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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

"Tim White" With Egg All Over His Face ---and More

By Anna Von Reitz

Today I got a very ugly email from "Tim White" whoever he really is, loudly announcing that Bruce Doucette has been sentenced to 38 years in Federal Prison ---and accusing me for being at fault for this and purportedly misleading Bruce.

Here's the truth published on my website, two years ago:

Article # 485

"The End of My Association with Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton"

In this article I fully explain the argument with Bruce and Byfeldt and Michael R. Hamilton, why I parted company with them, and all that I explained to them in my attempt to keep them in their own jurisdiction and out of trouble.

So now, they have reaped the whirlwind, and people like "Tim White" are out beating their chests -- though it isn't clear that "Tim White" ever actually knew Bruce or Michael R. or Stephen -- or now has any cause to grieve as I do.

I actually knew these men. 

I never cared for Hamilton.  I had seen his kind before, usually Federal con men sent in to mislead patriots.  He was loud and brassy and opinionated and all pumped up and God forbid, he'd never listen to a woman about anything.

His first goal was to subvert The Continental Marshals Service and turn it into some kind of improper replacement for the state militias.  I opposed him, successfully, on that. 

He turned right around and started beating the drum about the "power of the Grand Jury" and how the Grand Jury had the right and ability to -- according to him anyway--- do whatever it wanted to do. 

In vain, I pointed out that no, a Grand Jury has to address its own jurisdiction.

Why Bruce and Byfeldt and the others listened to Michael R. Hamilton -- a man with no training in law -- and ignored me, is something I don't pretend to understand.  It made no sense then and makes no sense now.

Just like "Tim White's" attacks make no sense.

My opinion?  Tim White is yet another Federal Agent Stool Pidgeon "Sleeper" and Propagandist just like Michael R. Hamilton.  Another Pied Piper.  Another traitor sent in to spread disinformation and cause trouble and split the movement to finish the "Reconstruction".

When I brought the truth to his attention and sent him a copy of the Article noted above, his response was to taunt me for accusing him of libel and slander and demanding a retraction and apology for his screed.

This is a man who doesn't care about the truth --- a willful liar.

Unfortunately, he has just dirtied the name "Tim White" but has an infinite variety of other names to choose from.  And photographs, too.  For all I know -- or you know --- "Tim White" might be "Michael R. Hamilton". 

People really do need to wise up.  There are patriots who are just plain wrong, however well-intentioned they may be, but there are also Federal Agents, disguised as patriots --- and these are the ones typically talking the loudest and urging violent actions and preaching incorrect legal theories. 

Why would any American betray other Americans to a 38 year stint in Federal Prison?  Often it is the result of a plea bargain.  Someone gets into trouble with the Federales in their own right, and as part of the plea bargain, they agree to do an undercover assignment as a snitch. 

Or they may be old line Tories, aligned with Britain and the European Bankers from the get-go, like Alexander Hamilton.  Maybe it's no coincidence that the guilty party in this story is named Michael R. Hamilton?  You'd be surprised how long such affiliations last, especially when these same people continue to get money and benefits and privileges in return for their loyalty to the System.

For me, these extremely punitive sentences against Doucette and Byfeldt show the evil and ugly and violent nature of the "American Raj" decamped on our shores. 

These men did nothing whatsoever to deserve any such sentence. They did nothing violent.  They owed no actual allegiance that was betrayed. They just got confused and trespassed on federated State of State jurisdiction, something for which they should have surely been forgiven, considering the lengths that that same State of State organization has gone to, to obscure its true nature and identity.

This whole situation is also a matter of personal grief, as it was two years ago when I parted ways with Bruce.  He was a good and gentle and generous man who wanted to do good things for this country, like so many others who have made similar mistakes, and suffered similar consequences.  During our last conversation I shouted myself hoarse -- and I almost never shout -- trying to get through to him.  He wouldn't listen.  The next day I sat down and wrote the article above. 

