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Saturday, October 6, 2018

More Reminders: For the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

By Anna Von Reitz

We are aware of the issues crossing your minds and the arguments that some people are trying to make as excuses to deny the lawful government of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and the rightful claims of the American States and People.  We are also aware of your concerns about who we are and what our intentions are. Read on.

1. Probate never closes.  The lawful owner of an "abandoned" estate can be "missing" for hundreds of years, yet if the lawful heir returns, it is the obligation of the court to return their assets unharmed and free of debt or encumbrance.
So the fact that the sovereigns of this country have been misinformed and defrauded in breach of trust and counted as "absent" for a century and a half is of no consequence when it comes to their right to inherit, possess, and enjoy their birthright and heritage.  Once they come forward and prove their provenance and basic competence-- as we have-- there can be no further issue or obstruction.

2. This circumstance is most inconvenient for certain grossly irresponsible governmental services corporations and their creditors who have been counting on us not showing up to claim our assets and who have been in anticipation of claiming our assets as "abandoned property". These corporations need to work with us as their Priority Creditors and as the only people competent to forgive their debts and settle their problems with their Secondary Creditors. 

3. With regard to Anna Maria's Offices: 

"Private Attorney" for Pope Benedict in the matter of giving Notice to his many erring employees, was an unpaid, voluntary favor done to assist the Pope in his efforts to end the gross criminality of taking title to babies and enslaving entire countries via legal chicanery. That Notice Process went through several stages and levels and occurred on a worldwide basis in concert with shutting down the Pontificate (2011) and securing Final Judgment (2014) in favor of the States and People. 

"Fiduciary" of The World Trust (Unincorporated) and of The United States of America (Unincorporated) is a terrible responsibility that nobody would want, yet it has fallen to Anna Maria to do.  A Fiduciary Officer is accountable and obligated to act according to The Prudent Man (or Woman) Standard and in Good Faith to administer the financial affairs of others, so as to protect and enhance their interests.  She serves everyone on Earth in this capacity.

The Roman Curia will note that in all the centuries since the founding of The World Trust nobody but Anna Maria has presented the Bills of Lading to turn over the International Jurisdiction of the Sea - the Kingdom of Satan - to the lawful owners: The Kingdom of Heaven.  This should be a sign to them that indeed The Kingdom of Heaven is come upon the Earth and once again, the woman sent to them as the harbinger and grandmother and fiduciary---- is, as it has been since Old Testament times: Anna.

An old woman from a remote corner of the world has been sent to overthrow the Kings of the Earth and clean His House. With the Living God, all things are possible.

What she has begun in America is only the beginning of a much greater re-structuring and expansion of finance, law, and education worldwide.  The People who have seen The Great Light will now live with that Light, and it will not be the false, dim glow of Lucifer.

The Armed Forces of the world will be re-tasked to fight the true enemies of mankind: disease, pollution, greed, ignorance, poverty, dishonesty, famine, and all the other factual problems we face. 

You will be building and installing high tech that saves lives instead of high tech that takes lives.  This is a simple concept and we trust you all got it. 

Any questions?


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  1. Good concepts talked about. 5G is high-tech I would toss in the city dump..ground to dust

  2. It couldn't happen to anyone but you Anna. the logic is perfect. God Bless you with this task.

    1. Sally, where is there any logic to ''an old woman overthrowing the kings of the earth''? Just what do you base that on, and what is the backup for your thinking so?

    2. I guess it should be you then miss omnipotent.

      Go crawl back under your rock with your stick and mud.

    3. Check out what really happen with hurricane Michael before video is taken down:

  3. " The Roman Curia will note that in all the centuries since the founding of The World Trust nobody but Anna Maria has presented the Bills of Lading to turn over the International Jurisdiction of the Sea - the Kingdom of Satan - to the lawful owners: The Kingdom of Heaven. This should be a sign to them that indeed The Kingdom of Heaven is come upon the Earth and once again, the woman sent to them as the harbinger and grandmother and fiduciary---- is, as it has been since Old Testament times: Anna."
    i make a motion that you move into New Testament Times, into the times of when you are to become daughters of Sara, wife of Abraham. 1 Peter 3:6
    Daughters of Eve no more.
    Enter the The New Testament Read John where we are to follow the Master the Messiah (Mashiak) and to become actual sons of the Living God.
    You still today can not buy this, nor file any papers nor follow any man nor woman into this Temple.

