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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Most Important Part

By Anna Von Reitz

The Most Important Part
Somehow, though I repeat and repeat the most important part of the message isn't getting through.
There are and there have always been two (2) populations of people in this country. Pay attention. This is critical.
The two groups as defined by the Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 are: the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" and the British "inhabitants" left here after the Revolutionary War to provide-- as Article IV of all three Constitutions puts it --- "essential government services".
The Brits are subjects of the King (or Queen). No mystery about that.
The Americans are supposed to be acting as "free, sovereign, and independent people", but thanks to British Breach of Trust and legal chicanery and deliberate falsification of public records and bankruptcy fraud and identity theft --- you have (nearly all) been mis-characterized as "volunteer" British Territorial Merchant Mariners and British "citizens".
It's up to you to correct the falsified public records and clearly identify your permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born, and to stand your ground and properly identify yourself in the face of any police or court action--- but most importantly, to behave accordingly.
Think about it --- if you really were a "volunteer" in the British Merchant Marine service, you would be expected to obey their rules, would you not?
That's the presumption that the courts have.
As a result of falsified public records and various mistakes you have made over the course of your life seemingly allowing them to identify you as a "citizen" of the British Territorial United States, you have been tagged as a British "federal employee" and as a "Tax Payer" and as a "criminal" and as a "Withholding Agent" and all sorts of other things.
None of which you are.
It's up to you to become aware of who you are and who they are, and to put them resoundingly in their places when they approach you with their false presumptions about your political and employment status.
Some of the first questions you may want to ask after you present them with your Mandatory Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Notice are:
Who gave you permission to address me?
We want to get to the bottom of who is responsible for mis-directing the police and the courts to address Americans "as if" they were British subjects. Eat your way up the food chain. It's a simple question and deserves a simple answer.
By what right or evidence are you presuming to know my political status?
Again, we want to get to the bottom of the dog pile.
Are you aware of the fact that I am owed The Law of Peace and all aid that you can provide me?
This is bound to be big news to the Equity Judges who think that they are here to rule in the Queen's stead and to exercise her "prerogatives" over her subjects. Present them with a copy of Department of the Army Pamphlet 27-161-1.
This British Fraud Scheme has been going on a long, long time, so don't be surprised if you meet resistance and dumbfounded expressions ("OMG! The horses are talking!").
We've been asleep for 150 years. They aren't expecting us to wake up.
One of the key things for you to do now is to recognize the difference between "us" and THEM.
We are free, living sovereigns of this country. They are "dead" corporate franchises merely residing here, doing the job of providing "essential government services".
They owe us their Good Faith service in performance and exercise of the delegated powers. We owe them payment for performing those nineteen enumerated services.
It should be a simple relationship, but generations of self-interested British Bunko and false claims have confused both sides of the issue.
One is reminded of a Grade B Hollywood movie based on mistaken identities.
They profit by claiming that we are one of them, and we have been deceived by clever constructive fraud and similar names deceits into allowing this confusion of identities to exist.
When we step back "over the line" and onto the land and soil of our native state, we "retire" from all presumptions and obligations of federal service--- regardless of what age we are when we do so.
We are no longer "eligible" nor obligated to participate in Social Security (except to receive back what we mistakenly put in), and we are certainly not federal nor federated "State of State" Tax Payers of any kind. We are not obligated to register anything as belonging to the Territorial or Municipal "State of States", not obligated to pay any mortgages owed by these entities, nor to be licensed for any activities except: interstate sale or transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. We are not obligated to participate in any "Selective Service" registration process, either.
