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Thursday, May 31, 2018

What to Do With Your Government

By Anna Von Reitz

In our last post, "Your Government", we outlined the structure of the American Government as it is supposed to be, and noted how it in fact is.

A major component of our government, the so-called "Federal United States" has been missing in action for 150 years, together with the national-level States of States and their Confederation of States doing business as the States of America.

As a result, the British-controlled Territorial United States and their Territorial United States Congress has secretively usurped upon our rightful government and exercised delegated powers never assigned to them.  This is a Gross Breach of Trust, fraud, conspiracy against the actual Federal Constitution, and usurpation against the actual government owed to The United States.

The British interlopers have made abundant use of semantic deceits including deliberate omissions, such as calling the Territorial United States "the United States" so as to confuse it with The United States, and other similar names deceits, such as calling its own Territorial United States franchise "the State of Ohio" and substituting it for the Federal State of State known as "The State of Ohio". 

These actions are deliberate and purposeful and malicious and meant to cause confusion, not only here in America, but throughout the world.  As a result of these deceits, Americans have been blamed for British war-mongering.  As a result, American blood has been spilled and American resources have been spent at the behest of foreign powers, who have been content to sit back and let Americans bear the cost and take the blame.

We have every right and provocation to blow Britain off the face of the Earth, and in view of the misery and expense that this tiny country has caused to us and practically every other country on the globe, we would be well-advised to do so, were it not for the fact that millions of innocent Brits, Scots, Irish, and Welsh have suffered as much and more than we have.

They should not have to suffer for the guile and criminality of their government any more than we should. We will leave that thought with them and give them the benefit of our research and moral support, even as we take up the necessity of cleaning our own house and setting things in order.

Before we depart the international venue, however, we wish to point out the necessity of divesting Prince Philip of his ill-gotten gains, the $950 T in "Life Force Value Annuity Bonds" that were misappropriated as part of the bankruptcy of CANADA.  That money/credit belongs to generations of Americans and Canadians and indeed, to people from around the world, who have been defrauded by the British Government and the Royal Family and the British Crown.  A prompt and generous settlement is in order.

Now, on to business....

The sovereign power of this country is vested in its people and in their states, doing business as The United States.  Their sovereign power in international and global jurisdictions is held by The United States of America.

The United States is a union of unincorporated states occupying the soil jurisdiction of this country.  It's member states are: maine, ohio, florida, et alia.

The United States of America is similarly a union of unincorporated States called a "Federation of States".  It's members are: Maine, Ohio, Florida, et alia.

Additionally, there is supposed to be a Federal Union operating as a "Confederation of States" doing business as the "States of America", exercising powers delegated to them by The United States of America.  It's member states are: The State of Maine, The State of Ohio, The State of Florida, et alia.

There isn't supposed to be any such thing as a Territorial State of State, nor is there supposed to be any version of Municipal STATE OF STATE in operation anywhere on our shores. .

The First Order of Business

Our Federal Constitution, "The Constitution for the united States of America" has always forbidden the participation of persons holding titles from foreign governments.  This prohibition was strengthened and given teeth by an Amendment to the Federal Constitution, called "The Titles of Nobility Amendment" which was ratified by The States of States in 1819.

As a result, no Bar Association Members may vote on any matter directly affecting the powers delegated to the Federal United States, much less any matter affecting the land jurisdiction States that are members of The United States of America.

Members of the Territorial United States Congress who are Bar Association attorneys must immediately and permanently recuse themselves from participation in debate, discussion, elections, and voting processes impacting these (our)  United States.

This requirement of our States of the Union will immediately disqualify the bulk of the members of the Territorial United States Congress, who as Bar Attorneys hold the Title of Nobility of "Esquire" from the Queen, and who are specifically prohibited from taking part in our government, though they may continue to participate in the affairs of the Territorial United States Government. 

