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Friday, August 24, 2018

Two Capitals, Three Kingdoms

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I observed that there are two Gods in the Bible.  

It should come as no surprise that there are also two capitals of Israel, neither one of which is Tel Aviv. 

Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, is the City of the Kings.  

Is it not apparent that this same little town was the birthplace of King David?  And also the birthplace of Jesus? 

Bethlehem is the source of all glory and honor and love and life and truth. 

And what comes forth from Jerusalem?
  Just the opposite. 

Jerusalem is the place of death and reckoning and scheming, jealousy, lies, and hatred. 

So how can you think that Jerusalem should be crowned?  Except that you are deceived?  

Jerusalem is Satan's capital in the land of Israel.  

The "New Jerusalem" spoken of in the Bible is not a re-make of Jerusalem.  It is a new city, one that is not built on misery and blood. 

Likewise, our capital is Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, not Washington, DC.  

Tiny Assisi is the true capitol of Italy, not Rome. 

All around the world, it is the same.  We have the capital cities of the True God, and the capitals of Satan.  They belong to two separate kingdoms. 

This should not surprise anyone, yet it does. 

Now comes a Third Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must learn to think with new thoughts and see with new eyes, or we will all be in a constant state of paralyzing amazement, even though everything has been foretold for thousands of years and has been here in front of us the whole time. 

As the Kingdom of Earth is restored and the Kingdom of Heaven takes root and grows, the Kingdom of Satan is naturally overthrown and taken over, because Mankind is no longer deceived and makes new choices accordingly. 

Suppose that we were all afflicted with some strange delusion and we all believe that dog poop is wonderful food.  When that delusion ends, the truth is bound to come as a shock, but would you rather continue to suffer the delusion?  

It is the same way with our condition now.  

The waking up isn't entirely pleasant, but we are set free by it, and enabled to make new choices. 

For many generations you have been taught that the Kingdom of Heaven comes like a thief in the night, which is true.  It is already here, already taking form.  There is no big thunderclap, no announcement. 

Our Father doesn't talk a lot about doing things. He does them. 

Soon, miracles will become common place, and the new capitals of the new kingdom will appear.  Don't be surprised or dismayed; be grateful and rejoice.  


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  1. Yes indeed, a welcome reminder that is! There never EVER could have been a sweet carol of faith called "O Little (or 'Big') Town of Jerusalem' . . . that's where the prophets of God are slain, and where the cult of death makes its headquarters still . . Matt. 23:37

  2. I have had similar thoughts about Jerusalem.

  3. "Likewise, our capitol is Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, not Washington, DC. Tiny Assisi is the true capitol of Italy, not Rome."

    You are fucking delirious with all these assertions. Your opinions of what is considered a capital city for billions should not be taken as facts. They are simply opinions from a mad woman. Mad because you make no mention in your post that these are according to your religious viewpoints. You announce these assertions as if they are 100% absolute truth. At least, if you had gave your readers a clear disclaimer that stated: "These are my religious viewpoints which I am perfectly entitled to have," then maybe just maybe you would get a pass. You would get a pass because atleast you would acknowledge that these are merely convictions that you hold true and not convictions that you feel that should be imposed upon the billions of people (i.e., the status quo) that consider secular capitals what they appear to be. One can only conclude that your posts are the ramblings of an extremist mad woman.

    You people are so pathetic that is amazes me. How can you wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror? Keep fucking dreaming you fucking losers.

  4. Wow unknown, what are you so scared off? Your language is a sure sign of extreme fear. Did you not believe this day would come ? Status quo lol

  5. What's the big deal about cussing? And what day are you referring to?

    1. How do you expect any one to listen to you when you are always in attack mode and lashing out at everyone? Name calling= childishness
      i have actually seen you posting some relevant concerns and points yet your method turns people off. i would change your methods of delivery if you indeed are concerned and trying to help people.

    2. People will smile and speak sweet words in your face as they plan to knife you in the back.

  6. Paul can you please do us a favor and rid us of this PERP.

    UNKNOWN is a TROLL… who loves starting quarrels to upset people to distract and sow discord by his posting inflammatory and digressive and off-topic messages with the intent of provoking… all for his twisted amusement. He sounds and acts like the mouthpiece of Satan, causing dissention among us… every time he opens his trap it spews forth garbage, he is actively going about doing his father’s business.

    It is written... Don’t continue to team up with unbelievers in mismatched alliances, for what partnership is there between righteousness and rebellion? Or what fellowship is there between Light and darkness?

