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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Answer to Hiring Attorneys

By Anna Von Reitz

Never hire a Bar Attorney. Ever. He is an Officer of the Court and his first duty and loyalty is to profit the Court. And how is that going to happen except by--- in one way or another--- disserving and defrauding you?

This is a big part of the reason that these "Courts" enjoy a 97% conviction rate. People hire attorneys thinking that these men are going to work for them and for their good, but in fact, they are financing their own destruction.

If any Court addresses you, you need to present a certified copy of your recorded Mandatory FSIA Notice and ask them pointedly ---who gave you permission to address me?

If they attempt to enter a plea for you, you must remind the judge that he or she is precluded from practicing law while on the bench. And you do not consent to his or her action.

If they attempt to assign a Public Defender, require him or her to accept complete commercial liability for any harm done to your "vessel and cargo"---- they will slink away.

So, how can you hope to defend yourself against these pirates in robes and fend off their odious presumptions?

Start by looking for and hiring a competent "Counselor-at-Law".

A Counselor doesn't work for the court --- he or she is actually likely to work for you and for your benefit against the court. A good Counselor-at-Law has studied both law and procedure, but is not necessarily someone who went to Law School.

In fact, the product of our American Law Schools is more likely to have problems functioning as a Counselor-at-Law because he or she has learned very little about actual law or justice and a great deal about procedure and little "tricks" to pull, catch phrases to use, and things of that nature---- which don't apply to the functions of a Counselor-at-Law.

Increasingly we are seeing former judges and former Bar Attorneys entering the fray as Counselors-at-Law. They have torn up their Salvage Tickets (Bar Cards) and are now doing what they can to salvage their profession and make correction.

That's good on them, and I encourage their defection, but they often face a year or two of reorientation and intense learning, during which time they may not be as effective as a Counselor-at-Law as someone who never went to a Law School.

We are looking forward to establishing a Mentor's Program for Counselors-at-Law to help transition former Bar Members.

We are also seeing self-styled free-lance Private Attorney Generals (PAG's) who basically perform the functions of a Counselor-at-Law for US Citizens. By all means, if you are not able to quit your federal government job, are an African American, or otherwise obligated to remain in the federal jurisdiction and subject to their courts for the time being--- look for a Private Attorney General.

Rod Class has trained up quite a few Private Attorney Generals and more are in training. These men and women, like Rod, take on the Beast from a different jurisdiction, but like Counselors-at-Law, PAG's work for you--- not the court.

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  1. 1. You never told me about actually recording a Mandatory FSIA, only filing one into the "court" "record".

    2. I have already told you how impossible to get Ventura County to record ANYTHING that isn't on a form to their specifications, let alone the Mandatory FSIA.
    I do believe some clearer instructions are in order.

    1. Be sure to SERVE all 4 JURISDICTION for A CASE STARTING in the CITY. With last page stating:
      Copies To:
      County of___________
      STATE SUPREME COURT of____________
      Federa DISTRICT COURT OF__________

    2. This is also the first time I've ever heard of having to get this FISA Recorded. See, this is what I have been bitching about all along, when I keep saying information is incomplete.
      Infor HAS TO BE concise from beginning to the very end, when ya gonna 'get it'. Now, see?

    3. African Americans were here first? Don’t understand this?

  2. Opps...found the link...

  3. Does anyone know if it is required to have the words "the day of nativity", since this identifies it as your birth date and most Recorders will insist that birth dates be "REDACTED"?

  4. How does one become a Counselor-at-Law or PAG? And can either represent someone in the present 'jurisdiction of the sea' court system? Further, can one go from the sea jurisdiction to American Common Law, and how?

    1. Jim I have read that when you go to court, do not answer to the name. Insist you are a man. You do not know your name as it is hear say. Also, if you get hooked in, on the record claim the court under common law. It automatically starts out as admiralty maritime. If the judge leaves the bench for any reason ( a trick they use to bring back admiralty,) reclaim again on the record that this is a common law court.