  4. Do you know how mankind’s reign is going to end?
    – Eve’s offspring will be beguiled by the serpent.
    More here:

  5. Any questions? Yes, please explain this.
    Anna-" You can eat of the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life....
    (Answer: Neither one, thanks.)
    The Tree of Life is what we are to seek and accept.


    1. "The whole history of these books (i.e. the Gospels) is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute enquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills."

      Source: Letter of Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, January 24, 1814.

    2. Leland ,
      i care not to worship Anna, nor Thomas jefferson. Understand?

    3. Yeah, well... Thomas Jefferson thought so much of himself he rewrote God's word to suit his own private interpretation so there's that. Jefferson Bible ring a Ba'al?

    4. Lol...ring another savior?πŸ””

  6. Precisely why Christ founded a living and visible Church instead of leaving us to flounder in the dark.

  7. Paul, Consider this,the church is not our mother.
    The actual factual church is a bride.
    Galatians 4:26 But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother.
    But our mother is the city of Jerusalem in heaven above, and she isn't a slave. ... The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he ...
    You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 8/24/18

  8. So as i am reading on in the link you provided. Do you see they have forgotten or neglected the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    "Has God given us such means? “Yes,” say my Protestant friends, “He has.” And so says the Catholic: God has given us such means. What is the means God has given us whereby we shall learn the truth that God has revealed? “The Bible,” say my Protestant friends, “the Bible, the whole of the Bible, and nothing but the Bible.” But we Catholics say, “No; not the Bible and its private interpretation, but the Church of the Living God.”
    And then also they are still saying the "Roman Catholic church" is infallible.
    Well Anna and all she is exposing has proven these thoughts( these ideas) wrong. like it or not.
    Then go on, The catholics are still upset we the people have access to the Bible. What is even more crazy is the number of catholics who unknowingly take credit for the Bible being distributed? Now when you read of the protestants and their initial split with this "church it is they who seem to take credit for the distribution of the Bible, which is more likely since the "catholics"(many) are still upset we have this valuable and powerful book.
    Those with the Holy Spirit and the Bible will once again be a target for the false church.

    1. Neither Catholic nor Protestant fixation on the Bible is a lasting answer to the human condition. Since each of us 'awakens' in our own time, the Bible can effectively act as a 'step-up' in understanding of the Truth of Being... Yet the peak of understanding for all men comes ultimately from the Creator Itself. We ARE the Creator in actual manifestation, and therefore, may commune directly with our Source and Life, the One and Only Creator.

    2. Jim, it takes God giving one the Holy Spirit to understand anything, or to even truly know anything, about yourself or others. Otherwise, you would have to be saying that ''you can save yourself; you 'create'' yourself, you can regenerate yourself''?
      The bible is the only source that explains this decaying condition of man. And none of it has anything at all to do with ANY denomination whatsoever.

    3. Absolute nonsense Abby, but that's ok because Jesus loves ALL Souls, including animals & so forth🎢

  9. Anna says ''the kingdom of heaven has come to earth''. Well, Anna you couldn't be further from the Truth. You prove you have no spiritual knowledge or understanding of the Word of God, which you profess to be a student of, but are NOT. You show that you read with a carnal mind, and do not have a spiritual mind.
    Neither do you show the capacity to see Reality; if you did, you would recognize Earth as being more closely resembling hell, than heaven.
    Anna, you need to get born again and receive the Mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit. But to do that you would have to surrender your SELF and be willing to take a back seat to God. But I do not see you ever doing that because you simply want to lead God, and not let God actually lead You.

  10. Paul, we do not get God from any 'church'. There are far too many folks who look to their 'church'' as their God. That is a huge mistake, and its why I often say that churches are too much of a stumbling block between Man and God.
    How often we hear of someone who gets into trouble or has a big problem and they run to their ''pastor'' or to their ''church'' to try to reach God. How ludicrous that is. In fact I would wager to say that God cannot be found in 99% of these so-called 'churches'. They are nothing but buildings; mostly white washed tombs full of dead mens bones.
    They are more the problem, than ever any solution. They are better at stunting any growth, than to ever develop a real productive valuable person.
    A mature christian can be self reliant and a true help to others. Over the years I've even spoken with 'church pew warmers'' and even backed it up with scripture, and what do they do? They say ''well, I will have to ask my PASTOR about that''. LOL

  11. Mathew 16: 17-19
    Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood hath not revealed it to thee, but my Father who is in heaven. And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.