I already knew what would happen and why, but there was nothing more I could do.  You can lead a horse to water, and offer correct information and insight--- but.....

Stephen Byfeldt is one of the greatest constitutional scholars I have ever known. He knows his constitution by heart, backwards and forwards. He has studied it from early on.  He knows its guarantees.  He was prepared to stand on it to the death. 

What he could not conceive was that the court he would be facing would not be a constitutional court.  What he couldn't believe is that he was mis-identified as a Territorial United States Citizen, dba "citizen"----and that such citizens have never had any rights or guarantees under any federal Constitution. 

I told them all of this, in fact, I told them a great deal more, but they were so deeply indoctrinated into what they thought they knew for sure about this country and its government that they didn't believe me. 

Now, sadly, they know.

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  1. That is the same as Black Americans, no rights by the constitution.

    1. ?

      ALL "Americans" have no Rights by the Constitution which is what anna just said indirectly. black has NOTHING to do with it, it is a status NOT having anything really to do with color. as a matter of fact, as moor/aboriginees they are better off than ALL other white people that were born or naturalized in the UN dba United States dba District of Columbia. the problem like the gentlemen above you do not understand either. NO person in the United States that is a U.S. citizen/14th amendment has Constitutional rights, you have benefits, opportunities and privileges and are beholden and have a duty to your plenary Congress, or should i say private corporate entity. so you see the microcosm within the macrocosm? you, similar to the men above believe that you have something you dont in your current political status, so you better understand and change that status asap. its has nothing to do with color but thats what they wanted you to believe with slight of hand, thats how good they are.

    2. None of what is said here applies anymore without delegated authority and there is none, try to find it. These are criminals with a mercenary force behind them, nothing more. Thats why everything had to be interconnected, controlled from within, separated, yet connected. I have first hand knowledge of this as a fact. Example, I recently started to use my car for work exceeding 50 miles a day, Allstate sent me a letter, the first letter like this in 30 years asking if my mileage increased, if so rates would go up. These people have real time access to GPS on phone and actively track activities. Everything is in place for really bad things to happen.

    3. true but lets raise this up one notch to what this truly is, a spiritual war. as long as you are an enemy of the state, they will continue to harass and imprison you until your status, demeanor and actions are harmonious. and honestly i probably agree you cannot serve two masters, so as long as you serve the beast, fund the best and perpetuate the beast, well then what could one be surprised by? you sow what you reap.

    4. Penny4yerthoughts My S.O. other suggested that I seek out your opinion on a situation I currently am in. If you have a moment could you look at it? I posted it under the recent Postal fraud article. Its in 2 parts. Part 1 is posted under unknown and part 2 and the rest of the comments are under this name.

    5. mortgages are the toughest to beat overall of all things. too much money for the courts/US. contact akiem el asap at he is a moor and the best i have come across in terms if real remedy that works. they have been targeting that a bit more lately. set up a consultation and hit it fast.

    6. I know Mortgages are tough. In my case its not a mortgage at all. Its secured credit. Thank you for the contact info, I will go and look into that site.

    7. I know Mortgages are tough. In my case its not a mortgage at all. Its secured credit. Thank you for the contact info, I will go and look into that site.

    8. SPC? dont work, akiem will confirm that its not legit.

    9. Brandi,checkout the solutions at You can sign up for a free membership. I just became a premium member because I am very impressed with their unconventional solutions that actually work. These are the people who came up with the subrogation remedy. We have used this already to get people out of jail and are now implementation it on foreclosures.

    10. Its not a foreclosure. But I will look into this. As an update for those. The sheriff was indeed back today at my fence. However he did not pass the Black and white No trespassing sign. He attempted to engage me, I documented him there and went back inside and he left.

    11. I think I have to mention this again. The land I own was paid for with cash. I have a General Warranty Deed. Metes and Bounds no address is anywhere on it. I purchased the land from another living man. This is the critical part I think people are missing in regards to my situation. The land I own was always free and clear. So this could never be a foreclosure.