    2. Jim, only through hard research ( due diligence ) knowledge of law can you become a counselor at law. You are learned in law as opposed to legalese. Learn who the judges take their oath to, insist the judge puts his oath and bond in the venue.In Canada, the judges take oath to the Queen and she has no authority here since 1901. Education in old law books at law universities is a good place to start. You must train yourself, never give up. Photo copy all old law for use in the court. Your future generations will love you for it. This is our war. Knowledge is power.

  5. Ron,If you do not have a case, is it needed to serve to those you mentioned. It may even be good to serve one on the various "Law Enforcement Agencies". I have a friend that filed info with the Hague, et alia and when a "cop" pulls him over, the cop runs the tag, and apparently the old expired tag is noted on the records to "Leave him alone". The cop just turns off his light, and waves as he goes away!!!

    1. Tom, the NCSN passport card has the same effect as it is tied in with NCIC.

    2. 1free, we will soon be finding out if this IS fact. Our hand is being forced as you know, and we are going to have our cards run to either put this beast back in its box, or if this process was the cause for our peace being infringed upon right NOW. I'll let you ALL know

  6. I have an issue with the Mandatory Notice of FSIA. It references 18 U.S. Code § 2333 - Civil remedies, which states:
    (a)Action and Jurisdiction.—
    Any national of the United States injured in his or her person, property, or business by reason of an act of international terrorism, or his or her estate, survivors, or heirs, may sue therefor in any appropriate district court of the United States and shall recover threefold the damages he or she sustains and the cost of the suit, including attorney’s fees.
    The problem is we are not nationals of the US. This is defined here:
    National of the United States
    (2) the term “national of the United States” has the meaning given such term in section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act;
    National of the United States
    (2)the term “national of the United States” has the meaning given such term in section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act; Source 18 USC § 2331(2)
    18 U.S. Code § 2331 - Definitions
    (2) Section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) states that “the term ‘national of the United States’ means (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States.”
    So how does the FSIA apply to us as American nationals and non-citizen state nationals and not nationals of the US or US nationals?
    This act further references "a foreign state". Am I a foreign state? I don't think so since I am not a state.
    Unless I am missing something here, I believe the Mandatory Notice of FSIA could drag us right back into US jurisdiction by our own admission of being a "national of the United States" and have the exact opposite of the intended effect.

    1. 1Freeman, you bring up a good point. This has also been a part of my 'problem' ....having a hard time trying to find the lines of demarcation along with the prerequisites vs. the stand-alone stuff.
      We are living in between two different governments; the one that has us snared and is very tricky vs. the one we want which is not fully solidified.

    2. Man is man, duh! A national is the creation of the State for the state. Guess what, you have the right to be protected in your person, however, do you have the right standing to use that person? Think assumed name the State mandates you use to have any standing. Any national/National is the principal and are you acting acting as attorney in fact? Criminals run the asylum to be sure, so do not help them in your confusion. Really

    3. One other thing worth noting, the United States citizen Act 322 says the United States is foreign to the United States of America! 322 is also skull and bones, coincidence? Man is a state of being, obviously, unless your mind is in retrograde. Who holds the creation/creatures of man? The Vatican/vat i can-I can hold-holder in due course...... through the Masonic order. Ma-sonic-Ma/mother-sonic/sound, mother of sound. In the beginning was the word and sound creates form. Study up people.

    4. Cool. Study where? Education sources are commonly incomplete information or truth intermixed with misinformation, some misguided and some intentional deception. The time cost of information is unduly increased many fold and is there ever an absolute knowing accomplished? Is there such a thing as a source of absolute truth on the subject of Law?

  7. 1FreeMan: re Ur question: Am I a foreign state?
    Are U not a Living "united state" (body mind & soul), of BEing and DOing made in the image of the ALmighty Source? most certainly a foreign one to their corp[se] one(s)?

    Always comes back to basic definitions of words/whords, doesn't it?

