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Monday, May 28, 2018

Why Extend Sovereignty?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked why William Belcher extended sovereignty to all the soldiers who fought in the Revolution and "every Mother's son and daughter" born on the land afterward. 


To stop what the rats are trying to pull right now.

Look at what they are doing.  They are trying to claim that we are all unaccountably "absent" ---- "at sea".  They are trying to say that our land jurisdiction is vacated, so that they have a basis for claiming it.

But, with millions upon millions of Americans who are innately sovereign scattered all over the world, all that is necessary is for one of us to remember who and what we are and to "come home" and announce the fact.

Well, we are here. 

We remember who we are.

We claim our names and our estates. 

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  1. keep in mind individually we are not sovereign, which is where they get sovereign citizen, but as a People we are.

    1. Individually we are all sovereign, That was granted by God and recognized by King George III. A group of people can not be sovereign unless each one in the group is sovereign. If one of the individuals in the group is a slave, then the group is not sovereign.

    2. Penny4YourThoughts, and other readers, I want to raise the value of your thoughts from a penny to 100%, a Silver Dollar, ok?.... I have copied the below from one of my previous emails to concerned people and added to it as needed: Re Sovereignty; WeThePeople, according to the Preamble of the Organic US Constitution of 1787-1791, are the Embodiment of the very Sovereignty of our de jure Nation of States called The United States of America, unincorporated, which was established originally, and is still effective, by the Articles of Confederation prior to this Organic Constitution. It was, however, by this same Constitution that WeThePeople were and are acknowledged as this Embodiment of the Sovereignty of both the Nation of States, as well as, the State Republic of our Domicile. This is not to detract from The Almighty Creator of our Universe, Who is the Ultimate Sovereign, and so awesome as to boggle the mind of man for comprehension, if we are to be honest with ourselves and others. However, it is appropriate for us to claim this Earthly Sovereignty, as asserted by the Founding Fathers, our predecessors, when they established our Organic Constitution. Some persons suggest that we are co-tenants in common to the Sovereignty of our Nation and State of Domicile, but cannot be individually Sovereign. This is faulty thinking since we are individually Sovereign, as well we should be, in our domain of our Privately owned Property. All Sovereigns have a domain and this is ours, as individuals. There is another aspect of this Logic that must be considered, and that is, actually, two-fold; Number 1, a Sovereign cannot be both Sovereign and non-sovereign simultaneously ( a contradiction). If you have a number of individual non-sovereigns they cannot add up to one Sovereign Body, and 2ndly, they should never claim to be co-tenants in common Sovereignty, but Rather co-Heirs in Common Sovereignty, since a tenant is considered to be one who rents or leases from a Landlord. Such would be just what those defrauding us would want us to claim! John Jay,1st chief justice of the Supreme court, but who might have had a bit too much sympathy for the Tories of his day, or...? But he made the statement that the American People were Sovereigns without subjects. That would only be true in an ideal situation where all people were good astute Natural Law abiding People which unfortunately seems never to be the case. And when it is not the case, the Sovereign must assume the responsibility of correcting the situation, either indirectly through delegation, or directly if necessary, in which case any evil-doer makes him or herself our subjects by their very wayward actions. And, as a result of We the Peoples' inaction of the past, when it was needed, due to distraction by wars, depression, and/or design by the Tory sympathizers, we have been brought to the state of affairs that we are presently experiencing. I should also add here that what we are presently experiencing with regard to the Fraud perpetrated against us would be appropriately classified as Treason against the Sovereignty of our Nation and States. Let the gravity of that sink in and please pass the word to all whose head is not cross-threaded onto their necks! Thank you.........

  2. Please watch this officer training video to see exactly how they are being trained to see anyone claiming sovereignty to be a murderous threat to them. Note that not once is the law mentioned, but a video of a man holding up a copy of the constitution is used as an example of a civilian being crazy or comical, but very, very dangerous to officer safety.

    1. Well said CJ.

    2. true, but not quite that easy. depends on how individual is defined? also depends on how sovereign is defined? generally it is defined as having obtained its own body politic, with its own police power/army and viable currency. that is why the People are sovereign, if organized properly, comprised obviously of people that have a corrected political status within its own political subdivision. definitions are very important so NEVER assume you know the definitions they are using that is what gets us into ALOT of trouble.

