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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


From Anna Von Reitz

As of the first week of October 2017 the Municipal UNITED STATES ceased functioning.  

Attempts to replace it with a UN Corp "Regional Government" have thus far been successfully rebuffed and prevented. 

That leaves us to deal with the Territorial United States government, which is controlled by the military and has substantially different rules and procedures than the old Muni government. 

As a result some of the recommendations I have made to people in the past either no longer apply or require tweaking to make them work in this altered scenario. 

Those who got their paperwork done and in before October 2017 are grandfathered in and have their records established via the old Muni process.  They have to be recognized as civilians. 

Those who didn't do this have to follow a different process which has yet to be negotiated to the same ends-- correction of the public record, reclaiming ownership of your Name/NAMES, and recognition of your civilian status with respect to the military government. 

The criminals in charge have made a great hash of things. 

It will require a lot of effort to correct and some confusion is unavoidable. Just remember the key points -- you are no kind of "citizen" but are a civilian non-combatant "national". 

Make use of all means to establish public claim of your Names/NAMES as of your actual birthday.  This can be accomplished by publication in newspapers, sealed registered mail record copies, Certificates of Assumed Names, formal name changes followed by Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed and Title to the land and soil of your birth state recorded with the local Land Recording Office.  A Corrected Deed to your Name and Estate --land, etc., can be used to the same effect.

Whatever means and route you use to claim back your Name and Estate, it will be necessary to begin carrying copies of paperwork with you, ready to produce as part of your identification process. 

Mr. Trump is doing the best he can with a bad situation.  

Our country as a whole is indeed facing an emergency of sorts. Now more than ever it is imperative that those born in this country claim their names and their natural political status and organize their county jural assemblies. 

There is not a moment to waste.  Your destiny and the destiny of your country depends on your willingness to set the records straight and organize the local county government you are owed. 

Assistance is available from

In addition, given the history and the current state of affairs, it seems only prudent for people to make the effort to set aside emergency stocks of food, fuel, water and yes, some silver coinage.   

I am now and will continue to benefit somewhat if you decide to make use of the Mint Builder opportunity offered by Paul to acquire some silver, but the real benefit may be to you and to your families to get serious about a moderate amount of preparation for possible disruptions. 

At present there is no better or other option on the table than to fall back to using gold for international transactions and silver for domestic purchases.  

I am hopeful that we will get through the woods and be able to ultimately outgrow our belief in money and be able to transition to a more enlightened system of value soon but, until then, a transition via the old gold and silver standard is in my opinion likely to happen. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Please my fellow country people, learn about the worldwide "Law of the Flag" confirmation of powers by :Judge: David-Wynn: Miller. Every (even U.S. CITIZEN) has the power with knowledge to win overpowering jurisdiction (authority) in the courts with Title 4 USC sec 3,2,1, citizen's flag documented with Presidential Executive Order 10834, also U.S. ARMY manual 840-10 secures the top jurisdiction on land to be the Title 4 USC sec 1 flag and virtually no court in the federal system operates and is inferior to anyone presenting the Title 4 USC sec 1 flag and that is how we overpower the military jurisdiction in cases involving the court(s) :Judge: David-Wynn: Miller. holds the copyright on that flag and shares it with we the people. I know this to be a fact because I have been victorious in numerous court trials and calls to jury services using the top jurisdiction flag.

  2. I posted all of my documents on my facebook page.
    Let me know if this is not enough.

  3. give me a's not going to happen

  4. How is this sentence meant "Mr. Trump is doing the best he can with a bad situation"? Ironical?

  5. I will not be able to do this, since the name Eric James Austin came from an adoption sales Reciept, and no one I know has ever seen the original live long form birth certificate, to verify when, where, or from whom, I was born.

  6. Iam not trying to be a smart aleck here, but why are we just now being told 3 months after the fact? And what does that change for us, exactly? Everything seems to be moving along as business as usual.
    If something ceased functioning, it seems to me we would see it,but I for one, dont.

