others...and then having the audacity to end with your parotid 'love, peace'' utter nonsense.

      Simply put Kelli, your very own reputation within your own community speaks volumes of your personal character. And this is PER your own words you posted right in this Forum some time in the past.
      It is time for you to deal with that situation right there at home, and stop coming in here taking your hurt out on others in here with that sharp tongue of yours.

      Do you now understand ME? Or do you really want me to elaborate by reposting your old Comments?

    13. r FAR, FAR more hateful here imho than ANYONE, UCADIA 😅

    14. And quite verbose about it, too🎶

    15. Except for UCADIA...Armus☇

    16. Coming from one who is looney enough to think he is like a cat with 9 lives, who is on the road to Hell (from which there is NO return).....your words are laughable.

    17. More people on this particular planet in the universe 'know' reincarnation is a fact of life down here in the physical realities than not dear 'end timer' Abby🎶

      Even Christianity @ one time once 'knew' Jesus taught reincarnation as well before control freaks wrote it out♩

    18. Only in your dreams and wishful thinking. You know nothing about the One true God. Not one iota.
      ''For it is appointed unto Man, ONCE to die, and then (next) the Judgement'.
      Welcome to reality, lol.

    19. Idiocy is your mantra dear end timer when it comes religious persuasions of messianic lore♩

    20. One of the SO interesting aspects of EACH end timer in above link is EACH person pushing end times nonsense actually died first which suggests end timers in general r prophesying actually only THEIR own demise...& nothing else WHATSOEVER😅

    21. Leland, reincarnation is not a fact but a theory or a belief held by those who refuse to acknowledge or face a living God.
      "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one." Psalm 14:1-3

    22. You r TOTALLY mistaken dear 1freeman.

      TOTALLY 😅🎶🎹🎤

    23. A fact is only a fact if it is proven. No one has proven reincarnation as a fact. Many stories and theories, yes, even testimonies, but no facts.

    24. I can't help it if u don't like the proof😅

    25. That is exactly the problem...there is none.

    26. Of course there is...u have been too brainwashed by your religious upbringing to get far💓

    27. If I have to "get it" then it is not proof.

    28. Suit yourself...facts r facts to those who know what they know🎶

  5. OK, Anna, your first two paragraphs are back on track, i.e. RIGHT ON.
    Now that's something that we an use, in business/commerce, law, in general, contracts, and courts. That's got some teeth, with venom.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, the ruse has entered a new chapter…

    Hurricane Delusion has made landfall.
    Whirlwinds of deception are baffling the hearts of men,
    And a whole lot of evangelicals are in the spin cycle.
    Do you recall how mankind’s reign on earth began?
    – Eve was beguiled by the serpent.

    Do you know how mankind’s reign is going to end?
    – Eve’s offspring will be beguiled by the serpent.
    More here:

    1. a follower, most of them don't think it will ever end; they are still under the delusion that they can fix it.

    2. Abby,
      Remember how everyone was so freaked about Obama and the possibility of martial law? Now they practicly look forward to it under an even bigger narcissist such as "Mr. Trump" aka as "The Donald." man can they not even see their own hypocrisy?
      And then Anna says we have been under martial law since 1863.
      Well if this is true,(and it is not) it is like no other martial law than i have witnessed.

    3. a follower, its just one more thing that exists only on paper, lol.


    From our research: martial Law is literally having troops on the streets to protect the cities from the trouble-making mobs (looting, burning down buildings, attacking innocent people, etc.); Martial Rule is having the military on standby, in case they are needed for put down such chaos. What we learned back in 1995/96 was this: when Lincoln 'set aside' the Constitution AFTER the Congress adjourned "sine die" (without setting a date for re-convening), he then signed and instituted Executive Order 100, called the Lieber Code whereby the "Army" was placed in a position to protect the People of the Republic. As far as we know that is still the case today, which is why the criminals were trying SO HARD to do their thievery BEFORE We the People completely woke up to their crimes & retake Our lives, as judge anna maria & her research team have been doing, and others before them. HalleluYah!!! The pdf above is the Book of the Hundreds written by John Quade (Williams), Randy Lee, and John Joseph who traveled far-and-wide across America to uncover the real history of what took place before, during and after the civil war, and better understand what the "jell" went wrong!!!

  8. Kelli? You appear to be thinned skinned,maybe you need to find a forum a bit less offensive to you. Your out bursts are disruptive to this forum. Much love and peace! Have a blessed day child.

  9. Your email friend Abby is a piece of work Robert😅

    1. And beneath you.I don't appreciate it.

    2. I think Kelli jumping on Follower was unnecessary. Or anyone one else for that matter and stated as much.If she had chosen to jump on you I would still have said what I said. So why are you baiting me?

    3. Because Abby is a serious piece of work....If u don't agree that is fine. Kelli in general imo is pointing out the obvious🎶

      Robert I don't agree with some of things u write either against Anna in general but I CERTAINLY don't jump a a follower's & Abby's bandwagon like u do to criticize Anna on her life work in this arcane field of American state national.

      So to be honest I think it is beneath U to hop on their dubious criticism of Anna ALMOST every chance u can to promote Kim over Anna🙄🎶

    4. Leland, are you fishing .....again? Of course you are. Do you really think I am not wise to you and your devious little antics? And in case you are trying to get on ''my e mail fan club list,' I dont have one.

    5. Abby...i get u r basicly a lost Soul pushing your brand of biblical nonsense on everyone & ultimately that is what free will is about🎶

    6. Leland........crybaby. Whaa Whaaa Whaaa

    7. That is typical juvenile pathetic response by u Abby, but missing your usual verbosity😅

  10. Leland...I think that is uncalled for.

  11. We all all regular posters here and pretty much know what we think of one another.True, I did leave my email for Abby to respond to me as I left it for James and you a like.For you to make assumptions based on that, true or not is a bit much.

    1. U probably will remove the above comment, too😅

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. robert, yes Kelli was way outta line in jumping all over ''a follower'' like that, and her infamous tongue lashing was so totally uncalled for, I had to let her know I for one am not going to sit by and let her carry on in such an unwarranted attack. And to think that her entire Rage was all over Anna's vacation, LOL. Gee, I'd hate to see what she'd do if there was a Real Issue, LOL.
    Anyhow, we gotta try to keep some sense of Civility in here, right?

    Paul, do you just take her threat of Liable, sitting down Calmly?
    Danger, danger, will robinson ........

  14. Ahh so, today was as hot as August, if not worse, so we got to use up the last of the charcoal and grilled the best darned burgers in the land. With colby cheese melted on top at the last minute. Added fresh crispy sliced white onion, and salted tomato slices. Best ever !

    We got the cat shelter washed out, disinfected and going to sprinkle down some diatomaseous earth and go out to the country and buy a bale of straw from a farmer, and put it inside. If he doesn't just love it then he is gonna freeze his little hiney, lol.

    The 'shelter' just so happened to be a ''gift' because a neighbor had a large dog and it just died, so we grabbed it and went to work on it. We were able to park it between a back fence and a tight row of tall evergreens, setting it on a bed of dead fern needles. Should be pretty much blocked from most all cold air and snow.
    Then he can crawl under the fence and come right on into the carport where we have been feeding him.
    One bale of straw should be enough for him to curl up into like a blanket. (we are due to finally get into cold weather starting thursday) We put DE on him, and then he was shaking and looked like a dust cloud, LOL.


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