They are they and we are we, and what all this amounts to is that THEY owe the return of all our assets free and clear and unencumbered. Now.
THEY also owe the return of all the credit owed to us -- all that we paid in federal taxes that we never owed, all that we paid into Social Security under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit, all the money we paid in to mortgages that were in fact owed by their organizations and not by us at all, all the money that was owed to our parents and grandparents as a result of usury against our actual silver and gold, all the money they collected as property taxes based on false titles---- all due and payable and on our side of the ledger. Now.
They have attempted to claim that we "abandoned" all this credit owed to the American States and People, but that is not the case.
They have attempted to distribute our gold (from the 1933-34 confiscations) and our credit to all the other nations in the world and make themselves out as great philanthropists in the process.
The truth is that they have acted as common identity thieves and fraud artists and that they did this in gross Breach of Trust.
The further truth is that they have plotted -- in desperation to avoid the truth -- to kill off 90% of the world population in an attempt to avoid paying all their Creditors.
They've also knowingly and illegally foreclosed on millions of Americans who are in fact their Priority Creditors.
These are all commercial crimes and war crimes of the most profound nature and THEY are rightly scared witless of the consequences. If you are still acquiescing by inaction and ignorance to being tagged as a British Territorial "Citizen" you should be making tracks out of Babylon as fast as you can go.
However, the vast numbers of innocent people who have been duped begs for mercy.
Therefore, what we have proposed is a simple step-by-step process by which the central banks forgive all debts and the government corporations stop all commercial prosecutions of people living on the land worldwide.
Upon forgiving all debts, the banks can be allowed an equal amount of credit for distribution.
To begin with, according to our plan, everyone on Earth has their guaranteed and inviolable identity secured to them, their own unique account, and two lifetime stipends --- one sufficient for basic living expenses and one for making investments. These stipends are non-taxable, private, and lifelong.
All titles to land are to be returned to the living people they belong to and all public land titles returned to the actual land jurisdiction States or counties or provinces where they belong.
Beta Tests have already been run to gauge the affect of our plan.
1. It avoids hyper-inflation entirely.
2. It provides permanent insurance for losses and damages for everyone worldwide.
3. It provides for all necessary government services without taxation ever again.
4. It provides for secure private identities and new hack-proof, secure internet and banking services.
5. It provides a base-line income for everyone young or old in every country, so that abject poverty will be a thing of the past and all the economies will be stimulated by new consumers.
6. It provides a basis for individual investment in the world economy and de-centralizes investment decisions, which has proved to be a a superior model for maximizing investment potential.
Our plan also provides substantial planetary social benefits:
1. New investment in infrastructure and technology worldwide.
2. New investment in pollution control and clean up.
3. Excellent early retirement options.
4. Free continued education
5. Job mobility.
6. Improved preventive medical and dental care.
7. Improved upkeep and maintenance of homes and other structures.
Best of all, with our plan, there doesn't have to be any big social upheaval or displacement. Nobody has to die for their participation -- witting or unwitting -- in the criminality of the past.
It's clean, it's efficient, it helps everyone and harms nobody.
At which point, compared to the other plans that have been brought forward, our plan stands nose and whiskers above all others.
And it is assisted by the fact that the lion's share of all this credit is owed to us, as are all the charters of all the Territorial and Municipal governments worldwide --- so this is the option being promoted by the Priority Creditors of the entire world infrastructure.

