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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Structure of the Original Government Being Restored Using the Example of The Republic of Texas

From Anna Von Reitz

First, our Constitution guarantees us a “republican form of government” --- “republican” = Latin, feminine, adjective. This is the form of government provided by the county level local government occupying the soil jurisdiction and is create when (and only when) people claim their birthright political status and join together to create a County Jural Assembly. Please note that our right to peaceably “assemble” is one of the guarantees of all three Constitutions.

So, that means people need to be claiming back their Good Names and Estates and returning --- or, the fancy legal term for the same thing---“re-conveying” your Trade Name to its natural permanent domicile on “land and soil of Texas” or another American state so that you can lawfully act as an Elector and Juror in an American Common Law Court and are lawfully enabled to exercise your right to peaceably assemble and create a County Jural Assembly.

Once you have your County Jural Assembly formed, and a minimum of 26 qualified jurors in your jury pool you can engage in a lawful election process – 30 day Public Notice of Nominations Meeting, closing of nominations, 30 day Public Notice of Election time and place, secure secret paper balloting, election of County Sheriff, Justice(s) of the Peace, Bailiff, Court Clerk, and Coroner. 



  1. Yes, just as Dr. David Manning formed his "juror assembly" in Harlem, NY to "try" Barry the Fairy on about 22 counts of Federal Law violations and nothing was done about it!!! Their findings were completely ignored and the Feds passed a Law staying only THEY have the "right" and authority" to assemble jury assemblies, so all of this is smoke and mirrors!!! Until one is able to ENFORCE said juror verdicts, then anything else is wishful thinking. Still waiting for proof that this touted "Michigan Jural Assembly" has CHANGED anything in Michigan!!! so far, only article and happy thoughts are published but no facts as to any indictments of fraud, breach of trust, and crimes against the people from our politicians there have been forthcoming!!! Keep drinking this kool-aid folks, it is working!!!

    1. Dear Unknown,
      At least Judge Anna and her group of freedom fighters are doing something about the corrupt system that has enslaved our people and dumbed them down to the point of your hopeless comments. What are doing to make a difference? I suggest we constantly try to create a "crack in the dam" for future generations to achieve what we have set out to accomplish. Do you have a better idea? I didn't think so.....Dr. James Chappell

    2. JC, I fully understand people cannot just stand around and get plowed under, so I understand the efforts. However, the naysayers here also have valid points: How about answering the Enforcement issue. Even before this effort started , enforcement of any of it should have been addressed.
      Otherwise, what is there to give people genuine hope that all their efforts will be rewarded? What is going on here and now, is a big trial and error 'lets all get to work, and lets see if it pays off, or not'. Well, that is not the way good business Plans are to be made. I think this is where we 'doubters' are coming from; yet the questions never get answered either, which makes it all the more ''doubtful'.

      Here we are being told how to set up government, and to Elect people, such as Sheriffs. Yet some very important details once again are left out and left to assumption, such as how much is the job going to pay, and where is the money going to come from to pay the wages of the Elected, or to run this government.
      Also who is going to listen to this new Sheriff of ''ours' and how is it going to be enforced and made effective, literally.
      Its time for all posters in here to get their heads out of the clouds, and their feet on the ground, and realize we doubters who bring up these things, are inputting real questions; these are the same things that get discussed in Board Rooms.
      We are not really doubters who are trying to throw cold water or cause disturbances in here; we are bringing up very realistic problems and shortcomings in these Plans. We simply do not see how this will work, because questions asked never get answered by the Planners.
      So Dr. Chappell and others who are throwing rotten eggs at us, please stop and think about what is being said and questioned, and then tell us what the answers are.
      You speak of future generations; have you been paying attention to what ''they' are planning for 'the future'? Do you really want to preserve such a world so 'they' can turn it into something akin to a psy-fi movie? If we can't even enforce a few simple Papers and true Common Laws, then what makes anyone think we the People are going to stop these crazies who want to ''trans-humanize' us?
      Dr. C and all other futurist-dreamers, its time for you all to consider Jesus. Man who has made all this mess, is not about to bring about any good solution to it.

    3. The thought occurs to me that perhaps the Reverend Dr. David Manning may have been attempting to mix jurisdictions. I believe a “juror assembly” relates to common law, but the charges were based on “Federal Law”, or corporate statutes, which I suggest would, under common law, constitute ‘color of law’. One might say he was attempting to establish a ‘sovereign citizen’ jury - Good luck! Under such circumstances, it’s believable that only “THEY do have the "right" and authority" to assemble jury assemblies”, as was stated by the Fed passed law, whereas their statutes are within their legal system, not the common law. Notice, “THEY” is all caps, or was that capitalization proffered by Unknown?

