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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Graphic Organization and Update


I am sending you a four-page text only presentation (Paul Snover will do a much better version down the road) of the way our federal government structure was undermined and reconstructed in Breach of Trust following the Civil War--- resulting in all the damage and chicanery ever afterward.  

It's very quick study --- three charted pages, one page explanation. 

Please especially note The United States of America (Unincorporated) -- that is our still-viable National Trust and Ship of State, which we are invoking to reclaim our assets from the federal corporation bankruptcies. 

If you could, please post it on the page where people will see it upfront? 



  1. First off I'd like to say thank you all very much for everything I'll do is so much appreciated for not y'all put out so much information it's it's it's hard to take it all in and computed and I've been doing my best to and it's it's really eye-opener it's a blessing and thank you but what does it all mean or is it too late or to get our sovereignty back in our country back what does it do we still have the power the people and I'm about to get this out to everybody and anybody sleep or awoke every Congressman I can or politician or basically from whoever can read or a data computer or any kind of device that they put in mail boxes so I just what does this mean for the people we haven't lost yet our someday God bless you all God Bless America Godspeed

  2. I just like to apologize I use speak and text a lot so it picks up what it picks up sometimes you guys so you might have to read between the lines thanks again you're doing a great great great job and I beautiful thing thank you for all the work that y'all put in and yells families may God protect you and bless you all I'll pray for all of us

  3. Don't worry, we all do it..!! But about that pgf. file , why does it repeat the Different United States so many times.....when there is only one that is true...!!

  4. It means we got to get this word out in tobthirt faces and show fear into their poker faces of bluff...
    Time to take out a can of whoop ass out💪

  5. Right up into their faces.. a head butt away.


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