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  1. God bless you Anna everyone should focus on building there jural assymblies. we can do this if we stand together

    1. You missed one very important point judge Anna, which by now I would think you would make it mandatory, because of the absolute ignorance of people who refuse to study anything during there has to be mandatory that everyone MUST learn Law and Money so we never repeat the past, because no matter how good your intentions are, you will not wipe evil off the planet....and as soon as people become complacent, which will be less than a year, these same "money changers will return with a vengeance...!! And I don't know about you, but I cannot stand to be around people who have little to no education that only spread their stupidity to the masses like a virus..!! Even in the future where people say they have been through time machines built by our govt and possibly with help from alien technology, they have seen ahead to the year 2400, say that money was no longer needed and that everyone seemed happy because of that....however, even in that society people realize that everyone has to donate their time doing something for awhile, otherwise you will always have some people who refuse to contribute to a perfect society, by sacrificing only some of their time for the good of the "hive"..!! In other words, you still have to do something for others or all you are doing is enabling very "selfish" people who just want to take advantage of a system that allows them total freedom without knowing or caring about anyone or anything except themselves... according to the person that saw this future, those people who absouluty refused to do anything to contribute to the good of the "hive", were more than welcome to live outside the citys, where nothing is provided have to survive on your own somehow....and believe it or not, some people actually did choose that option...they are that stubborn...unbelievable, but I've seen it first hand with the people I was living more..!! So here's the deal...everyone has to catch up to us in education and do we work or receive nothing, because none of us what to live in a world with self proclaimed geniuses without ever picking up a book, and still think we are all crazy, just because they haven't woken up and we have...!! There is way to many of those people living in America right make friends with them, but leave us out of can be their "mommey"....!! But I'm no one's "daddy "..!!Not anymore..!! You have to have a purpose in life, besides having fun all the time...!! That is not living..!! But it is absouluty necessary for people to learn our true history and never forget it by studying law a nd money...!! Isn't that a "reasonable" request....???

  2. But, I hear about people all the time following this and what you say to do then still being run over by a system so engrained in the lies. If you do all of this and then they say so what and throw you in jail. What then.

  3. Excellent, but I disagree on two points: 1)Shy of breaking my back and spending loads of time and money putting together and mailing off notices to correct THEIR mess and gross mismanagement and crimes, (and should I not be carrying all these newfangled notices on me) I reserve the right to boil it down to a few key sentences that hit at the heart of this "sovereign repatriation" to native soil, and defend myself and stand my ground in self defense; and, 2) We owe them not one red cent for their nineteen enumerated services. They will receive their punishment, which will be meted out in speedy trials featuring Anna's aforementioned public squares, rope, and tall (sturdy) trees, and we will seek and receive remuneration via commercial lien for their Great Fraud and gross Breach of the Public Trust, to the tune of 40 trillion USD and perhaps more. They owe us for their mistakes, and if they are to stupid, ignorant, mis-educated, and indoctrinated counteractive to what their true and Constitutionally-stipulated limits and terms/conditions of service are, then God help them (I doubt He/She will at this point).

    1. Hah... absolutely correct, they will be dangling pinatas on the tallest tree

    2. Chris, I agree. We should not have to correct THEIR mistakes. All of them should just be 'ripped up' and we should just be GIVEN our correct status. Even as James panini has said, give us New ID Cards.
      If Anna has already been to Court on our behalf, then that would make all the records and business null and void; so why are we having to correct stuff in an illegal/unlawful system?

    3. Abby...if the damn democrates, and some republicans would just stop preventing Trump to do his job, we would probably already be done with most of these people... but they are getting more and more desperate everyday that Trump accomplishes something for us....all these people we thought were running our country properly, just seem to be pedophiles, and have no time to look at laws that matter to the people, so they just sign them because they are told to...!! No thinking required..!! This is not over yet...Dont through in the towel yet....the best part is coming soon...!! If we were to see and live in the countries where all the trouble is brewing, like Syria, who's people are nothing but collateral damage, and where organs are litterally are being taken out of adults and children as young as 3 years old by force for money, consider ourselves lucky right now...they are the ones who need for things to get moving fast...the children are wondering helpless without parents, with predators of all kinds with plans for them and no law enforcement to protect them...!! Trump just wrote me again saying he needs more financial help to counter the dems assault against him...!! No other President has taken this much bad press, and determined to get rid of Trump anyway possible... Gillian is now Trumps leading attorney, and he cannot believe the treasonous attitude that all our politicians are taking toward Trump, especially since he is right in the middle of dealing with N Korea, China, and all the players of the "deep state" he is trying desperately to indict and bring to GITMO where they can't be helped by our Brittish counterparts who would protect them if they were charged here in the States...!! He isn't going to let that happen..!! It's GITMO or nothing..!! At least he is showing them some mercy, because he approved a $250 million dollar medical center for all the detainees to be built right now...!! Just give him a little more time.. it's happening behind our backs...if we had an honest justice system our REMEDY would have already happened...!!

