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Saturday, October 6, 2018

About "Foreclosure" -- a Simple Plan to Get the Upper Hand

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people don't have a lot of extra time or money or energy for fighting court battles they can't win in foreign jurisdictions that are stacked against them in courts that literally work for "the other side" in blatant conflict of interest.  So here is a bit of timely, simple to do, and simple to grasp advice:

First off-- living people can't do affidavits. Only corporations (their officers) give affidavits. What we give is "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit".  It may seem like splitting hairs but it tells the judge that you know what you are doing and that you are acting in the capacity of a living man.

All such testimony needs to be addressed to the District Attorney, the case prosecutor, and the judge. Just giving it to the clerk accomplishes nothing. She files it, but nobody reads the case file. This preserves their plausible deniability when we bring valid points so every case file is moot until a case reaches appeal---so in order to gain traction short of an appeal you present directly via Registered Mail--- and hopefully do this the moment you get Notice of any foreclosure case with a case contract number being filed.

Here is what your "Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit" needs to say--IMHO:

(1) I am not the one responsible for paying this mortgage.
(2) The Trust is.
(3) And if the Trust isn't able to pay it, their Underwriters are responsible for paying it.
(4) And if their Underwriters are incompetent I don't know what you are going to do to enforce your title but it has nothing to do with me or my assets.
(5) I am exempt and not subject to this court so I don't know why you are even addressing me or why you continue to address me when I have told you I am not the one obligated to pay this bill. 
(6) The Beneficial Title Holder is the Territorial State of Wyoming (for example) and the Legal Title Holder is the Municipal State of STATE OF WYOMING.(Plug in the name of your state instead.)
(7) I am not a voluntary franchisee of either the Territorial State of Wyoming or the Municipal STATE OF WYOMING.
(8) I am an American National and native of Texas (for example).
(9) Now, obviously, you should be talking to the Territorial State of Wyoming and the Municipal STATE OF WYOMING, not me.
(10)  I am a Third Party to all this and supposed to be Held Harmless and my interest in the assets is supposed to be insured against loss or damage by all these other Parties-- the Territorial State of Wyoming, the Municipal STATE OF WYOMING, the Title Company, and all their Underwriters.
(11) And if my private interest is not being defended and properly presented, I want to know why not.
(12) Since I am not voluntarily involved in any of this and never consciously was, and since my assets have been dragged into this mess without my knowledge or consent, and since all the other Parties that secretively benefited themselves at my expense are now trying to palm this situation off on me, and since this Court works for those same Parties and is acting in Gross Conflict of Interest and under Color of Law--- any issue related to this foreclosure complaint that continues to involve me or affect my assets in any way is going to be settled by Private Binding Arbitration and I am going to choose the Arbiter.
(13) Now you've made your "Offer" and I've made mine and it is time for all of you to give me some answers.


Joe W. Teeth 

(Stands for "Joe With Teeth" -- a take off on the nickname the Bank of England gave me--- just substitute your own name.)

If everyone in America who is facing "foreclosure" follows this simple plan, you will (A) probably get an immediate "Hot Potato" dismissal or (B) have an iron-clad Appeal ready to not only take down the foreclosure, but take down the DA, the Prosecutor, and the Judge, too.

You are spelling it all out for them -- who you are, who they are, what you are owed, which other organizations and parties are responsible, the "All of It" --- and if they continue to come against you once you have read them the Riot Act, the sword that takes them down will be their own.

What happens if they agree to Arbitration?  Well, then, you look around for a non-Bar Member professional arbitration expert.  There are a lot of such services around.  Or, if you can find a Private Third Party who is familiar with the Foreclosure Fraud, you can name them as your Arbiter. Just make sure you have good, solid, "aware of the problem" people, hopefully someone from outside the local area, so you don't have to worry about the Good Ole Boys Network.

And then go for it.  You've got nothing to lose by doing this and everything to gain, because if a chicken asks a fox "What's for supper?" you already know what the answer will be.

Once the Arbitration Services are fully clued in and understand the problem the banks will fail, but that's okay, too.  Honest banks will take their place.

Give the Arbitration Service a copy of your Testimony, too, and explain how the Dirty Rats took "title" to your house under conditions of deceit, making you think they were giving you a home loan, when in fact they were soliciting for you to "loan" your home to them!

