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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fundamentals 1 -- Your Ship of State

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been amazed and chagrined over the last few days to plumb the depths of ignorance that infest both what serves as our government and the general populace. Those who received the simple text charts that I sent out yesterday should note the line separating the top and bottom half of all three chart pages.  On top of the dividing line in green is the word "LAND" and below the line in blue is the word "SEA".  

Only one (1) entity straddles that line between the LAND and the SEA.  That entity is The United States of America (Unincorporated).  It controls the entire international land jurisdiction owed to this country and it exercises the powers retained by the states and people in the international jurisdiction of the sea, per Amendment X.  And, in the event of the incapacity of one or more of the entities entrusted to exercise our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea, we retain the right to receive those delegated powers back and to exercise them at our discretion.  

The United States of America (Unincorporated) ----not to be confused with "The United States of America, Incorporated" ----is our Ship of State.  If our Ship of State goes down, so do we.  Everyone else has been concentrating their effort on saving their own names and estates out of the corporate bankruptcy slush pile.  Only we have been concentrating on saving our Ship of State. 

The rescue of individual names and estates is akin to launching lifeboats.  It allows a few people who are awake and moving to save their own assets and defend themselves against the banks and foreign creditors who will otherwise seize upon them as chattel backing the debts of the bankrupt federal corporations.  

But, ultimately, it is the Ship of State that we all have to save and reclaim from the jaws of the banks.  If we fail, then many millions of trusting, unsuspecting Americans will suffer the misery and horror of a commercial mercenary war carried out under color of law.  

They will be ousted from their homes and shops and small businesses and they won't even know what is happening or why.  The means to do this have already been suggested in Florida, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, where people suddenly received huge "tax" bills, often over $100,000.00 worth of "extra" property taxes and "extra income tax assessments" issued with a 30-day pay-or-be-evicted notice.  

We fought them off and shut them down, but if we don't band together and sail our Ship of State, there will no longer be the means to fend off these insane veiled commercial claims from the secondary creditors of the "UNITED STATES, INC." and the "USA, Inc."

You are all helping by becoming aware of the issues and educating yourselves about the government you are supposed to have, the history, and  the fraud that has been played on us and on our entire country as well as many other countries throughout the world.  

You are helping by acknowledging, accepting, and reconveying your Trade Names and all the derivative NAMES to the land and soil of the actual State you were born on and recording your claim.  You are helping with your prayers and good wishes and sharing of information. Last, but not least, you are helping by sending donations that keep our guys going and keep our postage paid.  

That's all part of it, and a very necessary and valid part, too--- but we, the members of our group, are the ones who already have the standing to save our Ship of State.  

We are the ones that spent twenty years establishing our standing; giving Due Process; building claims; establishing court records; establishing liens; declaring capacity; reissuing and posting Notice of our Sovereign Letters Patent to forestall any claim that we, The United States of America (Unincorporated), "no longer exist"; securing representation at the United Nations; forming contractual ties with the Native American Nations to prevent the plot to vacate our National Constitution ---and so much more that can't even be described in a book, much less an article. 

Now, we are the Priority Creditors of all the federal territorial and municipal corporations worldwide.  We, the American states and nations, represented by The United States of America (Unincorporated) are the only ones that can forgive the public debts of the Territorial and Municipal United States and the debts of many other nations.  

It is important that you all understand the absolutely crucial and pivotal role that I and my husband and these others ---members of the Living Law Firm, and the American Indian Nations ---play in bringing forward the claims of The United States of America (Unincorporated).  More "crew members" join us every day, but we are the ones who are in place at the ship's wheel, turning our Ship of State around and claiming back the assets of our states and our people. 

It was the intention of the international banks to claim that our entire country was abandoned and that it has no viable government, because the Territorial and Municipal corporations have all bankrupted themselves and our National Level government has supposedly been "kept in trust" by these fraud artists for many years, while our assets have been fraudulently used as collateral backing the private debts of these corporate governmental service providers.  

They meant to take it all on a "claim of abandonment".  

Just like they engineered the confiscation of privately held American gold back in the 1930's, used it as collateral backing their own bankruptcy and then, when the bankruptcy settled, came back in and claimed that all that gold was "abandoned" ----heirs and owners unknown.  

They meant to play that trick against our entire country and all our assets.  

They meant to claim that gee, folks, look at all these abandoned state land trusts and all these unclaimed individual estates, and oh, by the way, all these "PERSONS" that have no owners, guess it's all free for the Secondary Creditors --- the banks --- to claim.  

THAT is what they have been working at -- basically, the foreclosure of our entire country and all our assets public and private, because of the relatively paltry debts of two foreign corporations whose only business here is to provide us with essential government services.  

It's that far bigger claim that we are fighting and denouncing as fraud and odious debt being held against innocent Third Parties who have been deliberately defrauded in Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract.  

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here, still viable, and is claiming back all of its assets, public and private, every scrap that is owed to the people and the actual states of this country.  

Help steer your Ship of State off the reef planned for it--- and save yourselves and everyone else in the process.  Once these issues are decided in our favor, we can straighten out the bookkeeping nightmare these vermin have created, and return everyone's property to them, worldwide.  

We can even help Mr. Trump drain the Swamp and get the Territorial and Municipal United States into solvent and properly ordered condition. 

The United States of America is the Proper Name of this country, and its proper capacity and sovereign form is as an unincorporated Body Politic, operating as an unincorporated business engaged in peaceful international trade.  So here we are at the eleventh hour, giving proof that our government and our property is not abandoned. 