  7. The fact we were all trafficked out of the nation/cointry of our nativity u der deciet, false presumption , force and coercion makes EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE NULL AND VIOD,AB INITIO !!!.. These monsters have violated even their own laws . It seems ludicrious I have to undo something I did not do , never was informed of, fully disclosed of, consented to , is a gross violation of The Law of Nations, Human Rights, and last but not least " God's Law . It seems to me a bloody French Style guillotine party for all these criminal bastards is in order. Peace my ass..Wake the Hell up and start taking heads.

    1. Patriot58 that is my exact thought myself is not going to ask permission or file in anything in a foreign unwelcomed mafia operation they already know where we all standing because they are the ones that paper genocided us/

    2. Considering all of you are violating Romans 13, it is little surprise you all are hypocrites. By the way, Brahman is impersonal.

    3. Unknown: "Romans 13" doesn't apply over here. we have "consent of the governed". is this news to you?

      the native law of the land is american common law around here, branched off of english common law, not "roman civil law".

      a "tradition" can be "common law", so "the bible" can be quoted on those grounds, e.g. to indicate why someone is infringing on your personal beliefs, but that is for individuals to claim as defense if they feel their rights are being violated, not in an "offensive" "enforce on the entire community" manner.

      certainly not in any "you dont need consent of the governed, i am going to override the declaration of independence because of my religion" manner.

      our "tradition" around here is "consent of the governed", foremost above any other "Traditions".

      all other "traditions" depend on that.

      we don't do caste systems either, "all men are created equal". no titles of nobility either.*&Query=Brahman

      2: a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas; "originally
      all brahmans were priests" [syn: brahman, brahmin]
      3: the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal
      category [syn: brahman, brahmin]

      if you are going to "bash religion" i recommend you try harder, not lash out at straw men that don't apply.

      congress shall make no law prohibiting nor respecting the establishment of "religion".

      it would seem quite silly for you to decide that your pretend belief in "romans 13" somehow places you above "congress" and the declaration of independence, and that we all "consented" to your decree.

      we the people, who are "the authorities" around here, have already declared "consent of the governed" is "the law"

      our "Rights" come from "the creator" so "Brahman" has already blessed our venture and appointed "we the people" as the "authority".

      by the way, "we the people" are the "god-sanctioned authority" around here.

    4. Unknown:

      any "roman system" of "law" is optional, voluntary, and foreign.

      see bouviers law dictionary, title page (database/copyright info), "civil law" is all "foreign" around here.

      kindly keep your "Foreign" types of "law" to yourself.

      "That we deny no man Common Rights by (virtue of) the King's letters, nor none other mans', nor for none other cause; and in case any letters come to you contrary to the Law, (that is, the Common Law) that ye do nothing by such letters, but certify the King thereof, and proceed the execute the Law (that is, the Common Law), notwithstanding the same letters"

    5. and millions of others are constantly interpreting bible verses without using any "common sense"..!! First of all I don't believe he said it that way...that sounds like a typical perversion by the "deep state" to corrupt a good sermon and change it to mean something other than what he really said so Christians will just become sheeple of the Corp State..!! What he really meant, and these new bibles always leave out, is that Paul was talking about honest, God fearing, employees of govt who are for the most part are good people only doing their job..!! But it makes absolute no sense at all to comply with laws and statues, made up by totally evil men , then order their employees to commit fraud just for "revenue" purposes. No where in the bible, or by Jesus's own actions demonstrate fact, he made it clear to all of them that they even defiled the church by turning it into a street market, where people were being conned into believing things that just weren't true, because it made them more profit... He came across one marketer and others that were trying to tell all Christians that God says everyone has to kill a lamb once a year, as penance for their the marketers came up with a good scam...lets tell them that not all sheep are considered equal in God's eyes...!! If you pay a little more you could get a perfect lamb that God would appropriate way more...!! Jesus spotted the "LIE" for what it was..a total LIE. That's when he told all of them, you have turned my father's house into a den of inequity...!! And what did Jesus do....did he follow their law...hell no!! Instead, he went berserk and tossed all the tables over of the "money changers", and called them a bunch of theives..!! Does that sound like he was obeying their laws...If govt are following the "real law" than we are supposed to obey them. But he never once said to blindly obey corrupt and unholy govt...what kind kind of king would approve of that..In reality he would have us all expose them like he did and refuse to obey unholy laws.....that is the narrative that the "deep state" would love us to believe, and spread as true.....come on unknown..i hope your smarter than that...!!

