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Monday, May 7, 2018

Nonsense and Sense

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, I am going to give you all a trillion dollars worth of credit and a trillion dollars worth of gold..... each and every one of you.

What is your reaction?

Horror, is the correct answer.  

Now, bear in mind, that I am a Great-Granny who does not believe in money.  To me, it is a phony construct and form of idolatry and it shouldn't exist.   

However, at least for now, it does exist and people have gotten in the habit of using both credit and money as a means to "symbolize value" and conduct trade---so what happens when there is a big glut of gold or credit, either one?

Devaluation and hyper-inflation.

What the bankers on both sides are really doing when they promise to release all these "Prosperity Funds" in big dumps to private accounts is the economic equivalent of Mutually Assured Destruction, a sort of monetary nuclear war.

Very, very rapidly, a cup of coffee costs a million "dollars" and a hoodie costs ten ounces of gold.

Now, I know there are a lot of innocent people out there thinking that at last they are going to get their bite of the apple and be able to sail around the world in their twenty million dollar yacht, but what happens in real life is that the money is rendered useless--- just like a broken tool.

And it loses its value accordingly.  How much will you give me for a busted post-hole digger?

Another way to look at this is in terms of fertilizer.  Every good farmer knows that if you put the right amount and kind of fertilizer on a field, everything flourishes ---- but if you put too much fertilizer on a field, you kill it--- and it can take a long time and a lot of effort to restore it. 

It's the same way with money.  Too little, and the economy is unhealthy.  Too much, and you kill the economy altogether.

So what happens when a symbol of value loses its value and nobody has a means of exchange? 

Oil pumps stop pumping.  Fields full of strawberries rot because there is nobody to pick them all, no way to transport them, and no viable market when they get there. Food disappears off the grocery store shelves, and what is left costs so much that it is insane.  Farm animals disappear because people are starving. Fields lie fallow for all the reasons stated about.  Widespread starvation, disease, and crime erupt.

All this and more actually happened in the Weimar Republic a hundred years ago.

The cynical bankers know this, so when they talk about releasing "Prosperity Funds" they are in fact threatening you with death and chaos, not a well-earned vacation and Pina Coladas.

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  1. So it becomes fairly obvious that Anna is working around to proposing digital 'currency' and manner of exchange, which nicely plays right into the hands of the coming world Dictator who will rule during his reign during the coming End Time Tribulation of 7 yrs.
    She is promoting this cashless society wherein the Dictator will have total control of each and every individual alive on earth during that time; all he will have to do is put a stop on your Account.
    So this is one of those ''signs of the times' when no man can buy or sell unless he takes the Mark of the Beast (the Dictator mandate).

    1. Abby, if you don't know Obama is the Antichrist by now and the Pope the false prophet, you haven't been watching very closely. Obama was born on the 216th day of the year 6×6×6. His full name has 18 letters in it 6+6+6. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

      If you really want to know what is going on behind the scenes, you'd better start follow Qanon or just Q for short. There's plenty of You Tubers that decipher the cryptic messages on a daily basis. It's the greatest intel drop in the history of America. It's someone close to the President. You can read the drops for yourself, if you want by going to

      Your going to need the help of the patriot channels on YouTube to understand what Q is saying.

    2. I wouldn't be at all surprised if O turns out to be the AC; he fits the description quite a bit. Yes, a pope will be the false prophet. As for Q, I've heard pros and cons about his info. ?

  2. Haha well as far as im concerned and from personal knowledge and experience, the "marked" NAME and Social security number system IS the Mark of the beast in this System we've been living in!!! Have you tried to work or bank without the "mark" placed on your named estate and using the Social Security Administration assigned property number yet?
    Anna has already published a few articles detailing the heinous copyright, patent and "trademark" system used against our given names and estates and it was referrenced as the "BEAST" if I remember correctly.
    May be worth a re-read

    1. The beast is a hu-man creature/afterbirth/born alive, decedent. Fibonacci laid out the process numerically, how matter emerges from space. The baby and the afterbirth together are 1.666-baby-1/afterbirth-.666. The power of the beast is captured as to harness the power of productivity by the bankers. Ever heard of fifth third bank? 5 divided by 3 is 1.666, think they know?

