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Friday, January 5, 2018

Special Message About Marijuana "Law"

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of my faithful readers are now sharp enough to already know the answer to the present controversy regarding AG Session's enforcement of federal sanctions against state-legalized marijuana. 

My readers know that AG Sessions isn't addressing the actual states.  He is addressing the federated "States of States"--- which he has control over because they are nothing but corporate franchises of the federal parent corporations. 

Does Burger King, Inc., have the right to dictate policy and rules and place limits on your local Burger King franchise?  

Of course, they do.  That is what being a franchise is all about. You buy into a successful product line and marketing system in order to promote it and profit from it.  

So your local Dairy Queen carries the same ice cream, same menu, same signage, same uniforms as every other Dairy Queen.  

It's the same way with the federal corporations.  You want to be a Territorial franchise and share in federal block grants?  Fine, you organize a "State of State" franchise and toe the parent corporation's line. 

You want a share of federal racketeering profits?  You open a STATE OF STATE franchise.  Same deal. 

So when Attorney General Sessions tells his corporate goons to enforce the parent corporations' policy about marijuana on the State of State franchises-- does he have the right to do so? 

Of course, he does.  

You can't have Burger King serving Kentucky Fried Chicken, right?  If you are a franchise operation you have to ride for the brand, wear the colors, adhere to the menu, prepare the product according to the centrally controlled recipe...

So Jeff Sessions is just telling the franchises to get back in line and obey the franchise agreement and follow the parent corporation rules. 

And from his perspective, this makes perfect sense-- especially  when these State of State franchises are taking in billions of dollars in new revenue from marijuana sales and aren't cutting the Mama Corporation in on the deal. 

So this is NOT a "state's rights" issue.  AG Sessions isn't talking to the states.  He is talking to the States of States, which are franchises of federal corporations he represents. 

In truth and in fact marijuana use has ALWAYS been lawful.  There is no way for any actual state to interfere with your right to grow, eat, smoke, or otherwise use a plant however you see fit.  

Also in truth and in fact, no actual state can control in-state domestic sales and trades involving marijuana.  

It's only when marijuana sales cross state lines and it becomes an issue of "interstate trade" that sale or transport of marijuana becomes a federal issue at all. 

So here is the deal-- growing and using marijuana is lawful and always has been.  So long as it is purely in-state and local, the federal government has nothing to say about it, similar to the situation wherein anyone can make their own beer and wine and hard liquor without any government interference, but even more liberal, because the federal government was given explicit control over interstate commerce involving alcohol, tobacco and firearms (as sources of income supporting the federal government) and has never been granted any special interest in drugs at all.

But, does the federal corporation have the right to set and enforce rules and policies for its franchises and employees?  

You betcha. 

Now it is just a matter of each and every one of you making your choices and deciding what your political status is and whether or not you are going to serve the federal corporations as "volunteers" (which they claim we are) or as employees or as franchisees? 

You decide whether or not you are a "US citizen" and obligated to follow every whim and policy of Congress or not.  Are you a franchisee?  Are you subject to the rules of the US Army?  Do you have to obey the company policies of the Company? 

Jeff Sessions is well-within his rights to boss around the States of States and STATES OF STATES.  And he isn't even talking to the actual states and people, because he knows better. 

But do you?  Does the Congressional Delegation "representing" your state? 

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  1. Tentacles of the illumi. Corp touches deep with the justice system corporate statutes . Law officials assume everyone is a U.S. citizen unless you can fight off the color of law attack.of a corporate goon on a sovereign non corporate entity . Blacks law : U.S.citizen is corporate entity .

  2. What about the people languishing in jail for selling Cannabis? Isn't it RICO to make something legal, illegal under the color of law and then later make it legal under the control of a few mafia types like Big Pharma and rich elites who are the only ones who can afford the $2 million fee to get a license to sell it? Why should rich people be able to do the same things that little home boys go to jail for? Why don't people ever consider the irony of this?

    1. That's exactly what is going to happen. There won't be private growers anymore or private dispensories...the whole industry will be taken over by huge corporations that no one can compete against...the writing is on the wall...and just wait for the tons of laws that are going to be tied to it..driving while under the influence, illegal purchase through the black market, etc...