    4. Yes, I remember Dr. Manning's jury, trial and verdict. And that it just went floating in the wind because nobody wanted to enforce the sentencing. 'Their man' had been appointed into the oval office to accomplish the destruction of our nation and our culture. And so that is what we have now.
      And we should all take Note that since that trial and conviction of obumbo, our country has gotten exceedingly worse and worse off.
      We can look at the past, how it was handled, the reactions in all such matters, and know that there was a deliberate ignoring of nipping it in the bud back then, then what makes us think we can 'put any crack in the dam, this dam of pure evil'. It all goes to show us their Plan is one of deliberate destruction; otherwise they would have punished those who have participated and still do to this day.
      IMO the handwriting is on the wall; people just need to put on their glasses and read it.

    5. Robert Laurence....thank you for that input.....we haven't seen you on this site before and you look a lot like an attorney or offense intended..!! But are you..!! What should have happened from the beginning is how to state or comprise a lawfully recognized "Enforcement agency" of our own first, before we even contemplated starting "Jural assemblies". Why do you think we got into one of the bloodiest wars America has ever known called the "Civil War" that cost more American lives than all previous and later wars together....Americans against Americans....Real Smart..!! But really , when it was all done and said, it wasn't about slavery at was about "Enforcement Rights" of a nation divided over a single issue, and neither side would listen to the other, and both were willing to defend those rights with deadly force......because both sides had the exact same enforcement rights as the other, which in Lincoln's mind could only be resolved by centralizing ALL power in the hands of a "CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT" which oversees the entire 50 states united, when it came to larger and larger populations in every state, all of which would all start to have their own opinion of what is right or wrong and probably became clear to Lincoln even back in 1861. But was it solved by Courts or, it was solved the same way it has always been handled throughout the ages......FORCE..!! Lincoln had no right under the constitution to abandoned "habeous corpus" and start a war, when the govt formed in Washington DC, only had 19 delegations of authority.. it was never intended to be used that way...he litterally created a military to control all Americans from that point on...and the military to this day now is addicted to the most powerful drug known to man since before Christ.....Absolute POWER"...!! And they will never give it up willing now without another massive fight...and not with paperwork..!! Unless we get our original courts back and DC takes a back seat to states rights, which I have to admit, the state's are finally rebelling against, outright defying Trumps EO orders on "immigration"..just another "civil war" over basically the same thing over 150 years ago..!! It looks like we will never learn...and it's not just because congress and all govt for that matter can't please everyone, it's because we can never please anyone at all, ever...!! It was much easier when life was simpler and without all this technology, because there was simply less people living and spread out from one another to cause their neighbors any problems. Now we litterally live on top of one another, with tremendous stresses on us to survive and take care of a family than ever before....

    6. People need to take courses in population ecology and the affects it has on populations of every species, not only humans...In fact, the animal kingdom is a very good example of how balance is achieved, without intervention by man who by his intellect has controlled or tried to control all species populations , but particularly the human species....God made all nature to equalize themselves by purposely creating "predators" and "prey"...if either one becomes to unequal, nature itself will bring equalization by "death", whether your the prey or the predator...!! How...!! Easy..if the predators become so efficient at killing their prey, and its population explodes, guess what...there is no more pray to feed on and predators only have two choices at that point...either eat each other, or simply starve to death....thats why we might think it is cruel when a predator kills its prey, but the opposite is true with the prey, like rabbits, if they are just allowed to eat all the vegetation in its area without predictors to keep them in check, then they will litterally eat up all the vegetation until they find themselves in the same situation as the predators and they just start dying.....sometimes to complete extinction!!! Man is the only species that has risen past their counterparts because they can artificially create their food and their environment to adapt to any amount of population for survival sake...!! But it comes at a high cost, because we have a bad habit of getting into fights when we live on top of one another.....realistically, if we were suddenly to lose half the American population, you would notice an immediate change in attitude of people and an automatic reduction of stress and pressure, and the resulting commrodery of people again...So in a way, the Georgia Guidstones are correct....reduce the entire population of the world to half a billion people and immediately notice a better, nicer world..Yes judge Anna we do posess the technology to feed the world and make people healthy again, but one thing technology cannot do is create an atmosphere of peach and harmony, with populations so big and so diverse, that we will always need a huge "central authority" to keep people from killing one another....!!! And that is why the "deep state" probably agrees with globalizing the world, because we are at that point where we have manipulated nature to such an extent, that war is inevitable...Do you notice that elephants and tigers, lions, etc are very localized...?? You don't find them far from their territory in which they were born, because they don't board a 737 and simply go to another country...But we do..!! And we are trying to integrate every sort of race, religion, and culture into one giant "melting pot" who would normally just stay in there areas where they were born....!! If the population isn t reduced, we definitely will kill each other until the earth and nature equalizes...!! That is why Trump is definitely right about one thing....having boarders to prevent overpopulation of one area, like America...!! Of course, it doesn't help when you have people intentionally creating scenarios and false flags to insite rebellion on false enemies and between each other...!!