They took your asset, pretended to be the actual owners, sold your home to Third Parties, remitted a fraction of the proceeds back to you as the "loan" they purportedly gave you, and then-- kept you still laboring under the misconception that they gave you a loan based on their own assets, and kept you on the hook to pay back a loan "from them" that never happened.

You and your assets funded the whole transaction. You should have walked away from the closing table free and clear.

These Bunko Artists just pretended to provide a loan to you to promote their own unjust enrichment and to get you to give them a totally unearned "security" interest in your property.  And of course, they never fully disclosed any of this to you, because you would never agree to it.

You never owed the bank anything, but maybe a small brokerage fee.  They got a security interest in your home for nothing and all the interest for almost nothing.

And now they are tossing it back in your lap and blaming the victim.

What should happen to them besides maybe a letter "C" for "Con Artist" tattooed in bright pink on their foreheads? 

Once the Independent Arbitration Services get a load of what these vermin have done, they will be handing homes back to the actual owners as fast as these self-interested corporate tribunals have been taking them. 

For those who are confused about how the "State of State" and "STATE OF STATE" are working for the banks -- the banks "sponsor" the governmental services corporations that are masquerading as your government, so they literally own the corporate tribunals calling themselves names like "The State of Wyoming Superior Court"---another little factoid they conveniently fail to disclose.

All you "Bar Attorneys" out there yearning to breathe free and live as honorable men again--- just scared that you can't make a living?  Here's your Sure Thing opportunity. Tear up your Bar Cards, thumb your noses, do the right thing, and start an Independent Arbitration Service.

And as for anyone who fears that they might be in foreclosure soon or might be facing bankruptcy, etc., --- why wait for "the bank" to foreclose in their very own bought and paid for court?  File against them as the Plaintiff Party and expose what they did to you.  Claim damages. If there is already an Arbitration Clause in the mortgage-- and there almost always is --- take it straight into private arbitration from the get-go.

Now, smile.  This is a game of Whack-a-Mole and you've got the bat.


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  1. I love how you phrase things Anna! I just wish that this information could have been available in 1984 when I needed it. For those of us who have already lost I feel a great deal of sadness knowing we could have stopped all of it if we had only known how. I sincerely hope others will follow your advice and save themselves the loss of what they love.

    1. Oh well, everyone has to move on from those bad foreclosure days of lore...😢🎶

  2. I hope many are successful at that.. Whack-a-Mole (vermin) no offense to Moles, a much better class of animal than those in the home scam industry.

  3. Very interesting information indeed, I like Baspreena lost my home to forclosure in 2007, The banks attys claimed that the bank lost the note when I asked them to produce the original unmarked unaltered note. They brought in a copy and the judge honored it. I was a pro se litigant and a neophyte, I didnt prevail, DUH! I would have to ask, can I reopen this action and file into the case as you instruct and seek an appeal. The house has been sold to others but I would seek the value of the home as well as fraud and other relief. What say ye, Anna Thank You for your time energy and devotion to the truth

    1. No statute of limitations on fraud. In this case the original loan fraud and the copy of the note as opposed to the original. You should have some counsel - non-bar of course and take action against all three - the bank, the prosecutor and the judge. You might even include the new owners as an ally and get them out of their mortgage as well. Just don't be hasty in the process. I am not a lawyer - just thinking out loud.

    2. To Mark from Anna:

      There is no statute of limitation on fraud and if you were not knowingly acting as a federal dependent or employee when you signed the mortgage this was fraud.

      Look at the mortgage paperwork and look for an arbitration clause. If it is standard Form it has one. File a complaint against all the Bad Actors as a private arbitration claim and go for it. You are owed the return of your equity and a minimum of three times the damage done to you-- though for most of us, the emotional loss cannot be atoned for with money.

  4. "Bar Attorney's" and "honorable men again" hmmmmm...well if pigs can fly anythings possible,lol Buyers Beware!!!

