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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trump Prepares To Declare California "In State Of Rebellion"-Then Establish New Government

By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding All This Talk About Trump Declaring California in Rebellion

In the first place, "California" is an actual State of the actual Union of States, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Territorial State of California, Inc., being run by Jerry Brown.
The Territorial State of California doing business as the State of California, Inc., being run by Jerry Brown is just a franchise of the Territorial United States being run by Donald J. Trump.  As a result, they truly don't have any right to "secede" from their parent corporation. It would be like a Dairy Queen franchise in Santa Monica declaring its "independence" from Dairy Queen, Inc.   Can Dairy Queen, Inc., also spin off a new franchise in Santa Monica under a slightly different name---- like New Dairy Queen of Santa Monica?   Or "New (Territorial) State of California" ?  Why not?  

Obviously, they have been infringing on our copyrights all the time in all sorts of different ways, substituting their (Territorial) States of States for the (National) States of States we are owed, and playing all sorts of dodgy, dishonest, criminal deceptively-similar name games to promote all this fraud and cause all this trouble on our shores. 

I am attaching a text-only chart-like summation of how these disloyal, treasonous British-backed hucksters have undermined and "reconstructed" the federal government we are owed in Gross Breach of Trust.  It's three pages of charts and one page of explanation that should lay bare the whole bullshit scenario we have been living under and who is responsible for it (the British Queen, the British Crown, and the Pope). 

Study it well and distribute it widely so that more Americans and people around the world finally "get it" and we can all be spared another stupid fake mercenary "civil war" at the behest of these insane interlopers.   Please dump it on Trump's desk and on Putin's and on Trey Gowdy's, too.  Give it to Jeff Sessions and all the cretins running the unelected, illegal, irresponsible Senior Executive Service.  Give it to the endlessly perverse Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Shove it up the US Navy's rear.  Please, be my guest.  Look at what has actually gone on here.  

It's not that hard to understand.  They just dropped certain important words like "Territorial" in "Territorial United States" and "Incorporated" in "the United States of America, Incorporated" ----- LOL.  They neglected to tell everyone that what they are really talking about when they say "State of Florida", for example, is that they are talking about the "Territorial State of Florida, Inc."----- not any actual National level State of State, much less any of our actual National level States..  All our National Level State of States  that are supposed to be running the "federal government"  have been mothballed and "held in trust" by the same perpetrators of this whole Mess--- disguised as land trusts managed by (Territorial) State Legislatures. 

Wake up!  Everyone, everywhere!  Wake up!  You've been robbed, abused, bamboozled by some schmarmy Wordsmiths, deluding and confusing you about what is what and who is who, worse than the old "Who is on first?" comedy routine. 

Mr. Putin needs to be aware.   Donald Trump needs to be aware.  Xi Jinping needs to be aware.   Jerry Brown needs to be aware.  And they all need to be aware that we are all aware.   

And this crappola all needs to stop right about now.   If Donald Trump and Jerry Brown think that we are going to be silent while their competing "governmental services" providers stage another bloody fake "Civil War" on our soil, they have another think a-coming.  They BOTH need to STAND DOWN and put a stop to this chicanery right NOW!

Unless you want to see 200 outraged American Indian Nations and The United States of America (Unincorporated) show up to a "United Nations" Security Council Meeting and come sit on the Secretary-General's desk en masse?  And how about we stage a march on Vatican City, while we are at it?  There are more than enough people in Europe who are sick of this wretched criminality, too.  

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  1. Just to calm the masses who have lost everything and living on the streets, instead of admitting that they owe us trillions of dollars and admitting we are the true Creditors, instead Jerry Brown passed prop 47 which allows anyone to steal from any company up to $950 worth of stuff and just walk out with took time of course for law enforcement to learn about it because they only learned about it from the people stealing....they knew more about the law than they did...and it is only a misdeamonor and the officers cannot arrest them if it is under the $950.. Wal-Mart knows all about it now and has set up a central computer for all its stores so that the most anyone can steal is $950 total from all the stores added together, otherwise they could steal from every single store up to $950... I'm sure all the other big stores have done the same.. no one is afraid anymore in Calif because stores like Stater Bros just simply let people walk out with beer and whatever they want hoping other people don't notice...even the police are getting tired of being called about theft.. One person at a AM/PM gas station and store told me a customer just walked out with a large coffee and donuts and she called the cops on her..when the cop arrived, she told the store employee, and I quote " this is what you called me for just to waste my time". She really wanted to take the employee in instead of the the cops, at least in Hemet are fully aware of the law and don't want to be bothered, because it's law and only a misdeamenor, which they cannot be arrested for anymore unless violence is involved...!! And people who are stealing know better than to be violent once they know the law...!! But this is all because people really don't understand what happened to our country and that the biggest theft of the world has gone unnoticed for over 150 years...!! Well at least Jerry knows that the Corp State had stolen and just to appease some of the most desperate, he had to allow some theft or our jails would be filled with low level crimes insteinstead of murderers, and all other major crimes involving real people..I say these Corp deserve it and a lot more....How in the world can Besos, the CEO of Amazon claim to be worth $100 billion dollars when the company is barely making a profit.....I should have become an accountant for a large firm. They are in charge of the books and can do anything with accounts....ANYTHING..!!