  8. At this point we can only pray and Trust Trump to do thevrightbthings to correct all this mess...But you have to appropriate Trumps predicament...hes dealing with an out of control Congress, Swamps everywhere, and different countries involved. If he would just get rid of our judicial system. ...the WALL that is intentionally blocking all remedies for people with the truth, are the no one problem this country has....!!

    1. James, from pretty good sources, it seems there is a major take-down going on, covertly. This tells us its some pretty high profile peeps. On another note, but just rumor at this point as I cannot find verification yet, but it is said that soros may no longer be alive.
      It is only a small bit of 'good news' to have some Justice, but in all reality this world is so deeply entwined in corruption that it isn't enough to make america great in any sense of the word. We are like David with nothing but a slingshot and a stone, against a multitude of Goliath's with all the levers of control up there in their ivory towers. Who will place any bets on the people, with odds like that, lol.
      The great tribulation is right at the door IMO, and 'they' are all gonna get destroyed. All the pain they have brought upon this world, is going to look like a picnic by comparrison.

    2. Abby, it's already happening..!! One thing about this President is he doesn't believe in sharing any info to the media or even us, because they are all fake news and he doesn't want anyone knowing so he doesn't start a civil war, since so many liberals still believe in her and want her in office...!! Trump has finally had it with our "fake justice system" and finally realized that even he needs a way around the courts or he won't be able to accomplish anything. So he finally made add new "EXCUTIVE ORDER" that gives him the power of a dictator by using the same laws created to confiscate illegally gained wealth through drugs using "civil forefituture" laws..!! And you know how easy it is to take or seize assets under that law.. And he's doing just that....He froze the accounts of Bill and Melinda Gates, Google, Tumbler and the CEO of it going to jail for child abuse, and other accounts. And all of a sudden, there are numerous CEO's of major companies that are resigning from their positions...since when do CEO'S just resign, not step down, all at the same time..!! That plane that was turned around and had to return to LAX (I believe) That was carrying John legion and his girlfriend just happened to be filled with high profile politicians....both Bushes, senior and jr, plus Clinton, plus Soros, and others all on one plane. As soon as it arrived back, the plane was stormed and all of the politicians were handcuffed and being taken to GITMO..!! This new EO he just signed into law gives him the right to attach all assets of people and companies found to be connected to high crimes and human rights violations, which many of the top major companies CEO's are involved with...they had to warn John Ledgion and his girlfriend not to tell anyone, as his girlfriend was already fiendishly texting about..!! He is bypassing the courts and bringing all of them to GITMO, which is nothing but a detaining center, until they can find a court to charge these people..In other words, they can be permanently housed there forever if they want. Trump told GITMO to start putting a lot of military there because there are thousands of high profile people coming there. And rumor has it that both bushes are being charged in military venues, where the people charged have no rights at all, and can simply be executed...and the Bushes are facing a "firing squad"..quickly for their involvement in 911..!! I told everyone the Bushes were involved. Oh and Dick Channey was also on the plane and being charged with treason for 911. Trump is using a highly classified and secret task force to bring in all traitors using military high security so it doesn t become public..!! The press would crucify him and turn public opinion against him...But it is happening behind our prying eyes and the "fake news"..!! But trying to correct all this fraud, and child abuse, and crimes against humanity is really taking a toll on him mentally.. I can't even imagine what he is seeing on a global level..He is just now starting to unseal all previously unsealed indictments that number in the hundreds of thousands (like 450,000 of them). God at 70 years old, he can run circles around me..He isn t letting any one escape...thats why a lot of Congress are resigning and so are a lot of people in the entertainment industry...!! A lot of these people are facing firing squads..!! It's happening Abby!!