  4. Basic, guaranteed, minimum income for every human on the planet should meet all basic survival needs, for life. this single platform is not a new idea, but is necessary for prosperity for all of us. Let's get on this single track, together, and take the first step toward world prosperity.

    1. "world prosperity"
      Now come on people, does not this sound eerily familiar?

  5. So what, then, is the difference between a "citizen" and "inhabitant."

  6. The Brits had a plan in the Scottish Villages where they had red coat troops in small fortresses right in the village. On the night of a wedding, the wife spent the evening with the commander or one of his troops designated. If people did not like it the publicly slit their throats to scare everyone else and get their way. No different today except the people want to be enslaved. TV and schools and news papers have been so successful an entire large amount of people are fooled in to wanting to be enslaved, fearing being free, sure they could not make any decisions for themselves even thought doing it all day long everyday. People take care of everything for them, including turning in their brothers and sisters and taking jobs claiming " I was just following orders" as though that gets rid of the liability for your own actions. Now that people are waking up hopefully it will be far and wide and they will see the sham, the corruption, the using of others as slaves caring not for them even insuring them so if killed can collect and a steady supply of missing people to fill their blood lust and other extreme perversions indicating perhaps they have no souls at all. While they spread fear that people's ideas are failures before even getting started, it is obvious the destruction they are causing will consume us all and leave a scarred and smoking planet of death if people do not do their part and wake the heck up.

  7. "To begin with, according to our plan, everyone on Earth has their guaranteed and inviolable identity secured to them, their own unique account, and two lifetime stipends --- one sufficient for basic living expenses and one for making investments. These stipends are non-taxable, private, and lifelong."
    Our plan??? And again with the out of Babylon reference?

  8. Yes, I can see where the central banks will wake up and have a "change of heart" and give up the power and the wealth to do the "right thing" and forgive the "debt" their slaves really do not owe them due to fraud and phony money schemes. Not going to happen-EVER!!! It is one thing to "propose" something and write articles that will never change anything, it is entirely something else to FORCE them to do the right thing!!! And that is where we are at and have been, there is no one that can FORCE them to clean up this mess and let the slaves go!!! The system either has to collapse on its own, and it will, or there will have to be Divine Intervention, which I do not see happening, so we are stuck in this mess!!! Trumpenstein isn't going to "save" us, folks, WE will have to do it, but no one wants to be the one that does what needs to be done. It isn't "articles" that will change anything, it is FORCE, and since these posts are monitored by the PTB, I will not go into detail, but hopefully there may be a few people with a few brains on this forum that know what I mean. Until that happens, enjoy the chains and the screw job we all are getting!!!

    1. Thank you! You are Absolutely Right on Every PointPoin

    2. The problem with "Force" is:
      1. Not enough people are educated, most of my family believe I'm nuts when I speak about the fraud. There is not enough unity to create a viable "force" and this has to be fought one on one.
      2. NOW, The people standing up with a threat of force are being locked up as domestic terrorists under their statutes, which is casting a bad light on us all. People locked up are useless.

      Education is the first offence. Knowledge is Power.

    3. Unknown, I agree. What good are proposals, to whom were they made, was there a deadline given for their official response. Most likely this proposal was left open-ended and will be allowed to float off into the air.
      Here we are, 1/3 of 2018 is now over with, and I cannot think of one single thing that has moved forward. You are right, trump is not going to get much of anything done. Look at his past 16 months in office, and nothing accomplished worth talking about. So I think I can safely assume he has been compromised and his word does not mean much anymore.
      Power does not necessarily accompany knowledge.

