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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Deadening Effect

By Anna Von Reitz

Those with whom we contest in this spiritual war have forced six generations of people on this planet to live their lives as if already dead.

They have been worked to death, constantly tormented by worries and fears, plagued with pains and diseases, afflicted with mindless lusts and persistent melancholy, deprived of even the simplest comforts and securities that they have needed to live, and the basics of food and shelter and clean water.  Everything has been withheld without sanity or reason.

And why?  To expedite an insurance scam which was already outlawed in 1702.

Today, on this Memorial Day 2018, lift up your heads and take a deep breath.

Remember those who have died for no good reason. 

And make it your business to live life fully and well.

Open up to the Greater One that you are part of and fear nothing and no one.

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  1. Thank You Anna I Needed to hear that right now because I was just doing that worrying about my family and the world's safety. Bless you and your families! 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Their courts are where they force us to worship them. They make us worship the dead all caps person, take the identity of the dead person, and the priest in the black robe requires a tribute for their services. The defendant prays to the priest for relief. Their drug laws refer to us as man or other animals, so we are lowered to the status of cattle. Even though Congress has declared the Bible to be the word of God, they do not consider anything it says if you bring it up. They are forcing their religion on us and forcing us to be sacrificed to their false god Baal. There are plenty of web pages on how the judge in the black robe is a Baal priest. A satanic system full of false information. Satan is the father of the lie, and the court is his temple.

    1. God wants goodness
      God wants light
      God wants mayhem
      God wants a clean fight --Roger Waters

  3. Indeed, I did in fact memorialize the innocent dead-for-no-good-reason, and kept the home fires burning against the tyrannical insanity begging for a sharpened wooden stake, immolation, and dismissal from this planet and Universe forever. Hear, hear, Judge Anna. Thank you for being such a fierce cyclone of justice!


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