    3. James, thanks for the update. I have not been able to find a whole lot on this; but from bits and pieces I can connect some of the dots. Like several strange flights that just took place in the past few days, off toward Gitmo seen on some radar but no paper work for them. Not too hard to put 2 and 2 together there.
      Trump knows there is no Court that can be trusted to do the right thing, so they will all be tried by military tribunal; I believe that is why National Emergency was declared.
      In the past I have jokingly said they should all be hauled off to Gitmo - serendipity there? lol

      James, do you feel your source of this info is reliable?
      And, do you expect these culprits will simply not be heard of again, but just sort of disappear from mention and conversation? What are your thoughts?

    4. Yes Abby, at first I thought he really wanted to be the one to take the credit for taking down all these high profile people, but there are so many liberals that love these people that for now it is basically a "black opps" operation. Things are being done covertly, until the right time when he can safely say something about it....for now, we just won't see or hear much about them anymore...!! It could potentially cause a civil war here, especially if the MSM gets their hands on it...!!!

    5. James, you are right; do you know that Obumbo was voted as most admired person of 2017 ! And the pope was next in line, most admired. I guess this decision was made as a result of a survey taken, so that tells us a lot about how whacky thinking a population we have...they admire two of the biggest liar crooks in the world, who have done the most to destroy our country. And to think this is the type of people we have living among us !

    6. Abby do you really want to connect the dots....check this out and tell me any of us can connect the dots....!!!

      Someone did a lot of work to connect all the intermingled people and corp involved with this fraud.

    7. James, I just posted a little while ago on another Article comments section, that 'corruption is way too deep down the rabbit hole, for anything that we do, to work'....words to that affect.
      And so here's the Map of that world wide corruption that nobody can untangle; they planned it that way.
      It will take fire and brimstone from above to wipe them all out, and that is what will happen.

  9. Patience is a virtue. God is still in control. This is all about the eternal salvation of immortal souls, not what we can have in this life. Duty is ours, results are up to God. Yes we have the absolute right to defend ourselves but don't get the idea that God is sending us to go hunt the Bastards. That is not how it works. "Revenge is Mine" saith the Lord.
    Educate and Pray without ceasing.

    1. Paul,

      I agree, nature is always in charge. Food for thought, in ancient traditions, prayer meant to listen to the still small voice for instruction. Now, people think they are in charge, and I am not sure "God" is so poor as to need help!

    2. Paul I've always viewed patience as just a waste of time.
      The quality of life here in the now is just as important as the afterlife; God's original intent for Man living in the body can be seen in the beginning in the Garden; it is sin of those two that brought in death, disease and pain. I must also mention that that sin was Disobedience to God; He only gave them one mandate: do not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but they didn't listen, went ahead and did it anyway. And today it runs rampant; can Man really expect to overturn the consequences of their actions
      while the masses continue in rampant sin and disobedience of every kind?
      The answer to that should be obvious.

    3. I agree Paul. It might seem like a good idea to wear your "Punisher" shirt and go out and seek revenge, but that's only in the movies. Are purpose here is to raise awareness of salvation through Jesus Christ even if its only one person. It's still nice to know how they have manipulated us all through the central banks control on our monetary system.

