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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Letter to President Trump - May 3, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump:

We do not have a contract with any incorporated entity merely calling itself "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".  We present the only actual entity known as The United States of America in any form and you are now infringing on our name so as to give the world, as well as many Americans, a deliberately false idea of relationship and authority.

As we have repeatedly informed Mr. Rothschild, we do not accept any further service contract with France/FRANCE and our government is not in abeyance.

Any services rendered will be considered a gift so long as they are rendered in accord with the Constitutions and commercial contracts we are owed by both the Holy See and Britain.  Any continuance of illegal mercenary actions on our shores by France/FRANCE will be interpreted as international crimes and dealt with accordingly.

We do not intend to run our government like a sleazy discount furniture business that goes bankrupt in a cyclical fashion to avoid its debts and bilk its suppliers.

The offer to contract with "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" has been made and refused.  This is our International Notice of Non-Assumpsit.

We suggest that the Principals responsible for the commercial crimes and false pretenses advanced against us and our people come peacefully to the table to settle the actual accounts without further attempts to obfuscate.

We have begun the process of cleaning up the Birth Certificate Racket and the Quasi-Military Courts which have operated as criminal organizations involved in Human Trafficking, Breach of Trust, Unlawful Conversion of Assets, Impersonation, Press-Ganging, Inland Piracy, and other international and commercial crimes since 1865.

We expect and demand that to the extent "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" has a presence and does business on our shores it will cease and desist all pretenses of military occupation and that you will realize that all delegated powers have naturally and unavoidably reverted to The United States of America (Unincorporated) as a result of the incompetence of all three levels of the federal government ---with the single exception of the agreements we have formed with the American Native Tribes.

The world is thus put on Notice of these facts and the World Court and Holy See and British Crown and British Monarch and UN Corporation, the Government of France, and the respective Central Banks are all held directly and personally liable. 

Our entire country has been defrauded for 150 years and as you all have cause to know, fraud vitiates everything, rendering all actions and contracts tainted by it null and void.  Therefore, all presumptions deriving from the so-called "Reconstruction" and all the Acts of the [Territorial] United States Congress are also null and void since March of 1861.

Our government remains and so do the States and People of this country. 


Anna Maria Riezinger
James Clinton Belcher
Head of State


  1. Hear, hear! I would assume that "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" is just another fictitious usurper trust setup to obfuscate and unlawfully confiscate our lawful trust funds.

  2. Truly food for the sovereign effort, Anna, thank you. I just have one thing I would add to your sentence: "Any services rendered will be considered a gift so long as they are rendered in accord with the Constitutions and commercial contracts [and International Treaties which] we are owed by both the Holy See and Britain." Perhaps you could take the international treaties as "commercial contracts" in one sense. Love it, Anna and James, and thank you for remitting this notice to the World Court in all our good names.

  3. And to the hospitals, electric power companies, city water works, and all other utility companies that "double-dip" Americans every month by accepting "TWO Payments" 1. from the TRUST and 2. payments from the "addressee" of the BILLING STATEMENT - YOUR DAY HAS COME!

    1. Jim I've always ''known' the electric company got paid from our Trusts, but I don't know how I knew that or where I got that info from. ? Anyhow, it is beginning to come out now that even the utility companies play this game with us.

    2. oh goodness...smh!! you Abby are simply fascinating!!
      Go Abby!!!

    3. Abby, Winston Shrout speaks of this very thing. Maybe that is where you discovered it. He says to write BILL on statement accept for value / consumer purchase and send it back to source. Sign it like a check. Winston however got charged a while back. Found guilty but is still no in jail. I have not done this myself, not sure what is right. I have recently purchased an american book on the law and the author claims that each time you are dragged to court, they create a 160,000.00 bond against your trust. That is in the US.

    4. Actually, blue, you have to write the word MONEY ORDER on the statement coupon, write in the amount, sign and date it as AR and put your private account number on their which is your SSN w/o dashes all in blue ink. It is similar to Anna's red stamp but more effective because you involve CID with a 1099-A to acquire the account. PS: WINSTON was convicted but Winston did not allow them to create the joinder. He did not agree to be the surety for the case or the proceeding. That is why he is not in jail. Similar to Subrogation.

    5. great on Winston...I am in Canada so forms and things may not be the same. Do not see any Canadians on here to help. I remember now about writing money order. What is AR ? have you done this successfully?

    6. AR is denoting that signatory IS the Authorized Representative to sign on the named account, as third party ONLY capacity. We are not the name,and the name does not represent living beings. Only dead corps/entities.
      We re-present the name/accounts in correct capacity AS only Authorized Representative

    7. everybody that sends your bills first, middle initial, last aka John Q. Public is probably double dipping.

  4. Has Trump tried back to any of your sent letters??

  5. I've been waiting for this kind of verbiage my whole life! Thank YOU!

  6. ''fraud vitiates everything, rendering all actions and contracts NULL AND VOID'. Since all this paperwork is to ''correct all their fraud they did against us'' I would say all of it is Null and Void already. !

  7. Plutocracy. Rule by Wealth. Fake Presidents do it.

  8. Republic of china,USSR,Republic of France communist.every sense the great terror.napoleon jailed the pope for excommunicating.the Jesuit order after 5 years he relented .

  9. If you were to follow email sent to port 25 at, you would be amazed to see where it really goes. Trump has military mail!!!