    7. james, there are no more real old fashioned neighborhoods; now everything being built around here are more like enclaves; mostly condo communities, all connected together; people on top of people with no privacy or breathing room.
      I think the younger generations view this as good because they don't have any yard to do yard work, mow any lawn, nadda. Just pay a monthly fee and all that is done for them; a perfect lazy man's way to live.
      At the same time as these communities are staking people up, the roads are left as narrow two lanes and cannot accommodate all the extra traffic. All in all, its a very bad idea.
      The alternative is to try to find one of the older homes and refurbish/update it, which is so expensive to do you end up with a large investment on a street where people cannot afford to keep up the value in their homes. This means you would be hard pressed to find a buyer who would pay what you have wrapped up in it, if you should decide to sell and move.
      This leaves you living in a not so good neighborhood.

      To live in one of the upper scale areas where the old homes are quaint, kept up, and very attractive, the property taxes are on avg. 15 - 20,000 per yr. The home prices themselves are deliberately high, very very high, just to keep out ''the trash'.
      So all 3 choices are each manipulated for one reason or another.

    8. james, your statement about putting everybody into one big melting pot is absolutely true. And it is The Agenda of the One World-ers. They think they will cure the racism problem by encouraging mixing among all races and nationalities, with the idea that eventually everybody will be such a blend of color that there will no longer be a white race. THAT is what this is all about.
      They have even used the 'famed' kardashian family of women to marry the darkest men they can find; put them into the public to promote this idea, to make it seem normal, like it is the way to do things in modern day times. None of the K family has ever done any real work, none have any skills, yet they have all been made wealthy for this purpose.
      People who don't see this are either blind or gullible, and so they will fall for it, playing right into this Game; its called 'Guess Whose Coming To Dinner''.

    9. re: lincoln a good read is "the american heritage book of the presidents and famous americans" number 6 of 12. $3 at thrift store.

      andrew johnson and ulysses s. grant (real name hyrum, dad was mason, he didnt like to be called HUG) were also slated to be of their wives didnt want to go to the theatre that day.

      the "Radical republicans" were saying andrew johnson was no longer a "citizen", despite telling the south not to secede, put in as "military governor" of a southern state, vice under lincoln, then president when lincoln got shot.

      was impeached but not convicted by one vote.

      which explains a lot re: the "federal citizen" scam. for a portion, only "negroes" could vote in the "south" ...this was likely "only new us citizens (federal citizens, civil rights act + 14th amend.) can vote" but that was "freed slaves" who that was their only option of "citizenship" + whites who "volunteered". so they wanted everyone to "volunteer" to be a federal citizen, else they cant vote.

      as military governor, andrew johnson said it was ridiculous. that should say a lot. he told the south not to secede.

      and when he became president, the radical republicans told him he was no longer a citizen.

      that explains a lot. the "hazard circular" tells a lot too, and "the federal zone" book . see also

      that site should have HTML and/or PDF of "Federal zone" book for free i believe (that is the author, not a "pirated" version)

    10. point being, i believe despite lincolns crimes, he wanted to "Return to normal" ...ulysses was a general of the "north" and andrew johnson was a southerner who told them not to secede, and ran as vice with lincoln.

      so, while lincoln was "guilty" it looks like he wanted to return to normal, and was "disposed of" not by "the south" but by people who wanted to ensure things never return to normal.

      also, "woodrow wilson: disciple of revolution" says similar, lincoln getting shot was the worst thing for the south. they may have talked about it, but when it happened, they were terrified...they knew they would be blamed for it, and it provided an excuse to invade the south.

      so, i dont believe "the south" shot lincoln, and at least according to his words (project gutenberg has inaugural speeches for free) he was keeping the "union" together, but had no desire to make everyone into "federal citizens" .....

      i would say the "hazard circular" tells the real motivations.

      there is the whole "lincoln was a bar attorney, not eligible" but if they actually did american common law, which they should know, based on english common law, i would have no problem with bar attorneys.

      if anything, they should KNOW what type of "law" we are owed. we branched off from english common law.

      i am not saying england as a whole is not guilty...just that, they did the same thing over there, we were just later down the road. i see them as victims as well.

      i would wager ask a britain about "common law" you will get 90% better response than asking an "American" (bar attorney or not) .... they have a longer history of it. it is "americans" that never heard of it.