    12. SPC = Secured Party Creditor.

  2. They knew full well not to give them jurisdiction . How did they get it ? Don't know .

    1. anna just told you above, they did not completely want to understand their political status nor did they want to see how the deception truly works. they had NO constitutional Rights and neither does any other person born or naturalized in the United States. im not sure how many more times this needs to be brought up until people get mad, understand their predicament and want to change this...amazing

    2. Because it is very difficult to believe we have been lied to our entire life...We want to believe that there is still some good in the world and that courts and judges should be imparshall and "FAIR".....thats why we call them "your honor", except there is no honor when it comes to money...!! That's the one position I can see Robot Androids using AI intelligence if programmed properly to take the place of judges and truely spot when an attorney is trying to pull the rug over everybody, including the court...!! Don't forget, there is still a lot of disinformation going around...!! Unfortunately, some patriots have egos so great that they think they know it all... all that does is divide us instead of unifying us..!! But the real reason why people are winding up in jail isn't because a patriot doesnt have the truth, it's more about a judicial system that is totally entrenched in fraud and lying to us for so long that they honestly think this way is better than any constitution...!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I watched all this unfold , I also warned them and ehen they turned against you I told them of their mistake. Now I too look back and shake my head . I watched NLA implode as I was on the ground floor and on the inside too...we keep getting infiltrated and tripped up..I will not give up thefight..I will do it slowly and smartly...

  5. Very sad indeed. These Agent provacateurs are everywhere and infilitrate All good intended causes and actions to lead them astray and into traps. Ive witnessed it firsthand myself, and Spoke out loudly and I too was unfortunately ignored, by the "men" in our Assembly 8 years ago. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won't tolerate puffed up egoic patriotic pride OR being berated and shamed into compliance by “Bible versus" that are purposely twisted and misperceived by those wanting to be "in control" over living people/souls!!
    They ALL use these same two weapons to both reel you in, False Patiotic pride and False witnesses of biblical principal. EVERY Single time!!!


      Paul I WILL NOT TOLERATE Abby calling Me an "ATHIEST" or "EVIL" or the "ANTICHRIST" Anymore, ENOUGH! I have had enough of her Religious and Superiority" Biased motivated HATE speech" and her non stop judgment, slander and character assaults onto me and others on this blog, while you passively sit silently by (in agreement?) ALLOWING IT to continue. This behavior DOES and IS causing me and others Harm, whether you want to accept this or not!

      I object to Abby addressing me on YOUR Blog any further, and I Require your assistance in moderating her Now, Thank you

    2. Abby sounds like a JUDGMENTAL NUTJOB. Go take your meds, wacko!

    3. Kelli, get a grip on yourself and grow up. Stop acting like a 3rd grader on the playground. What happened to your promise to start your own Blog. I've said nothing to you in weeks and you know it. But those bible verses happen to be the word of God and your mockery of them is not going to bode well for you.

  6. Man has the right to be protected while using the person created by the State. Mans status never changes, however, if these vermin can create joinder between the man and the States creation in protective custody held in trust by the Registrar, the State makes money by administration! Vatican = I-can-hold = holder in due course = captain of the ship of State. How many people have declarations stating the fact, dissimilar things ought not to be joined?

    1. And apparently regrading: Rule 19:

    2. All these rules only apply to the States creation, not man. When one acts as attorney in fact for the States creation, it is the State that moves and not the man. How many are being paid for acting as trustee for the State as a matter of fact? Has anyone actually read ORC. 3705.11, report of the foundling child? All records must be sealed from the public upon discovery of the true heir! There is no way around this one, except avoiding it all together.

    3. who acts as attorney in fact? certainly not me, to attorn is to turn away from your creator; a natural man knows Natural and Divine Law, as did jesus, and can protect himself. the codes are just a gateway to understand the wording, you dont quote them.

