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Monday, June 25, 2018

Cliven Bundy – Sheriff Mack – Larry Pratt appear in GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS

Cliven Bundy – Sheriff Mack – Larry Pratt

Progress Report
25 June 2018


I am happy to report that the film expedition that took us to Connecticut and Massachusetts turned out well.  We now have the following new interviews “in the can”. 


You can see various excerpts of these experts in the viewers below.  Additional excerpts, including G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, are at the GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS website
CLIVEN BUNDY,Bundy Ranch activist
SHERIFF MACK, America’s Sheriff
On 28 June 2018 we are scheduled to interview OATH KEEPERS Founder and Executive Director, STEWART RHODES as well as Liberty Fellowship pastor, CHUCK BALDWIN in Kalispell, Montana.  We need immediate help funding these interviews. 

Stewart will give us an assessment of the “active shooter” phenomenon and how we can take steps to address it by putting more open- and conceal-carry citizens into the nation’s public places.  Pastor Baldwin will discuss the moral decay in the schools since Bible reading was removed and children stopped caring about each other enough to prevent mass shootings.

DR. EDWIN VIEIRA, STEPHEN WILLEFORD and other interviews will be scheduled for sometime in early July.

If you like the progress to date, please help us complete this film.  Go to and donate whatever you can afford.  $50 or $100 is quite sufficient but if you are able to donate $250 or $500, this will REALLY help get this documentary done by 17 September 2018 -– our goal.

We will accord you a prominent screencredit on the end titles of the completed film BUT — if you are of means and can donate $5,000 or more — we will accord you a prominent screencredit on the MAIN titles of this important film.  Hey, where else are you going to get a PRODUCER screencredit in the MAIN title sequence of FEATURE film featuring celebrities like CLIVEN BUNDY, SHERIFF MACK, LARRY PRATT and STEWART RHODES?  Nowhere.  Not even right wing “conservative filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza, has Freedom Fighters like these in his movies.
LARRY PRATT, GOA Executive Director
So GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities is shaping up to be possibly the hardest-hitting movie ever produced on the subject of gun rights and the Left’s insaneagenda to disarm WE THE PEOPLE. 

We MUST not allow anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, anti-Capitalist, Marxist Lefties to exploit mass shootings in schools, churches and public places to “justify” infringements of the Second Amendment and Militia Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.  As we will show in GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – and as we have already shown in the Third Trailer – the reason we “keep and bear” goes much deeper than duck hunting or target practice.
SHEILA MATTHEWS, expert on Big Pharma lobby
Hollywood and the New York Networks are working overtime to brain wash YOU, your kids, your neighbors and even your DOG.  Don’t let them.  Watch the clips of the experts and watch the Third Trailerto see exactly what the Mainstream Media does NOT want you to keep and bear in mind.
Whether the Mainstream Media likes it or not, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will eventually be peppered across the land.  Many local public-access TV stations will run this and our other films, if you ask.
KIRK WHATLEY, firearms trainer and expert
DAN WOS, author “Good Gun Bad Guy”
The local public-access TV station in my neighborhood is already running MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE – our earlier films on the Second Amendment, both produced in association with OATH KEEPERS and your support.  Given this, YOUR local public-access TV station may also run these films, especially if you can show them that you are one of the Production Associates, Associate Producers, Executive Producers or Producers on the show.  And your screencredit documents that this is the case.  

o this is another reason to donate: it gives you standing to be able to demand that your local public-access TV station (paid for by YOUR tax dollars) runs YOUR movies, including GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, when done. Imagine if 800+ of you who have generously donated to the production of these films did this — we could flood the nation with movies about Constitutional Values.
Keep that in mind.  Let’s not only make America great, let’s make it as great as the Founding Fathers envisioned it could be.


P.S.  Please forward this email to your family, friends and associates.  If each of you receiving this were to forward this email to even 6 people the exponential reach would exceed the viewership of FOX NEWS and CNN.  Consider that.


  1. The first thing that must be told is the truth if we are to achieve anything and not to let them control both narratives within the hegalian dialectic, these are not mass shootings by people who are lost morally, overall the people are good, it is the deep state, terror false flags organized by the UN dba dba United States dba District of Columbia to destroy the Constitutions/trust indentures that they must adhere to, to control the people en masse worldwide.