    2. You answered your own question, its all about FRN's

    3. C Harrission Smith....its called an "ex post facto" law, and yes it is unlawful under the constitution but this will be the second time they will be doing it...the first was alcohol.. it always seems to involve drugs of some sort.....

  3. Blacks law dictionary has to be all collected and burned like in the dark days....everyone except a few held in private libraries to let people see what attorneys have done to us when kids finally are taught the truth about our true history and how our lack of knowledge Of money lead to all of this..!

  4. re:
    Jeff Sessions is well-within his rights to boss around the States of States and STATES OF STATES. And he isn't even talking to the actual states and people, because he knows better.

    But do you? Does the Congressional Delegation "representing" your state?
    Yes. No. Not a word. Noone knows anything or claims anything. Just complete silence, no matter how many people I inform.

    Just my experiences, your mileage may vary.

    There is not even a state seal yet, except my interim common law cat seal (unchallenged). No state constitution yet. Nothing and noone except me for now.

    Reality is the "police" ("feds" or otherwise) will claim your tobacco cigarette "smells like marijuana", ask if they can search your car, when you ask what happens if you say "no" they claim they will just search it anyway. When they find nothing, walk off without a word.

    God forbid someone draws a pot leaf in the dust of your car, and you will get pulled over and escorted to 8 or so waiting cop cars. They will claim you were going 30 in a 25 zone or similar, go through the whole "search" routine, find nothing, and then when you ask "what about my speeding ticket?" walk off without a word.

    Don't dare have a beard in an airport, you have to leave. When they find no warrants, nothing you violated, well you "make people nervous"

    In my opinion, people who are willing to kidnap small children at birth, claim everyone has to "pledge" to the federal "war" flag, "pay" people with "monetized debt" -- don't appear to follow any laws.

    Out of people i have known who did or dealt "drugs" ... i assure you they have no clue about "us citizens" and "federal citizens" and "commerce" versus law of the land. Nor were they informed.

    In their defense, the "police" do let "informers" off the hook...they can lie, cheat, steal, make death threats, accuse people not doing any of the above of their own crimes, etc.

    I find it hard to believe drug dealers sit around researching "law", even when "busted". Maybe the big time types, but the average crack or meth addict/dealer? They go around "collecting" that is their "law". If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you get to pay up. Someone has to pay. That is their "law"

    J Average Pothead? Not a clue. Doesn't know about "federal reserve notes" either. Not a clue. Like everyone else, they probably know things are seriously wrong, but don't know where to begin or even how the language has been warped.

    If we are talking "high class" drugs for "high class" people e.g. coke, then in my brief observations, they have no clue either, and wouldn't care anyways.

    I am not saying the average drug dealer/user/alcholic/etc. is less informed than the average "clean" person, just all this stuff is still unknown for vast swarths of people, who will never know any of it either way.

    Through no fault of this site, this stuff is still unknown to 99% of everyone, and they will never know.

    1. I know one crack addict/meth dealer/pot dealer/identity thief etc. sitting in jail (and their kid, doing same things, but outside), who are blissfully unaware of such things. the kid previously did time on drug charges, lost their kid to the court.

      i could name a few more, probably dead.

      At the risk of stereotyping, people "deal" because they want fast money and/or a discount on their habit, or they see no means of any "real" job. That doesn't necessarily mean they are less educated, but rightly or wrongly, they don't have/make time to study, they need money NOW. Being an addict tends to overlap with this desire, and there is no time for "study" of much of anything except an all-consuming 24/7 desire to obtain their fix.

      There are surely some "gentlemen preppie mafia" drug dealers/users around, but i have not had the privilege of meeting them. They are "out of my circle".

      I will say, the drug dealer model is near identical to the "banker" model. Run up all kinds of debts in a pyramid scheme, rob A to pay B, then rob C to pay A, set up vast "leverage" waiting for one big pay off to come in, and then run up new debts just as fast.

      For all the money that comes in, it disappears quickly too. No self-control. Always need MORE.

      There is the same con man "dress nice and polite" to "hook" normal people. Jekyll and Hyde type personality. Same "anything that serves your fellow man is godly" justification too.

      The addicts of the "money" drug manifest strikingly similar symptoms, withdrawal, denial, etc.