    4. Attorney in fact only means that we are are acting as the "authorized representatives" of our strawman or better yet 3rd party intervenors on behalf of the NAME..!! Because the courts always try and say we are practicing law without a license or try to get us to agree with there assumption that we are going to "re- present ourselves to the court...!! Clever basterds..!! How many of us could sit as a judge with good conscious knowing what we are really doing....but there are sure a ton of people that will, and force themselves to believe what they are doing is right, proper, and moral..!! I guess you can make yourself believe just about anything for money...!!

    5. Well james, I would last till about 9:30 on a monday morning because I would be saying, did you do any harm to anybody or any property? No. Well then get the hell outta here, you shouldn't even be here, LOL.

      You what?? Your honor, the cop said I made a wide turn off Main St. into Grove Alley. Young lady, isn't Grove Alley just an Alley? Yes maam, but the cop said I was too far over on the wrong side of the Alley because I made a wide turn.
      Young lady, is the Alley marked with a center line? No Maam. Well then Mr. Cop if there is no center marking how did you determine the point at which the turn was 'left of center'?
      Well your honor, it looked wide to me, and my Commander told me I better not come back to the station without some tickets in my hand by the end of the nite shift, and it was getting late.
      Judge Abby rolls her eyes, and its only 9:30 in the a.m. and says 'case dismissed' then crawls under the bench and starts praying ''come now Lord Jesus''.......PLEASE!

  7. I am always willing to keep things interesting here in my area of self presumed 'expertise' at least😎

    Many of us who have known Brad Szollose too long 'know' he was Alexander Hamilton in that particulate lifetime☇

    Keep up the AWESOME POSTS Judge Anna🎯

  8. the politicians have already latched on and redirected/subverted/co-oped this "kill Goliath with their sling shot"

    it is truly amazing...ANYTHING is up for grabs. you can be a stamp collector, specializing in elvis stamps...and someone will come along and try to "merge" with you.

  9. re: Why would any American betray other Americans to a 38 year stint in Federal Prison? Often it is the result of a plea bargain.
    with no offense intended, everyone is starving (or already starved), there are no "jobs" that are not of the "beast", no way to own anything, be it land, car, house. no way to feed children or your spouse.

    yes, there are plea bargains, but in the real world, few will ever meet anyone who has even heard the term "federal citizen" "specie" "common law" let anyone all the other deceptions.

    all they have heard is you are terrorist freeloading scumbags who intimidate the good law-abiding IRS and FBI agents, and if you dont pay your taxes, then people who depend on you for their healthcare will all die.

    reality is, the "landowners" who have to get off their rumps and start this thing back up, are the ones who most profit from "the beast".

    the young people, will never hear any of this, there is no way to survive outside the "beast" unless you enjoy mooching off of friends and family, not saying a word to them, assisting in "working them to death", while not lifting a finger for anyone.

    ugly all around.

    in the end, you have to provide a way for people to work for and earn land/food/etc.

    noone can leave the "beast".

    "God" doesn't just toss money out of the sky, nor anything else.

    1. XY, yep, the Truth just cannot be garnished, it is simply ugly. I know why things are as they are, but of course nobody wants to listen and so they do not know the Remedy.

    2. also, with no offense intended, and i happen to agree.

      i am not suggesting anyone "change". just so you know how so-called "normal" people view things.

      as my brother the cop says, he "has to" arrest you if you violate code.

      are you going to pay him so he can be an actual cop? are you going to pay for his mortgage, feed his wife, his kids?

      are you going to pay my other brother so he can work in a real bank? again, are you going to pay his mortgage, feed his wife, his kids?

      the bad guys took all the "money". that is fact.

      while i much appreciate all the information, and donated every last dime (if it ever reached you, noone says a word) ....

      there is very little sense of magnitude and scope.

      the truth is, if noone can offer work for food/shelter/money ... the "federales" will win every time.

      the idea some people have that team Trump is lifting a finger is truly astounding.

      you will likely have to wait for next phony election, to get someone to fill the actual office.

      i hope you have lots of kids...when anna and james die, who is going to keep things going?