    4. Well Paul, it appears that some states are starting to get it, in Lew of that last police shooting in Idaho (I believe) in which the police received a false 911 report about someone in a home using a gun.. So obviously, when the cops arrived, they were pumped up, and ready for the worst...They wound up breaking down the door and trying to handcuff an innocent man, who was desperately trying to tell them he wasn't the guy they were looking for and that this was some kind of mixup..!! I'm not sure what happened after that but shortly after that he was shot and killed by the police in his own home...!! Well that lead to a new law in Idaho. So now if cops come into your house, even by accident or because of false reports, and you feel personally threatened and they aren t going to be resonable, you are allowed to shoot and kill a cop without prosecution...!! You think they will start listening a little now...?? That's why when a 911 call comes in both the person making the call and the person who is being targeted should both be place under arrest until the story can be figured out, or both the caller and the person reported on are going to jail...not just the supposed perpatratrator being called on...ever since 911 was started, some people have used it as a weapon against people they dont like......chicken shit people, who always want to remain anomalous and believing they are good citizens...calling 911 on somebody is serious business these days, and can easily destroy a family's life...and the cops can no longer take "No liability ", even for a false report...A killer is a killer!!! And everyone deserves to face his accuser when serious accusations are being made...on a 911 call, that means pronto, right there and then, not later in court..That would cut down on 911 calls immediately when the person making the 911 call has to arrested also or handcuffed and brought before the person he is accusing.. Especially, if it is for some non violent crime, or doing drugs in your own home....were is the "victim"....!! Was the person making the call knowledgeable in law or a prick neighbor who just doesn't like you..!! These days people should be smart enough to know when you arbitrarily use 911 on someone, you are potensionally putting someone s life in danger..!! It's happened too many times...!!

  10. Canary in the coal mine, head of the RNC. Democrat national committee Muslim Keith Ellison sent a tweet of him holding a guide for ANTIFA.or communists party hand book translation .
    Radicalize the masses . Bolshivic.revolution started like this
    .Deep state will not stop till they take down trump.
    The whites that voted him in are taking notice .
    The writing is on the wall prepare.

  11. Wake up, people; your very constitution is based on deceit and fraud; hearsay evidence at best; maxim - The truth of charters is necessarily to be referred to a jury, when the witnesses are dead.

    Thus, there can be no more "consent of the governed"; and, as a result ALL other CON-tracts are null and void, back to their beginnings; maxim - Things invalid from the beginning cannot be made valid by subsequent act.

    Even the legal name created by "THE STATE" is null and void; period; its not yours; dump it; a true Nazorean will abandon it all and live by faith alone;

    Galatians 5:18 But, if you be lead of the spirit, you are not under the Law. [KJV 1611]

    This brother has been living without bank account, name, identity, but faith alone for 6 years now; and, every day is a blessed experience; thank you Iesus for redeeming me; Sela;

  12. What definitive PROOF do you have that the MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES has ceased functioning? Is there a link to a gov website where we can read about it?

    1. Light, I no longer expect an answer to anything. We are getting told things with no proof of any kind; we see a lot of letters written but never get the responses; we are told about going to the vatican bank, but that too gets flown off into the wind; we are told 'we are all rich and have accounts' but no update on that either. This is only a few of the many matters brought up. Donations are requested for all this work which is for the 'good of the people' but the people are given no results. The people have no idea whether any progress is being made, or if we are getting spit on by everyone involved.
      We are told the pope agreed to step back, step down from control, yet he seems to still be in charge. Those who respectfully ask for outcomes to all these things, get ignored in spite of the fact that it involves us all. What we get is a ''to do' list so we can continue going nowhere, as far as we can tell.
      Its more like being told to go buy a lottery ticket, the jackpot is half a billion bucks, you have a quadT chance of winning, so 'do it'. Well, we all know how fruitless that is.
      But at least they know when the drawing is, and when they will know.......they lost.

    2. Another thing we were told is that Anna has 9 of the more than 100 Trusts; yet that too has been kept a secret from us. I took that as meaning she has control of them.? So I have to wonder what their status is, and why are they being ''held' since she is the Fiduciary.
      And what has been the result of the invitation of the U.S. Fiduciary Officer to transfer everything over to 'this new govt'? That has been months ago. Why all this turtles pace.
      Dontcha just wonder?

  13. Municipal government ceased functioning? Go to your local courthouse as mine is functioning just fine. I have emailed Paul and Anna no responses but the paypal addy works just fine. I am tired of the wind here too Abby. Trump is doing what he can and does care for the Americans vs. Congress representing illegals. No more donation here for sure.