      I am not saying "dealers" couldn't "educate" themselves, just the average low level type, it seemingly never comes up. They really don't care what the "law" is. They will justify whatever they are doing. Especially if someone "wronged" them.

      Reagan justified crack dealing to raise money for the contras. All the time "just say no" with a straight face was the public message.

      Apparently i am a "kingpin" too. Having never dealt anything. I have enough tobacco and caffeine "problems" and no money anyways even if i wanted to do other things. If the average dealer can't even research me, and see where my bags under my eyes come from (starting at a computer monitor) i doubt their skills at "law".

      Don't wear shades in a nightclub...that means you have ecstasy apparently.

      With no offense intended, i believe most drug dealers/users are unaware of all this stuff. They rob the easiest/nearby targets, will invent a "crime" you committed too, to justify their treatment of you. Invent a whole new identity for you out of thin air.

      Sound familiar?

    2. the other cute trick is send preteens on "delivery errands"

      i dont think "law" enters into the equation at any step for the average "dealer". they have no clue about "federal citizens" or "common law" or "money" etc.

      watch all the rap videos waving their debt notes around like they are rich...if they found out they only got "paid" with IOU notes.

      if the average drug dealer knew any of this stuff, there would be more crime, not less.

      if the strippers knew they only got "paid" with "debt" ... ooh boy. that would be fun to watch.

    3. Hey kiddo ,It doesnt matter anyways there are people here studying for 1-40 years,repeat 1-30 years and still they are in line for freedom ,oops Free to be dumb again, really if they the "druggies/dealers" did study ,It will amount to a hill of recyclable paper ,its only to be used to subject a subject to the point of confusion then they eat you ,tax and then continue to administer ...choosing a sense of well being and seeking opportunity to grow is the law I follow ."I am saving the freedom for hell"I will privately admin without any state or mind ,and then the devil will have to put up his bond or else estoppel,because "if' God is Omni present and we were given everything(cosmos) and we all obtained the use of free will and each has the inalienable right to use without any man telling you you cant use even to kill another with what GOd gave you ! ? Then Doesnt one have the problem with God?(fed)(fiction) of course being the bigger Being and what not ! Such a bunch of beings in God .Always making things UP,and casting down low. The world is internationally uniform and is one whole being and cannot be overcome by paper and writing .It was built be conquering so many beliefs and illusions and most often delusions of the up incoming man from day one",So conquering the conqueror because it resides in all unconquered selves, no where other than to surrender and trust the world is one whole being in abundance ,apply in mind,actions and example ,all else will pass in the night.Meanwhile I am waiting for yesterday to catch up with today .Father time killed the real world ..those leading this are spiritual babies and seek that which is hidden within themselves only. Children remember to row row row your Admiralty citizenship merrily merrily down the stream for Life is but a dream ! We are given this world and god has provided us with heaven and hell for each choices contains both uncontaminated by mans indecision to want only good while judging the bad ,yet bad is contained in each cell and to refuet this in each choice only seeking the bright side will always end at night fall,renewel is the way to manage all light and darkness each moment to moment,have no fear we are love and evil and all that is possible without beginning or end ,to want change externally is the BIGGEST SIN OF ALL ,for WE ARE WHOLE AS GOD ,there is no manner in which any man can change that which is whole .futile worshiping idols such as these "ideas " of only good or Vs evil

    4. I've dealt with tons of drug dealers in my time and users and yes, they are completely clueless because for one thing, the only thing they value is "money"..That is their only God, with no other God before it...and yes, I'm no angle, but I went to college(A university) and passed pre med classes and received a B'S in biology...!! But the difference between me and the rest of these users and dealers is that they all have one thing in common......the are pathetically lazy and not interested even in the truth of there is no monetary incentive to do it...They came into this world for one thing please themselves and no one else...Those kinds of people wouldn't believe the TRUTH if it hit them in the head..!! And judges have seen so many of them they automatically think that we are all the same.. But they had a rude awaking when they tried to charge me...i went straight for the throat.. For the first time in his life he meet a drug user that knew what was going on and laid the guilt trip right back on him..!! You are calling me a criminal when you and the entire court and justice system is built on lies....he kept trying to get me into a controversy, but I wouldn't bite..He was visibly shaken when he read me the charges and I told him finally I get the truth when he answered me...i just remained calm and told him " I accept all those charges for value to settle and adjust this account (because their is nothing but accounts out there), so it can be closed using my exemption which you were going to do any way behind my back." So the only thing I need from you know is "A finding of facts and conclusion of law, and I'll be out of here. I'll just sit back down and wait for that, and my business will be done with you..!! He tried to hide it as best he could, but he knew I had him...!! Of course out of desperation and quick thinking on his part, he said ok but handed me a "foretta waiver"thinking I didn't know what it was. And he wanted me to sign it. A foretta waiver is only for a pro Dr litigant who is going to represent himself at a trial....but there wasn't going to be a trial because I just settled the case. And I asked for the finding of facts and conclusion of law....but what facts, and what law...i didnt create a controversy . There was nothing to fight about. He was pacing back and forth behind the courtroom like he just received the death penality....when he came out he wanted that waiver back.

