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Thursday, January 11, 2018


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  1. As I believe I stated several times in the past recent months, fixing the problems of the main focus in this Forum, the reclaiming of our sovereignty, our Names, our true status etc. will not fix our country as so many think it will.
    That kind of thinking fails to look at the whole picture of the state of our nation and of our world and the root cause of how it became so decayed. What has been sadly overlooked is the moral bankruptcy that has been ramping up all along and increasing at lightning speed.

    If we look back just one decade and compare it to today, anyone should be able to see the downhill slide. Immorality is never rewarded; God will never allow it.
    Unless this nation earnestly turns to God and all His Righteousness
    all attempts to fix it, is an effort in vain simply because the root cause of why we are in this mess, IS because this nation has long drifted away from God and His Righteousness. It prefers a free hand to do as they please, and resists the idea of any restraints.
    But what the People view as too much confinement and too narrow and too much to 'have' to live up to, is actually what would have avoided the mess you are all fighting against. Still, you continue to leave out the One Main Ingredient!
    This is what I've known for decades, and this is exactly what Putin is saying is going to bring on the destruction of our Nation.
    And he is most certainly correct.

  2. "Money" and the illusions of "VALUE" of it IS the root cause of ALL this Evil! AND God's word repeatedly tells us so. Corporate graven images, idolized as real, but is all just figments of greedy imaginations doing everything in their power to keep you believing the created "images" are greater than the creators true substance energy that is the real value.

  3. Gilliland: We Have To Ask Ourselves; How has this been working out for us?
    "The Republic and the Constitution are based primarily in Universal Law"
    Great Read!! Bring on the "New Age" and the New Way!!!

  4. 2 Chronicles 7:14 'IF my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and SEEK My Face AND Turn From Their Wicked Ways, THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their SIN, and will THEN heal their land''

    Therein is the prerequisite to this nation ever being healed.
    IMO this Nation is never going to meet this mandate. Instead, its
    latest agenda is the promotion of beastiality.
    So, go figure......

  5. It's only getting worse everyday.. While we all study and try to seek remedy, there are evil people planning years ahead of us in technologies that boggle the mind... Have you ever heard of D-Wave..!! It is a work of technological genius.. It's a massive super "quantum" computer that can actually do billions of computations per second per every single man woman and child on the planet. It is said that through all our other technologies....phones, smart TV's, home computers,etc. that this supercomputer is already connected to us and our brains already. With G5 phones coming out it will only get worse....the only thing left is the chip to directly connect us to this computer... I'll give you 3 guesses what the D stands for.....Demonic wave!! These are the kind Of people we are dealing with.. Do you realize some states and countries have already mandated the use of these chips. And our military doesn't even have a choice. There is a Uribe where the guy who developed the chip (really it looks like a clear grain of rice) that he is warning people about it because it is battery operated, but they had to figure out how to keep it charged without taking it out all the of course they used "lithium " battery, which we all know are dangerous. He tried to get them to use galladium but they wouldn't listen...!! They didn't build this massive computer for nothing. It probably cost a trillion dollars. What one of our most advanced computers today, a problem that would probably take 30min. to compute, will only take 10sec with this quantum computer... Quantum computers cross dimensions of time and space to achieve their answer..In other words, it's crossing over in dimensions we can't access ourselves unless we have a near death experiance...hench, the demonic dimension as well as other dimensions..!! Forget the law, we need to get off this planet...!!! Just out of curiosity, those of you who have young kids going to public or private schools, do you ever go into any of their classes and see what they are being taught..!! I highly suggest you start taking an interest in your children's education... Your the only ones that can stop the brainwashing going on at that level. Because the schools won t have to notify you when this all goes down and you will not be able to sue them for it..!!

    1. James, Finally ! I've been waiting to see somebody! finally confirm many of the things I've been saying, so thank you very much! Too many have sat there thinking Abby is just nuts, and some 'religious' freak. But before I ever post anything, I make sure I have backup and done plenty of homework first; I don't need to just hear myself talk or see my stuff in print.
      James, YOU get it! What we need is to just get out of here, and that will happen FOR the true saints of God and I hate to be blunt, but the rest will be left here.
      The bible is actually a history book of mankind; past, present and future; all is told in there and it all relates to real life. It tells us clearly just where we are right now, but alas, most of our population just isn't connected and can't make the link-up.
      Now, this quantum computer has been in the making for several decades, and you are absolutely right, it IS the contraption that the soon to come antichrist world dictator is going to use to Control all of mankind, those who are left here, which is the majority. Nobody will be able to resist, nor will they be able to overrule that dictator.
      Thanks too, for confirming the 'grain of rice' chip, that will be the mark of the beast he will use to control everybody via the massive computer. (I believe it is located in belgium.?)

  6. Another thing happening over the past decade or so, is 'they' have been taking steps to 'move' people into the larger cities. Governors all gather and conference and issue these 'orders' handed down to them by 'the Shadow' and so this is why we see the same thing happening in all the states.
    For some nefarious reason 'they' want everyone off the country land; this is why we see nothing being upgraded in any of the small towns across the country, and they are turning to shanty towns. Yet, here in the Capitol new buildings are going up, new health care facilities, roads upgraded and interstate and outerbelt is widened to
    accommodate the increased traffic nightmare. Nothing is being done to create any jobs in the small towns, forcing people to have to move to the cities, disturbing their serenity they've had all their lives.
    Here in the Ohio Capitol we grow by 8000 people per year; thats the equivalent of a small town - and the traffic is driving people crazy.
    This makes absolutely no sense, except for some secret agenda they have in mind - if you can even say they have minds at all.
    Yet none of the Governors tell any of their constituents what they discuss in their governors conventions or their plans.
    This is not America, in any sense of the word. America was lost quite awhile back. It is becoming one huge shanty town and looking
    more like the united nations - except for those few chosen cities and locations. And then they make it so expensive to live in those areas that it forces out the 'undesirables'. Take a drive, look around and you can't help but see it. What exactly is it that they intend to achieve in all this maneuvering and manipulation of The People.

    1. It is planned that way and it is called "Agenda 21"


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