    1. learnfrom - Lets also recall how all on-going foreclosures were being halted. Yet there are many people with foreclosures that are still moving forward, same as always. Those BAR guys and gals are still still marching to the same old tune and living by their same ole 'legal' system and same ole demonic black robes and fringed flags.
      Its pretty easy to see their new Game is to pretend they ''never read any Notices and just put in their ear plugs' and playing dumb. And that leaves the ball in our court, having to become Law scholars, which none of us are going to do, because even that will do no good. They have their new plan of action all laid out and they don't intend to let us win no matter how low they have to stoop. They obey nothing, not even their own laws, and they all have criminal minds and cold hearts that hate The People and have ALL the lawyers in their back pocket.
      Might as well just look at it like it really IS.

  14. "At present there is no better or other option on the table than to fall back to using gold for international transactions and silver for domestic purchases." Anna

    So in keeping with this "issue" and train of thought for now purchasing physical, lawful united States of America dollars is a necessity for all that are awake and aware. Since I did take advantage of the free "lifetime membership" from mint builder via paul, for the intentions and purposes of "wholesale buying" privledges, to be determined once products became visable and available for worthy consideration. Im glad I did. Today I placed my first wholesale order after successfully and finally locating the "shop" section in the mint builder back office. The inventory listed and the prices were exactly what I had in mind and I'm happy with simply purchasing 99.9 pure silver 1troy oz Silver dollars for a few cents over $19. A piece today! No minimum purchase required, and the shipping was fair at 3.95 as well. Im sensible, so "SPECIAL" minted mystery coins dont hold any value for me personally.

    Also I learned that the "199.00 (one time ONLY) lifetime membership has been extended til the end of january. So if you are just interested in purchasing silver at wholesale prices(at just a couple dollars over spot) with no minimum required and your NOT interested in building a business/team feel free to sign up and take advantage of these wholesale buying privelges too! PS I Am in Paul's downline "team" so me sharing the opportunity and benefits of the wholesale buying sife to mintbuilder in no way should be construed as competion. This IS a great wholesale purchasing opportunity and promotion that im focusing on vs team building. However if I do happen to qualify for any earnings from sign ups (which doesn't look very likely unless there happened to be 6 within 45 days of the first sign up) i will happily donate 100% to paul and Anna for this very worthy cause and work.


  15. Also FYI: there are NO commissions paid on wholesale orders. Thats why the prices are so great and actually very sensible,and affordable way to go!!
    Much love and peace

  16. AND there is NO minimum monthly purchase required as a wholesale buyer....EVER!!!

    1. Yes Kelli. But I feel none of these silver and gold sellers go the entire 10 yards to protect us...They are usually big companies and should put a clause in all their contracts that testifys to the fact that as long as people are dealing in "silver", they do not come under "private U S Law", but rather are considered American Nationals with no ties to the "FORUM STATE", Which is foreign to our Rebublican form of govt..Anyone found to violate this stipulation can and will be charged with a felony and charged to the fullest degree of "True Law" of the LAND, not the Sea....There is no immunity for US Citizens/ Employees of the Corp State who are dealing in private commercial instraments, which is "prima facia" evidence of their lack of authority over anyone claiming or demanding their superior authority and status (as priority creditors and "Holders in due course") under 12USC411 and 95 (a)...!! We are fully prepared to sue on behave of our clients if anyone violates their rights under this "private contract" , which automatically restores everyone's original status to American Nationals, under operation of LAW..!! This contract, being private, and using lawful money, cannot be abridged by any court in the UNITED STATES,INC.(or any derivative of that Copyright name...!! And the courts have no standing to hear or protect the secondary rights of the "STATE OF THE FORUM" employees.. It is simply a "summery judgement" against all unlawfully positioned in so called public agencies as employees of a De facto "FORUM STATE", whose loyalty and actions is only to a foreign principal and not our true American republic...!! Notice has been given in the newspapers and "Letters of Understanding" that represent "Stipulation Bonds".. have been filed with the Secratary of State, the US Attorney General, and all the county recorders across America... under the law of "Subragation" all US employees have already agreed to this contract through our right to name anyone "liabile" for violating this contract by accomadation!! If any court in the Forum State tries to take jurisdiction of a case against "our newly recognized members" they will be arrested by the "provost marshals" of the Army, who are in charge of law on the LAND and flown to GITMO until they are charged for unlawfully representing lawful authority of our American Nationals under the flag of peace...!! Paul, if you could get this company to put that clause in their contracts, I will join immediately, and give you a he'll of a downline...what do you think...!! Just tell them to try it. What's the downside..!! No one can impare the right to contract, no matter how "unconscionable " the FORUM STATE considers it since all their contracts have all been uncounsionable since the end of the :civil war, entrapping all Americans through unlawfully created "adhesion contracts" , which gives its signees no consideration at all which is a paramont tenent of contract law, and without full disclosure,drawn up by BAR attorneys , and forcing us all to comply under the duress of being arrested or killed if we didn't comply..this Contract will legally verify and establish irrefutable evidence that the STATE is working only on presumed authority, not actual lawful authority...
      Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse. And no one is above the law, especially if they carry a gun...!! I like this..!! Maybe I'll start my own company using that contract..that way people won t have to deal with all the forms it now takes to renew our true status....!!