  7. The only thing that is shocking is how little Anna knows about God or His Word, or His Plan. Worse, it is even more shocking for her to fall into such heresay that 'the bible has two Gods'. How ludicrous is that.

    One error after the other, I sure hope she isn't toking or imbibing, lol. But only a very blind person would say that 'heaven is already here'. Only a person who has no idea of what heaven is like, could ever say such nonsense.
    Surely, Anna, you show you need to go back and start all over again and study the real bible, and throw out everything you relay here that you heard from some idiot pastor at some manmade false church called the Lutheran.
    Anna paints a picture here like the corruption and wickedness of this Earth is going to just sorta slide off into oblivion, and her 'heaven on earth' is going to gradually slide into being 'and people wont even notice'. NOTHING could be further from the Truth, Nor is that the method of operation of our One True God.

    I can tell you for a Fact, that God NEVER has two things going at the same time. On the contrary, he ALWAYS gets rid of one thing and THEN replaces it with a New Thing. The two NEVER overlap. And he does things in very logical order.

    And SO what we all know is needed is for this corruption and all the stench to be removed. And I can guarantee you it will ALL get removed and the earth will get wiped up clean of it all before anyone is gonna see ANYTHING of Good.
    Just remember, out with the Old, and then in with the New. Don't expect this gradual picture drawn for you in this Article. God does NOT work that way. And NO human beings have any such power to create such a scenario.
    Anna you know your history and you know how to dig and sniff out crap, and you know Law but you don't know one iota about God or the Bible or about the last days. On the other hand, I don't know crap about history, or how to dig and sniff out crap, and even less than zero about Law, but I DO know about God, how he operates, and the last days.

    1. Abby and etc.

      Anna has been hanging around too much with Mary Croft, google her if you dont know who she is.

      Like the Magnum Mysterium, a pagan practice by the Catholic Church which Anna promotes, Mary Croft and her followers believe life is a dream and all we have to do is wake up and change the dream. I had to pinch myself on that one.

      So last tropical storms which devastated Puerto Rico and surrounding islands took place with Maria slamming the tropics AFTER Anna suggested people zone in their vibration on the area to stop the storms. Anna never said a word of why it didn't work.

      But the false prophets was expose. She claims to be the expected Christ (meaning anointed saviour) which supposedly the Catholic Church new it would be a women. No Scriptures to back it up.

      So while good info on the system here and where it might be going, i can only think of the play Magbeth "beware the eyes of mars".

      Stick to the trunk of the tree Yashuah and the Father and shun all man made religion. People have a right to their own believe to their own detriment. My opinion if Jesus ain't true and someone can prove it 1000% than that would make him the biggest successful con-artist int the world.

      But let the Father and Jesus be true and every man a lier.

      Ben-Elyon, man on the land

    2. DEsign, thanks, I will research mary croft. Today we have so many folks who have gone off the deep end, simply because they never came to the one and only Jesus, his way. So for that reason christianity didn't work for them, didn't produce anything, so they were easy prey for satan who has infused the whole world with every kind of nonsense imaginable.
      I thank God for keeping me on track and not allowing me to fall into any of those traps; and for giving me the discernment to spot bullshit when it shows up. And the boldness to speak out against it. It doesn't bode well for friendship, but keeps me on the launching pad.

  8. Unknown is a coward hiding behind his mask of his chosen name Unknown... He is a voice of disruption, a Satanist at that and there is nothing good in him as he speaks words of death just like his father of lies (Revelation 12: 7-9). His words and works are being recorded and his time is short just like his father Satan (Revelation 20:1-15).

    Unknown, in the Name of Yeshua,the King of the Universe, I rebuke you for your words of destruction and contention. It is time for you to leave this forum. Most if not all here do not care for your negative input or your profanity.

    1. You know what. I'll stop posting. But I will continue to observe. I feel there is no use in trying to talk sense into you people. It only frustrates me and causes me to use foul language. So, I'll stop interacting altogether.

      I've noticed a few missed phone calls with voice mails pertaining UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION Application of Redemption.

      For those who are curious, I do not answer to anyone regarding the application. It is simply there. There are links and references to sources. There is a 1 time examination whereby the examinee is required to score 100%.

      If you fail to make a 100% on the exam then sorry. I cannot help you. I do not answer any questions about the redemption process directly over the phone nor via email. Everything is there for you if you choose to read and rid yourself of this vile sovereign citizen garbage.

