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Monday, May 7, 2018

No Thanks. It's Not Lack of Money. It's Lack of Value.

By Anna Von Reitz

Money, even actual money like gold and silver, is being used as a symbolic representation of value.  

You can increase the amount of money so long as you have supplies of gold, silver, etc., or you can increase the amount of credit or securities, but increasing the availability of these symbols of value doesn't increase the value of what they represent.  

All it does, when you increase the availability of money or securities without increasing the value of what these symbols represent, is create inflation and devaluation of currencies worldwide. 

Here's an example of it.  

You have a blueberry pie and it can be valued at fifty cents, ten dollars or a hundred dollars --- depending on the buying power and value that the dollar represents.  

But it is still just one blueberry pie. 

If there is no lack of "money" and everyone suddenly has and starts spending these "Prosperity Packages" the money supply expands, but the actual value of the goods and services represented by that money remains the same.  

It's still just a blueberry pie.

So what happens, predictably, is hyperinflation.  

Suddenly, an hour of labor costs $60, costs $600, costs $6000.... and soon the money is absolutely worthless.  

Just as it was in the Weimar Republic a hundred years ago, people will be paying $100,000 for a loaf of bread. 

And it will still just be a loaf of bread. 

I remember when I could buy a loaf of bread for $0.25.  Now, a comparable loaf of bread costs $3.69.  According to that, a "dollar" is worth 1/15th of what it was worth in 1960.  

If these "Prosperity Packages" are released ---purportedly as payment for all the damage these pukes have caused-- the value of the "dollar" will hyperinflate and it will be worthless almost overnight. 

So what good is it and what actual value have you received?  


And it doesn't really matter if it is value symbolized by dollars or yen, by gold or paper.  You are dealing with symbols of value, not value itself --- and value itself is what has been stolen from us:  Our time.  Our labor.  Our land. Our natural resources.  Our commodities.  Our finished industrial products.

Meantime, the rats responsible will claim that they paid off their debts by making all this money  available, which is both true in one sense and false in another----  because the money is just an accepted "symbol of value" and what really matters is the "value" of what that money represents. 

When you just dump lots of money into the marketplace (which is what these Prosperity Packages do), you are dealing with "symbols of value" and the more casino chips there are, the less value each casino chip stands for--- because the actual value of what you are trading (like the blueberry pie) has not changed. 

So, White Hats, if you've been promoting these Prosperity Packages as an answer to anything, you need to become considerably more sophisticated in your thinking and in generating a solution to this problem.  

Otherwise, the American People and everyone else worldwide stand to be grossly damaged by the release of these so-called Prosperity Packages.  

Their currencies will suffer hyperinflation, trade will be chaotic and strained in the extreme, public confidence in the monetary system will be nil and the rats will still owe all the value that they are trying to pass off as being "paid" with more Bushwah.  

The guilty government corporations and banks responsible for the Mess will be just as guilty as they ever have been.  In fact, they will have another attempted bamboozle to their discredit.  And the take-home point to all concerned is that they will still owe everything they have always owed.  

So--- why even go through such chaos and misery and waste?  So the perpetrators can claim (dishonestly and unsuccessfully) that they have paid their debts?  

We are not accepting this "Trillionaires for a Day Answer" as a solution to anything, least of all as payment for the debts and assets we are owed.  And as for pretending that gold has so very much more value than paper as a symbol of value, you'd all better remember that the streets of Heaven are paved in gold for a reason. 

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  1. Anna, you keep saying this, but when are you going to tell us what you think our money should be replaced with?

    1. She has. Go back and read the suggestions Anna has made about a new system. Everyone has value ,every country has some resource..they would all be valued the same. Everyone would have " moneu /" value" there would be no poverty and there would be , if I had my way , a huge pile of rotting corpses to remind everyone of who and what thry did to humanity..bankers,lawyers,tyrants,nazis,...all the practitioners of the ancient babylonian mystery religion...

