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Monday, July 30, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

When I was about fifteen and full of beans and would do something a bit rash or get above myself in making comments to adults, my Mother would wag her head and say, “If you don’t govern yourself, someone else will have to do it for you!  And it will be at your cost!”
What she meant by this was not totally, crystal clear to me at the time, but it has become one of those nagging mantras that expands and clarifies its meaning over the rough road of experience and time.
Like all great truths, it’s deceptively simple.  We have to self-discipline ourselves and choose what is right, or we run the risk of having other parties and powers come into our lives to do the job we have avoided doing for ourselves.
For me as a young girl, it had more to do with minding my tongue and being patient. 
For many people, failing to self-govern means landing in jail.
For a nation, it is the fundamental requirement of existence.
And for a 150 years, America has not been fully self-governing.
We have faithfully explained and proven step-by-step exactly how the “Federal” part of our Federal Government was usurped in breach of trust by the British-backed Territorial United States, and how as a consequence our Delegated Powers have been exercised  by Britain despite the Revolution, the War of 1812, the outcomes of the Civil War, the Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, The Constitution for the united States of America, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Constitution of the United States-----and every rule of law and trust and decency. 
Pure and simple, our States were supposed to operate the Federal States of States.  We were supposed to control our monetary policies, our trade policies, our treaties, our war-making, our patent process, our copyrights and everything else that a nation is responsible for self-determining, but we were lulled into a baby-like trusting dependency and ignorance by the perpetrators benefiting themselves at our expense.
We mistook them for us.  We let them take over and dominate our foreign policy and use our young people for gun fodder in their wars for profit for a hundred and fifty years.  We let them rob and control our natural resources, stifle our industries, take over our schools, and sell us down the drain in trade deals beneficial to their interests.  We let them copyright our names and create franchises named after us.  We let them control our patent office.
We failed to self-govern.
Amazingly, even after years of discussion about all these topics, I am still having to explain to people that what they assumed was their government, is not. 
Even more difficult, I have to explain the necessity of getting off their duffs and providing themselves with the government they are owed. 
“That thing in your courthouse isn’t your government.  It’s a British-backed colonial outpost.  You have to get organized and restore your own government, and then, you can peaceably oust them.  Not until.”
“Those aren’t your courts.  They aren’t operating under the American Common Law.  They aren’t obeying the Constitution, because they are arbitrarily identifying you as a Territorial Citizen and Territorial Citizens have never been owed any constitutional guarantees.”
“Wha-wha-what’s that you are saying?”
“Am I not speaking plain English?  We’ve been taken over by a bunch of British-backed con men. What you think of as your government isn’t your government. You have to pick yourselves up and get busy, get organized to restore the government you are owed, and self-govern.  If you don’t self-govern, some other power will come in here and do it for you ----at your cost!”
At the cost of your children’s lives.  At the cost of your homes and businesses.  At the cost of your peace and security.  At the cost of your intelligence and spirit.  At the cost of your health.  They will be glad to govern you.
Even now there are various European-backed efforts ongoing trying to take over our government functions by a process of assumpsit.  The only thing preventing them is our discernment of who they are and what they are doing and our polite refusal to accept a contract with them.  We’ve got the Scottish version (again) doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LTD.  And we’ve got the French version, The Republic for the United States of America. 
What’s missing is the actual, factual American Government.  Wake up!  Halloooo!  We have to finish the “Reconstruction” that has been left hanging since the Civil War!
There is only one unincorporated entity still doing business as The United States of America and you are part of it by birth, because your State of the Federation – Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine…. is a member.  You are being called to self-govern.  Your States are being called to assemble – that means that you are being called to assemble.
There’s work to do.  Decisions to be made.  Restoration of the actual American Government to be done.
You have to self-govern, or someone else will be glad to do it for you --- at your cost.
If you want a life worth living, a secure future for your children, control of your assets, a health environment, good schools, and a thriving economy --- you have to wake up now and get involved.  Pay no attention to what you have hitherto mistaken as “your” government and focus single-mindedly on building up your own local assemblies, both County and State.
Run don’t walk to your State Assembly and get going.  Send an email to: and start by getting your own political status records corrected by going to my website, and scrolling down to Article 928, which gives you instructions and templates to help you reclaim your birthright as an American.