      No one.. I repeat NO ONE is responsible for the content which YOU choose to consume on a daily basis. That is YOUR decision. So do not expect someone to hold your hand through a process that is detailed in all capital letters in an application. If you fail to earn a 100% on the exam on your first submittal then it is not my problem. You are barred from applying again.

    2. Unknown-sorry to see you leave as this site really needs more people that have a BRAIN, and granny here and her toadies don't have one, all it takes to get them hopping and jumping is for queen ann here to post the most outlandish things and then they attack anyone like me or Abby that exposes the Truth on this site. I've asked that spineless moderator here MANY times to make his idol post SOURCES where she comes up with her personal definitions and history, and this article is the crème of the crop for stupidity!!! The bible NEVER states that Bethlehem is a "capital" it has ALWAYS been Jerusalem!!! I've included a link for the brain dead here, and hopefully granny will READ it after she comes down from her drug induced high or sobers up, whatever her case may be, but I don't expect her to do anything but post more stupid!!!

    3. unknown,
      In saying we (anyone here ) causes you to use foul language is a lie.
      Unless, we are your masters. Take responsibility for your self and your actions.

    4. You are right. I stand corrected. Seriously, my work is for my own personal development and hopefully for my future children to inherit when the time is right.

      There is this saying "If you cannot convince people, then confuse them." At its root, all marketing and advertisement stems from self interest. With self interest comes deception. The only way for people like Anna and Frank O'Collins to attract attention is to practice dark arts.

      There is this dark side to the human psyche that prefers the short path. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is transformed instead. In physics, energy will always choose the most efficient path. But efficiency does not always translate into effectiveness on an individual level.

      The point I am trying to make is that what Anna is relaying here is not effective to you all on an individual basis. However, it might be effective for a hidden hand. Like pawns people who follow people like Anna are a means to an end. The end is unknown to many of these people. They are simply Automatons.

      At the end of the day, Anna owns property in Big Lake. She's retired. She lives what she perceives as a dignified life. She congregates with a local Lutheran Church. She admitted in the past in this forum that she dabbled in witchcraft when she was younger. I implore you all to think deeply about this.

      Anna most likely worked a career for a great portion of her adult life. The entire time she was most likely a law abiding tax payer, for she would not be able to retire. Now that she has retired, what has she got to lose? So, she spends her days in easy retirement exercising her creative talents which is creative writing. She does this at the expense of confused people facing dire situations.

    5. Actually an almost uplifting ^ post by one of the 3 unknowns I have witnessed posting here...I am quite sure there have been many more over the years♩

      Since it is so clear MASSIVE ongoing fraud is being committed daily against those who have little choice but to continue to work with the ongoing illegal US CORPORATION to collect substand wages....Anna's almost daily posts r a WELCOME respite to the daily grind of being exploited by the powers that be♩

      Thank you Anna for your tireless spirit is making America GREAT...☇

    6. Welp, I'm busy conducting an annual inventory for the Church that I run which is under the umbrella of a Religious Society that I also run.

      I find that the religious route is the only viable solution to the madness. To own nothing but control everything is my goal. Financial information will be first and foremost encrypted and then published on the internet and finally archived.

      A State or Federal court order subpoena and guarantee of confidentiality from said courts will be required for the encryption key to archived financial records to be shared with authorities in case there is a controversy involving the church.

      I feel it is important to be proactive and accountable for everything. Back up your claims with absolute undeniable irrefutable proof. August 28 of every year, I perform this annual inventory.

      Sort of a checkmate for those who are in authority that rely on subversion of the masses.

  9. The road to the truth is long, and lined the entire way by annoying bastards.
    We all are just on a journey without distance to a place never left…

  10. Just because the user Unknown does not agree with Anna and anyone else does not make him or her a troll or Satan or the devil! I do not know where Anna gets her facts and history from, she rarely gives her sources so I can see why Unknown is skeptical and suspicious! It seems to me that Anna has and gets a puffed up ego, the same puffed up and imbalanced ego ( the desire for power and control) that got us and our country in this mess in the first place!