    3. CJ, correct. Too many cops think their codes and statutes are law, when they are NOT. And I am thinking, since they are levying fines like they do, could we consider that Extortion? And can you expound on kidnapping, in these (false) arrests that they do?

    4. CJ, we have too many different governments, two at least, and we should not have to spend our life trying to fish our way thru them. It is ludicrous for a country not to have a single and simple government and judicial system that anyone can understand and deal with.
      I can tell you right now, the vast majority of the population is NEVER going to deal with it, never going to accomplish it, never going to learn it, and never going to be able to handle themselves in court. There are just way too many tricks and manipulating of we The People. The deck is already stacked against The People and they intend to keep it that way.

      For example I have been saying repeatedly that all this shit they do is null and void by the fact of it all being FRAUD. Yet, nobody has proceeded to explain then how to handle that; its all Fraud, ok, so then what? Why are we dealing with the ins and outs of things that are Fraud to begin with, and should just be nipped in the bud, instead of dealing with it?

      A huge problem in this forum is that we get copious Articles, which create questions, but NOBODY returns to answer those questions. So by now, we have a bunch of cans of worms opened up all over the place just crawling around. There is NO closure to anything. Things get introduced and then left to float off into the air. There are items that were begun last year, and we have yet to know of any progress or closure or outcome or if they are in defeat.
      It is only natural for people to need to SEE progress for their efforts, otherwise you end up with a bunch of grouchy people, lol.

    5. If you want to know what I think, as to the reason why we never get any feedback or update...........I think this is a planned 50 Year Ordeal. More like endless, would be more accurate to say. Its more like waiting for people to change their ways, their attitudes and their lack of cooperation, so its probably a waiting game.
      But that is a very futile approach. None of you in here will still be around in 50 years. What has also not been taken into consideration is that by then the population will be multiplied to probably 20 billion people Plus AI and other such sci-fi nonsense. So who in their right mind can think things will get accomplished with Time??

      In 1850 our world pop was 1 billion people. Today is is 7.5 Billion. In the mid 1950's in the america, our population was a mere 120 million. Here we are now at over 300 million plus all the illegal invaders that don't get counted.
      So just in the USA, what do you think the pop. is going to be in just another decade? And you think it will get easier to deal with all this messed up crap?

      Its time for people to take off the rose colored glasses, and start using the brains you got left, and start looking at the real and ugly picture and this ''blissful future'' you THINK you are working on. If you cant see the cold hearts that Anna is trying to deal with now, what makes you think they are going to become benevolent and give a crap about The People as time goes on??
      The larger the population the more cold hearted they are. I've been to NYC and walked down their streets, shopped their stores, done the nightlife, eaten in some well known restaurants and nobody talks to anyone there, even back then.
      You could get mugged on the street at high noon in front of Macy's and people would ignore it.
      Then I've also been to a little burg called St. James Missouri, stopped off for coffee at a little hole in the wall with oil cloth tablecloths and wood floors, and they were friendly as all get out. Pulled into the one gas station for gasoline, and the only cop circles around us noticing our out of state tags wondering why we were there.

      So my point is, the more people we have, the larger our pop grows or gets invaded, the less you are acknowledged as Being. And the less anyone will care about you or what happens to you or about your well being. It is going to grow even colder than it already is. And the more likely the PTB's are going to be more like the gestapo.
      (I have a point to all this......which I will pop on y'all when I think the moment is right. But for now, I am just painting the real picture.)

    6. CJ, my response to your first part......this is why I have been ridiculing court and 'law' system as pure childishness, which is exactly what it IS. Adults, who present themselves as being professionals and elected judges, all playing stupid games with the LIVES of The People. It is an outrage !