    5. But I returned it to him the exact way he handed to me....empty!! But because the entire courtroom seemed agitated, since no one in there understood what was happening except the judge and myself, I let him off the hook and told him I'll be back with my attorney..!! Otherwise I thought I was going to be murdered..!! Boy did he give a sigh of relief..!! But that was the last time I would ever deal with that judge. And he was coccy..!! And a few months later the Irvine police tried the same thing...but not with that judge...he learned a good lesson that day..!! Never assume anything..!! I told everyone I dealt with in court, your all drug addicts way worse than me.. and I told one of the court employees that I had to deal with do you have anything in your purse that is green with numbers at all four corners of a Bill representing value. She knew I was taking about money...Of course she said..Then I looked at her, because minutes before that she was lecturing me about the evil of drugs, and I just told her I thought you said you don't do drugs....!! She looked like a deer with the headlights on. And finally she said, that's kind of a strange way of looking at it..?? Really..Well let's do some comparing...and I read her a list of crimes that both real drugs and money both have in common..death, violence, betrayal, lies, cons, you name it...they both do it..!! And she shut up after that..!! It's not enough to win, you have to drive home that they aren't dealing with "clean hands or in good faith either"!!And all of them have been taught the same lie...who did I hurt or damage....the pat answer from all of them...."THE STATE" mean I hurt a fiction at law...are we in OZ toto..!!

    6. my experience it's the people in this country that "THINK" they are smarter than everyone else that don't do any drugs at all, but are even more clueless than the average drug user....especially attorneys that make tons of money....they don't know the first thing about anything!! And that's been my experience...!!!

  5. As usual, anna spouts off stuff without checking all of her facts. Taking her "advice" will get you a long prison sentence in their corporate prison. Yes, she is HALF right about being able to make your own beer, wine, or hard liquor PROVIDING that: (1) it is under a certain amount and (2) it is for PERSONAL consumption and NOT FOR SALE, then they won't bother you, but SALE the stuff on the street and see how fast you get "interfered" with!!!!!! So as usual on this forum, you BETTER get ALL of the facts instead of the half baked advice you get here or you will be in a corporate prison cell signing Folsom Prison Blues with Big Bubba on your back!!!

    1. It would be quite foolish indeed for a federal citizen subject to defacto "rules & statutes" to engage in that type of activity! However a State national that truly understands "jurisdictions" and the differences between them ALL, and conduct themselves responsibly and accordingly as such, understands fully any presumed consequences they'll possibly have to contend with. Their choice

    2. Kelli.....i filed a number of things at the county recorders office regarding my foreclosure including my own "default filing on the bank, right to preserve interest, and the final blow to them...i filed a motion to dismiss the case under Admiralty 28USC1333, SAVING TO SUITERS, and not even asking for a judgement, only a ministrative order, because I already won at the administrative level. I didn't need anything from the court, except my order....The judge sent the entire packet addressed only to her, needing her signiture, right back to me marked only "REFUSED"(not even refused for cause) and then had the nerve to move up my eviction a full month before I was supposed to originally be out. The only paperwork they value are huge corporations....there is NO LAW..!! That is a illusion too....!!!!

  6. After Sessions made his statement, my State said our state laws are now on hold, waiting to see what happens as a result of his statement.
    So it doesn't matter who Sessions is addressing, we all know we are all included. There is absolutely no recognition of anything other than the State OF State; what is on paper or 'the way it should be' means nothing to those who are in Control of the masses.