    1. ACTUALLY: Requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for the following crimes when amount involved is $950 or less: petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad checks.

  2. California Nationals should strike up a communication with
    Trump since in his inaugural address he said that he was returning the government to the People, right there and right then! People are not corporations and they probably should not be persons either so as to confuse the issues.

  3. Trump is using the only thing he knows how to stop the waste and illegal immigration going on here.....sactions just like North don't want to obey Calif then you can forget about federal funding....the quickest and easiest way to force compliance with his Executive Orders is to cut off the "money"...!! There is no quicker way to get compliance..!!

  4. If we got all this power as people.. How did bruce doucette the people's judge lose in colorado? Where are the results of all the work you all do fighting?.. Just wondering... I see people on blogs.. Always tge same stuff.. Mylaw kungfu stronger than your lawkungfu as the people fight each other... Then they think they are bad asses go against the govt... And the ching, ching, lock n load, blow your head off kung fu... Ends the argument..

    Is this just a waste of time? Just wondering thanks

    1. Who said he's the peoples judge? He's sure not mine.

      You can't go looking for a court or a judge to take down.

      When you mistakenly get your foot caught in one of their snares, and you possess the necessary skills in understanding you will be able hold them accountable to the written laws of the United States of America. Article 1 sec 8 par 17 US Constitution.

      It comes down to territorial jurisdiction and that is very clear.

      The United States is the military enforcement of the United States of America aka the Confederacy of States, with authority to operate only on land owned by the United States of America, and that is well delineated in the reference mentioned above. At present the United States of America owns about 27% of land within the states.

      The land they own through purchase or cession by the states, is the only land where they possess territorial jurisdiction to enforce their written United States Code.

      Thus the reason for the existence of deceptive STATE OF STATES federal franchises to give the impression they are the actual states when they are not.

      Your mission is to uncover what these four constutitions are and learn who, what and where they 'legally' govern. It's an eye opener.

      There are four constitutions. If there are four constitutions there are four separate land/people/locations, each governed by one of these constitutions. Learn what they are and you will have just begun the understanding necessary to answer your question.

    2. From some constitutional studies I did a good number of years ago: The Federal Gov. has No authority within the States except ON property they actually own. The Fed Gov. has NO authority over any crime within any of the States except a crime that is committed ON property they actually own.
      Even if anyone kills or murders a federal employee or office holder or anyone from the fed. gov. on property that is not owned by the Fed. Gov. then the alleged crime is to be handled by the Local police officials, NOT the Fed. Gov.

      The determining factor is: WHERE the crime takes place, NOT WHO the victim is. This would mean that JFK's murder should have been handled by the Dallas Police and was not the business of D.C. and his body should not have been rushed off to D.C.
      So it all comes down to Jurisdiction and Where a crime takes place.
      It also should be remembered that the correct Order of things for each of us, the People, is: First it is our Local police that have the first say over us. That would be City police if you live in the city, County Police/Sheriff if you live outside a City. Next, is your own State THAT order.
      The Federal Authorities have NO Jurisidictional authority over us. In fact, any federal authority MUST first obtain permission FROM our Local Police before they can even enter into our Local Jurisdiction to perform ANY ''duty''.
      This includes FBI, CIA, IRS.
      So it is really nonsense for any IRS agent to come knocking on your door making any demands of any kind. Even if FBI comes knocking, you can ask them by whose authority they are on your property, and if they would like to ''keep their foot, they best get it off your porch or you will call your local police and have them escorted off. Now goodbye and have a good day.

  5. SEV'ERAL, adjective [from several.]
    1. Separate; distinct; not common to two or more; as a several fishery; a several estate. A several fishery is one held by the owner of the soil, or by title derived from the owner. A several estate is one held by a tenant in his own right, or a distinct estate unconnected with any other person.
    2. Separate; different; distinct. U'NION, noun [Latin unio, to unite, from unus, one.]
    1. The act of joining two or more things into one, and thus forming a compound body or a mixture; or the junction or coalition of things thus united. union differs from connection, as it implies the bodies to be in contact, without an intervening body; whereas things may be connected by the intervention of a third body, as by a cord or chain.
    One kingdom, joy and union without end.
    2. Concord; agreement and conjunction of mind, will, affections or interest. Happy is the family where perfect union subsists between all its members. definitions from websters 1828 online dictionary a union is a fiction men gathered together to form a work union for example so California State is one of the several independent states not one of the union territorial "states of" he united staes IMO we need to get this stuff straight and come together before its too late