The members of the Territorial United States Congress must also be prevailed upon to accept: (1) the immediate return of all the assets of the original Confederation States of States which have been moth-balled and managed as "State" trusts doing business as "Oregon State" and "Wisconsin State" to the control of The United States of America [Unincorporated]; (2) action providing for the orderly closure and removal of Territorial State of State franchises and Municipal STATE OF STATE franchise operations and their associated Court Systems; (3) Cessation of the improper and illegal process of registering American babies as [Territorial] United States Citizens, which is a crime of human trafficking, kidnapping, fraud, and inland piracy.

Either that, or they, together with all their Territorial Governors, must be arrested and detained on severity of criminal charges.  We are willing to allow that as we were left uninformed of the true circumstance, even members of Congress must be given the benefit of a doubt--- however, continuance of these errors and omissions once discovered must be considered a Gross Breach of Trust amounting to High Treason and those who would continue to undermine and subvert our lawfully established government must be routed out like so many rats being removed from a grain storage. 

All American children born on the land of the actual soil jurisdiction states must be immediately reclassified as lawful State Citizens and American Nationals with no further false presumption of Territorial United States Citizenship or Municipal citizenship allowed.

The above measures are measures set forth for the Officers of the branches of the Federal Government, most especially for the Executives and Military Officers, who must deal directly and expeditiously with the circumstance and any recalcitrant members of the Territorial Congress, Territorial State of State Governors, and Bar Association Attorneys generally.

Now, that's their part, which is their absolute duty to perform.  What's yours?

First, correct the falsified public records indicating that you were: (1) born to an unwed Mother, (2) that you are a Territorial United States Citizen and declined or never had a birthright interest in your native state.

The forms to correctly re-convey your Trade Name back to the land and soil of your native state are posted on my website,, as Article 928, Editable pdfs.  You need to record these (never "register" anything) in the nearest land recording district office or county land recorder's office.  You and everything connected with you including your name is a land asset.  You need to establish your claim of ownership and return your name/Names/NAMES to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born prior to taking any other action.

This is necessary in order for you to establish standing to act as a member of the lawful government in your State of the Union.  You may now safely organize your local County Jural Assembly and your State Jural Assembly.  These States are members of The United States of America [Unincorporated] doing business as, for example, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, and so on.

These are the Federation States.

Next, or in tandem with the organization of these State Body Politics, you will need to organize the Confederation of States to operate the Federal Government you are owed.  This requires setting up National-Level States of States operating as: The State of Ohio, The State of Michigan, The State of Maine.... and so on. 

Again, The State of Ohio is a business chartered by and operated for the benefit of Ohio, the land jurisdiction State owed to the people of Ohio, that is, The State of Ohio belongs to Ohio and the people who live in Ohio.  It is not a foreign Territorial franchise of the British Crown pretending to be your lawful government or assuming a position of trusteeship over you and your lawful State. 

Some people have gotten this progression mixed up, and have realized the necessity of setting up The States of States to run the Federal United States Government, but have missed the necessity of first setting up and assembling the member States of The United States of America [Unincorporated]. 

In order to exercise delegated power, the restored National-Level States of States have to be backed up by the delegating authority, which is The United States of America and its member States.

Horse in front of cart, people.  Work together to get this done. 

Get your own political status firmly declared in the appropriate public record, get your county and state jural assemblies functioning (as per the direction provided by the Michigan General Jural Assembly) and then set up your county and state jural societies as per The Articles of Confederation.

In the first action, you restore and repopulate the Body Politic of your State, such as California, Wisconsin, or Maine.  In the second step, you restore and repopulate the Body Politic of your National-Level State of State, doing business as The State of California, The State of Wisconsin..... and so on. 

In the first instance, you are "assembling" your State, and in the second, you are "associating" to organize the "State of State" belonging to your State.  Both are necessary parts of restoring your lawful and fully functional government, both State and Federal.

This is Urgent Business which affects your safety and well-being and that of your children for generations to come, so do not delay another nanosecond. Inform President Trump of the necessity to correct the public records, the crime that has been foisted off upon you and millions of other Americans, and the actions necessary to correct this long-standing fraud and Breach of Trust. 

