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Monday, January 22, 2018

NOLs and Court System Basics

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently got a "complaint" letter from a reader who apparently got in trouble himself or had friends who were "thrown in jail" as a result of using a Notice of Liability---- and he wanted to let me know that a process I had recommended wasn't working, etc.

There are two kinds of courts typically at work in America.  Both are foreign to us. American courts have to be staffed and run by us so, until more people take up their responsibility to self-govern, they are relatively rare.

There is the Territorial Court System, meaning British Territorial United States Court System that shouldn't even be addressing us, which uses British "Equity" Law and there is the MUNICIPAL COURT SYSTEM that uses COMMERCIAL LAW, which is used by the equally foreign MUNICIPAL UNITED STATES. 

A Notice of Liability is a commercial document to be used in commercial processes and commercial courts recognize it the same way they would recognize a Bill of Lading or an Invoice.  It's a normal part of doing business in the commercial realm and is in fact part of your DUTY to fully disclose and properly inform. The reason you do Notices of Liability is not to threaten anyone. It is to fully inform them of their liability in a matter that is either harming you or likely to harm you.

No doubt you have all encountered the concept of "plausible deniability" wherein terrible acts are committed, but the person responsible says, "I didn't know!" ---?  So a Notice of Liability lets such people know and thereby holds them accountable in advance for their actions.  That is the value of a Notice of Liability when going into a commercial court action. 

In a commercial court setting, properly composed and entered Notices of Liability can't be interpreted as a "threat" and the examples that were posted on --- at least at the time I wrote my article, were all properly executed and could not possibly get anyone in trouble.

You will note that the entire discussion about Notices of Liability came up in the context of addressing Smart Meters being installed by Public Utility companies, which really should be a big clue to everyone that we are talking about commercial operations and commercial courts and commercial processes that are run through the MUNICIPAL COURTS.

Notices of Liability in the Territorial Court System are a completely different matter and NOT ADVISED. 

British Equity Law is a supremely evil thing, because it empowers the judge to act--- literally---- as the King.  This form of law came about as a result of polluting English Common Law with Admiralty Law back in the 1750's. It gives the judges vast "powers of discretion" to do whatever they want with little or no reference to the written law or facts.  They are able under "Equity Law" to dispose of you and your assets as possessions of the King, with them playing King. 

This is convenient for the actual King, because these sycophants rule in "his" favor and the favor of the elites and the "government" over 97% of the time and if by chance they do something that is unpopular enough to cause riots, the King can wash his dainty hands and appear as the Peacemaker, when in fact this system was created as an instrument of brutal despotism and arbitrary abuse of power.

That's what you are dealing with in the Territorial State of State Courts, and the best advice is to stay out of them entirely.  If you have your BC and your Certificate of Assumed Name and Act of State claiming your birthright political status on the public record  and you bring that information forward, the Territorial Courts aren't supposed to address you at all. 

The Territorial Courts are operating as "pirate vessels" dry-docked on our "shores" and they are "press-ganging" American assets for British pockets, so it is paramount for you to realize that if they can find a means of charging you they will--- but they can only do so if you are acting in some capacity within their jurisdiction. 

They pull you into their jurisdiction by "presuming" (mostly from the fact that you actually showed up in their court) that you are a (Territorial) United States Citizen and acting in that capacity.  If so, they can throw the book at you, and they do so with gusto.  That's why it is so important to properly identify yourself as a non-citizen, non-combatant civilian owed the Law of Peace and that you were not acting in the capacity of a Territorial Citizen at the time whatever you are charged with took place and aren't acting in that capacity in coming to the court.

These courts have a strictly defined 12-mile radius of operations, so if you stay outside that area they are technically not able to arrest you and I generally advise people to conduct all business that may be necessary with these courts via the mail.  They have no right to address you, but you do have a duty to properly identify yourself and your activities as not being subject to their court.

That these foreign courts have been allowed to run rampant on American soil is a terrible travesty that you can hold the politicians responsible for--- being careful not to let them misidentify you as a "citizen".  I went so far as to send a Registered Letter to the entire Alaska Congressional Delegation making it clear that I am not acting in the capacity of a municipal or territorial citizen and they are not authorized to presume upon or represent me, but are instead obligated to do my bidding. 