    1. Paul, God founded his church by sending his SON who DIED and shed his Blood to provide a way of Salvation. Jesus is the Rock of our Salvation; peter was a mere man. There is no salvation at all thru any catholic church or any other church.
      Furthermore, ''all Judgement is left to the Son''. He is King of Kings, not peter. You catholics need to get over your dedication to your 'religion' and just get straight to the LORD.

    2. So many saviors to chose from, too...πŸ˜…

      The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors: Or Christianity Before Christ

  12. If you are part of source (God) why do you need a savior?

  13. Abby, you are then denying the words of Christ as I quoted above and your own bible says, is that right?

    1. Paul, Jesus never said that peter was the rock; he said peter, upon this rock I will build my church. I don't know anyone yet that professes to know exactly what ''this rock'' is - - except that he was referring to the Father being the One who Reveals is the Father.
      But that also took place BEFORE God ever sent us the Holy Spirit TO earth on the Day of Pentecost, which didn't happen till some time after this incident in Matt.
      Ultimately, it is now the Holy Spirit who speaks to us what God wants spoken verbally.

      Even in the verses you quote here, lets move on from v. 17 to v. 22 and we see that this rascal peter didn't take long to rebuke Jesus, and for Jesus to read peter the riot act in v.23 calling peter Satan, '' get behind me satan thou art an offense to me.''

      What catholics have done for forever is give utmost credence to peter solely based on that scripture, and DENYING then the very shed blood of Christ and his death which WAS the very thing that birthed Christianity. This is where catholics go way off into the ditch; they get so hung up with the lie their churches have TOLD them, and they then leave the Christ and his giving his Life as the establishing of The Church which is solely the true Believers.

      ''the church' has NEVER been any building or organization. In order to try to use v. 18 there to build your belief on, means that you would have to discount a ton of other verses that give top position to Jesus, and tries to replace Him with mere man, peter.
      Firstly, no true doctrine can be build by any single scripture; but must be all inclusive and then put together. That is the true doctrine of christianity.
      Secondly, one must wonder, IF God ''really'' build 'the church' based on peter, then why is it he was not the Prime author of all the Epistles, but rather, Paul was the chosen preacher to all those cities........which then became nearly the entire New Testament which consists of all the Epistles....thus The Gospel.

  14. Michael, because Jesus is Lord and he said ''no man come to the Father (God the Father) EXCEPT thru Me''. Therefore, it is not at all true that ''everybody is part of God'. Furthermore, to refer to the Holy God as ''source'' is like calling your spouse ''hey you''. Very insult and disgraceful, to say the least.

    How do we know everybody is not part of God already? Because God has said in His Word that ''the Pharisees are of their father, the devil' and children of hell''.
    The Pharisees were even ''holier than thou'' types; religious folks, but they were so off target that God called them what is stated above.

    God never provided ''multiple choice' nor a ''burger king have-it-your-way'. He provided only One Way. God's Kingdom is going to be made up of only folks who are ''all in One Accord''. The days of everybody wanting their own ways, nit picking, special interests, various factions with so many opposing views, arguing, nonsense, and whacky thinking which comes from messed up drugged up brains.......WILL BE HISTORY........FOREVER.