    1. No Abby, Sessions and the entire congress, and even Hillary Clinton are starting to get is a utube site that exposes all the corruption. And she is reading directly from judge Anna's affidavit of probable cause.....nice going Anna and you too Paul for getting us to read and understand this site....So that's what Trump meant by the calm before the storm...Trump gets it finally. The judges he praises so highly are rats..!! Sessions certainly proved that. No wonder they want his mental health evaluated...what do you think they will conclude when they are all facing GITMO..!! That was the whole reason for his last EO..!! Now he can get around the entire justice system by merely charging all of them with high crimes and treason, with no indictment or trails..!! He wants to charge all of Congress and even the marshells and FIB if they don't start complying with his orders...he is really letting them know the real power of a President, especially a corporate one..!! By Febuary or March, we are going to see massive arrest by our own military...For once I'm glad the military exsist. They have the manpower and the weapons to arrest or kill anyone that gets in there way...You don't think the FBI and Congress and the CIA don't know they are outnumbered 100 to one and fully weaponized...No wonder Putin has his back...!! He's the only one he can trust to have his back....its all over but fat lady singing at the end...!!

    2. James, the 'show' is beginning to wind up; so far just getting warmed up; sort of like an appetizer before a 7 course meal, lol. I do think a lot more is going on covertly than we know about.
      Seems to me it takes the 'national emergency' declaration Trump did, in order to sidestep the ordinary indictment/court system. However, we the people are not gonna be patient for very long; we've had quite enough of saber rattling, we want real action.
      IMO, this is going to be the most eventful year in the history of our country, and in many different ways. The clock is ticking.

    3. I agree Abby..!! If all these people aren't dealt with within a couple of months, the people may just take things in their own hands.. But that's what the "deep state" wants..!! The trouble Abby is that their are plenty of high level military leaders involved in shady things too....generals, admirals, and high ranking military boggles the mind.....did you get to see that Uribe I listed on the site before this where you said you were trying to connect the dots....well someone did, and it defies logic.. It would be easier to understand quantum physics....the chart (s) are that complex and intricate..!! It really brings home the massive legal problems we have in this world....!!!

  7. Go ahead Anna and co ,Take down the Military complex and tell them they cant use their toys to kill and make money to spend on woman and consumer goods that they are entirely addicted to .then take away the entire uniform rules while the Colorado jural society deals with Bin laden and the sultans of swing ..oh and demand the gold with 10000's of letters in fancy sentences with attitude and paul to push on through the global agenda now 8000 years in its infancy .. Lets start extracting uniform laws from the 40,000 trade agreements that make the world capable of automation.Sorry I like what God gave me ,Its perfect ! I could never judge his work because its impossible to be separate in any form or without form.Life is exactly what you choose within ,the external world is a MIRROR to within et al. choose precisely and all else will support your world if it is truly revealed within.

  8. GOD IS IN CONTROL OF THE WORLD,NOT MAN,NOT THE BANK,not even what appears or disappears changes one iota of GOD,Go smoke that in your pipes Patriots.

  9. All these feds politicians lawyers judges ect get all bent and want to put an end to pot opiates pain meds that some people actually need,all the while they are drinking like a bunch of fraternity kids.
    Alcohol is also a very destructive drug

    1. All judges have to drink alcohol just to deal with their conscious..You know WHAT is really weird. I've seen people, especially younger ones who have no clue about the nature of their charges, looking like chickens ready to be beheaded, with some pretty bad charges, and the judge simply slaps them on the hand because, I assume, they are so pathetic that the judge can't bring himself to bury them..But, put a patriot in front of them, and the judge treats them like terrorist...!!!