    3. Why do people try and educate a cop when he's on duty and on the clock....We have been trying to educate normal everyday people for hours and days, all to no avail..!! Never, never, try to educate an officer with patriot jargon...!! It's a waste of time and dangerous....just sign the ticket
      and fight the ticket in court....thats where the rubber meets the pavement...!! Stop trying to avoid it..!! It's like learning a new have to practice to be good at it...!! If you insist on being in this movement then you must plan on what you are going to do once your in the "lions den"..!! You can't avoid it...and don't go into court looking like an idiot..!! I was watching a utube of a patriot , who was also quite large, and wearing the American flag wrapped around him...!! The only message he sent to me is that he is a nut case, and understandably dangerous...!! Being a patriot doesn't mean acting stupid or immature...!! As for me, when I renewed my license, I was able to write "without prejudice" above my name this time and it got through....last time I tried that, I wrote "without prejudice " below my name, and even though she accepted it, when I received my license that statement was able to be cut off so it never showed up on my license..!! But that alone is a good defense in court when you tell a judge about it....they know what it means...but you better be ready to explain it...!! Cops and the courts hate people who give absouluty no respect for authority and think they can walse right I'm off the beach or swing the other way by wrapping a flag around himself like a superman cape....why can't people just grow up and realize that part of our problem is we can't even play part of their game by showing up in a shirt and tie and with a briefcase looking like any other attorney in goes a long way to settle people's minds that you are not dangerous or crazy..!! That does nothing to push our knowledge...remember, we are all judged by how we look first and first impressions are taken seriously..!! Why do I have to explain this to people who call themselves adults....!! When in Rome, at least make an attempt to look like one...!! It serves two objectives..One, you look professional and therefore harmless...secound, you give other patriots a better image...!! Put yourself in their position.. your 6'5" , heavy set, and wrapped in a flag (not even a flag of peace)..!! What would you be thinking...!! Don't lose your case before you even start talking...!! Absolute defiance will not win the day..!! So knock it off and walk in like a professional...take your lumps like men and woman because it's the only way you can learn all their tricks...there hasn't been one article on this site , that I know of, that talks about courtroom decorum and how to handle a judge, except for the comment section of the articles...!!

    4. I know these courts are corrupt and all the decorum is illusional, but we live in an illusional world, so get used to it...!! The more you go to court, the better you get at it..especially if you get your court record (mandatory if you really want to learn anything), because it will be marked or stamped all in Red where you went wrong which you can now correct next time you go in...You can't be so afraid of the system that you won t even study your enemies "ways"...!! Eventually you will get it right and it won't take long..View it more like a law class because you are in the only class that can teach you real life problems that come up, and the only place to learn real life solutions..and along the way, you will make mistakes. But how else can we learn..mistakes are the only learning tool we have in order to grow...Just remember to calm down and relax and take your time to answer a judge before you accidentally make a mistake, especially in traffic court where it is basically for tons of sheep to be sheared as quickly and efficiently as possible...!! If you don't feel comfortable the first time trying to match wits with a judge, then just write up a legal document (one that looks exactly like a motion, but isnt) and instead of using their words, use yours....instead of plaintiff and defendant, use "libelant"(you, the injured party) and "libelee"(Them, because you have already been damaged by being detained). Paperwork is no comparison to writing up your own courtroom documents or going tie to toe with a judge....dont wait until your falsely charged with a murder you didn t commit before you start learning how court works...then your in the hands of people who are only seeking to get the "liability" off their back as quick as possible..!!

    5. Re: Tickets - I never suggest to any fellow American "free inhabitant" to just sign and fight the ticket in court - although people are certainly "free" to do that (or hoever they please). Unless an individual is very-well experienced in fighting tickets in court to the point where they have truly mastered this then the amount of time ("time = money") that it will take to fully prepare for a real "fight ... in court" needs to be realized up front - IMO. I imagine the preparation for a new-be would take at least several days and possibly all of the time available before the court date. If time is a consideration (I imagine it is for many people) and if being prepared is the agreed "wise way" to go then how many people are willing to go that route?

      There are quite a number of other options as to how one can respond to a presentation of a traffic ticket. In any case I never sign anything of a legal nature without my "reservations" i.e.: "Without Prejudice" or the like!

    6. I have not used it yet in court but I plan on submitting the below information for any future court appearances for traffic tickets and etc...

      CASE NUMBER: ______________________
      I; John Mark Doe, would like to enter into evidence the following...
      "The 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution grants me the right to know the nature and cause at this action you are bringing against me, and it grants you, the court, the duty to tell me. I do not understand the nature and cause of this action which has been brought against me."

      Under a criminal action...

      "The Constitution grants this court 2 different criminal jurisdictions: One is a criminal jurisdiction under a Common Law, and the other is a criminal action that constitutes a condition of contract under the criminal aspects of a Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction. Under which of these 2 jurisdictions does court intend to try this criminal action?"

      Not Under Common Law But Under Colorable Admiralty Jurisdiction...