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  1. Who is Virgo Triad?

    She is not Kim possible or Kim Guguen. Get you facts straight Anna. Anna, you owe Kim Guguen, Kim Possible any apology for your accusations.

    1. Kim, Abby, Unknown are NOBODIES! Anna Von Reitz is actually a retired Federal U.S. Postal Judge. Not many people have heard of those, but if you go and commit some felonies by way of U.S. mail, I am quite positive you will meet someone like Anna.

  2. I love this telling ; it is sooooooo like my internal dialogue tween cognitive dissonance and my mule team borax. Yahoo. Yahoo

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The Judicial, Executive, and legislative goverments shall do exactly that. Govern themselves. You are free to govern yourself but your relationship with society-at-large shall be governed by the secular political apparatus that is in place. You are in no position to supplant a secular government. And this is what sovereign citizens like Anna attempt to do. So out of place.

    What the hell makes you think you are the authority on how fast you can travel on a public roadway? Do you all honestly believe that you have the right to risk lives of the public by driving anyway you like on roadways that you do not own?

    1. All I can say is you shall perish for lack of knowledge, and the truth will set you free !!

    2. Said the fool who thinks it's against the law for a police officer to pull him over for a traffic violation.

    3. Unknown...the only law is "Common" sense....No law enforcement can pull you over for that...!! Even the DMV code says as much....
      A person can travel as fast as he wants as long as it is safe to do so....!!!
      At 3am in the morning, there is no one on the highways or roads...!! Screw the posted speed limits..Those are for people with no brains....!!!

    4. ^I don't even know how to respond to this hahaha!

    5. We are all under an implied social compact. What you think is right or wrong is perfectly up to you. It is subjective. Your reality is rightfully your own.

      But there is an OBJECTIVE accord made up of an OBJECTIVE constructs that MUST be adhered to. Of course you can speed along and go unnoticed. Natural law may notice, however, as that road that you are speeding on has been engineered for vehicles to withstand a limited speed. You may be convicted of violating the Law of physics suffer damage to property, injury, or even death as punishment for violating laws of physics. Or you may damage the property of another, take a life, or injure someone else and punish them for your gross negligence.

      The laws of physics are objective just like the statutes which say that you cannot speed above a certain limit.

      Why is it so difficult for you to realize that you share the roads with others and thus you are liable for any actions that may harm others?

      The law is the law. Don't speed. If you get caught speeding then take the damn ticket. Appear in court. You are not special. You have no immunity. What are you like a fucking 6 year old or something? Did you folks whoop you as a child. Or were you a fucking spoiled little brat and never grew out of that state.

      If you run a for profit endeavor, then pay your god damn taxes. Again, there is no exception to the rule. If you get caught not paying taxes then you will surely have to answer to the authorities for it.

    6. Unknown, you said "The law is the law." Perhaps you haven't noticed that our 'governments' (from Washington DC right down to our local municipalities) are CORPORATE! By definition and actual functionality, no corporation can enact real laws...only 'codes', 'policies', and administrative 'directives', etc. Do you profess that McDonalds, or JCPennys, or any other corporation should be dictating highway speeds??... or worse yet, deciding what is a crime and how long a living human being should be required sit behind bars? You appear to have misidentified the real "authorities". God given good sense, and application of the Golden rule will more than suffice for 'reasonable and prudent' use of our highways.
      If you believe that corporate 'officials' should decide and enforce every aspect of our lives, then may you get what you believe in! If you support this kind of 'evil' then you are part of the problem, and no honest and thinking American should be listening to you.

    7. Self Governing is the ultimate responsibility for a man. Who said anything about endangering lives. YOU think that drivers license creates more safety. I'm 59 and have been traveling on the Public roads for 43 years. I have not once gotten a traffic violation citation. It was my behavior and choices not the plastic card in my wallet with my usurped NAME printed on it that creates safety on the public roads. Once again for those who want to NAME call. SOVEREIGN CITIZEN is an Oxymoron. How can a man be the Master and the Slave at the same time. Give it a rest, there is no such thing. A man is part of the sovereign people of an American Nation. UNITED STATES is now and has always been a fiction. A NAME given to an entity created as the Federation Of Nation States. Fiction is fake and can not be Sovereign.