    2. Holly, 70 plus years ago hemp oil was found to be quite safe and profitable; so businessmen successfully had it banned for selfish reasons, claiming it was a dangerous drug and put it in the same class as marijuana. It was a lie and they knew it.
      But without fanfare or publicity, hemp was removed from that Ban by incorporating it into the Farm Bill of 2014. The lie about hemp has since been exposed and many doctors and labs are now promoting and recommending it. You will see it around as CBD Oil. It has the same pain relieving power, but without any ''high'' or addiction. I know this from personal use of CBD 5 mg. (cbd is not thc).
      As with anything a person takes, STUDY of it should be done first; the company legitimacy, where it is grown, processed and packaged, by who, cleanliness, etc.
      There is no need for opiates and drug addicting pain pills or sleeping pills; pure, safe organic CBD oil caps are a safe alternative.
      Sidenote: All generic drugs have 3rd world countries involved in them; either manufactured there, or ingredients from there. And none of it is regulated in ANY way. Something to stay totally away from.

    3. Abby, I am currently taking CBD oil to evaluate its healing effects. But mine is supposedly 100mg of pure CBD oil.. and I do think it is having an affect....and that is the whole reason that Sessions doesn't want pot labeled "medical" anymore, because of big pharma...!! And yes I think they are just now trying to establish a uniform method that best extracts it from pot....there are currently two methods...One is with heat and solvents..thats not the one I have. Mine is produced cold using CO2 extraction so nothing is lost in the process....Europe is way ahead of us in this process...!!It is on Amazon. It actually sells for $70 for just one once which only last one month if you use it as directed. But if you agree to have it automatically debited every month they dropped the price to $28 and no extra shipping fees..!!

    4. James, CBD is a little confusing. Mine says 495 mg. organic hemp oil and 5 mg. Cannabidiol (CBD). This is strictly a hemp product.
      It may be that marijuana contains some CBD which is the healing ingredient that people have been relying on for pain and the reason they want it made 'legal'. Of course there are those that want it for the ''high'' they get.

      So for healing, hemp has it, without any high because it is not marijuana. In other words, if pain is the problem, hemp is all they need, and what they do about marijuana is of no importance.
      My 5 mg. runs around $120 for 3 mo. supply. However, for higher mg. strength, the price goes higher as well. For very severe pain, I am supposing that the higher strength may be necessary.
      It is not the amt. of oil itself, but the focus should be on how much actual CBD it contains; which is the cannabidiol; what mg. is that. Oil is one thing, CBD is another thing, see? I suggest reading up on it, check out the company and their background before ingesting any product, and always follow bottle directions. There are bound to be ''dirty pool players' trying to jump on the bandwagon, as is the case with everything these days.

    5. You right Abby, it is confusing..I think it is intentional. people who first started talking about this said it is not really an oil, but more like a paste that you only need to take once a day, about the size of a grain of rice...but I can't find it anywhere..i bought this because the ad promoting it had an endorsement by Clint Eastwood with his picture on it...But like anything else, when money is involved, their will always be fraud and liers....thats why I'm so passed that the police and courts treat "fraud" as such a low level crime, they won t even let you file a report on it...they simply tell you it's civil....!! But I'm going to get to the bottom of this and find out what it really is, if I can actually talk to a lab technician.. It's reprehesable for people in that industry, who know CBD's can cure people of aliments, and then lie just to make money...Thats why one article said their has to be an agreed way to produce it that is universally accepted...Regular growers are never going to make it because they make way more producing marijuana for sale... smokers could care less about a health product, especially since it takes a lot of product to make just one once of it...!!

    6. One other thing about making marijuana legal.....everyone that smokes love calling it medical marijuana, because it makes them seem superior to any other drug user, when most of them are compulsive addicts no better than a heroin addict..!! It does nothing for pain..If anything it makes you think more about it, not less..Pot smokers are the most people "in denial" of their DRUG habit...!! Most of them smoke 24/7 and have no clue on how to read or understand anything!!! All brain dead people..!!! I won t hang with any of them anymore...complete morans...and I'm being very nice..!!

  10. Alcohol is also a very dangerous drug
    ....Alcohol is the worst drug if your an addict..Ask any police officer. That is the only drug that makes a person fangerois, because it works on the frontal cortex that is where all inhibitions are. Once you numb that, they think they are invincible...!!!