  10. Anna - Is this letter to the same Donald Trump you asked to be President of your land-based jurisdiction unicorporated government a few moths ago? LMAO I tried to warn you about Trump and about exactly who and what he is.
    I like what you said - "We do not intend to run our government like a sleazy discount furniture business that goes bankrupt in a cyclical fashion to avoid its debts and bilk its suppliers." because that is exactly what Donald Trump did when he claimed bankruptcy on his sleazy business 6 times, avoiding his billion dollar debt and leaving his suppliers holding the bag.
    This reminds me of when you said General Dunford was the President of your government. Then it was Paul Ryan as President and Dunford as Vice President.
    Get a clue Anna - you have a tendency to put your faith in the wrong people - from Pope Frances on down the line to Donald Trump. I would suggest you write a letter to Ron Paul and ask HIM to be President of your government.

  11. ''the offer to Contract has been made and refused''. How about giving us the names of those who made this offer; the names of those you are trying to reach settlement/agreements with? Why are they kept hidden from us, since this is our country. Why is everything being done with faceless nameless people; and we are expected to just assume. It would be beneficial for us to know just who is against us here. Why cover up for them??

  12. Trump is POTUS of United States who?
    Arrest warrant evidence that the UNITED STATES is a corporation.
    Arrest warrant evidence that The United States of America is a country.
    See page six: The Status of the “United States of America”

  13. And just HOW is this decree of notice to the guilty parties are going to be held "accountable"!!!??? WHO is going to do it!!!??? Yes, we are going to take them to THEIR courts to sue them for justice that we have been denied so long, yes, that makes sense, and I am sure Mr. Trump is going to READ this decree and do the right thing. Sure, when pigs fly!!! Nobody is going to change the course that we are on. It is now impossible. "They" control all of the wealth, the politics, and the power, and all we have is people writing "decrees" that are as worthless as the ink printed on the phony dollar bill. Sorry to rain on y'all's parade here but this is more "hopium" being fed to the masses.
    Apparently, no one here has READ the book of Revelations!!! THAT is where we are headed folks, Queen ann isn't going to save the US, no one is or can at this point!!! The system is going to have to collapse before the sheeple will be able to do anything, if ever. But...keep hopping and croaking when this stuff gets published if it continues to make you feel better!!!

    1. Unknown, while I agree with you that we are headed toward Revelations, I cannot agree or condone your condemnation. If you really believe in Revelations then you must also believe that Jesus came to restore dominion over the earth back to man. So my question to you is, instead of condemning the efforts of others, what are you doing to have His will de done on earth as it is in heaven?

    2. 1FreeMan, gee you are sounding like a Reconstructionist, who believe it is up to man to fix earth and 'make it fit for Jesus to Return'. Surely you know that Man is totally unable to make 'his will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.
      As I've read over and over, the Book tells us that He came the first time to give man dominion over the earth; but this next time He is coming to reign on earth as King of Kings for 1000 yrs. Otherwise you'd have to rip out Rev. 20:6 which says 'blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection ; on such the second death hath no power; but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.
      Zech 14:4 tells us where that reign will take place, as his foot steps on the mt. of olives and v. 5 speaks of who will be involved. But before any of that, 2 Thess.4:14-17 takes place, which shows we do not participate in creating such 'heaven on earth' but is his doing.

    3. Abby, you are putting words in my mouth which I never said and drawing conclusions. Pray tell, did He or did he not come as the last Adam to restore dominion over the earth back to man? That answer can be nothing other than a resounding yes which you also state here yourself. So if we have been given dominion than we are to make His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, right? Then why are you arguing with me? What else are we supposed to do with our dominion which He gave us? Sit on our laurels and criticize, condemn and complain? If you believe that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and as He is so are we in this world, and the works that He did we are to do also and greater than these for He went to the father, and many more like commandments He gave us, then what is your argument here? Are we not to be about every good work to establish His kingdom here on earth? This has nothing to do with the false teaching that He cannot return until we have done so and what only you are concluding. Why would Jesus instruct us to do this if as you claim: "Man is totally unable to make 'his will be done on earth as it is in heaven'." Why then would He tell us to cast out demons, tread on serpents, heal the sick and raise the dead and proclaim unto them that the kingdom of God has come near unto them if He did not also equip us and give us the power to do so by the Holy Spirit? Are you calling Him a liar? Or is it because you simply don't want to do His work?

    4. 1FreeMan, I think you have misunderstood what I said; I know words in print do not include tone of voice or body language, so misunderstandings occur. Simply put, I am saying that we are now late in Time, the clock is near that 'expiration date' and that the world has gotten way out of whack.
      As you already know, we all can see, Man has already had Dominion and has screwed it up royally, which many of us see as beyond repair.
      Of course I agree with all the things you say 'we are to do' however I also incorporate the time-frame and realize that we have come to the place which says 2 Tim 4:3 for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine....4 and they shall turn away their ears from the truth.......''
      And 2 Tim 3:1 this know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come, for men shall........'' v.1-5.
      So I am simply saying we are now in that Time which is far from what it used to be. Just as Unknown has so aptly stated, we are going headlong right into Revelation; we just don't know any exact date, but by 'the signs of the Times' it is nigh at the door.
      So I recognize all the roadblocks, and I'm sure you do as well. You can also see we even have folks now threatening law suits over repeating Gods word, calling it 'hate crimes'; the part that says 'we hurt their feeling and injure their self esteem'.
      1Free, 'he leads, we follow'. And we must keep up with the Times and be prepared to have our paths redirected. Nothing stays the same.

  14. Preying is good.


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