    1. Tricia, honestly, you need to get away from your 'new age mind game group'' and get your head out of the clouds and your feet back on the ground. Sorry, but I'm just getting way past fed up with hearing this kind of spaced out idiotic thinking. All you guys do is throw a mess of confusion into the mix.

    2. So we criticize "new age" thought. We forget where the old age thought has taken us. We need new ideas and new age thought. Bravo Tricia. Here is a new age thought on how to handle the judge:

      Memo to Judge

      For use in all corporate court chambers.
      Enter the corporate courtroom chamber only at extreme risk to property and life.


      Dear Judge,

      In all due respect…

      You've a chamber full of ferocious-british-authorized-registry-foreign-lawyers with loyalty to foreign nations in violation of the thirteenth amendment of George Washington's 1791 constitution.

      These hired-corporate-legal-assassins cannot wait. They intend to tear me to shreds. They will monitise and wallstreet-trade my court case. They will steal my money and energy. They will throw me into their-corporate-profit-jail-systems. They will, if unleashed, slay me and sell my body parts for profit.

      You may now stop wondering why I refuse to enter your color-of-law torture chambers.

      Your courtroom is part of a corporate legal fiction universe. This corporate legal fiction universe is dead, has no energy, and no jurisdiction.

      I am a lawful human being in a lawful real universe. My universe is living, energetic, and has lawful jurisdiction.

      You, sir, are also a lawful human being. As such, you have the right and free choice to exist in any legal corporate fiction universe you desire. You sir, can choose to divest your real human energy into a corporate universe. You, sir, however, do not have the right, or jurisdiction, to drag me, without my consent, into your corporate fiction universe.

      Your request for consent of your corporate fictional universe, is denied. I do not consent.

      You, sir, may have recruited other human living energies to force the jurisdiction of a corporate fictional universe. Your right to direct those energies, to enforce a corporate jurisdiction on me, without my consent, violates the natural law.

      I will only enter your chambers, dragging, kicking, screaming, and protesting human-trafficking-violations of international law and decency.

  8. Great information here, Anna! Indeed, the word attorney is derived from the French verb, "attournez," meaning "to turn over to", are turning your sovereignty, power, and status as a natural person over to a court officer or "representative" who will only sell you down the river. I had this happen to me in 1999 and "never again," let us say. I have learned enough through you and years of research to probably qualify as a counselor-at-law myself, though ex curia. Thanks for this and all your work freeing us from the British equity law infringement and fraud upon our land, Anna.

  9. Dearest Abby, i AM not in any 'new age mind game group' from which i could "get away from" even if i had one & chose to do so; my “head in the clouds” does perhaps pertain to the company of heaven, with which I AM in constant connection with via Holy Spirit within me, aka “praying without ceasing” and or practicing Presence, which is truly a great place to dwell and walk by Faith in each Now moment, which has served me well most of my extremely blessed life blessing others, for which my example is Jesus Christ/ Yeshua/ Immanuel, whose disciple I AM in thought, word and deed.

    re: “your feet back on the ground”: I also practice grounding barefoot upon Earth, aka “earthing”, as frequently as possible, enjoying the healthful refreshing connection. Are we not “made from the dust of the Earth”, from which we derive our Father’s provision for abundant Life, including rebalancing our electrical bodies helping immensely with stress and inflammation issues? It appears you tend to label folks, perhaps mis-judging who one is & where they “come from".

    I suppose one might say I have “spaced out idiotic thinking”; I have no problem with that assessment & choose not to take offense, Knowing who and Whose I AM. I do Know I AM a Living woman, united state [of BEing-Tribunal of body, mind, & soul] of America, expatriated to the land and soil of my birth state, a beneficiary for whom the original constitutional contract trust is supposed to protect my rights/ property. That does not seem to me “a mess of confusion”, but rather a clarification of my status and standing.