And then of course I told them exactly what I required. None of them ever replied and I did not expect them to.  They aren't supposed to address us.  That's why they fall silent.  When you properly identify yourself they know you are not "one of them" and they shuffle off because you are not one of their Territorial or Municipal constituents.  You are, however, one of their employers and it is when you act in that capacity that they are obliged to obey.

Once you start paying attention and noticing these things the logic of it all clicks into place.  Until then, be aware that commercial documents belong only in commercial court actions and be aware that the British Equity judges and prosecutors are from the Territorial United States (think Puerto Rico and Guam) and shouldn't even be addressing you at all.

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    great right to travel from a sheriff

    1. Penny, even better is flipping them your ncsn passport card and telling them to run it through NCIC. They come back apologizing for stopping you.

  2. Wow..thats awful
    Thank you for the information Anna, although I totally agree to that when dealing with either side, via mail is the safest route to take.
    And fyi

    I've reached out to you a couple times this weekend in regards to the bond, if and when you're able,
    Would you please direct me by emailing the proper bond to me at
    Thanks Anna ❤

    1. Hi Kimberly, if you are referring to the Established International Bond's that Anna and Team have created to protect all our private "property Titles" for each state of original 50 states, for our use and protection against this latest US bankruptcy- You will find them here:

    2. Hi Kelli
      I do believe that is the one needed in my situation of forclosure/sherrifs sale
      I filed an appeal Friday 1/19/18 and it was instructed by the opposing attorney , that when filing the appeal that I would need to place a bond also, for the cost of my home tgat the bank is still demanding if me, either I place it the day of or shortly after filing.

    3. Do you happen to have a certified copy of your Original signed "Note"? Because that IS the "BOND" originally Executed By You in regards to the "TRUST DEED"?

    4. See the way I understand it all now is we create ALL these original Notes= Fiat "Money" that get endorsed privately that NEVER get seen again and are EXECUTED in full with OUR wet ink unrestricted Sigs. They are the "Bond" that is created between the Parties. Our wet ink sig IS the creator of the Asset and therefore we are the Asset Maker(Lender/creditor) originally and the financial Institution IS the liable "Borrower" debtor. This IS on the private hidden banking side of the ledger/books that we never see or understood fully in this fiat system and what we now need to understand. When our sigs ARE NOT Restricted they are left "open" for criminal endorsements and conversion to be fraudulently assumed as "abandoned" and the financial Institution Original "Borrower" of our created "asset NOTE" monetizes the note and takes the "Liability" off their books. All because we didn't understand that we are the creators of all this funny money to begin with, and didn't properly sign these "Notes" with a "Restricted Sig" and Ending the Criminal assumptions and illegal conversions. The banks take their liability "off their books" by endorsing on your behalf (assumed authority since you left your sig "open" and unrestricted) We are the Original "Court Clerk" of Authority ON ALL THESE Private FIAT "Money" instruments to begin with, and it should Stay that way IF we learn this very important lesson and RESTRICT OUR SIGS to keep these Financial Institutions operating correctly, honestly and with proper bookkeeping of the Original Asset Lender (us) and the proper Borrower (the Bank).
      Then when we receive through "Presentment" via the mail "Court" the Registered "Security Instrument" the public side of the books, which is where our "Credit" Is we Accept, acknowledge and properly Endorsed (A4V) Return through our Registered Treasury accts for proper Discharge/setoff to balance the books correctly. WE ARE ALWAYS the Beginning and the END. We are the AUTHORITY and IT IS OUR SIGS and LACK of knowledge and understanding regarding this fiat system of Paper "money" creation that creates ALL the IMBALANCE and false criminal "appearances" to take place upon our names via OUR Sigs creating a False "Representation" of the True Obligated parties, which is the US Treasury through our Privately Registered Public Trust Accts. We have to Stand as the TRUE Secured Party Principal Creditors that WE ARE and CORRECT these Records!
      Everyone needs to become AWARE of THEIR TRUE VALUE and do ALL THE PAPERWORK Necessary (ANNA"s Process IS the simplest MOST EFFECTIVE) TO CORRECT these Records and properly Declare Your proper standing and political status/claim back your "Legal Title" Trust Assumed Name and TAKE Charge of Self Governing YOUR Commercial accounts CORRECTLY and start keeping these bankers HONEST. That IS OUR Responsibility.