Hopefully you all have some inkling now of the scope and importance of what The Living Law Firm  and the Michigan General Jural Assembly and a couple hundred other local and state government organizations have undertaken and you understand, too, why our time is so limited and our resources are always strained.  We have taken on nothing less than the Devil himself, the whole Empire of Mystery Babylon, all the scheming banks and crooked bureaucrats in the world.  

We have done it all with volunteers, with the sword and light of Truth, with the passion for compassion, with the determination of the green shoots in spring, with the hope that perseveres and the Will that will not yield.  We have done it for you because you were asleep, we have done it because of you, and so many other innocents who have suffered at the hands of these corporate scumbags. 

So by all means and with all speed, seize hold of your Trade Names and derivative NAMES and land them safe on the land and soil.  Boot up your local jural assemblies.  Prepare for any stormy weather that might be.  Pray for your grand old Ship of State under her Civil Flag as she sails into the courts and marketplaces of the world and declares--- "Hey!  Those are our assets!"---and pray for all those who sail her. 

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    1. rose, you really need to go sober up and get your feet back on the ground.

  2. Paul would it be a good idea to petition the president on U.S. dot Gov?

  3. Just out of curiosity, where do them Muslims fit into this picture, since most of them came in through our prior they deserve to get any of our share of America's money that we have been fighting for, because it seems to me that all they care about is their own agenda, which is making everyone a Muslim...just wondering..!! Really I don't care who they are as long as they are fighting this fraud and not blaming us for it..!!

    1. James, honestly, I have never seen such a murky picture of Life in General. Its so damned muddied up till no sense can be made of anything, anymore. Just look at all the stupid stuff everywhere now. AI??? Really? And who ever heard of a brand new footbridge falling from the 'sky' onto your car? America becoming a communist country? A drugged up society unable to think straight, or comprehend short sentences? Or kids getting shot at school? Or becoming a lucrative business?
      If anyone would have told us this 25 yrs ago, we would have said they were out of their minds.
      But here we are...........its a Mad, Mad, Mad World.

    2. Too bad is isnt as funny as the movie Abby...!!

    3. And then there is "Alexa " who is already talking back to their owners...even Besos of Amazon thinks we are messing with things we don't understand or fully comprehend....AI is dangerous..!! It's already becoming self aware..!! And now they are actually making life size robots that look like people...androids..!! I hate to admit it but they look awfully good...wouldnt you know they would start with beautiful woman..!! There is nothing weaker than a lonely man...!! Thank God I'm stronger than!!

    4. James, one thing you guys should make up your minds to, is to never never be attracted to anything based on eye-appeal. I can tell you for a fact that every 'beautiful' woman will use her looks to get what she wants, which is Money, and she knows its the only 'asset' she has. She generally has Zero talents or skills, and is most often ignorant.
      And underneath all that make-up and 'enhancements' of all kinds, she is not even beautiful at all. Then you just end up with 'stupid and ugly' and a financial dependent for life. You won't even get a wholesome meal out of them because they do NOT even know how to cook.
      You guys have to learn to just say NO !

      And we ALL have to say NO to Alexa. It is bait to a very Sci-Fi Future......of course, there really is no such 'future'. And no one in their right mind would even want it.
      This world is definitely messing with things they should leave alone. Mankind cannot even run this world, or even one Nation properly or successfully......where does it make any sense to go venturing out into if we don't have our hands full right here and now.
      God said he gave Dominion of the Earth over to Man; NOT dominion over the universe. Mankind needs to muzzle their curiosity and learn to mind its own business right here where their feet are.

    5. Thank goodness a woman finally said this. If a man had said it, God help him with the backlash from women who don't see the whole picture of why He made woman in the first place (not to mention why He made man in the first place, too.)

  4. Well I'm newly awakened. Or should I say a slow awaken-er because the whispering has been there a long time. I'm just confused as to where to start? 1. Get birth certificate from state and ask them to send it to the state secretary for authentication? Then what? Some say get a P.O. Box before doing anything. Then march that to the Land Office. Is that the BLM? Then register my name...I checked colorado's site for that (not where I was born) and there are like 20 different ways or processes to do that. Is it an LLC I'm after? IF there's a place that has a step by step I sure wish I had directions to that. I work full time for myself, which as you may know means FULL time, so time for investigation is limited and frustrating. I'm so thankful for all these people who have been diligently working on this all these years!

  5. I think many of the state constitutions say if you are in a state and planning to stay, are trustworthy and want to be a part of what is going on, then you are an elector and can elect those who will serve in the offices as trusted servants. I do not think it would apply to those not wanting to be a part of the people but creating something else or trying to destroy it ( treason). Pretty basic, nearly anyone if wanting to become one under God, no matter what religion, race, sex, etc. and can be improved upon as it has been already. Obviously must accept "your country", try to help it out, be a positive effect and learn what it is you are to know and do in doing your part not pushing others aside unless corrupt, liars and crooks. Deuteronomy says for all people, not only those their that day but anyone then knew or that they even knew, could live with the blessings, or choose death. So it is the choice today, life or death, live a blessed fruitful life on a beloved planet or destroy it with selfish greed, hatred, ignorance, sloth ( laziness), violating others and God's laws and the "bad" stuff. ( death) Fortunately God works through some and they are busy fighting off the bad stuff while many are ignorant or like lost sheep wander with no direction.


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