  11. A few days ago I observed that there are two Gods in the Bible.
    yes, and you failed to note which "Bible(s)" you are using, which languages, which editions, which books, etc.

    i will stick with on "bible" matters, that is the only explanation i have read that "rings true" to me.

    the "World based on love" is what the "masons" strove for. thats how they justify the current mess of "everything international law".

    all done in the name of "love". thats the same excuse for "disarming". the same reason we cant have an actual treasury.


    the reason they hypothecated debt against infants -- "love".

    the reason they draft people -- dont you "love" "your" country?

    the reason they dragoon people into "pledging" -- "love"

    anna is mostly correct on "american" and "law" matters, but "biblical" things i stay far way.

    this is their idea of "love". constant "war" is their idea of "peace".

    when they counterfeit "Fractional reserves" its because they are full of "love". otherwise, there wouldnt be any "money" to "loan" you. they "love" us sooo much.

    everyone a "public" servant, "equal", no more "federal government" versus "we the people".

    the present system is their idea of "brotherly love".

    liberty equality fraternity. the problem is with everyone "equal" there is no longer any chain of command, noone in charge, noone bound by any "constitution" -- just millions of "private" "international" things masquerading as "government" etc.

    dont you "love" the earth? surely we must give everything to the un/imf/world bank/london/etc.

    those bad "nations" were always starting "wars". now, everything international law, everyone can learn to "love" eachother.

    thats how we got in this mess.

    1. the "churches" already signed off on this present mess.

      "interdependence". "world socialism" etc.

      i am not advocating people join the "temple of satan"

      but this present system is the result of "religion" taking over (or at least, being subverted with imposters put in their place), deciding "nations" were obsolete, etc.

      the "love" of "americans" and corporations for bolshevism brought us the "cold war"

      the "love" of "world trade for world peace" funded hitler.

      all the bankers and corporate psychopaths military flag-waving all the time -- dont you "love" roman civil law and law merchant?

      the king james says we should "love" incorporations, dont give any "favoritism" to "persons" if they are not "natural"

      all this present insanity is justified in the name of "love"

      "love" brought us birth certificates and "public charitable trusts" to "look after" all us civilly-dead "bastards".

      this IS their idea of "love"

    2. all the billions of "Codes" and "Statutes" are because they "love" us.

      they want to "protect" us from ourselves.

      private property is dangerous. it is not "loving" or "pleasing" to divinely-appointed "government"

      so, noone can own anything, that is not "loving" "sharing" "kind" enough.

      this present mess IS the city of big brotherly "love"

      somebody up there "loves" us.

    3. this present mess IS their "divine" government.

      "one nation, under god".

      this IS their idea of "christian socialism" / masonic state.

      "making better people better" -- because they "love" us.

    4. this IS their idea of "heaven".

      they "love" your children, thats why they claim them as their property, for their protection from you.

      they "love" marriages, thats why they want you to marry the "state"

      they dont want you smacking your kids/wife around. big brother will "love" them for you.

      thats why you cant have firearms -- they "love" your kids too much to let that happen.

      "you'll put your eye out!"

      the present "government" is a good argument for why "love" doesn't work.

    5. The thing is that what s considered secular beliefs and secular rituals are at their core truly no different than religious beliefs and rituals.

      What I try to do in my research (Chapter 2 of the Case for Support below) is break everything down to the knitty gritty. I try to disassemble how the secret of creation and how humans create. I've come to realize that Religious and secularism share an overwhelming amount of things in common (though both will tend to disagree).

      I site Anthropologists who are on extreme ends of the spectrum and find things they have in common as well. My work is heavily cited. We preform rituals all the time (even brushing our teeth and fixing our beds). These at the minute level are no different than rituals like taking communion at your local church or praying 5 times a day. These are human activities at the end of the day.

      So the question I have is why aren't people in the so-called truth movement privy to this? Do they realize that, when they fail to claim that their convictions are no different than religious claims, that they are automatically considered extremists?

      This is why Chapter 2 of my work is Titled "Religious Viewpoint." I do not want to leave any reservation to others reading it that I am an extremist and that I am unaware that I hold RELIGIOUS convictions. I make a disclaimer that these are MY opinions. They should not be taken as fact aside from the FACT THAT THEY ARE MY OPINIONS.

      Part of my religious conviction is that the United States of America from the Declaration of Independence to the current day was founded FOR and BY the Society of Jesus. The reason why I BELIEVE this is because the United States was and still is a perfect human experiment.

      The fundamental question that makes up this Jesuit Experiment is "If given the opportunity and objective legal framework to practice religion and conscience freely, then how would human beings react? Would they violate and attack that objective legal framework? Or would they partake in the extremely hard work to achieve self actualization?" This experiment is on going. We are talking centuries of data and analysis.