    5. So Kimberly the correct Original Bond# "Indemnity Receipt" for the Record of the subject matter "Property" Is The Number located on your "Note" that NEVER Changes. The "Note" Establishes the Foundation of Authority and the TRUE nature/characteristics duties of the Obligated Parties "acting" through the Privately registered Banks on behalf of Public Obligation side (Your SSN with Dashes), as the PUBLIC US Treasury Obligation that they've established for us, but never personally disclosed to us. Its Your HOLD Harmless Agreement, YOU CREATED IT, NOW USE IT as it was intended in the first place. The Original has been long since securitized/monetized but YOU are Still the ONLY one that can correct the false assumption being made against the Bonded "Note" that was to be HELD IN TRUST TOGETHER WITH THE "TRUST DEED" as the For the Legal Commercial transaction to begin with. Every commercial Contract has TWO sides numbered identically that Represent Both the Bonded PUBLIC DEBT Side AS US CORP DEBT OBLIGATIONS(NOTES) and the "SECURITY AGGREEMENTS/INSTRUMENTS" = the "PRESENTMENTS" privately registered (PRIVATE REGISTERED TRUST CREDIT SSN NO DASHES) to be properly corrected & endorsed as such and be "REDEEMED" and "RE-Presented" accepted for value/returned for value with a corrected 1099a's and WET INKS of the "RE-Presentment"(Correct and PROPER REPORTING) to INTERNAL REVENUE-CID, per H.J.R. 192 with proper Copy of Your Properly endorsed, AFV for "Re-Presentment" along with copyb mailed/returned promptly to the ORIGINAL "PRESENTER" that mailed you the assumed obligation "Presentment" for YOU to properly provide the correct info needed for discharge/setoff of the obligation and to properly "PAY" using the coupon they provided YOU To Endorse and PAY with. Their IS ONLY CREDIT/DEBIT in this FIAT SYSTEM OF MONEY "CREATION" and we just need to learn how it works in OUR Favor if we take responsibility in ALL OUR COMMERCIAL Banking creations in the first place. BRING BOTH SIDES BACK TOGETHER and BALANCE THE RECORDS AND THE BOOKS. IT IS being ASSUMED CRIMINAL That WE ARENT!!!

    6. Good evening Kelli
      I haven't been able to get back to you until now, but to answer your question... No i do not have the original copy of the Note, which is what i have been asking to see all this time, from this bank, they have done nothing but ignored me, which is why they've gotten as far as they have, its at the point were they claim to of had my home appraised as of yesterday 1/23/18 without my knowledge

      they are moving fast to steal my home , and i feel like I'm running out of options, knowing i just appealed this case last friday 1/19/18

    7. I'm sorry, its all very sly and deceiving and it literally will make you sick, if you allow it to. I feel for you, and understand completely as we lost the home we built, raised our family in of 16 years, just five years ago. We never once missed or was EVER even late on any "Payments" EVER! IT WAS COMPLETE INSANITY and the worst part IS NO ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE to ANSWER YOU!!! It's PAPER Terrorism and this is what we need to learn and understand so we can properly, peacefully correct the "Record" moving your "PROPERTY TITLE" (Just the legal paper, not your home)
      This IS where completing Anna's process from A-Z and following along and applying what you can effectively DO legally to correct their False assumptions. The "DEAR LUCRETIA...." The "RED ALERT....." and "SAVE YOUR BUTTS...." and get really clear on your "Standing" and who YOU are NOW vs the FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL LAST NAME (ILLEGAL "TITLE" NAME per the NON-ASSUMPSIT)
      TAKE IT ALL BACK by creating the correct NOW RECORDS
      You are in my positive thoughts! You Got THIS!!!

  3. NOL is not for the court, if done properly, it is for the plaintiff via administrative due process to notice and demand discovery to use against the party moving against you.

    1. Really?
      I'd like to know more penny..

    2. Kimberly, at this late hour its best to go the legal route; when using common law one must know one's stuff; so, rather go to Neil Garfield's site he does weekly foreclosure defense workshops online; one can stop the banksters legally, now; hope this helps;

    3. He was having a lot of trouble before, even though he knows his stuff and is a retired attorney..!!

    4. I'll take a look at the site, i hope things are up and running .

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I withdrew my comment due to incorrect assumptions and presumptions being perceived. Correction as per the Revocation of Election, yes I do see that it was part of my process used from 9years ago, as well as Anna's I just needed to look closer. It's all good!!

  5. yes we need a correctly worded "Revocation of Election" can you help us here anna?