      In my early years yes I thought you gotta pay your taxes or they will haul you off to a dungeon for life. If a cop says something it must be true. All that. Yeah. But long ago I found out the bastards are all liars, and I lost respect for almost all authority and give little credence to jackasses, lost patience after a much shorter time, and am more inclined to be unforgiving.......because there is simply NO excuse for any of that behavior.
      So yeah, I have known all that; I am a quick learner and ''see the picture' real fast. I can often make connections of things even without seeing them physically, such as with people on the Net. Sometimes that is not very pleasant, but it is what it is.
      I have never been one to just settle on an opinion just because it sounds good or 'something I would prefer to think' rather than the truth. No. Never been like that. Soon as I find proof of something, thats all I need. Its very unprofitable to just go thinking in fantasy land. Like I've said the truth is ugly, lol.

    7. I should add here.....folks, when a cop says 'can I see your drivers license' you didn't listen. He only asked to SEE it, but you handed it right over to him like a dummy. No, you tell them Sure, you can SEE it, but you cannot HAVE IT. Then you just hold it up between your fingers top and bottom, and let him look at it all he wants to, but don't let go of it, and don't let him take it out of your hands.

      Next, Cops LIE. And they are allowed to LIE all they want to. They can tell you they have evidence or an eye witness.....its all a LIE to get you to cop out and tell them what they want to hear.
      If they say we want you to come down to the station for questioning, you do not need to agree. You can ask are you under arrest, and if they say No, then you say then you are not coming down to the station. But if it becomes necessary, then you do NOT go without your Lawyer. Lawyering up you don't have to talk even after they read you your rights.
      If a cop says something to you that you know is a LIE, then tell him you cops LIE and I know it so stop with the LIES.

      NEVER sign a traffic ticket. The cop will tell you your signing ONLY shows you received the ticket, nothing more. THAT IS A LIE. Your signing means you agree with the ticket. Just tell them they can give you the ticket, but you are NOT signing it. They cannot force you to sign it. I would not even sign it with ''under duress''. I just would not ever sign it.
      Just always keep in mind.....COPS LIE.....COPS LIE.

    8. CJ, first of all I am not offended. In fact almost nothing offends me. I may have to just be more blunt here since we all know it is much harder to convey what we mean by typing words.
      So let me point out that what you see as negative is simply my 'knowing' that Earth has an 'expiration date' on it and the clock is nearing the strike of 12. I can't really explain how I know this, in words, and in a sentence. And even if I could, the majority would not believe it anyhow. This is why I have sort of been just 'painting a picture' of what IS.

      But I may just have to be blunt and I know how to duck rotten eggs being thrown at me; they don't phase me anyhow. So the fact of the matter is, my 'negativity' is actually trying to say that none of this can be fixed, try as people may, and as much as they desire it. It is not reparable. For anyone who has followed my comments, they are supposed to stop and ponder the real pulse of the condition of this world and come to the realization that ONLY the Lord, Christ, is able to bring the ONLY Remedy that is even remotely possible.

      The 'picture I have been painting' with what you call 'negative' is actually intended to jerk people into fully realizing the untold depth of this rabbit hole; to show that it has been left to become insurmountable now; that the evildoers who run this world are beyond what people have comprehended. Example: who could imagine they can do the gruesome things they are now doing with so many children and infants. Abortion wasn't bad enough? Gruesome enough? Now they take newborns and kidnap young innocent children and young girls, your daughters and sons, and do the unspeakable.
      That right there goes to show us all the very depths of depravity of Mankind in general.
      Now, all the paper work in the world is not going to change such depraved mentality. They are SICK. No Laws, No Courtrooms are going to ever change that. We have a very evil society, and as we are all being shown (by God) even our leaders, doctors, lawyers, judges, notable members of society, are involved.
      Every facet of society is involved. Our school systems, colleges are being exposed by The Veritas Project..the teachers Unions are a very sick bunch that you cannot trust your children with anymore.
      The AMA (medical assn) is full of doctors who are drugging society in cahoots with the drug companies with well known names we thought we could trust with our health. There is no end to it, but I do not need to expound; you get it.

