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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Answer to Status Change for Naturalized U.S. Citizens --- Again.

By Anna Von Reitz

The process for all first generation immigrants to become state nationals is the same now as it was for our great-grandparents.
You have to be over the age of 21, law-abiding, and self-supporting. You have to establish your home in the state where you want to live and maintain a steady address there for a year and a day.
In practical terms this means that you have to establish a record of stability and decent character. Minor squabbles and misdemeanors don't count, but felony level convictions that show "moral turpitude" will bar you from becoming a state national for a period of ten years.
Exactly how felony convictions can be separated into those expressing moral turpitude and those not expressing moral turpitude is a special question, but it basically involves elements such as premeditation of crime, indecency, cruelty, disregard for life, and similar topics that have to be assessed in each case. You could, for example, have a conviction for a felony involving involuntary manslaughter and still be allowed state national status.
You additionally have to become a land owner (after becoming a state national) in order to participate in public elections. That is, you can be a state national and secure all the guarantees owed to state nationals without being eligible to elect state officials.
The idea is that in order to have a voice in electing people to oversee the State's business, you ought to have made a substantial commitment to that State and to have some skin in the game. Otherwise people could just travel around the country and be eligible to vote on matters not directly impacting them-- and perhaps voting in ways that would harm the locals.
U.S. Citizens are not allowed to own land in the states; they merely "reside" wherever they are, and form long-term lease tenant agreements known as "mortgages".
The various states have differing requirements for length of time you have to "reside" in a state before being eligible for either "residency" (typically one month) or "permanent domicile". The most lengthy waiting time for permanent domicile that I have ever seen is a year and a day, so if you accomplish that, you are good to go.
There are also Notices that you need to record and send. You are intending to leave the jurisdiction of the Territorial United States so you will naturally want to give Notice of this fact to the State of State Secretary of State in the state where you are going to establish your permanent domicile and to the Adjutant General's Office (go to any Recruiting Station and ask the Recruiters to forward it).
If you stop and think about it, it is only common sense to give Notice to the INS and the local Sheriff and to publish your intention in the local newspaper a couple times.
This Notice period is usually for three months and one small blurb in the local paper run once a month for three months should be sufficient. If your entire family is changing status at the same time and entering permanent domicile in the same community and state, it is appropriate to include wives and children.
Such Notices traditionally follow a format like this: "Juan Julio Hernandez and his wife, Carmelita Maria Rosario Hernandez, and two sons, Jose Leon Hernandez and Jaimie Xavier Hernandez announce their desire and intention to establish their permanent homestead and domicile in La Jolla, California, to become effective May 1, 2019."
As you can see, this is a very simple, factual statement of intent answering who, what, why, where, and when. This process gives the public officials notice to bring forward any objections or loose ends of paperwork, and if nobody objects or brings forward such issues, the Hernandez family members proceed with their intended adoption of California as their new home state and record their paperwork.
Please note--- everyone who was born here is ReConveying their Trade Name back to its natural domicile here in the states. First generation immigrants and naturalized citizens are creating a new Deed to their Trade Name in a new country, so the language used is a tiny bit different.
The title of their Deed should be, "Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Deed of Conveyance" instead of "Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Deed of ReConveyance", because their Trade Name wasn't born here and isn't "returning". It's being established here for the first time.
The process for claiming all associated Assumed Names and NAMES is the same for them as everyone else.
The documents need to be recorded with a county land recording office. Some states like Nevada that are particularly corrupt have only a County Register of Deeds. Nobody should ever "register" anything if they don't know what they are doing and precisely why. If you are living in Nevada or some places in California that are stonewalling and refusing to do their land recording functions, record your Deed and Assumed Name Certificates in any land recording office in any other state, and it will still be valid for public record purposes.
In other words, if the "State of California" won't record your Deed to your Trade name, record your Deed with a County Land Recorder's Office in Illinois or Georgia or any other state with a properly functioning land recording office.
Since these are international land jurisdiction assets and Deeds being recorded, you can also use the Post Office as the Recording Office, though this is not as public and therefore not as desirable for this particular purpose.
You prepare your documents that you want to record. You make several exact photocopies of the paperwork, keeping one marked "File Copy" for your records. You place the original documents in an envelope and follow the instructions of the Post Office for sending a Registered Letter. You then send the documents to yourself in care of your current mailing address. When the Registered Letter arrives you DON'T OPEN IT. You just put it in your file folder along with your "File Copy".
If there is ever any controversy about whether or not you recorded your paperwork, you will have your paperwork in your hand, ready to prove that you did. The Registered Mail Number is your private property as you paid for it and it is an international land jurisdiction document number that is just as durable for public record-keeping purposes as the similar numbers issued by the County Land Recorder's Office.
The extra photocopies of the paperwork can be attached to your Mandatory FSIA Notices. I would suggest that you also include a handmade and similarly recorded photo identification for yourself using a recent passport style photo with your name, address, and signature signed as a "by-line" --- by: Alonso Stephan Gregson, for example, sealed with a red-ink right thumbprint that touches but does not obscure the signature.
This gives the police or any Territorial officers all that they need to properly identify who you are and where you live, which by law is the only information you are required to give them, as well as the Mandatory Notice of political status and proof of ownership of your Trade Name and Assumed NAMES.
I keep copies in the glove compartment of my car, so if for any reason I am stopped, I can instantly provide all information needed to determine my identity and political status. I have never been stopped (perhaps because I am a careful driver) but if I were, the officer serving me would also be served and fully informed at the same time.
Most police officers are ill-informed and poorly trained. This leads to sometimes calamitous results for them and for others. We need to treat them respectfully and kindly and educate them along with educating ourselves and everyone else. I seldom find public employees who are evil, but often find that they are overworked, underpaid, under-trained, frustrated, worried, and defensive.
They have been trained to think of us as "the enemy" instead of as their actual employers, by the same fraud artists who have done so much harm to this country and the American People. Let's all do what we can to educate, educate, educate--- and do it with the same patience and kindness that others have shown in teaching us all these things.
One final word-- it is as important for Naturalized Citizens to claim their own children as it is for everyone else. In the example above, the parents of Jose and Jaimie Hernandez need to record their "Baby Deed" establishing their Trade Names, the names of parents, their parent's marriage data, places of birth, birthdays and other details related to their family and sons and claiming their sons as their own.
This function used to be served by the Family Bible and it is still very advisable to keep such a family record as a literal handwritten testament, but as the "government service providers" decided to get far too involved in our private lives and to try to steal title to everything including our children, it is now advisable to nail down the exact "provenance" of every child, to claim them as ours, and to record everything including parental ownership of our children.