  6. The Revocation of Election is per act of Congress and can never t be disputed although they will try to trick you.

  7. Isn't this the same revocation of election to pay federal taxes that is part Anna's process of surrendering the federal person to the treasury? Simply send a copy of the surrender to each of the 2 IRS commissioners, one in DC and one in Holtsville.

  8. Isn't this the same revocation of election to pay federal taxes that is part Anna's process of surrendering the federal person to the treasury? Simply send a copy of the surrender to each of the 2 IRS commissioners, one in DC and one in Holtsville.

  9. Anna, my question in dealing with these courts through the mail would be, what format should this notifying them of our status take? A Judicial Notice and Demand, a Cease & Desist, or other with copies of our recorded documents? IOW, how do we force the issue for them to retreat and dismiss a case against us like a foreclosure? If they ignore it, then how do we enforce it?

    1. IMHO We only have 1 responsibility in GOOD FAITH lawfully/legally and to peacefully address and correct the record that has been "Presented" for us to properly "Re-PRESENT" and discharge/setoff with the COURT Clerk(Assumed NEW TITLE HOLDER) the newly created "BOND" that has been "ARRESTED/CHARGED" and attached to your "LEGAL TITLE" name with the "PRESENTMENT"(Case "DOCKET#" being the "Security INSTRUMENT" process served to you for proper acceptance and NOW PROPER endorsement for AFV discharge/settlement and closure. THAT IS ALL WE NEED TO Do, EVER. That's it. No opposition ONLY Correction of the Proper RECORD via 1099a/b/c/No NEED TO PROVE a dang thing in their administrative military foreign banking tribunals. We have to stop playing into their incompetence based banking system of lack of full disclosure with prideful belligerent opposition. That is what THEY WANT to JUSTIFY KEEPING YOU IN "BONDAGE" and criminally "CHARGED" as their "BOND SERVANT" in the first place. We must get out of their "ENEMY" created mindset that we have been programmed to be as "ENEMY COMBATANTS" and start using this fiat money system as intended, but correctly NOW as the WE ARE NOW STANDING Legally/Lawfully as SELF GOVERNED and have taken control Back of OUR "LEGAL TITLE" Estate Property TO ADMINISTER and BE.

    2. Like Anna has repeatedly explained, it's all Just paper created to "REPRESENT" something but IS NEVER THE Substance "THING" ONLY a "GRAVEN IMAGE" falsely "APPEARING" as REAL. WE ARE NOT THE PAPER "LEGAL TITLE" Name and WE CAN ONLY "RE-PRESENT" the "LEGAL TITLE" as a Third Party Interest Holder and AUTHORIZED AGENT PERIOD. WE ARE NOT THE PAPER, CAN NEVER BE THE PAPER. We have to STOP allowing Paper Created "LEGAL TITLES" as GRAVEN IMAGES to have ANY FALSE AUTHORITY OVER US, as the TRUE living Substance of Origin. Stop being the NAME and start using your given "NAME" and allow it "SERVE" YOU instead of YOU SERVING IT. It's all very biblical indeed

    3. Public Lawful Notice/Legal Notice of Common Law Protected Copyright/International Registered Trademark KELLI MILLER, name in all styles and derivatives thereof, are the property belonging solely to Kelli Miller as owner/Author/Agent of the Name via Affidavit Of Publication signed and dated 2009.
      Disclosure; Any writings Bearing the Name Kelli Miller ARE the Sole property of the Author/Owner, and are NOT to be Quoted/Copied/Reproduced/Published in ANY WAY, in whole or in Part without the express written consent of the Author/OWNER of the writings bearing the Privately Protected Copyright Name; Kelli Miller both in the public or private commercial communication Jurisdictions. ALL Writings Published and Shared By this Author/OWNER and published as such, are the Original thoughts and written Private protected works of the Author/OWNER Kelli Miller, and are NOT intended EVER As "LEGAL ADVICE" as the Author/OWNER is NOT in any way associated with the "BAR" or it's practices. All writings Authored/published as copyright protected work by Author/OWNER Kelli Miller are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NOT "LEGAL ADVICE" and not to be construed as Legal "REPRESENTATION" or misconstrued/Subject to MIS-RE-PRSENTATION" as such, or in any manner. Proper knowledge and discernment is strongly advised TO ALL Readers, for their own conclusions and determinations.
      Public Legal Copyright Notice Published:
      By: l/s Kelli Miller, Author/Owner All rights reserved, without Recourse, 1/23/2018