    1. JAMES, when diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer , I made the TAR... I was on Percocet , Xanax, several other medicines. All hose medicines went away including INHALERS for COPD , because my oxygen levels went back to normal ranges. My doctor was amazed. Big pharma was pissed. I will disagree , with anyone who says smoking it is for addicts my daughter has a spinal cord injury from a C SECTION , if she eats the leaves raw it stops the pain, THIS SHIT they have produced calling it CBD OIL , Is the most worthless stuff I have run across. I tried it, my daughter, spinal cord injury & son PTSD & spinal cord injury tried It, The conclusion eat it, make tar, smoke it! If you run across a male plant especially eat the flowers for depression doctor was amazed. I will never waste spend another $70 on a worthless bottle of snake oil though. Best wishes BEEN THERE DONE THAT

    2. did you make that can't be found anywhere love to try it if I could find it...i first heard about it when chong (Cheech and chong) developed cancer and started taking the CBD paste regularly, and testified that it saved his life..! Do you know anywhere close to me where I can get it because I'm 64 and starting to have different aches and pains, but urine and stomach problems..!! I would really appropriate it..or is it possible to get from you..??? I live in Calif...Hemet in Riverside email is

      Much thanks..!!

  11. Paul, I apologize this is off topic but I have a question regarding "copyrights" and what you meant by stating "our work is copyrighted, but if you stay in the parameters..." Who is "our work" that you referred to?
    Thanks, just wanting to get things straight before I publish Anna's work on my blog.


    1. LEGAL NOTICE: The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice, on this website. The information posted on this website is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America. Images, text and logic are copyright protected. ALL rights are explicitly reserved without prejudice, and no part of this website may be reproduced unless by written consent. You hereby have written consent to post any individual post from this website containing this copyright to any other blog or email only if you post the whole and unaltered article including this copyright, and give proper credit to the authors, and a link back to this website at, or post the title of the article and a snippet with a link to the article on our website. This copyright is held by Anna Von Reitz, and Paul Stramer jointly. ©2015-2017 All rights remain in force. Removing this notice forfeits all rights to recourse. Copyright strictly enforced ©

      This is the copyright from Anna's website where you should get the articles you want to publish.

      You do not have permission to copy any comments of our readers from this blog.

    2. Thank you paul. Yes, I noticed the "legal notice", but let's be clear. You own the website and the domane name “" correct? You were publishing her authored material for 4 months prior to her knowledge that you purchased a domane name in her "Pen Name" correct? Her copyrighted articles belong to her, correct? They originated from her home I Alaska, correct? Do you have some exclusive agreement to "publish" her work and that it MUST be linked back to a website that she does not own and only "appears to be hers". You see why I need clarity? Living in the land of law and reality requires asking responsible questions vs just assuming ANYTHING. I hope you understand.
      Thank you for your time

    3. You have the legal notice above, so abide by it.

    4. "You do not have permission to copy any comments of our readers from this blog." Paul-from your above response.

      Paul, I respectfully, responsibly REBUT your assumption that "I" (or any poster/author) require your permission to "copy" (quote) any posters (authors) comments on this blog. "Readers" read. Commententor's "post" and therefore are Authors/owners of their own thoughts, logic and writings. The Authors that post comments on this public platform known as a "blog" have NOT entered into any contract or agreement with YOU to claim/assume ANY such authority of any special rights, titles or interest in ANY authored Posts/comments. All work by original "authors" Are their own copyright protected work and remains AS such unless said author AGREES to give their authority OVER to another. ALL authors expect their writings in the public domain of "cyberspace" if copied is to be honored word for word to remain in full and unaltered to protect the intentions, integrity of the author. This IS the purpose of copyright protection. I am the Author of all my writings on your "blog" and I REBUT your assumption to have ANY assumed authority OVER my writings. Period.
      Good day

    5. Paul for purposes of specific clarity for legal/lawful copyright protection, who is the original author of the statement added to bottom of ALL articles posted on your websites which states;
      "See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
      To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website." Please clarify, asap

    6. I didn't say you needed my permission. What I said is you don't have it. I can not speak for the others that write comments. You don't have MY permission.

    7. Kelli.
      You can leave the last line off where it mentions the Paypal button, but the link back to Anna's website has to be there or you can't publish her articles. Read it again.
      "You hereby have written consent to post any individual post from this website containing this copyright to any other blog or email only if you post the whole and unaltered article including this copyright, and give proper credit to the authors, and a link back to this website at, or post the title of the article and a snippet with a link to the article on our website."