  5. Thank you Anna!!!

    Much Love, Gratitude and Peace Be Now

  6. This is awesome news, I am also working on the paperwork.

  7. I was unable to add my name on the first one but figured it out finally.

    I have 5 court cases going and I have been labeled a vexatious litigant and the bank is using a forgery as their claim and all the courts, State District, Bankruptcy, and 3 appeals courts are ignoring that forgery. Its so obvious that is a forgery on its face. I have a declaratory judgment before a judge for 90 days now who isnt touching it. He has been doing under the table deals with the bank and even brought a new lawfirm into my court case as an "intervenor" and allows them to use that forgery. Its backdated 10 years and put into a trust that would not exist for another 3 years. I would love to use this to shut those cases down without any more stress. The last company that they assigned the house to is Countrywide who went out of business in 2008. Anyway that i can use this in my Quiet title Action (on hold pending outcome of the appeals courts), Declaratory judgment or appeals cases to win against these criminals trying to steal my home? There are no genuine parties of interest and the judges are being debt collectors for the banksters. I also have a declaratory judgment in to the CHIEF JUDGE (because i am vexatious i must get permission from the chief judge to file anymore cases to protect my property. I also have put a land patent on the land itself this year. Can any of these things help me? Oh and I recently got the assumed name done and I am the nameholder of THE UPPER CASE NAME for my business entity so that I can contract or not contract with anyone if that is what I choose. I understand that by doing that, that all past contracts are null and void. Can I use that or something else in the cases in some way to finish my court cases? It has been 8 long years and im so exhausted with this stressful stuff. I have tried everything I can think of. Hope you can help me. Deanwa62

  8. Anna has the Living Law firm but I'm not sure how to access it. Someone may know. I'm sure they can help you Deanwa62.

    1. I know how you feel Deanwa62. Me and my wife went through the same scenerio just to get our cases dimissed after fighting for 5 years. Dealt with several groups and individuals just to be left high and dry. It would be great to team with those that have suffered at the hands of these crooks and get our property back or at least be compensated.

  9. Raymon7sm and everyone on this forum, what we need is a training class or book or books on how to bring a case against these criminal. I mean we need to know how to go through this process step by step and a forum for discussing the tactics used by the corrupt courts to counter our lawful process. This article is a great concept, but if you do not know what you are doing, you will probably get your butt handed to you again. I lost a house in 2004. I just would like to be compensated for all they stole from me. Does anyone know a group that can help. If at all possible we need to do this together not pay some "guru" group thousands for the help that dries up when the going gets tough. If we can get hundreds of people executing Anna's idea, we can get this whole issue resolved, but we need to be shown how to do it not just told about the overall concept. Any ideas all?

    1. I was attacked by the irs and Anna helped me write a letter to the irs revoking my election to pay income taxes. They filed the tax years that I didn't and sent me a notice of levy. If they have a levy against you they probably have a lien on your property as well. I sent the letters to the irs and also warned them of my fee if I'm inconvenience again. The following month the irs is still collecting from my social security payments so I just sent them my fee. I'll post again if I get my fee. I sent the fee to them on or about 10/12/2018. As of today I had received no reply from the irs so pleas don't ask. If I get it I will post. I have also prepared the basic package that Anna has given us. I have them Notized. I now have to record them but until I do I had sent them to myself in a certified mail. When I get them back I will not open it but file it with copies of what is in the unopened letter. Yes John I will help with what I have for free. I can only help with the letter. That's the only thing I have done. I have not had enough time to see if it works.

  10. Thanks Jon, I appreciate your response. I have issues w/the IRS as well. They had liens against my "taxpayer" for years, but as time has passed they have dropped of the IRS's list but still on the county recorders lien list. I don't have anything in my name so they cannot steal from me, but they sent a letter to the Secretary of State for the U.S. to tell them I still owe them something over $57,000 just to mess up the U.S. citizen passport. I will not be traveling any time soon so no big deal. If you can contact Anna Jon, ask her if she will show us how to invoke a common law court and we can then bring a claim against the IRS for their fraud and extortion. They are not part of the U.S. Treasury, they are just an extortion agency for the IMF. If nothing else, ask Anna if she thinks it is at all possible to bring a claim against the IRS in a common law court if we can actually invoke a common law court. She is one sharp lady, but she cannot help everyone but if she can tell you then you can tell me and I will tell others and so we will nail those criminal bastards. Let me know what you think Jon.


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