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  1. Wouldnt all this be easier if we just got rid of all BAR attorneys first, so we don't wind up facing their WALL again when trying to implement this strategy...As long as they insist on staying here as foreign agents, we will be fighting a losing battle...!! I can't be the only one sick of attorneys and the unequitable courts of just/us..!! In my opinion if we got rid of them , we would automatically get REMEDY along with it...!!

  2. I guess it will stand in history that the only President that ever understood what our real problem was, got rid of the basterds once and for least for 5 glorious years...!! His name...Andrew Jackson..!! Trump loves attorneys, because he doesn't understand it, and he has no time to fight everyone in court that wants to sue him...!! Now Andrew Jackson did understand the LAW and the constitution and he was on the battlefield to prove it...!!

    1. that is not true they all knew what the problem was
      and refuse to correct it, because they were bought off, blackmailed, or just plain corrupt

  3. Ok I'm gonna try once again to squeeze a straight answer outta the Author: So you say its so important to claim our Trade Name, Reconvey it and Record it. Ok, but ........then what after that? What do you do with it then? How would that help a poor soul who just might get stopped by some crooked cop and make false charges against him? Does a bell ring across the Land and say 'don't mess with that guy, he Recorded his Trade Name'?
    Me thinks NOBODY even knows of his Recording, and he will be treated the same as business as usual with the same 'invitation to visit the court room' and designated date and time. And he will have to do battle just the same as before he ever made his Recording of so-called freedom.
    Uh huh.

  4. your name is your property; property = rights
    your name has been stolen; no property=privildges if you qualify
    after you demand and record you name back YOU ARE THE QUEEN
    Me thinks NOBODY even knows of his Recording, and he will be treated the same as business as usual with the same 'invitation to visit the court room' and designated date and time. And he will have to do battle just the same as before he ever made his Recording of so-called freedom.
    Uh huh.

    1. Jeff, on paper,you are right. In real life, it is not recognized, and still entails a fight, each and every time. Sorry, but that is just NOT good enough a solution.

    2. Abby, re: "...entails a fight, each and every time..."
      WHy would one think that one should not be ready and willing to peacefully and lawfully "fight" for one's status and standing when approached by any presentment (offer to contract) or agent of corp[se] fictions who have no true authority over one except what one may acquiesce (consent)? WHy would one not use one's own version of anna's public record docs declaring one's status and standing in reply to any offer to contract?
      Sounds like an AWESOME Solution to me, but, as always, one must CHOOSE to believe, receive and ACT upon same to have it work for one; thereby BEcoming and embodying the Solution against another who wishes to keep one enslaved in the old tyrannical system by "consent". One always has the option of OBJECTING, rebutting, saying "NO Contract!" One's public record declarations are powerful peaceful lawful basis upon which one may regain one's sovereign status and STAND therein, peacefully lawfully "fighting"; seems like what Jesus might BE and DO to me. :)

      Blessings to all willing to BE and DO peacefully lawfully for highest good of ALL, standing in Love, Peace, Joy, Thanks-giving Living, and True Justice for ALL - Tricia FreeMom :D

    3. tricia, why should we have to fight what is well-known Fraud. This is not the best solution; it may look easy on paper, but in real life I think it will be a different story. Even what you have said here, is just a very dim overview.
      In law school, they learn by doing mock trials. We have yet to see anything even close to that. Need videos for various situations for us to also 'mock'.

    4. tricia, regardless of whether you reconvey yourself, or record your Name, and bla bla, it STILL means you have to fight each time a damned situation comes up. Recording and reconveying does not eliminate the fight.

    5. Abby you make some good points. A lot of us know the reasons and methods they use to screw us out of our freedoms and power. And informing them that we know gets us nowhere. Always reminds me of that scene in the original "War of The Worlds" flick. When three town's men approached the "Machine" trying to reason with it. One, a priest, held up a book of God. The "eye" of the Machine momentary stared at them seemingly interested. Then as if growing bored, having a task to fulfill, blasted them to dust. BTW where is her last post, "Your Government"?

  5. Get rid of all attorneys,and corrupt politicians,most are attorneys.tell the queen to piss up a rope and start over the way it was supposed to be


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