    8. Paul, you failed to answer my specific question of "who" authored that statement? I am requesting specifics to be made clear to me in regards to the full terms/conditions of your authored "legal notice". I simply don't understand your "legal notice" as it is written or understood by me. Therefore I absolutely need clarification. Did Anna Author the entire added statement to her articles or not? If no, "who" IS the author of the statement as it is written in third party. Who is the hidden third party?????

    9. You have all the information you need. Abide by the copyright. Stop trying to subvert the language. If you don't think you have enough don't publish her work. You have no right to see any agreements between Anna and myself, and you won't. If you persist I will withdraw permission to publish from either website.
      Anna is being notified about your comments thus far.

    10. Lawful Disclosure and Notice to Paul Stramer,
      a registered "individual" dba; SLC Distributing, described as "Sales of Various Products" (NOT SEVICES) in Eureka, Montana, UNITED STATES with alleged registered "Web Domain(s)" ecommerce addresses Known as & et al;

      In light of recent discovery, and Mr. Stramer's lack of full disclosure in attempts to compel unconscionable compliance to be adhered to via performance in tactit agreement of posted "Legal Notices" on above named websites.
      I, Kelli Miller, a natural woman and birthright Californian, do say with full knowledge that I DO NOT understand "Double Speak" and "Double Meaning" with regards to "legal Notices" colorable in "appearances only" of having Lawful "Authority" as to location of published Authors writings and their original lawful copyright Jurisdiction. I Do Not Accept. I Do Not Consent. I hereby Refuse For Cause to abide by or be forced to comply with your posted "Legal Notice(s)" on my complete conscious discretion and awareness. All Original Author's copyrighted protected writings WILL be honored, protected and respected in my publishing, without your presumed authority to act as a third Party Agent on behalf of the authors without their knowledge or consent.
      I Refuse to send any readers from my "Blog" to a "link-back" to a website domain address that is owned and operated by a third party, in "APPEARANCES ONLY" of the original copyright Author's writings and work to be Misled to believe the website with it's 6 (six) paypal buttons , 3(three) as options to a "monthly subscription" to "support this work" belong to Anna in any way. THEY DON'T! And I care NOT your Logic or excuses for FAILING to DISCLOSE these facts ANYWHERE on that specific Website. Its False, Misleading and just plain old Bad Behavior with unclean hands. Nowhere On "Anna's" website is there ANY Donation Information/Instructions provided that does GO DIRECTLY To Anna and the Living Law Firm's work or that you are a "middleman" to take donations on her behalf. Nowhere.
      If it's not good for everyone, IT's NOT GOOD AT ALL.
      Perhaps your intentions were honorable, charitable in the beginning, however your actions/defensive behavior speak louder in regards to your now motives and character.

      By...Kelli Miller 1/09/18

    11. Great Paul, Anna may Not be aware or for that matter even care, but I Do.
      FYI, I don't need YOUR permission. I've already been given permission by my interested Author's work, including Anna

    12. Just a reminder Paul, this IS a mutual cause that WE both are supporting, NOT A COMPETITION. I Do Not compete, I passionately support Anna's work and I have ZERO tolerance for shady "legal" false appearances in this corporate system of betrayal using innocent sounding "words" to trick and fool innocent, charitable people. Nothing IS as its assumed to be. That's the true and simple fact. That is this capitalist system mindset. This IS MY Grandma face and I speak from my heart, whether you can accept that or not. That's your choice. This IS mine. You don't know me or my personal or professional background, knowledge or skills nor what I'm capable of in supporting this cause. I accept that.
      Have a good day

  12. Bundy case DISMISSED, with prejudice!!! Finally!! Now I hope they sue those corporate bastards asses off for civil damages, and rightfully so!!
    Its a great day!!

    1. Kelli...why just civilly..!! I would like to see them indicted for major crimes first.. put pressure on the DA' s office to do it or tell them they will be criminally charged too.. A civil suit can continue forever when you try and sue govt agencies because they have unlimited funds. In fact, when the verdict was read, I would have ordered the judge right there and then to issue an order for arrest of everyone involved in the case as against them...!!!

  13. I can just hear it now....Mr Bundy this is a civil case, you can't file it criminally..!! So they can be fighting huge Corp that have infinite amounts of money, and will never get remedy or money unless they are willing to fight for the next 20 years...!!

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