  2. From my perspective as long as the BAR Gang is operational this Country is non-operational.

    1. Now, there's a statement I can get behind...!! What good are guns if we still allow attorneys to control the "PEOPLE'S COURT"..!! How long are we going to tolerate these thieves and liers, who give false hope to people being charged with a crime, then take all their money....!!

  3. @penney4yourthoughts & Jim Kopecky, you both Absolutely Right!

  4. Truly sick ideas such these shooting events in public schools and public places do spread and often involved in some war behind the scenes are the Eugenics (official) oriented plan operated by psychiatrist/psychology goons and drug mules that works to spread ideas that "the devil made me do it" and other excuses for doing wrong. See the myth of mental illness written by psychiatrist on this creation of irresponsibility. People learn to blame actions on "my disease" and start on a path of confusion in some cases young people get ideas due to hearing about others who they think behaved in this way on their own when in fact the causal creation of such thoughts is on purpose. Psychiatrists were laughed out of court rooms in the 50s due to dealing in imagined behaviors and guesses about things that could happen and no facts about what has and actually has happened. The now well developed Rockefeller funded psychiatric organization poisons and attacks the brains and plant thought forms as the mules (psychiatrists and more now as well psychologists) who bring drugs in to communities via health plans, grants and incorporated behavior centers. One main feature of this plan is to create legally incompetant wards who are entered in to the system as US property/employee who cannot testify or possess fire arms or the newer "gun laws" they claim are valid for everyone listed as "subject thereto United States" or in other words slaves of tyrannical ruling systems.

    1. What should be instituted is when you buy a gun, it's up to the State to show you exactly how to use and take care of it by offering classes like the cops get.....for free, and with a certificate of competence when completed....remrmber, we are all part of the militia when you come right down to it....!! And get rid of the CIA who find all the drugs that come here, and then arrest the lowest part of the chain....the end user who caused no crime....We need legal "Drug" stores, and cut out all the cartels the CIA has made them rich and powerful...and deadly...!! Intelligent people don't want anything to do with dumb ass street dealers...!! Let's see how long the cartels last then....dont you guys see the the benefits of this...!! Cops have turned into nothing more than drug cops looking for easy prey and an easy conviction in court....people are still in jail for selling or consuming pot from 40 years ago...and they are still there...!! Is that free or fair, compared to what the Corp. State does to all of us and everyone erg law across the planet...!!

  5. I just finished reading this post. I understand the second amendment to the constitution. I also understand most All of the outrageous things that have happened, including all these shootings, have been staged by the US government corporation.

    What I do not understand is why we are on a Website that is teaching people how to restore their individual living souls and at the same time discussing citizens rights. If you are a citizen you have no rights. The only right you were afforded is what they allow you to have as their slave.
    Why is someone talking out of both sides of our mouth?

    As I have found out and Anna has said, you cannot be a sovereign citizen. If a person is aware of these facts, but still continues to operate and function as a US government Inc. citizen, they are going to still be stuck with that same mindset.

    I have already done all of Anna’s forms and had them recorded. I have gone to the National Assembly website, joined, and read a few posts from people in there. It would seem very few people have actually done this, and the ones I have done it are very tightlipped. Some people say doing a few of the steps is even a waste of time and will gain us nothing.

    Now I am really concerned that I just wasted a lot of time and energy and money for nothing. Plus I have been paying no taxes this year at all.

    1. As for your taxes, do what anna said she did. As I recall she just notified IRS she was no longer agreeing to pay taxes and that was the end of it. Go to her site and look down thru the List there, till you comes to Taxes. (if you have already notified them in the way she did)

    2. * correct. ''if you haven't already done so'.

    3. The IRS is soon to be disbanded or completely reformed to reflect only Corporations...!! Because Trump already finally knows what we know....that it's the banks that have been stealing from us for years and that "THEY" and not "US" who are the TRUE "DEBTORS"...!! He is in the process of getting all the gold back and everything else they stole...Amd he has taken control of the FR and the ripple affect is toppling the BID and "The Equalization and Stabilisation Fund" who is controlling WALL STREET and creating insider trading...!! When this is over its going to end just like the hilarious movie "TRADING PLACES" with Dan Ackroid and Eddie Murfey...!!