    4. Good points, Kelli. One cannot re-present themselves since they are already the living man or woman upon the land and as such they can only present themselves (like young ladies used to present themselves or be presented at their first ball). They can however re-present their NAME just like attorneys re-present NAMES. This is why you sign everything with a by:_____ line as the Authorized Representative for the fiction. Just remember by, for, as like this:
      By: __Lname(-Maidenname), _Fname_Mname___ (draw a line and sign on it in blue ink)
      As: AR or Authorized Representative
      Date: MM/DD/YYYY

    5. Thanks 1freeman! So basically this outline is intended to show "Power of Attorney" for the "LEGAL TITLE"NAME? I DO have that established as well when I did my process 9 years ago, on the record. Guess I should start using it, eh? Hmmmm so when doing AFV re-presentments are you suggesting that its also crucial to endorse in this manner? I'm guessing yes......

    6. Actually, it is a trust situation where you are the Settlor and Beneficiary of the NAME trust. POA is to represent a different NAME trust than your NAME trust. You never want to be the Trustee which is what they pretend you to be when they drag you into court and ask you to state your NAME to volunteer to be (appoint the prosecutor or judge instead). The Trustee is responsible to pay all the bills and/or go to jail for failure to do so. As the Settlor you are the only Authorized Representative to settle all matters pertaining to the trust and for the benefit of the Beneficiary (you). Proof of this can be found in your checkbook. Just take a strong magnifying glass and examine the SignatUre line on your check. It's not a line. There are 2 words repeated over and over again to make it look like a line but it is not. These 2 words are AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE. They add MP at the end of the "line" which means Micro Print to supposedly inform you of this. These were the closest words they could use to AR and still obscure it's meaning. What is your signature authorized for? To act as the AR on your trust to create money on your signature as a Private Banker according to UCC 1-201.
      (4) "Bank" means a person engaged in the business of banking and includes a savings bank, savings and loan association, credit union, and trust company.
      (27) "Person" means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government, governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality, public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity.
      (33) "Representative" means a person empowered to act for another, including an agent, an officer of a corporation or association, and a trustee, executor, or administrator of an estate.
      If you are using Anna's red stamp for AFV your are good. Just add the date to it (one thing she left off).

  10. There is so much confusion and lack of clarity as to which document to send to whom, and how to word it that has resulted from Anna's throwing out little tidbits even including some templates, but NOT giving full detail which results in people going to jail as the one herein (and I know of others) that i believe it best to do absolutely NOTHING! Send none of Anna's documents anywhere UNTIL full disclosure of all legal details are presented by Anna in so form of manual or complete presentation, AND with access to someone somewhere to ask questions. Otherwise, YOU may be the next one in jail. It is simply not worth going to jail, just wait, however, I do not expect Anna to ever make full disclosure and access to REAL help, so plan on a long wait.

    1. Tom, this is what I've been saying for months now. Everything has to be done exactly right, and too many important details have been left out; too much left to chance.

    2. Tom, you are not being fair to Anna. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. I will guarantee you that whoever did this, did not take the necessary time to study all of Anna's material before applying them. Notice also that this is not Anna's process but one she endorsed. This individual got themselves into trouble by using a process, that was not Anna's, for a different purpose than for it's recommended use. They obviously did not follow the website's instructions. And how is this Anna's fault? But you go ahead and sit on the sidelines and wait until Anna is ready to spoon feed you and you will be waiting a long time. Anna has made more than full disclosure but it is obviously over your head which is OK for you to admit. Can you honestly say that you have thoroughly read and studied all of her postings while making outlines as she reveals detail after detail and adjusting your notes and outlines accordingly? Have you taken her postgraduate level courses seriously and applied them to your situation and corrected your records and gotten any results? IOW, have you actively participated in the process and learned as you go so that you can assist others in their needs? If you were really serious, which it does not sound like you are yet, then you would go ahead and hire one of her LLF lawyers to take you through the steps. Yes they will cost you some money but it is my experience that I have already saved over 6 digits in taxes by hiring one of them and which was well worth the investment. This is your access to Anna's provided REAL help as you call it. But are you ready and willing to take her up on it?

    3. For all of us who are fairly new to anna,I had no idea that she was only sharing partial knowledge and the fact that she sells the remaining knowledge required to be successful,(I read this in the comments) if true, is very discouraging. I hope this is not true! As an californian i will stop sharing her info freely as i cannot cause harm to others by playing this game with a judge who is only in it for money. If you want to save our country start by being transparent about what your selling.