    4. Do you know about the hundredth monkey effect? This is how we transition.

    5. Unknown...of course the banks aren't going to comply with anything that hurts their bottom line....but Trump has something we will never have...enforcement through military might...He just went after Deusche Bank, who just had to fire 400 of its top employees because Trump simply told them hand the money over or I'll send our navy over with a direct strike to take out your bank, which is a very tall building....!! He knows all these people have stolen our wealth using crooked bookkeeping and fraudulent accounts...!! I think he blames all these people for turning his older brother into an alcoholic because of the stress they put on people..Trump loved his brother who constantly told him to never drink or do drugs....never!! And he never did..!! That's why he is so focused..!! He means to get even.. this fight of his is very personal. It isn't just about us..He has a score to settle with most of these people..

  9. I'm with Anna's plan. What other plan is there out there that anyone else is proposing that is workable? Not any of their plans that they are desperately trying to implement to save their hide and overcome their bankruptcy by stealing our funds and equity and leaving us to pay for their debts, are even remotely acceptable.

    1. 1FreeMan thanks for your input. I received the IRS LOJ Judgment today covering all my working years 82-2017 as NO IRS Jurisdiction. Also thank you to Abby.

    2. Robert, things are moving I see. Now did you ask the IRS to send you a List of all taxes you paid from your day 1 of work?
      My son got his list from them but still waiting on mine because they have to go ''back into ancient history' Lol.

    3. 1Free, I'm in favor of the Plan as well; its just the implementation of it that is questionable in my mind. I just have NO faith in these b'tards ever cooperating in anything, unless their lips are slithered over on the other side of a guillotine, lol.

    4. Robert, you may have just gotten the ''notice to dismiss' but what you really need is the one that says ORDER on it in CAPS and it will say signed Judge xxxxx. That is the ORDER you will send together with your 843. 1Free said just one copy of that ORDER will suffice.
      If you have not yet gotten the ORDER yet, it should follow in just a couple days or so.

    5. Abby...are you guys getting answers that quick from the courts..!! Something is going down or some law was recently passed to be getting answers this I said in another post, all I had to do is close my bank account and drop my post office box #, without giving the post office a forwarding address, and viola.....all liens were removed from my credit reports without doing a thing or writing all these letters. It happened all by itself after I just checked my credit score with Credit Karma...!!

    6. james, I am in Ohio, and I received both responses from cincinnati where there is a major hub of the irs; that may be why I got such a quick response. I noticed it stated ''sent electronically' although I sent it to the u.s. tax court in d.c. Apparently they sent it electronically to cincinnati and thats how we got such fast service. ?

      Even the letter I sent to irs addy in state of NY, inquiring if they showed any Liens, to which they said no liens found....that response came within about 10 days or so. Fast.
      That ''no liens' letter from the irs, is what I sent to irs asking them then ''why in the hell are you liening the tax returns to dep. of ed.'' I included copy of the Judge's ORDER. Now I wait to see how they respond to that. That may well become quite a conundrum for them. I may push them to claw it back, if I'm having a spunky day, lol.

    7. 1FreeMan and Abby, Can someone repost info on getting list of back taxes? Good info gets lost in this forum.
      Thanks Robert
      PS, I think the real battle for me is going to be with CA FTB!

    8. Robert, here is a sample letter:

      May 4, 2018

      Department of the Treasury
      Internal Revenue Service
      Holtsville, NY 11742

      Dear Sir/Madam:

      This letter is to request a year by year summary of all taxes paid since 1970 to 2017 for the following social security numbers:

      JOHN H DOE: 123-45-6789
      JANE M DOE: 987-65-4321

      Just to be clear, we do not need copies of each tax return. We are only requesting a sum total for each social security number for each year of total taxes paid for that year.

      For example:

      For SSN: 123-45-6789
      Tax year Tax paid
      1979 xxxx.xx
      1980 xxxx.xx

      Please mail to the above address. Thank you kindly for your assistance.


      By: __________________________
      John Henry Doe

      By: __________________________
      Jane Mary Doe

    9. Yes, I sent to the Holtsville addy, but then the reply I got was from the irs at Austin Tx.

  10. Cool, Robert, you a free man!!!! Now go and collect all your back taxes with interest.

    1. 1FreeMan do you know of anyone that has received a check from using 843?