      Now count how many Jesuit Institutions of Higher Learning there are in the U.S. Attached to each institution is something called a Religious House. Each and every Professed Jesuit and Jesuit Brother that work in these institutions MUST live in the attached Religious Households. They are set to task in collecting as much data as they can building upon this great experiment. Perfecting it. Leading it.

      So, the question many of you should be asking is if you are aware of the experiment. Do you wish to be guinea pigs or do you wish to actually partake in conducting part of the experiment yourself? This decision is totally up to you. I've made my choice. There is no turning back.


    7. Frank O'CONNOR is a great author...u r not Frank O'Connor 😂

    8. He doesn't use citations. lol!

    9. In fact, the reason why I am in custody of UCADIA is because Frank's Minions have gone completely insane and requested that I not properly cite Frank's work (which have been published in the public domain for everyone to see). Frank may be a great man but he made a foolish mistake and fell for the temptation of surrounding himself with mindless automatons (e.g., Mr. Paul Conant) who are unreasonable.

    10. Gee, and I thought u were insane Undie....silly me😂

  12. Two God's in the Bible:
    Again with this? And a capital G? There are in fact many little g gods. And yes everything does seem to have an opposite. Here is what scripture tells us. For even if there are so called mighty ones (gods), whether in heaven or on earth- as there are many mighty ones and many masters-
    for us there is One Yahuah, the Father, from whom all came and for whom we live, and one Master Yahusha Mashiak, through whom all came and through whom we live.
    However, not all have this knowledge.
    us = is the True Church)


  13. The two Jerusalems:
    …25Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present-day Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother. 27For it is written: “Rejoice, O barren woman, who bears no children; break forth and cry aloud, you who have never travailed; because more are the children of the desolate woman, than of her who has a husband.”…
    Matthew Henry Commentary
    4:21-27 The difference between believers who rested in Christ only, and those who trusted in the law, is explained by the histories of Isaac and Ishmael. These things are an allegory, wherein, beside the literal and historical sense of the words, the Spirit of God points out something further. Hagar and Sarah were apt emblems of the two different dispensations of the covenant. The heavenly Jerusalem, the true church from above, represented by Sarah, is in a state of freedom, and is the mother of all believers, who are born of the Holy Spirit. They were by regeneration and true faith, made a part of the true seed of Abraham, according to the promise made to him.
    So how many of us are still looking to the law to save us? Where is the True Jerusalem?
    No matter what man says or does, No matter what false miracles have been portrayed,
    Yerushalayim is above.

    Anna, "Bethlehem is the source of all glory and honor and love and life and truth."
    No! Bethlehem is not the Source.Colossians 1:18 And He is the head of the body, the church - Bible Hub

    Anna," For many generations you have been taught that the Kingdom of Heaven comes like a thief in the night, which is true. It is already here, already taking form. There is no big thunderclap, no announcement."

    It is not The Kingdom of heaven that comes as a thief in the night.And there is announcement of these days. People refuse to see it!
    No i have not been taught this, It is He that comes like a thief in the night for those who are unaware. Those who do not see nor hear. Those who are easily misled by lies.
    Many are so blinded,and these events have been so mis characterised by the false preachers and mankind will be so self absorbed in themselves they will not even notice how far the world has moved on.
    Does Rev. 16: sound like heaven on earth? Does it sound like The Kingdom of heaven? Or does it sound like wrath and judgement?
    And great hail from heaven fell upon men, every hailstone about the weight of a talent. And men blasphemed Yahuah for the plague was exceedingly great.
    The key is, be aware of the world, of the lies, of the liars, offer correction in a loving fashion. That is all we can do. Stop being self righteous, and recognise we too have failed etc.
    Do you remember: Repent for the reign of Yahuah has come near.
    This verse is as True now as it was then.
    If My people Truly Repent.
    If and Truly need to be realized.
    Perhaps one should think of it, and many things as a personal connection instead of this physical group thing?
    Ask your selves what does heaven and earth combined look like at this moment? Your connection to Him can make this reality, as a one on one connection.
    He is here, He lives, in the flesh, in us.
    How we behave matters, What and how we speak to one another matters. Believers or not.
    We reflect Him.

  14. Pope Francis arrived on Saturday to a transformed country where the once-mighty Roman Catholic Church is in tatters, its authority buffeted by deepening secularization and a global sex abuse crisis challenging Francis’ papacy.