  5. Robert Allen-queen ann loves to throw her stinky shinola at people on this site but they get quite offended here when one points out their major errors so do not expect any apologies!!! I'm surprised the moderator here has not told you to "shut up" as he has others who post facts that paint his idol in a bad light!!! No one can clean up this mess, no matter how much they blather about it, it is too deep and has been going so long that no one can do anything about it. It is going to have to collapse on its own and it is coming. They plan to collapse the economy soon to blame on Trump to get him out, so be prepared.

    1. People like Anna love to point the finger to get other people to divert their attention from matters that are entirely within their scope to matters that are impossible to resolve. It's a dirty little trick to keep people off balance that works well. It is no different from what the mainstream media, academia, and countless other institutions do to the general public.

      To be quite honest, people like Anna, Frank O'Collins, etc., are just old dusty farts clinging on to whatever dignity they have. They are thrilled to have a major following. At some point people will realize that there is not only a status quo on the outside world but there is also one in the so-called truth movement. People who are considered "normies" share similarities with people that are on the fringes of society-at-large. It's the same human condition.

      My best advice is worry only about your loved ones. Try not to be distracted by attention seeking, egotistic, know-it-alls like Anna or even Frank O'Collins. Even Frank O'Collins was suicidal at one point in his life simply because he could not find people to agree with him. This is on the record and written by Mr. O'Collins himself.

      I think that is a sad way to exist. To depend on others agreeing with you. Confidence and self determination should come from within or else you are only fooling yourself in this life and the next. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

      If everyone simply minded their own Ps and Qs and took more time to reflect and digest the information they are bombarded with then this world would be a paradise. But I must digress, this is an unrealistic expectation from human beings. There will always be an ISIS, Alt-right, BlackLivesMatters, CNN, Fox News, etc., and I think part of getting past it and ascending above all the white noise is to simply accept it for what it is while not being unsettled by it.

    2. Unknown...I bet your a le Bronn James fan, aren't you...!! Go back to your stupid sports and let the adults handle this.....!!!

    3. Adults that avoid responsibilities. You're going to sit there and argue with a cop about his authority to cite you for speeding. Even a six year old that was raised with a tiny bit of "common sense" wouldn't do that.

      Look it's clear that anna and all the other sovereign citizen gurus have put their charlatan spell on you. You fell for it. She scammed you out of common sense and turned you into an extremist.

      Ever wonder why 99% of the human population was illiterate prior to the advent of the printing press? And why literacy was such a threat to the powers that be? It's because many humans lack the responsibility to write or read. Something about those letters have a talismanic effect when can be negative or positive depending on the practitioner.

      And now we are in the age of the internet where content can be produced that provides all you fiends with a quick fix much less than content that requires reading and moderate analysis.

      You and anna and everyone else in here are a perfect case in point to support the reason why the powers that be began freaking out during the 16th century. No worries, you're in good hands.

    4. "Even Frank O'Collins was suicidal at one point in his life simply because he could not find people to agree with him. This is on the record and written by Mr. O'Collins himself. "

      Fortunately in this particular lifetime...that has NEVER been my problem ☇

    5. james, lebron james is the biggest idiot AND one of the biggest racists I've ever known. Even after it is 99.9% caucasians who have paid up their money that has made him super wealthy.

      The other day he opened up his school for the disadvantaged, just the 3rd and 4th grades so far, expansion to come later........and in his dedication of the school he says ''who knows, maybe this school will give us another barack obama or michelle obama .......Lol.
      So if you caught that, two things show up: first he shows how ignorant he is about 'wanting more of the one who did the most to destroy america'......and he was as much as saying 'this school is for my own race'......which once again shows his racist behavior.
      Last yr. or so the team was in NYC for 3 games with NY and booked to stay at a trump hotel. Lebron refused to stay with the team, went and got himself a different hotel. Again his racism shows up in the light.
      I loved and applauded his 'rags to riches' elevation in life; but have come to see things in him that turn me off.
      (shouldnt bite the hand that has fed you)

    6. Russia troll farms are having a field day magnifying all the narratives social media that people cling to. Hahahaha! Chaos is a ladder!!!