    2. Abby, you asked this already. No, we are pioneering new ground here. Yes, many have had their liens removed and levies refunded but none have filed a claim yet to have all of their taxes refunded with interest yet. Maybe you can volunteer to be our Guinea Pig? I would start with Form 843 and if they ignore that now you have a case for the US Court of Federal Claims. All taxes paid were demanded under duress and threat of jail while they had no jurisdiction. If they do not return your private funds demanded and received in error w/o jurisdiction, then they will be in contempt of court, a felony. This is because the court order is nunc pro tunc ab initio (what is now was then - from the beginning) back to their first year of LOJ.

    3. 1Free, I would be happy to be the guinea pig; I am just waiting for my tax list to arrive. I don't seem to have any old files saved. (We are still waiting for the irs response to my son's letter regarding their stealing his refunds and handing them over to dept. of ed. - - before we try to do any 843's for him)

    4. Cool, Abby, you can lead the charge. You seem to be getting very quick success with this. Kudos!

    5. 1Free, I know I asked it before, but I wondered if anything has happened since then, lol.

    6. Abby, believe you me, any successes will get posted here immediately.

    7. Abby just so we're all clear here, your previous claim of certified signed court order rcvd by you, and irs response letter you sent was for your son and not you?

      Did you both petition the ustaxcourt and get a final signed/certified order within less than a month from your stated filing date of march 6th?

      I agree 1freeman, You win Abby...please light our path and lead the way!!!
      Inquiring minds would love to know the good, bad and the entire skinny asap!!

    8. Just a little note I want to share...I was having all the trouble you were all having until I closed my bank account and when I closed out my post office box, I refused to give a forwarding address, and believe it or not I just checked my credit score on "Credit Karma " for free of course and low and behold, all credit agencies have deleleted all my tax liens without me writing letters or anything else...they did it all on their own.....everyone should check their scores because there was a statement that said there was a change in the law just recently... but my credit report doesn't even show my address anymore because I refused to give it to the post office.....i guess that means I'm not living within the "Forum State" anymore, at least to the Corp state....can some of you check out your scores and see if it's not just me so I know what happened...thanks...!!@

    9. Kelli, both my son and I sent the same papers at the same time, but under separate cover. The only difference is that my tax list from irs is taking a little extra time because my work days go back further and they wrote and said they needed more time to get mine out to me.
      The only other added correspondence is for him, first inquiring of the irs as to what authority they have had to remit all his tax Refunds over to the dept. of edu. as payment on his student loan. Want an answer to this before we proceed with his 843's.

      We both sent to the Court on 3/6 and both got our ORDERs from the judge, signed Judge xxxx on about 3/22 as I recall.
      We each got 2 'documents' - one saying 'notice to dismiss' and the other says ORDER. These are two separate mailings. They arrived within a couple days of each other.

    10. Hey James, you are on to something here. So what we could do is open a PO box, change our mailing address to the PO box, send COA notices to all creditors and then cancel our PO box w/o providing a forwarding address. Cool. We can disappear in plain site. I still like the tax court procedure better though because now you can get your taxes refunded plus interest and damages.

    11. 1FeeMan ...whatever works at this point..!! But yea, it worked without me even knowing it happened...!! I'm going to check deeper into this and find out what is going on....!!

  11. Well guys I was right about the credit reporting agencies...they were all ordered to delete all tax liens and civil suits from everyone's credit reports because they didn't match up with public record filings with court orders....finally someone forced them to check legitimate state and federal records, which taxing agencies were constantly doing through Noticed of tax liens at the county level but didn't match up with state records...YEA..!! And they can no longer list any tax leins or civil judgements against you, and the records have to be updated by the agencies themselves every 90 days to make sure they aren't reported back on your record....its about damn time..!! But of course the banks came up w it a back up if you are trying for a mortgage loan by going to lexis- nexus, which will probably show the county liens....but it's so good to hear they aren't even allowed to list tax liens any more...this movement is moving foreward...judges must be starting to feel the heat...!! Once 60% of the people realize that judges have betrayed us, there is going to be a "reckoning "!!!!