    Perhaps we are watching the Rev. 17 prophecies in real time?
    This is not the One True church, never has been, this should be easy to see and admit. This does not mean that the One True Church does not exist.
    The True Church is just not what many people have been led to believe.

    1. a follower, great bold comment from you here. As much as this truth has been told, people must be blind and deaf to not have gotten it by Now. This tells us that God is just not after them or else He would have gotten it thru to them by now.

      But again I will clarify exactly WHAT the 'one true church is'' for numbskulls who cant understand a few simple words:

      The One True Church is NOT ANY of the buildings or organization or religious groups. The Church consists of the PEOPLE who are born again, who have Repented and been Converted by God, who despise the ways of the world which is run by satan as he is the 'god of this wicked world'. Those who are 'still in the world but No longer OF this world' for The Church Body of Believers has been SET APART FROM the world.

      Jesus is a thief. He will come as a thief in the night and STEAL this Church Body of people Away off the earth to get them out of the way, to a safe place, because of the hell that is going to come upon this earth. It is for the safety of the Believers who are the Church. Otherwise this Church would not be able to survive and Return with Christ when he Returns 7 yrs. later. Then they will be the ''new administration' with Christ as King of his Theocratic government.
      To me, it will be very interesting to find out what my New Job will be; what Position God sees fit to put me in. This is what we who were stolen away, will be busy setting up, being readied to 'hit the ground running' upon our Return.

    2. Lol 'Jesus is thief"....Abby I always knew u have ULTIMATELY love of MAMMON over truth in your stealing heart.

      God loves ALL Souls.

      God being neither male nor female created ALL Souls so each Soul could gather experiences necessary for its spiritual unfoldment & journey back home to God from whence Soul came from♩

      Hence why Jesus also taught reincarnation during his particular mission in that particular lifetime...

      "At the beginning of the Christian era, reincarnation was one of the pillars of belief. Without it (as later happened), Christianity would lose all logic. How could a benevolent, loving God give one person a silver spoon and leave the next to starve in their ostensibly only earthly life? Early Church elders and theologians, like Origenes, Basilides and St Gregory, taught reincarnation of the soul as a matter of course—it was written in the Bible, after all. Nowadays, most Christians suspect blasphemy if someone references reincarnation."

    3. Leland,
      Perhaps substitute everlasting life for the word reincarnation?
      The Bible also speaks of death, one that some will not come back from.
      The confusion still rests and comes from the people themselves.
      The heart the mind and our hands will tell much of a person. Some can and will change some will not.
      i do believe He loves us all, this does not change that there will be and is a judgement and consequences.

      i do not see take the meaning of the passages that speak of Him as a thief in the night as He will take all the Good people away.
      i see it as the opposite, He will lead many to their own destruction and they will never see it. They will not repent, no matter what. They will continue hating each other and bickering etc. Cain and able, cannibals. They will destroy each other for lack of knowledge.
      Love is the answer, not as the world loves but as He Loves.
      There is a first death and a second death, when we have found our peace the second death does not concern us. Freedom comes with this.

    4. spoken like a typical twisted up mind, LOL. A second death is a sure thing for you, leland.

    5. Confusion seriously reigns over thy so many lost Christians about the eternal truth of reincarnation. I'm am just doing my special job here to help wake up Christians up when they r ready - a folloer & Abby♩

      "What adds weight to all this evidence in the Bible for reincarnation, is that there is not one shred of sustainable evidence against it. This is, of course, what you would expect, if the Bible is not to contradict itself. The one passage Christians have tried to use to prove there is no reincarnation is the verse from Hebrews:

      Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,… (Heb 9:27)

      I have already shown, however, that, taken in context, the word “die” in this passage must be referring to a death to sin and worldliness, and that the passage then ties in perfectly with the concept of reincarnation. [One of a number of Bible passages explaining this is: "...we know that our old self was crucifed with [Jesus] so that the body of sin might be rendered powerless, that we should no longer be slaves to sin." (Romans 6:6)] All that is achieved by insisting this verse refers to the physical death of the body is to put it into conflict with its context, and make it contradict the host of evidence for reincarnation from many parts of the Bible, including some from the same book of Hebrews."

  15. I have physicaly been to the 2 "capitals" of Israel, 2 "capitals" of America...

    Since fortunately in this particular lifetime I am not caught up in Bible/koran/Bhagavad Gita/Vedas/Tripitaka as ULTIMATE sources of truth....I am still enjoying Anna's version of Christian logic as it pertains to her evolving Christian beliefs or perhaps my evolving understanding of them.