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  1. I've made a mistake I recorded at the county of state of Texas I claimed my children but didn't put their birthdays. I don't own property but I live in a apartment so will I have to put a stastudstat change as resident of common law of the land. I'm African American borned in the state of the republic of Texas???

    1. In common law your children are your property, go get a DNA and finger print document for yourself those are your property claim them also, your body is the land of your soul correct?

    2. you have made a few mistakes, you are not african american, that is not a true and correct nationality, you are a moor aboriginal. check out jonah bey and you were de-nationalized and stripped of your correct status, standing and citizenship. figure out who you are first before you go and mess it all up for yourself before you even start.


    4. penny do not ever use the word "aboriginal" a highschool friend who became an "ATTORN-eye" would refer to the natives here as "abo's" its a legal definition word whereby they took the first 2 letters of "abnormal" ab and added to original people to create abnormal originals or "aboriginals"...

    5. I don’t get it?
      If these ppl committed fraud, and everything in the book why all this a fraud is a fraud, fictions a lie.
      Ppl are doing all this to get out of what never was....
      Love u Anna but not understanding. If it were Blacks they’d be in jail end of story.

  2. Is there a template available?

  3. American Jurisprudence - Domicile

  4. Do you have links to these documents prepared already so we can just change out the info for us that is different?

    1. 928. Basic Package of Editable Forms

    2. I for one do not have WORD and thus, am unable to see or use the basic forms.

    3. So Joani, just use the free online version of Word here:

    4. Open Office will open any word document, just save it in that format. Open Office is free. Been using it for years.

      I used Anna's documents for some of my stuff. I don't have WORD either.

  5. FYI: non American spouses of US citizens who have become NCSNs can claim the Citizenship of their spouse under the the Act of 1855.

  6. re: > Let's all do what we can to educate, educate, educate--- and do it with the same patience and kindness that others have shown in teaching us all these things.
    as a maxim model interviewed once said, if i believe all the nice things they say about me, then i have to also believe all the lies.

    sorry, i'm with the "whores" on this one.

    QUOTE "note: neko will always charge you twice an item's normal selling price."

    click my username and see avatar.

    sorry, we dont carry those supposed "kindness" items.

    those are the closest items we carry:
    ABSURDITY, n. A statement or belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion.

    KINDNESS, n. A brief preface to ten volumes of exaction.

    RATIONAL, adj. Devoid of all delusions save those of observation, experience and reflection.

    CUI BONO? [Latin] What good would that do me?

    DELEGATION, n. In American politics, an article of merchandise that comes in sets.

    DELIBERATION, n. The act of examining one's bread to determine which side it is buttered on.

    DELUSION, n. The father of a most respectable family, comprising Enthusiasm, Affection, Self-denial, Faith, Hope, Charity and many other goodly sons and daughters.

    All hail, Delusion! Were it not for thee
    The world turned topsy-turvy we should see;
    For Vice, respectable with cleanly fancies,
    Would fly abandoned Virtue's gross advances.

    Mumfrey Mappel

  7. The local auditor here a few years ago would not record my DD214. It is a deed to the soldier name and contract I completed, fulfilling my end of the contract. I told her that quite a few counties had recorded it and she said only property could be recorded. She went and asked the supervisor and returned having found they already had recorded it years previous, ( I have several of these deeds to names/persons and the Army told us in 1985 to be sure and record it at any county, if not recorded and the original lost it is too bad.) So she gave me a certified copy. Any county, any state, once recorded it is in the record.

  8. NJ will not allow you to record the Name change or Re-Conveyance. Does anyone have a "friendly" state they would suggest that I can mail my documents addition to the registered mail option to myself?

    1. Yes Mark, send it to the Clerk of records at the Adair County Land Records office I was charged $149.00 for a certified copy of the original document and three copies that were also certified. The documents were filed in the Miscellaneous section of the Land records.

  9. Mark, send it to Lamar County, GA. They'll record anything.


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