    1. James, you are correct. I just checked not only CreditKarma but also ordered a new Equifax TrustedID credit report and guess what? No tax liens reported! Well, this has gone under the radar. Thanks for pointing that out. Something must really be brewing for that to have happened.

    2. It was in the news but I guess we all missed it:

    3. Yea, its called corporate bankruptsy protection by the theifs for their wrongdoing and to claim plausible deniability.. Therefore NO liability!

    4. Not this time Kelli....they are liable and justice will be served this time, because none of them will be charged here in America...they all have a one way pass to GITMO....!! TRUMP is not going to allow any of them to use our justice system to hide behind or protect them....they are simply going to be arrested and flown straight to GITMO until Trump tells it is safe to tell the public for everyone's sake, which might not be until 2020, the next election..!!

  12. 1FreeMan, what irs address shall I use to send the 843's? Here, we are to use the irs Fresno address IF we are filing a 1040 with No Payment - - and use the cincinnati irs address if we are sending a payment. But I found no address for sending the 843 or if we are to receive a refund. ?

  13. Hey Abby, you can download and read the instructions here:
    On the first page, the option that seems to apply is this:
    The service center where you filed your most recent return.

  14. Remember when it was reported a couple of months ago when either Equifax or Experian supposedly were hacked and some 150 accounts were compromised....within 3 days their attorneys got a court order that Experian "cannot be sued"...!! They saw a ton of lawsuits coming and headed it off by getting that court order before they had to deal with people during them.....part of that deal must have been to help people's credit reports by taking all those liens off, and any "civil suits" that you lost....those items cannot ever be on your reports any more...they knew damn well those liens were unlawful, it had nothing to do with hacking from tons of patriots that have been telling them for years now that those liens are not lawful because they are nothing but notices, and not even being forwarded to the State records, like you said 1FreeMan...but I font understand why their attorneys got a judge to cut everyone off at the pass by filing for protection from lawsuits...taking those liens off had to be part of the deal. 1FreeMan, did your credit score go up because of that. The article said that your score shouldn't go up that much ...maybe a few points higher because those liens don't affect scores that much.....RIGHT..!! Those leins, especially when you have 5 of them like me littery and effectively cut you out of securing loans, or loans that cost you 25% interest rates....even though you guys are getting your letters back, by pointing out that you never received notices of deficiencies, I would add that even the credit agencies recognize it also and all 3 agencies were forced to take them off "everyones" credit reports forever because of fraud...!! That should really seal it...!!

    1. James, maybe it went up a little but not really noticeable. Are you really surprised they got that court order? They own the courts remember? All CORPS are attached at the hip. Why do you think that "nobody gets a free house"? This, by the way, is a new unwritten, unlegislated and undocumented law in our country today. Funny however, it only applies to us and not to the crooked attorneys and banks who put $0 out of their pocket. They are getting free homes.

    2. 1FreeMan...nothing surprises me anymore in this day and age. But the swiftness at how fast their "damage control" happened is amazing...!!

  15. I meant to say 150 million accounts or more....!!

    1. james, yep, I was one of those that had DL info stolen. I was hoping somebody would steal my SS # and start paying into my SS account so my dwarf check would get up there where I could at least see some numbers on it, Lol.