      Yes, this all sound negative, but keep in mind I did not make it this way, and have been walking out of step with all of it for decades. But what would be the point in covering it up? To reach solutions, the problem(s) first need clear identification.
      So what purpose does this all serve? By now, it ought to cause The People to realize that it is all beyond Man to fix, and turn to the Lord who is the God of true Justice. IF people would actually get past themSELVES and set aside their preconceived ideas, and listen, so as to know the truth of His solution, then and only then can one actually SEE what a wonderfully perfect solution it is. In fact it is ingenious
      and only He has the real Power over ALL of the very people everyone in here is struggling to overcome (which is impossible to accomplish.....if you really stopped to think about it.)
      It would also require for Man to set aside all the shit the so-called religious factions have stuffed their minds with. The bible is NOT about 'religion'. It is a history book of Mankind, where he came from, where he is, and where he is going......which is one of two choices, depending upon their own response.

    9. CJ, if you recall, I have said several times in my earlier posts that the purpose of all of this work is mainly to Expose what has been done in secret, which he said he will expose Openly. And THAT is the primary purpose of this Venue.
      I do not dispute that, as you recall. But I am going further and saying Man can NOT fix it. He may find some benefits in some situations, but there is not one reason to think it will get fixed. They may be some small successes here and there, but there is a lot more going on in the background that we even know about.
      A true Fix has to be Total. Not just a few buggers falling by the wayside, not just a small win here and there, but I am talking about a total clean up. So we are not talking about the same thing.
      I had also said I do not object to anyone making their attempts at what they are trying to do. The same goes for you, but I think you have not yet opened your mind to all the reality of those things that are far beyond our scope.
      I do not 'hear voices' but I 'know' who leads me by the Spirit and so far in 40 years that leading has not been wrong. That is all that I can tell you. But if I am ever wrong it would not bother me to say so; truth is what counts and I do not want to be guilty of inaccuracies.
      I agree too that we are to 'occupy till he comes' but we are not all called to occupy in the same ways. I know that I have not been called to fight this goliath with a sling shot. If you have, then thats your own business, as well as mine is mine. I only do work that has results.
      If your 'hope is in Christ' then it seems you think he needs you to help him out, so you think You need to fix things. Have you ever stopped to think of WHY He even let things get this deep into the dumpsters? Do you really think he couldn't have prevented it IF He wanted to? Have you ever stopped to think if He let it get into this condition, then why would he have 'his children' to go try to fix it?
      Did you ever stop to think that just maybe all of this is the result of the population having put Him on the backburner and grow this attitude of ''we can do it, we don't need any God' and then proceed to make a mockery of Him and His Word?
      Have you forgotten 'that God opens doors no man can shut, and He shuts doors no man can open'? Have you looked back over the past, say 20 yrs. and realized The People have been trying to open these door all along, and that to date, they are still shut?
      Don't tell me of all that you have done in your own life; that is you, and I know a few others who have busted free of some of these things - - but that does not equate to the doors being flung open and people still in jail, in prison, and more being defrauded. A glimmer of light here and there is hardly a flood light, lol.
      Its only about Exposure and Anna and Team and some others have done a great job at that. But implementation is going to be another story. Even so, there may be a short season of 'prosperity' which will only be a test of sorts. But it still wont solve the huge problem of immorality.

