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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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  1. Not a resident sign up for the silver...Thanks anyways!

  2. RES: The thing; ident: identified; Canceling all residential contracts at this time. Is the offer good for American Nationals?

  3. The internet has made it easier than ever to create "unilateral contracts" because they never offer anything but a checkbox if you agree with all the privacy waivers...of course if you don't check the box, you can't go any further ..In fact, a congressman asked sarcastically to Zucerberg, can you please make your privacy clause readable in English for Facebook so we can all understand it....i can't believe a senator actually said that as most of them are attorneys....!!!

  4. Everyone of these sites should be forced to take 100% liability for their creations or forced into bankruptcy, never to return....!! Limited liability is essentially "NO LIABILITY" especially with a bank of attorneys to defend any accusation to protect company assets.....its sick..!!

  5. The sad thing about all the electronic participation where you are asked for an "address", "State" and "zip" code, it is those clever aturnees(sic) which have made it impossible to identify yourself as a "live man or woman" LIVING outside the "federal zonee". What I always try to do is spell out the state and NOT use their two letter federal identifier, e.g., CA, NY, KY, etc. And I use "00000" for a zip; but if they don't let you do that, I use their zip and add the extension of 9998 which identifies that "postal location" as "non-commercial" and OUTSIDE the U.S., Inc. Just "info" to consider.


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