    Certainly her vision of this reality of clearing the current so obvious odious legal mess of cabal owning Christianity is an improvement....Where the probem fellow posters here?♩

    Righteous indignation is a great attitude toward those that wish to make Soul slaves in this or any world of God☇♩

    1. "Where the problem"? The problem, Leland, is that some people (many people) are so entrenched in their cherished belief systems (BS) that they have difficulty coping with anyone expressing a different version of these.

      I don't take Anna's views nor expressions of those as the Alpha and Omega of Truth, but I agree with her on many subjects, and I highly respect her passion and dedication.

      I also see a great deal of truth in her recent posts about the two Gods and two capitals. I've never been to Philly (live in Europe), but I know it i sa place where the power of the Earth, coursing through the ley lines, is amazingly concentrated. A place of great spiritual power. Which is why Francis went there to celebrate a mammoth mass (the biggest in history so far) in 2015; he desperately needed to recharge the batteries of his good ol' Vatican. Also, I have a friend who told me that he had measured an astoundingly high frequency in Assisi.

      As to the two Gods, I don't really know about the Bible, but I'm totally convinced there are two very different beings that are called by that name. I don't use it personnally, because I find it too tainted, and too masculine. I prefer to talk in terms of the Universal Creator/Creatrix and the demiurge, the latter being the God of religions. Religions are basically control systems of indoctrination, so the actual Creator of this universe has no interest in them. The cosmic maffia of the gods of synthetic light, on the other hand, uses them with a great deal of skill and enjoyment.

      I also agree with Xerces Yakir that "love" is being used against us, their distorted version of love, that is. It's a love that binds. It is much more efficient to control and manipulate than brutish force would ever be; they have learned that over time.

    2. Leland, neither Anna's version of 'christian logic' counts for anything and neither does anyone else's. Biggest mistake people make is getting their understanding of christianity from listening to other People. That is what is called heresay, especially since few people know real Truth.

      And so that is how we got such watered down false 'christianity' that we see today. Its exactly why I refuse to attend any of their buildings where they brainwash people with everything that is false, and listen to some false mushy mouth effeminate pastor stroke lost folks with pretty words to sooth their lost souls for another week. They pour stale water into empty vessels full of holes, and by the time they walk back out the doors, they are just as void as they were entering.

    3. Well Abby, I will just repost my last post here in regards to your version of 'truth'...

      Good Day Abby☇♩

      Lol 'Jesus is thief"....Abby I always knew u have ULTIMATELY love of MAMMON over truth in your stealing heart.

      God loves ALL Souls.

      God being neither male nor female created ALL Souls so each Soul could gather experiences necessary for its spiritual unfoldment & journey back home to God from whence Soul came from♩

      Hence why Jesus also taught reincarnation during his particular mission in that particular lifetime...

      "At the beginning of the Christian era, reincarnation was one of the pillars of belief. Without it (as later happened), Christianity would lose all logic. How could a benevolent, loving God give one person a silver spoon and leave the next to starve in their ostensibly only earthly life? Early Church elders and theologians, like Origenes, Basilides and St Gregory, taught reincarnation of the soul as a matter of course—it was written in the Bible, after all. Nowadays, most Christians suspect blasphemy if someone references reincarnation."

    4. Leland, remain in fantasy land if you like, but you repeat heresay now, having no such biblical reference.
      But I do:
      Hebrews 9:26....but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself (for repented sin)
      27 and it is appointed to men ONCE to die, but after that, the Judgement.

      Sorry guy, no second chance reincarnations. The wages of (unrepented) sin, is death. For the ''repent and be converted'' crowd, eternal Life.

    5. Sorry Abby that your little world has been so shattered...♩

      "In the year 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching: following the trail of a conspiracy that changed the world."

    6. Leland, you have been badly and willingly deceived. That is too bad for you, but you can think as you wish; doesn't affect me one way or the other.
      But listen have NO influence over me whatsoever; dont be so foolish as to think your little warped sense of humor and your sick sense of entertainment is anything but a joke to me.
      Why don't you just move on and find yourself some other games to play with somebody who is gullible and easily influenced by your bullshit.