  16. Well guys, I found out what is going down.....I knew I recognized that terminology that judge Anna used..."galactic federation"..!! It is indeed representing the "NESARA ACT"..!! But even when I read it I was a bit suspicious about that Act, just because of the language... and even judge Anna said it looks like a trap....but appearanntly it was for real and even Winston Stroud and a new patriot named "Natasha " on uTube who is very vocal about all of this, and very believable because she was also targeted by the "deep state" and wound up leaving her litterally "civilly dead", by taking all her assets, including her home and everything else, for being so vocal about the things going on...She survives only by the grace of God and her fans that are loyal and send her money every month....sound familiar..!! NESARA, was supposed to be implemented when Bill Clinton was in office (in the 90's). Of course he wouldn't sign it and it was left up to the incumbent President to sign it, which was George W Bush. But before he could sign it, guess what happened....911...!! How convenient!! That incident solved a lot of the "elites" problems that were coming down at the time...!! But the main problem with the Act is that apparently it c a pls for both the President and vice President to step down and for the "speaker of the house" to temporarily take over to implement NESARA completely, because none of the presidents or their vice presidents could be trusted...but when Obama took office, it should have been implemented then...instead , the "deep state" bought an 8 year "stay" of execution, and now it can only be signed by Trump, the first president to actually wants to restore the Republic....Neither us or NESARA wants that to happen right now... But that's why they are bombarding Trump with every thing they can do to discredit him, because he and Pence would have to step down and let the "speaker of the House", Paul Ryan be put in place to implement it...but he is just another traitor and we would wind up right back where we started...!! So Trump is using only parts of NESARA by implementing that new "Executive Order" of his that talks about "crimes against humanity"..!! That's why we aren't being told what is going on yet, even by Trump...!! He is going after to many "High Profile people with tremendous power, and would be characterized by the MSM as Trump being a "Dictator"..!! So he is working with the military as if it were a "top secret" agenda, because it is..!! When he finally sees most of these people in GITMO, he will feel confident of bring all this up to the American public...But until now, he has to be very careful of "discloser" and "transparency"..!! How come that word is all of a sudden the new "it" word..!! Trump is one hell of a "chess player"..!! He had to be the one that forced all the "Credit Agencies" to delete all those "fake leins"..!! I think the way is clear for you guys to start getting REMEDY, behind the scenes... the "deep state" and everyone involved are finally facing what we have all be facing for most of our lives......FEAR!!! They know it's just a matter of time now before they face the music....!!

    1. james, ryan said he is leaving when his term is up in january '19. I am not sure of trump at all anymore. He keeps thugs in their offices, takes on more of them, and he seems to be making lots of bad decisions. Been 16 months now, and I see nothing. ?

    2. Abby...put yourself in Trumps shoes...he is almost litterally taking on the entire world, not just the traitors here in America...he has to play it safe or the MSM will really stir things up, and he won't be able to accomplish putting the "deep state" to death once and for all... I used to think he was making bad choices to, but it was only because he thought he could trust some of these people, especially when his own advisors are telling him that the people applying for his top cabinet are solid and trustworthy....people like Sessions ...!! So yes, he has made mistakes, but if any of us were to take his job, everyone in DC could easily pull the wool over our eyes because we just aren't "street smart" at dealing with professional con artist, thieves, liers, murderers, traitors, pedophiles, and basically everyone in DC..He even has people in Great Britain holding up signs saying help us to Trump....No one up till now wanted to go up against these people because they are too powerful and connected in so many different ways, that he litterally can't go anywhere in the world without looking over his shoulder...!! Mueller today was finally brought in front of a Federal judge who gave him a major spanking...publically.!! His witch hunt is over...!! And so is he..!! Going into Trumps attorneys home by the FBI to gather everything he had, Trump related or not, was the worst mistake the "deep state" has pulled to date, and now is becoming absouluty clear how truely desperate they are to get rid of Trump..!! Things are happening , but we hardly know about it because of the "black out" of info by the MSM and Trump himself, for his own protection until this is finished...!! Do you realize he has already had 6 attempts on his life already.. He has an angle looking over him to finish this war..!!

  17. It could very well be that Ryan has an indictment out on him. That would solve the problem.

  18. They have something on Ryan, or something he was trying to hide from them so he wouldn't be indicted before he left office...!! But I think they found it, and now he is in trouble...!!


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