    10. CJ, once again I see you have missed something along the way in my comments. I know full well nobody can save anyone, and it takes being personally called. In no way have I set out to save anyone, BUT if you notice, all my comments relate world affairs and whats going on, TO scripture....which as I said before, the bible is a history book of this Earth.
      I have nothing at all to gain to even desire any following, nor to even participate in anyone else's personal life. I have indicated this numerous times.
      In short, the fact still remains, this world has an expiration date whether anyone likes it or not, and the only way we can even know this is from where we find that information. Furthermore, I was not talking to the room; I was discussing with you, and responding to your posts. ? Does it really make any difference? We have Channelers on here giving their very false information, galactic crap, etc. but you are not offended by that? Why do you not put that down?
      Most of all, as I said before, we do not all have the same mission, and I'm quite sure, for the reasons I gave previously, you were not given any mission to fix this wicked world. But if you wish to think so, then why should I care. I will let you waste your time on a go nowhere venture.
      Nobody in here ever said they are God; that is a common accusation made by those who are anti-God, so I'm surprised you did that. But do NOT be too sure people cannot change another person's life. I have done it unknowingly numerous times and its not even intended. Thats because I am led by the Spirit and don't allow myself to be led by people who think we are all carbon copies and duplicates of ''ourSelves'. God forbid.
      You owe me an apology for your false accusations, which you arrived at from your personal likes and dislikes. I have free speech just like you do. And as for this ''being the wrong venue' even the Owner here posts quite a long weekly sermon; do you oppose that too?

  10. You are a FRAUD...straight up! Not ONE THING you have EVER stated has come to fruition. Shame on you for misleading all these people. If you're such a bada$$...then get on Fox News or some other mainstream outlet and "spill the beans", deary.
    Uh huh...that's what I thought. If you're all stupid enough to follow this're going to go to prison & she won't do a thing to help you.

    1. wow, harsh, no wonder we cant organize and work together. adn this is being said to somebody working every day to enlighten and help people. wonder what you would say to your enemy...cant imagine.

    2. It's one thing to educate us in history and law and how it all transpired without a shot being fired....just cleaved wording on the part of attorneys....they all deserve the bad jokes everyone tells about them...!! There can never be peace as long as that "closed union shop" is closed for good..!!

    3. Good grief! Another shill! Why do you even bother posting a comment here, A.A.? Do you really believe that you are swaying anybody?

  11. The moment of registration, at law, that name/title becomes a person and can contract. That person can by the power of appointment, appoint a trustee with powers of attorney. Acting as a steward or attorney in fact is private, not public and man does not act, the principal acts, no violation here. You need to read the definitions of the relations or relation-ships here. Man never enters the scene, its all imagination, a belief system.

  12. Yeah, when kids get nailed by city officials or police just for setting up a kool-aid stand, you know the world has gone mad. Next they will be saying if you breath air you have ''contracted with the devils'' Lol.

  13. CJ, you profess to have faith in Christ. Can I ask you just exactly what do you have faith in him FOR? About what? I ask because you seem to think You have to do his work for him, and desperately needs your help or our help. Are you following Him, or are you off and running and expect that He will follow You?
    You see, the Christ of the Bible tells us that He Leads, and we Follow. We are called Followers of Christ, right? So why are you running out in front of him, lol.
    Why are you of the opinion that 'we are to build this new world'? Where do you get that from, scripturally? Didn't he say He would bring His Kingdom with Him when he returns? And didn't he speak of a great destruction to come upon the earth, which is told in the book of Rev.? That there will be earthquakes in various places and other such destructive events?
    I know its easy to get things out of order, and yes we should be doing something, but I would be happy with some interim fixing of all the potholes and that will suffice, since he is gonna bring a whole new Kingdom with him. And BTW, that day is not all that far off IMO and from 'all the signs of the Times' we are seeing, lol.
    So if you want to do something very much needed no matter what Time it is, then a Pothole Brigade would be very much appreciated.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I deleted my comment because I wanted to change it.

    If there is a problem in a believers life, it does not take a 3rd party being given a message “supposedly” from the Holy Spiritto tell them that there is a problem. I’m going to say this and let the chips fall where they may. People that really have eyes to see and ears to hear according to the Bible, see right through people that say stuff like that. That is almost as bad as somebody saying, “God told me where to park my car.“ If you do not have enough common sense to figure out where to park your car, God is not going to help you that way. And if you think HE is, you are in more trouble than you know!


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