    7. Abby your ignorance is so profound on spiritual matters that a good friend of Jesus told me help u out since u have good, too, in u -like your father did - in you♩

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. There is one and only one place in all of Isreal that will be saved while the other 2/3rds will be destroyed.....Jerusalem...!! Why..!! Because that's where the "arch of the Covenant " is buried, and where Jesus will sit on the mercy seat when his kingdom comes to earth....!!

    1. More^ nonsensical babblings by another fanatical onlybegotten believers ~ usually but not always programmed since birth....& usually, but not always either in religious matters.

      'Confirmation bias' is used by EVERYONE (including me) when deciphering ANY new 'revelations' pertaining to ANY self evident truth♩

      Hence the classic refain of ' reality is what one perceives it to be' mindset.

      May the best 'Comfirmation Bias' win♩

    2. James, we know Jesus will Return at the Mt. of Olives. Now I don't know exactly where that is, so I have lots of old biblical maps and I will try to find its location. But we know that Jerusalem and Bethlehem are a stones throw from each other. God says that Jerusalem will be trampled by the gentiles, and we know He brings down with him the New Jerusalem. So I don't see much sense in the quibbling.

    3. Leland, by your own admission you know nothing about christianity except what you hear from People. Therefore, that makes you unqualified to even weight in on the topic.

    4. Especially since Jesus isn't coming back to earth

      "AD 247, Christian prophets declare that the persecutions by the Romans are a sign of the impending return of Jesus.

      AD 300 Lactantius Firmianus (AD c260 - AD c340), called the "Christian Cicero", from his Divinae Institutiones: "The fall and ruin of the world will soon take place, but it seems that nothing of the kind is to be feared as the city of Rome stands intact." Rome would fall in AD 410. --TEOTW pg 27

      AD 365, Hilary of Poitiers predicted the world would end in 365.

      AD 380, The Donatists, a North African Christian sect, predicted the world would end in 380.

      AD 387 St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, identified the Goths with Ezekial's Gog. The Goths had just destroyed the Imperial army at Adrianople, prompting Ambrose to say, "...the end of the world is coming upon us." --TEOTW pg 27"


    5. So Leland, after all that, you still havent learned to stop listening to heresay? LOL

    6. Abby...u r the epitome od 'heresay'♩

      AD 1000 Christian authority all over the known world predicted the second coming in the year 1000.

      AD 1033 When the world did not end in 1000, the same Christian authorities claimed they had forgotten to add in the length of Jesus' life and revised the prediction to 1033. The writings of the Burgundian monk Radulfus Glaber described a rash of mass hysterias during the period from 1000-1033


    7. Leland,only foolish people try to predict the end of Time as we presently know it. For God tells us ''no man knows the hour or the day, BUT of that general point in Time he will know BY the Signs of the Times'.

      So why would you expect any of those predictions to be accurate?

      The signs of the Times were never present at any of those dates, so thats why I say they were foolish. Not even worth talking about what foolish people do, is there?

    8. Sign of times r hundreds of thousands of years from today according to other scriptures. Why waste time @ all over interpretation of ANY stupid 'Signs' Abby?...Oh wait, GOD/Jesus told u to...☇

  18. Someone will always have a different view, but it would be nice to know where these views arise from and what sources... or “least” explained.

    1. LCC, most of their ''sources' on their pet view of 'religion' they get straight from their own 'seat of their pants' LOL. Total Fact-less and they like it that way. And when people are that way for so long, God says he himself will then send them a Strong Delusion that they should believe the Lies which they love. Its right in scripture, I will only look it up if one is even interested, which most are not.
      Its like God is saying,'' ok, people have tried to tell you the Truth, and you just battle and battle thinking you are right, giving no thought or consideration to what you are being I tell you what: You are so dead set on what YOU think, I will help you out and I will send you even Stronger Delusions, that will make you UNABLE to ever believe the Truth again, no matter who tells it to you or how much proof they show you. You are then done for."

      So its a very dangerous thing to fix ones mind so dead set against what is written and what is true, and to think you know it all, and become unteachable. And its just as dangerous for a learned person to arrive at the Truth about a thing, and then out of ''kindness and courtesy' to allow people to come along and deceive you.
      So from the very beginning, I set a deal with God that IF I ever get off track, set me straight and don't let me believe what is not true; teach me Truth only, and cause me to reject what is not true.
      And that has worked fine for me. And when I am unsure about something, I ''phone in and leave voice mail; God what you say about this"?
      (well, something like that, lol) So you see folks, you who think you can snow me? Don't waste your time.

    2. Well, Abby...lucky u♩ God sent to help u😃


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