  2. Jesus said, "I did not come to destroy the laws of the prophets but to fulfill."The system is a good system but the imbalance in the system is causing extreme suffering for those at the bottom end.The top money owners must be brought down and the bottom brought up like a teeter toddler. A teacher teaching false knowledge is paid 4 times more than a mechanic. Usury must be stopped immediately and bankers locked up with politicians right behind them. God is waiting but has been kicked to the curb. Had enough, find God. Avoid strange gods. He will come immediately to you if you ask.

    1. Are you having a laugh? By no means can you state that "The system is a good system". It needs to be torn down and rebuilt anew free of corruption by and for ALL people, globally. Yes, usury must be stamped out completely -- this is what Ezra Pound was saying in his "illegal" broadcasts during WWII from Rapallo, Italy, and which landed him in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C. as a mental patient. And as far as "God is waiting but has been kicked to the curb" -- YOU ARE God as God-Self and you need to quit thinking about God as an "other", out there somewhere waiting for us to ask Him for something. And as Laurence Gardner also points out "God" is somewhat like the word deer or fish -- it denotes a plurality in a seemingly singular proper noun. It is infinite multiplicity which you are part of. "It is a participatory Universe" said another great scholar. Get busy co-creating it and quit with the archaic bollocks, I say.

  3. Replies
    1. There is no need to assume, because the only sex gene that a woman can pass is an "X" (female) chromosome....its only the male that has both "X"(female), and "Y" (male) chromosome.....its the male ONLY that can produce a male child. So much for woman's lib....!! We were never meant to be totally equal when it comes to the sexes..!! Get over it..!!

  4. I think the key here is that every soul has the same value, regardless of what you apply to it. When we can get that through our thick skulls, we will be closer to defining what value is. If a supervisor, plant manager, banker, farmer,or a carpenter/plumber has the same value, people will begin to do what they love. We have placed value on material productivity/goods not the people who create them, therein lies the issues. The value is not in the blueberry pie, but those who caused it to become a blueberry pie from the farmer to the baker and all the elements necessary. The art of creating mechanisms to make blueberry pie available to all who want blueberry pie is key and what has been missing all along.

    The challenge to we humans is, will we respect the value of the human contribution more than the products they produce?

    Mothers know this more instinctively than any. Is the value of that first picture your child drew using pencil/pen/crayons and paper showing the stick figures of Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters and the dog or cat not treasured more than the cost of the crayons and paper??
    When did we lose sight of this?? After the first time they say mum mum, da da? Took their first steps? Went potty?

    We don't have to go that far back in time for most of us to realize this.

    Tell me that the teacher, lawyer, doctor, mayor, or whoever you choose is more valuable than the plumber when the toilet plugs up or the mechanic when your car breaks down or the garbage man who takes away your trash. We have been taught that what they do is more valuable than those who perform these tasks.

    1. My question was...if Anna is against money, our currency, these fiat dollars.....then what does she propose to replace that with. Simply put, if I want to go to the grocery and buy a loaf of bread, how do I pay for it.

      All this 'everyone has equal value' sounds good, but is simply not true. In fact, if I know a person who is a chronic liar, or a thief, abuses his own household/family, etc etc...then as far as I'm concerned they are nothing but a worthless POS ! Their own soul was for them to guard for themselves; if they don't do that, well then too bad. I am simply done with being concerned over people that don't even have concern for themselves.
      I am fully cognizant of the gross economic imbalance of today: we have either that group that has way more than they need or can even spend, while on the other end of the spectrum we have people always in need of something, always lacking, and even a large segment of society in dire circumstances. (this is because 'they' have been busily stealing all the money they can get their hands on, so they can build their own new world after they get rid of all of us. So they THINK!)

      But to say that a skilled brain surgeon who has spent over a decade to gain such skills, is worth the same as the kid who mows his lawn, smacks of Communism.

    2. feelings exactly..!! However, some people indeed are arguably more needed than others, like good doctors and nurses..!! But do we give them much value....not even close to what football or basketball players we give great value to even though we could easily live without them...

  5. What is this "Prosperity Packages" that keeps coming up every so often in some of these conversations?

  6. No, if they try to give us a check like those stimulus checks under Obama we can send them back to totally cancel out our so-called national debt. Pay to the order of the United States of America


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