    Blessings 2 U, dear Abby, & all BEing & Doing peacefully lawfully for highest good of all- In Love, Peace, Joy +++ 

    1. Those who belong to Christ, are of a sound mind. You do not seem to fit the bill. You have work to do, I'd say.

    2. Beautifully and clearly expressed Tricia, thank you!! For those that are and have been spiritually awakened and have experienced their own personal judgment and have NOW seen the errors/weaknesses in their personal lives, they see and hear (resonate) completely and are in one accord with you. We are not alone, and we KNOW in our whole being our numbers ARE growing every moment NOW!!! Yes!!!
      You are amazing!! We are being called to stand true and grow stronger in each moment, no matter what the opposite says(hot stinky air) or does through false intimidations or programmed scare tactics to throw us off our intended true and righteous path!
      Hairy legs get out of our way!!....and your "hot empty air threats" have NO effect on us that have NOW been fully clothed (in mind, body And spirit) and secured in our blessed armor of pure truth!!
      Much gratitude, love and peace to All

    3. Abby: My “sound mind” does in deed resonate with Christ’s via Holy Spirit within me; don’t know what “bill” U might think one should “fit”, but U, dear Abby, are certainly NOT my judge, thankfully, regarding “bills” or anything else!

      I do admit to having much “work to do” in honor to Christ’s example as “firstborn among many brothers”, as I believe that’s true for each & every one seeking a higher path of truth to free oneself from scarcity and bondage paradigms, truly by God’s Grace working in and through one’s body, mind & soul, ideally in concert with others of like resonating mind thus strengthening and multiplying one’s affect; “where 2 or more are gathered there am I in their midst”.

      Anna & team certainly lead the way in this forum for highest good of all. Gratefully & in Joy, Peace & His Love, :D

      P.S. Thanks Kelli & Coach - Teamwork makes the Dream work! :D

    4. Tricia, its.....'where 2 or 3 are gathered together IN MY NAME, there am I in the midst of them'. So those gathered must have His Name. Matt 18:20

      Kell, problem is the ''spirit that you are awakened in'', is that wrong spirit. Thats where you got your foul defensive mouth from.

    5. Gee.........can there be more than One spirit? Are not two or three extensions of One? Does not the letter kill, and the One spirit live? If Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence are evidence of One unified field, Abby who do you think you are? Please do not attempt to answer this question, its obvious you know not what you are, so you may want to stop bashing others with your brand of retrograde. Aum, Om, Ohm, Omen, Amun Ra, Amen, Ameen...................Waking, dreaming, sleeping and the state beyond.

  10. Being assigned or hiring an attorney creates a relationship as to that of an imbecile or incompetant mentally ill person. The "state", those masquerading as courts and the law, presume this person is state property by squatting on a name attached to the living man or woman. If some unqualified court member, attorney or administrator ( pretending to be a judge) diagnoses an unfortunate man or woman as needing a mental exam, if succeeding, then an attorney is assigned effectively creating a ward of the state, considered property of the state and in infant, imbecile or incompetant. It is also why many vets have been diagnosed PTSD as that status prevents their testimony, and places them in ward of the state incompetant status.
    Having a counselor-at-law, or PAG has no such status attached. If wanting to learn how and train to become a PAG, Rod Class is a good place to learn, many or the things you need to know are already looked up but the learning is not easy and many long hours needed to be able to help others.
    I figure any name being used that is based on my life, unless I gave some kind of permission to use it, is my property. Who else is it based on? Just because someone else made up the names or attached it to me does not make my life or labor their property. Many feel that certain wording on a document, if defined by an attorney or other administrator ( judges acting in treason pretending they are not merely acting as administrators for instance) as meaning a U.S. Citizen and not a national does not mean the writer or the document had intent and once realizing the error can enter a correction if that was and is the intent. The Law of Peace, Army PAM describes the nationals of a nation as the people of that nation and the ones that constitute a government, unless totally under tyrannical occupation by some foreign treasonous rulership. Check out Iceland recent meeting of the nationals and re-constituting to resolve banker infiltrations and corruption on the land.

  11. Since the end of the bankruptcy in 1999 they have no authority to even exist, there's nobody there and they are NOT sovereign! This is nonsense.


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