    2. Yes, absolutely agreed James! Fantastic statement!!!

  17. So can anyone here provide DEFINITIVE PROOF that the Municipal UNITED STATES has ceased functioning as of October 2017? A website? A news article? A congressional proclamation? Anything?

    1. It is a forgone conclusion just by the fact that the use of DEBT Instruments is prima facial evidence that the banks and courts are "insolvant"...Ask a judge next time you are charged with anything, "is this court Solvant"your honor"....?? Don't let him to just say yes....its nothing personal your honor, it's just business..Can you please show me your books, so I can witness and verify it for myself. Otherwise, I'll just assume you are insolvent and working under bankruptcy rules, which means you voluntarily gave up your rightful and lawful authority over 100 years ago. Well the court can't just turn over private accounting books..? Well that's fine. Then I guess this case has to be scheduled at a later date when I can bring in a private accountant who will do a "forensic audit of the equities", to determine whether this court has any authority or not...dont you agree your honor...!! They aren't Solvant and they know it!!! There is another good defense if your ever in front of a judge being charged with anything...!! Instead of a fellony, he just might drop the charge to a low level misdemeanor and charge you a pittance (maybe a $100) instead of messing with you with all its potential dangers (liabilities) to him and the court..!! No one wants their books audited using this system of double ledgering bookkeeping entries....!!! It has worked for other people.. Its there books we are after. That's where the fraud is exposed.. If it does work, don't be stupid or arrogant like most patriots, because the judge is in a difficult position now. So if he realizes your nothing than a pain in the ass, just take they deal and walk away a free man for only $100. Consider yourself lucky, and get out of the courtroom as quick as you can, because if push comes to shove, they don't care how they deal with you.. I spent 3 months in jail for trying that, and without ever being charged...They charged me after I got out of jail.. Since it was a first time offense, the penalty would have been 90 days anyway, or none at all if I just accepted going to tons of classes, while on probation which I know 99% of people signing that probation agreement will break them and head right back to jail with more penalities....Sometimes you have to live with partial justice to survive...know what I mean..!!

  18. AVR claims many things but backs them up with NO facts and evidence. sounds like a scam.

  19. If your waiting for the MMS to tell us anything, you'll be waiting a long time. They don't want any news that would make Trump look like a hero..!!

  20. FOUND IT! House Resolution 1624 - "Municipal Finance

    In short it is a liquidation order that is thinly disguised as a "routine financial activity". Yes, they are selling off assets.

    1. Light, I did not see where it indicated 'the muni gov. no longer exists' or any words saying that. Rather, it looked to me like it was a reshuffling of the FDIC and reclassification of some asset discounts and some bank regulations of sorts.

  21. I thought TRUMP put in law to STOP paying for anything?

  22. Actually, the U.S. Corporation doesn't have any more money to pay for anything so he might have done that after a look at his budget....thus the rushed tax plan.

  23. Trump, as in the major Arcana? Umm


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