  6. UNION 6. In ecclesiastical affairs, the combining or consolidating of two or more churches into one. This cannot be done without the consent of the bishop, the patron, and the incumbent. union is by accession, when the united benefice becomes an accessory of the principal; by confusion, where the two titles are suppressed, and a new one created, including both; and by equality, where the two titles subsist, but are equal and independent.
    7. States united. Thus the United States of America are sometimes call the union KEY ON THE WORD ACESSION
    ACCESS'ION, noun [Latin accessio.]
    1. A coming to; an acceding to and joining; as a king's accession to a confederacy.
    2. Increase by something added; that which is added; augmentation; as an accession of wealth or territory.
    3. In law, a mode of acquiring property, by which the owner of a corporeal substance, which receives an addition by growth, or by labor, has a right to the thing added or the improvement; provided the thing is not changed into a different species. Thus the owner of a cow becomes the owner of her calf. CESSION, noun
    1. The act of giving way; a yielding to force or impulse.
    2. A yielding, or surrender, as of property or rights, to another person; particularly, a surrender of conquered territory to its former proprietor or sovereign, by treaty.
    3. In the civil law, a voluntary surrender of a persons effects to his creditors, to avoid imprisonment. CEDE, verb transitive
    1. To yield; to surrender; to give up; to resign; as to cede a fortress, a province or country, by treaty. This word is appropriately used to denote the relinquishment of a conquered city, fortress, or territory, to the former sovereign or proprietor.
    2. To relinquish and grant; as, to cede all claims to a disputed right or territory.
    The people must cede to the government some of their natural rights. again all definitions from websters 1828 the several states seemed to have been ceded without our knowledge its all in the words above

  7. Emphasis on 'Conquest' , 'Conquered Territory' and 'belonging to the United States'.

    ---Cross v. Harrison, 57 U.S. 16 How. 164 164 (1853)---

    "In the war with Mexico, the port of San Francisco was conquered by the arms of the United States in the year 1846, and shortly afterwards the United States had military possession of all of Upper California. Early in 1847, the President of the United States, as constitutional commander-in-chief of the army and navy, authorized the military and naval commanders of the United States forces in California to exercise the belligerent rights of a conqueror, and to form a civil and military government for the conquered territory, with power to impose duties on imports and tonnage for the support of such government and of the army, which had the conquest in possession. .....

    The formation of the civil government in California, when it was done, was the lawful exercise of a belligerent right over a conquered territory. It was the existing government when the territory was ceded to the United States as a conquest, and did not cease as a matter of course or as a consequence of the restoration of peace, and it was rightfully continued after peace was made with Mexico until Congress legislated otherwise, under its constitutional power, to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States."

  8. California is where many incorporated states use for CAFR funds. Washington has a RCW wherein the treasurer I believe made the "law" stating all "governments" can comingle or gang together and mix to make bigger fund, finally one of the big banks and investor crime syndicates puts it to work, so the CAFRS grow. Seems several big banks, one associated with Alaska Permanent Fund are gathered or based in California, odd why there?

  9. Where is the chart the author refers to in the above article?

  10. I am attaching a text-only chart-like summation of how these disloyal, treasonous British-backed hucksters have undermined and "reconstructed" the federal government we are owed in Gross Breach of Trust. It's three pages of charts and one page of explanation that should lay bare the whole bullshit scenario we have been living under and who is responsible for it (the British Queen, the British Crown, and the Pope).

  11. 1FreeMan - The Tax Court responded asking for filing fee or Form requesting waiver of fee. Secondly, they highly recommend preparing for Trial. Doesn't the paper work speak for itself? Why should there be a Trial?
    They are treating this as if the IRS has filed a tax lien on us, or as if they have 'charged' us with a tax bill. When in fact, our filing of this Petition is quite the opposite; why should there be any need of a Trial or Appearance by us?

  12. Abby, ignore it. These are just scare tactics. They must be getting inundated with these after it has been announced and are looking to scare people away. Do not respond and do not send any fee.

    1. 1FreeMan, well it puzzled me. So what happens next?
      Thanks much.

    2. Abby, according the the Texas Republic instructions it will take 6 weeks for them to dismiss your petition for LOJ.

  13. 1FreeMan....regarding the Form 843, Item #7, is there some software we can use to insert that 4-line paragraph into that space so we don't have to write it in on each Form for each year? I don't think there is enough space to write it in anyhow.

  14. Abby, yes and you have it already. It is Adobe Reader. Just open the PDF and in the upper right corner, click on the "Fill & Sign" tab. Then click on "Add Text" and wait for Add Text bar to pop up at the top of your document. Place your cursor a bit below where you want to type your text and start typing. You can change the font in the text bar. Be sure to save you file under a different name to separate it from the original. You may need to play around with it a bit to get the hang of it.

    1. 1FreeMan, yep, all set up, waiting for info to arrive. Thanks a bunch for all your help.


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