    2. Very interesting Cube, Thank you!!

  3. You are RIGHT abut the coming world Dictator, but you should NOT accuse ANNA of supporting his agenda! SHe decries 'money' , but she did NOT say what she would like in its' PLACE! SHoudl NOT put words in her mouth! Maybe she prefers a bartering system of some kind.
    WHO KNOWS, as she did not ADDRESS what should be an alternate system for money. I am GLAD you are aware of the coming Antichrist, but - let us be CHRISTIAN in our acts - and NOT put words in the other guy's mouth! Give him SPACE to express himself. If he doesn't, ASK him to - but, DON'T ACCUSE him of a point of view YOU select for him!
    I would be VERY interested to know - what DOES Anna prefer to the current money system? Should make for an interesting read!

    1. Jim, I believe I was simply saying that a digital system does play right into the hands of the antichrist. It does seem that our present system is so screwed up that it appears to be coming to digital, possibly. I have asked Anna what alternative she had in mind; she has always had the opportunity to set the record straight.
      In no way do I think she is working on behalf of the antichrist or deliberately trying to push his agenda; I simply noted how this will play right into his hands so he can control the lives of people in every way.....which was not quite so evident a few short years ago.

    2. [She is promoting this cashless society wherein the Dictator will have total control of each and every individual alive on earth during that time; all he will have to do is put a stop on your Account.]

      Quantified that amounts directly to supporting or do you think I'm taking it out of context?

      Have you considered that a move away from the easily manipulated, counterfeited and insane criminality of privately issued money, to a more sensible, unfettered and unregulated, transparent yet unfuckwithable, decentralized and consensus powered, community driven, Public ledgers to validate proof of product from the supplier to the consumer and all the way to being a stable store of value, unfortunately currency could never fulfil the function of measuring value as long as currency is also value since unit creation would be limited. Check out for a thorough and clear description of money, it logically breaks down what, how and why money as a store of value isn't money, only commodity.

  4. I don't believe that there is a singe instance in human history that gold has not out paced inflation. Hyper or non-hyper.

    1. What's the metric for "outpaced"? what do you make of the incredibly rich history of counterfeiting by those in charge of gold coins and privately as well?is it outpacing inflation when the gold rush happened? How about the best part that gold's sheer ineptitude at transacting directly, both for fear of theft in small and large quantity and also because there couldn't be one industry that could make valuations directly in gold due to its limited supply, the first of which led to the creation of fractional reserve banking and the latter evident when the king and parliament required the colonies deal only in gold and silver coinage it quickly went from outright the most prosperous time in history, all because of the script money that was issued by the Genius Ben Franklin, second to none, to the point that the population was so destitute and desperate they went to war with the king, would you consider gold a good candidate for store of value, especially considering that you're running the risk of purchasing gold that was stolen by the state and "conscripted " or outright "con_fiscated"?

  5. Anna has said in the past that communities really don't need money. However, there is a transition period where commodities currently are over there and to get them here, we will need to pay the man and someone to deliver them until we as a community can either support our own or supply our neighbouring communities with something they don't have. Contributionism or voluntaryism is the way to go. The people who will continue to make cars will need a place to live, heat, eat, clothes to wear and so on, they will get them at a depot similar to a co-operative. All of us will have to contribute to sustain our own life. This will begin most effectively in small communities and grow from there.

    1. dancarp, I cannot even imagine a barter system working. If you are out driving in an area you've never been to before, you need gasoline, you pull into the nearest gas station, what will they want for some gasoline? Are you going to have what they will accept for the gasoline? I doubt it, so then what will you do? You see why that just won't work?

    2. The system isn't for those "driving around an area", that's why it seems redundant to think a community will not function on voluntary and gift economy because an outsider can't pay for gas. Maybe some will volunteer their gas to you, or loan it, maybe they want you to drive some hitchhikers, or fulfil some menial task, why would the voluntary contribution based community not work because barter cannot work?


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