  15. Why arguing over biblical ^ ABOVE ^ is a waste of time^in general πŸ˜ƒπŸŽΆ

  16. "Ethnocentric Europeans tried repeatedly to “civilize” the Indians. In practice
    that meant persuading natives to dress like the colonists, attend white schools, live
    in permanent structures, and, most important, accept Christianity. The Indians lis-
    tened more or less patiently, but in the end, they usually rejected European val-
    ues. One South Carolina trader explained that when Indians were asked to become
    more English, they said no, “for they thought it hard, that we should desire them to
    change their manners and customs, since they did not desire us to turn Indians.”
    Some Indians were attracted to Christianity, but most paid it lip service or
    found it irrelevant to their needs. As one Huron told a French priest, “It would be
    useless for me to repent having sinned, seeing that I never have sinned.” Another
    Huron announced that he did not fear punishment after death since “we cannot
    tell whether everything that appears faulty to Men, is so in the Eyes of God.”
    Among some Indian groups, gender figured significantly in a person’s willing-
    ness to convert to Christianity. Native men who traded animal skins for European
    goods had more frequent contact with the whites and proved more receptive to the
    missionaries’ arguments. But native women jealously guarded traditional culture, a
    system that often sanctioned polygamy—a husband having several wives—and gave
    women substantial authority over the distribution of food within the village.
    The white settlers’ educational system proved no more successful than their reli-
    gion in winning cultural converts. Young Indians deserted stuffy classrooms at the
    first opportunity. In 1744, Virginia offered several Iroquois boys a free education
    at the College of William and Mary. The Iroquois leaders rejected the invitation
    because they found that boys who had gone to college “were absolutely good for
    nothing being neither acquainted with the true methods of killing deer, catching
    Beaver, or surprising an enemy.”



  17. The aggressive intentions of the Papacy: Much more at this link.
    Bill Hughes, The Secret Terrorists (Truth Triumphant Ministries): 138:

    For over 200 years, the goal [of the Jesuits] has been the complete destruction of the United States Constitution…In the religious arena, the goal of the Jesuits is to wipe out any trace of Protestantism and other religions, and to restore worldwide domination by the pope.

    Darryl Eberhart, "The Papacy's Hatred of Liberty," Tackling the Tough Topics:

    ...the Papacy, despite its “ecumenical rhetoric”, has not changed a bit over the many centuries in the following categories:

    * Its deep hatred of Jews, all independent Bible-believing Christians, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians (as recently as the 1940s we find Roman Catholic Ustashi military units in Croatia, led and urged on by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars, slaughtering from 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children – many of the victims being first brutally tortured);
    * Its long-held dream to bring all Christians under its monopolistic, totalitarian, ecclesiastical control;
    * Its long-held dream to head up a totalitarian one-world religious organization; and,
    * Its long-held dream to bring all world leaders – especially those in “Christian” countries – under the temporal power of the pope.

    Charles Chiniquy, a Catholic priest who turned to Protestantism, warns America about these aggressive intentions of the Papacy:

    Those bloody and anti-social laws of Rome, after having covered Europe with ruins, tears and blood, for ten centuries, have crossed the oceans to continue their work of slavery and desolation, blood and tears, ignorance and demoralization, on this continent. Under the mask and name of Democracy, they have raised the standard of rebellion of the South against the North, and caused more than a half million of the most heroic sons of America to fall on the fields of carnage.

    In a very near future, if God does not miraculously prevent it, those laws of dark deeds and blood will cause the prosperity, the rights, the education, and the liberties of this too confident nation, to be buried under a mountain of smoking and bloody ruins. On the top of that mountain, Rome will raise her throne and plant her victorious banners.

    Then she will sing her Te Deums and shout her shouts of joy, as she did, when she heard the lamentations and cries of desolation of the millions of martyrs burning in the five thousand auto-da-fes she had raised in all the capitals and great cities of Europe.v

    1. Rev 18:16 alas, alas, that great city that was clothed in fine linen and purple and scarlet and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls..
      17 for in one hour so great riches is come to nought
      Rev 19:2 for true and righteous are His judgements; for he has judged the great whore which did corrupt the earth

  18. Great Atlantis ancient technology book for those not stuck in onlybegottenism & so forth 🎢

  19. For Robert? James?🎢

    "Jesus Christ the Magic Mushroom (part 1)
    The Bible talks about sacred “Manna” that the Israelites ate in the desert. Many clues are given as to just what Manna is. The Bible says Manna was a small round edible object that appeared on the ground after dew had fallen. If the Manna was left out in the Sun too long it would breed worms and stink. Exodus 16:14 reads, “And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground.” Exodus 16:20 continues, “…some of them left of it till the morning, and it bred worms, and stank.” The small, round, edible objects which when left in the Sun rot, breed worms, and stink are none other than mushrooms."

    Looks fun^


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