      According to the Law Merchant Codes, the very law that this contract was made under, there are certain things that constitute a valid vs an invalid contract. You must realize, that no court has the authority to enforce an invalid contract; and I deny the validity of the contract that President Roosevelt entered into with the international bankers. He borrowed bank credit on the promise to redeem in gold coins. Creating credit out of thin air, the bankers had no risk and no interest, because they didn't loan anything of value, and thus had no interest in the loan being paid: it was a 'no interest 'contract, and thus void by the international law of Nations. Therefore America owes no legal debt ."
      "... And now since America only owes the debt by an invalid contract, how am I as an American Citizen, legally compelled to perform to an invalid contract under the Admiralty jurisdiction of this court?"
      "You must realize that no courts in America have Admiralty jurisdiction without also having valid international contract in dispute. And I'm not aware of having entered any international contract. So I deny that any such contract exists.

      If the prosecuting attorney disagrees with my argument then...

      Instruct the "prosecuting attorney" to inform this court that there is a valid international contract in dispute, and to place this alleged international contract into evidence, and explain how I can be a party to it, and how I am compelled to perform under it.

      If the prosecuting attorney cannot comply then I request a "MOTION TO DISMISS"

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I, James Allen Homyak, being of sound mind and character, am here upon the American soil beginning at my age of majority during 1987, to reclaim my Trade Name, as said here, and my estate located upon the land near Brooklyn Park, Hennepin County, Minnesota, known in several publications as Parcel ID 2211921240051 Subdivision Donnay's Brookdale Estates East 2nd. Said real property was stolen, after becoming free and clear in 2010, after fraudulent sheriff sale Sept 2010, after two mortgages had been rescinded Sept 2009 by operation of law under the U.S. TILA, due to 65 counts of misrepresentation found in said documents. County records show notice of rescinded mortgages, also notice of paid in full after settling in full with a one Vertigo Mortgage back in 2007 -- payoff allonge original wet ink signature in my possession today. I'm near Missoula Montana, looking back... realizing how much I am owed... how much we all are owed.

  5. Don't see that, in common law a man is sovereign .
    The Roman civil law black robe priest/judges cannon law /bar mafia . Want to desperately slander common law by naming case law is all there is to common law, wrong. The commoners were mostly illiterate and the argued orally what ever you can convince a jury or judges was final.
    Slander sovereign by mixing in the oxymoron citizen is an attempt to do what they do to domestic terrorist / hater/birther./truther/flat earther.
    Answer a question with a question why does the world combined hate Americans ?

    1. common law is unwritten law based on custom and usage and admin/maritime jurisdiction (sea) defined is written (diction) law (juris), big difference as we well know.

    2. I loved those old old movies of court room scenes where they just battled things out verbally, no codes, statutes, papers, just verbal. And they used Common sense; thats why today we would be hard pressed perhaps, since there are so few who can set aside their bags full of personal preferences, and just use common sense with which to make decisions, lol.

  6. Because they are as confused as us as to who we really are And that this whole illusion started with us first...But they don't realize that it wasn't us that bullied everyone else, it was a new country that was formed into a Corporation without telling us a word about it..but those countries knew fairly quick that if we weren't part of it, then our stupidity and ignorance could easily be deemed to be seen by the rest of the world that we were willing complicid with there agenda which became America's agenda...they see America and the UNITED STATES, as one and the same like we all did..!! Now it's impossible to convince them otherwise....!! And as far as Muslims or any other religions, like Mormons, jews, Babtist, Leutheren, you name it and they all are starting to call themselves "christians"...!! So what does that tell you...!! It tells me no one reads their own bibles..!! Everyone is either to lazy to pick up there own book and really read it, and would rather just take the pastor, rabi, priest, or any other front person for a church...!! No one reads anymore...who is buying all the books at Barnes and Noble..??

  7. So James did u get your original 13th amendment history sorted out yet?

  8. "God gave you free will but man made you a slave at birth. Man, male and female were born free for about three or four days until regis-tration/Vatican ownership."
    And will you have freedom when your paperwork is in order? Will you have freedom when you start getting your monthly allotment? Of what you are owed? Of what you deserve?
    This seems to be what this sight would lead you to believe. But is this true?
    Sin is why this world is in the state it is in. No matter what satan or the vatican does. The world was enslaved long before birth certificates. There is a way out through Yahusha (Jesus). This is the only way out.
    Paul found his freedom by becoming a slave to His Master.

  9. Sovereignty is only a level within the administration NOT the people, please the PEOPLE are De Jure Solem Et Naturale answerable only to the creator separate from the Holy See.

  10. I came across this definition...

    Sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, is a legal doctrine by which the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution. It is a principle of international law which exempts a sovereign state from the jurisdiction of foreign national courts.


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