    4. Here's the proof...!!

    5. Just read this James...this long, long NeonRevolt article might be up your alley as to what Trump/Q REALLY know...

      I made the 3rd comment here, too, on "Clooney Collusion"!

  6. Look. We the People are being played with by our so called 'judicial system'. I've even had some lawyers tell me ''its a game. The best thing you can do if you get a ticket of some sort, just pay the damned thing and save yourself a lot of trouble, by trying to bring up all that sovereign stuff, that common law stuff.''

    Then just about 5 yrs ago I approached one genuinely caring lawyer I heard talking to his client outside.....and asked him about Common Law and our Rights etc. and he knew immediately what I was getting around to. And he stopped me with a worried look on his face, saying ''save yourself a lot of trouble, DONT try that, or you will open up a can of worms much bigger than some little wrong traffic ticket. You are better off to just pay it and save yourself a bunch of problems you will wish you didn't have''.

    What he was alluding to was, a judge can easily demand you get a 6-mo. mental evaluation in an institution....if he/she just chooses to do that; you never know. So when one weighs the options, I agree.....just pay the damned ticket, stay out of their faces, hide yourself in the right lane, keep a low profile in all things, and go live your life. This world IS on an expiration date, believe it or not.
    Ask yourself: Why would you find yourself in court anyhow? What are you doing that would land you there? If you know troublesome people, get them away from you. Etc, etc etc.

  7. Abby, What you are saying is don't fight the system, just bend over and cop the brute. Sorry, what if all our soldiers took your attitude and give up without a fight, how would you like that. The best way to defeat the system is to not feed it, it is kept alive with MONEY, STOP FEEDING IT.

    1. Noel, show me one soldier that has 'fought for the people' and kept us safe. Safe from who? There hasn't been any enemy from any foreign country attack our country; ALL our enemies are WITHIN and there have been NO soldiers who have fought them on our behalf.
      Our military is a farce as far as I'm concerned. And if you want to fight the ''system' keep in mind they are nothing but a pack of wolves playing a game of Semantics with us all; a Word game that is about as stupid as anything I've ever seen from grown adults. And its a deliberate stacked deck where they have already dealt themselves all the Aces.

      Their Game goes something like this: They developed all those tricky words and set all the snares. If you turn yourself upside down and inside out and figure out how the game is played, then they will let you win...........but only if you sweat and fret and spar and 'do all those pushups'.

      Like one Judge was quoted in here by a poster, saying to a defendant who did all that, 'young man you may have figured it out and won today, but you will never figure it all out''.

      So you see; to them its like a Game; and only if you have done your grueling and groaning and done all the cartwheels, will they let you win. They think defendants should have to EARN their Win; being right or wrong has nothing to do with it. Now
      what kind of justice system is that?

      If you think its worth all that effort to save yourself a few hundred bucks, then good for you. With or without Your money, they are still going to stay in business.

      Bend over? Hmmm, is that part of your lifestyle? Well, it is NOT part of mine.

  8. I was raised a Catholic and married in 1971 by a Jesuit priest. Still married. Never saw a child sacrifice and was always told to turn the other cheek. Never ever heard a clergy guy speak out against another's religion or if they had faith that too. I am not active but have not converted either. I do not push anyone to convert, were never told to. I am not a fan of Vatican/pope/rome. Corporations. I believe the Jesuits will be the assassins of the Vatican. Most spiritual clergy live in poverty. Secular clergy have big estates and jets. That is what I know. There are secular cardinals who wear red dresses. Smoke got in the church. That is not to say that all white popes were spiritual. I don't know why but Benedict xvi freaks me out. John Wayne Gacey was a mover and shaker and a friend of Jimmy Carter and wife. At night he murdered 33 young men and boys. All that glitters is not gold ( Shakespeare ) but unrefined gold does not glitter.Yours truly. and truly yours.

    1. Huh? What's your point? I was raised Catholic also, but that has nothing to do with salvation from the penalty for our sins. ('Religion' should have something to do with eternal salvation, but it doesn't!)

    2. Thank God I wasn't raised Catholic this lifetime, but several future billionaire then teenage friends of mine went to a Catholic middle school until high school in my second Edina, Minnesota neighborhood.

      Ps They r now owner(s) of Minnesota Twins

    3. ''being raised catholic' means exactly nothing. God is not impressed by it and neither am I. Much of their 'belief system' is based on paganism.


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