  2. After all is said and done, it allways comes back to the samething, "inforcement and the lack there of". That's a fact!!

  3. After all is said and done, it allways comes back to the samething, "inforcement and the lack there of". That's a fact!!

  4. You have a valid point, Steve. "They" have all the big guns and all the "money", the education system, the health system, the "legal" system (codes & regulations), most of the food systems, and the energy systems (gas, electric,etc). Did I leave anything out? Probably. We have the truth, (finally!) and an opportunity to be personally pro-active with it, beyond home schooling our kids, putting in solar panels and growing some organic food. Even the truth has about as much chance as a snowball in hell if they come for you in the night but let's hope it doesn't go there! Anna and her team have unraveled the snarl of historical treachery and laid it out where we can comprehend it. She's also given us an assignment. Step across the line and be free. Stand in our truth and freedom with the land that we're born into. Be responsible for ourselves. This hierarchy we live in trains us to pass the buck. Even Christianity can leave a spiritual back door; the devil made me do it or Jesus did it for me. Can we learn to be accountable for our own integrity? Nothing is more despairing than looking at and living in this mess and feeling helpless and overwhelmed. No wonder the kids have vanished into their phones, or worse yet, heroin. If those of us who've gotten this far don't step up, who's going to? Can we teach ourselves to stay out of their courts? Not being 'enforced upon' is probably a good first step. Kent State and Standing Rock were not successful tactics. We got some learnin' to do!

    1. Precisely the reason why "THEY" are now resorting to using Florida schoolchildren (and hired crisis actors) to be the poster children for their big gun grab. All the more reason to never give over to this malignant tumor on our God-given rights to self-defense, jural assemblies, etc. "Christianity" as proffered by THEM, unfortunately, is also used as a tool of social engineering and political control. "No wonder the kids have vanished into their phones, or worse yet, heroin." -- that fault lies fundamentally with parents. Yes, parents who are so overworked and slavish they can't see straight enough to keep their kids out of this system, and the madness is propagated for another generation. Thank goodness there are smart, evolved young people who are eschewing technology traps and instead are using it as a fulcrum for their own betterment and liberation from pseudo-liberal, Obamunist-Trump-Chump insanity.

  5. You said in your talk about "withholding agent" in your Texas talk that forcing someone to sign involved "criminal intent" on the part of the one forcing you to sign. Would you give me the statute or code where this law is so I can look up? I enjoyed your talk very much.

  6. 1freeman, finally sitting down to do the FOIA request for passport info....There are Instructions for A with "Certification of Identity" form to be notarized and certifying the requester IS A US no, then there is B- "Send a written FOIA request" if you are requesting info on someone else.
    I'm guessing B is the correct option as their is no certification needed, however my question is we just follow all instructions for option A, just without the Certification, and still obtain Certified and Apostilled Copy of Records??
    Thanks a Bunch!!

    1. Got it, Thank you!!! You're a Godsend!!! I wish I could give you a great BIG hug 🤗for all your help to all of us!!
      Much Love, peace and gratitude

    2. Here's a new one for us; husband &I went to a fed ex shipping store to have our "certificate of acknowledgment" notarized to send off to U.S. Dept.of State and the "notary" actually instructed my husband "How he needed to sign his signatute" Not how he normally "signs" but EXACTLY how his name was printed under sig line. That was a good one!!! And no, he placed his autograph/sig as he always does!! Goodness!!

    3. Kelli, didn't see this. Just follow the instructions her to write your own letter. No form needed.

    4. PS: The only reason I can think for an apostilled copy, is if you want to open a foreign bank account in a Hague convention country and avoid all the FATCA paperwork. Such a bank should recognize and honor your apostilled copy that you are not a federal US citizen subject to FATCA as apostilled by the US. Here in the US of A, you should always use a copy of the certified copy and tell them that the original is available for inspection upon written request and bring it with you for inspection into court.

    5. Most notaries have no clue how to be a real notary and will refuse to go beyond their limited understanding of notarizing your NAME signature. Ever wonder why anybody can become a notary w/o any training or license whatsoever as long as they don;t have a criminal record?


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