    7. So how come a prosecutor dismissed my moving violation for going through a red light the minute I filed a motion demanding a trial by jury which is guaranteed to us under both the federal and state Constitutions? Yes, I had to argue with the P who tried to skirt around the issue every which way he could but eventually had to give in. If the statutes were really the law, then he would not have budged. And how come one of my son's friends who called my son who asked me and I explained what I did and he explained it to him, was not that paper savvy and simply walked into the P's office and demanded a trial by jury, upon which the P immediately dismissed his ticket? You have to admit that there is something to this sovereign national (not citizen) stuff.

    8. That is not a deductive argument. That is an Inductive argument. You can never be 100% certain. Your sense of intellectual superiority or perception of reality can easily be misguided to think that your conclusion is 100% absolute. But that may not be the case.

      If you think the Prosecution's dismissal implied that you are free to run red lights and thus risk the lives of other people traveling on public roads then you might be taught a lesson in the near future.

      I do not admit any sort of thing. I KNOW that Sovereign citizen (as you folks are classified by the authorities) stuff is meant to subvert people. It has all of the indications of subversion. It is what it is. It exploits the aspect of humanity which perceives reality (I think therefore I am) as their own. When there is a collective then this reality becomes more entrenched in the minds that make up the collective.

      Don't underestimate your enemy's resources, capability, and determination.

    9. YOU say I am classified by the authorites as a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN. By what authority do they have to make that determination? I have never harmed a man or property and have never in my life walked out the door of my home with the intent to cause harm. For there to be a crime tgere must be harm and there also must be intent. Please provide that Law?

  6. Pulling people over for thought crimes because something-MAY- happen is criminality at it finest. (Minority Report) The only thought crime here is the record of live birth is evidence of a decedent/ born alive/mothers product used for the-SOLE- purpose to steal a mans property through franchise, all of which is legal fiction. This conversion from living into the dead, (expilatio) in violation of the 1st amendment, that is a crime and against the law.

    1. There is a time and place for everything. A police officer that pulls me over is not the appropriate person to argue with. The prosecutor (DA office) is and the venue MUST be a court of law and it MUST be within the courts procedures.

      The way Romans 13 works is simple. Think of a scenario when it is late at night and where you are alone and unarmed at an ATM. Say that a mugger approaches you by surprise with a gun in hand and demands that you withdraw the cash limit and provide him with all valuable items on your person.

      At that moment God (circumstances) has appointed the mugger above you regardless of what you think is right or even what society-at-large thinks is illegal. That mugger has full authority over you lest you be shot and your shit is taken from you regardless.

    2. e people get diarrhea when that happens....understandable♩

    3. Skirting the central issue/decedent/infant/foundling child/ORC. 3705.11 will not do for those who understand the criminality. Policy/franchise enforcement by guile is a violation of the 1st amendment and amounts to a belief/religious system. Again, man or baby is not a word used in the Vital Stats Act for good reason. Man is forced into franchise by a mercenary force and that alone is enough for me to wave any so called protection, and may end up saving peoples lives from the terrorists. Aiding terrorism is not something most people do willingly. A franchise court is by consent/at law, not in law. How many here willingly signed up for this treatment? Governments sole purpose is to protect property, anyone feeling protected? Joke!!

    4. Where oh where is a Court of Law? Not here on Delaware.

  7. Unknown, Anna may not apologise, but my post informs her followers that She is falible and that is enough for me,and that there is another method in progress. They can choose for themselves as I do.Also if Paul were to shut me down then he would be guilty of the same. No loss to me.

  8. ...Anna Von Reitz is actually a retired Federal U.S. Postal Judge. Not many people have heard of those, but if you go and commit some felonies by way of U.S. mail, I am quite positive you will meet someone like Anna.


  9. "A bad law is the worst form of tyranny "
    Edmond Burk.
    and the fake defacto unconstitutional government is running under color of law.
    the NYC british . Congress vs. The colonial congress in Philadelphia that had deputies from colonies were the British in NYC. had repisenitives .
    Anyhow the war of 1812 targeted the archives in Philadelphia destroying all documents about the contracts or many constitutions.
    and using british publishing and BAR. lawyers they recreated thair version is enumerated powers giving themselves much more than before meanwhile threatening the deputies and contintinal Congress .


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