    4. Markus, rest assured, this is not true. Since you are new to this site as you admit and therefore would not readily know that Anna shares ALL of here knowledge completely for free here as well as on her own site The only items she sells are her 2, soon to be 3, books which information is mostly explained in her web postings already. The vibes you are getting come from people who do not want to take the time to even read her postings with full instructions and put forth any effort to participate in the learning process and merely wish to be spoon fed and will take no responsibility for their own education and success. If any information is partial it is because she has already gone into detail ad nauseum and these are updates to the process she previously explained already. This means that you would have to go back to dig out the previous information if you had not been taking notes and following along. I can speak from personal experience having studied and applied most of Anna's material and having whopping success with it. The best advice I can give you is don't listen to the naysayers.

    5. I whole heartedly Concur with what 1freeman just stated, fwiw Markus. Anna IS the most thorough and most simplistic, and effective educator you're going to find out there for our remedy, and knowledge to re-learn. She works tirelessly for free on ALL Our Behalf, for years. She has gathered quite a great team to also volunteer their time and expertise into this HUGE project to help educate us and CORRECT the records on our behalf as our Original Land Jurisdiction nation States protection from any further illegal/unlawful USURPATION by greedy banking Organizations. ALL supported BY Our Donations mostly, and the PRICELESS books she publishes and sells on behalf of the cause of the Greater good- NOT FOR PROFIT.
      We are in Great Hands Markus! Happy learning!

    6. See now if we take on the responsibility to learn, and get re educated about our fiat money system, we can take back control of our lives both publicly and privately both peacefully and abundantly. All balanced and without any commercial conflicts. We just need to be willing to learn. It takes time. It does NOT happen overnight as its been designed very cleverly to deceive purposely to create false appearances and confusion. But the truth when we truly see it from a higher perspective of real knowledge and understanding Is very simple and will add value back into our lives, if we're just willing to learn to truly forgive. Forgiveness IS what its all going to have to be about, as we can't punish "GRAVEN PAPER IMAGES" Legal Title Entity's "acting" as fronts with third party agents, just doing the jobs they were trained and hired to do. They are IMMUNE, Just like our "LEGAL TITLE" doesn't represent us, WE RE-PRESENT It as the legal third party Agents with IMMUNITY as well. SO WHO ARE YOU GOING TO PUNISH???? WE ARE THE Real living Authority and the REAL Party of interest creating ALL The "Money" to begin with!
      Anna Knows it, THE "PTB" Know it, NOW WE MUST wrap our own minds around it, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR CREATION OF IT. What we need to learn the most from this entire mess IS FORGIVENESS. Forgive ourselves for being so trusting and so easily deceived, and led like mindless sheep. For Going Along to get along, just to keep up with the false "Appearances" and doing our assumed jobs in perpetuating this fiat money creation system. For allowing through acceptance vs. questioning when our natural instincts and Conscience were being challenged. Forgiveness for passing on our responsibilities in Self governance onto others to be accountable FOR US, instead of BY us and TO us.
      Once we learn, we take responsibility. Once we take responsibility, we teach others how to learn and do the same. That's what its going to take to fix and correct this mess. It begins with us, it ends with us. ITS No one else's responsibility to Govern or Teach us. Never was.
      We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ones that can STOP these illegal foreclosures. We are the ones that can FILL these homes back with the homeless. We HAVE NO EXCUSE Not To anymore. WE NEED TO STOP BEING AFRAID OR FEARFUL of "FALSE PAPER AUTHORITY" OVER US!! WE ARE THE AUTHORITY! NOW WE NEED TO START ACTING LIKE It! BUT First YOU MUST Learn!
      Its time to stop Blaming, shaming and complaining and Start learning to be the SOLUTION vs continuing to BE the problem through lack of knowledge and irresponsibility or accountability.
      I apologize for the rant....I'm seriously just so frustrated with the all the false FEAR, judgment, blaming, shaming and plain ol stubborn egoic pride holding people back and perpetuating the programmed false narrative of "CONFLICT" and Irresponsibility onto ...... HOT THIN AIR!!!

    7. Hear Here!
      Thanks for the added insights, folks!
      Much obliged!

  11. I should add that I DO APPRECITE all that Anna is doing, and DO support her financially with donations.

    1. Good for you Tom, this work IS important! Sorry if I confused you, or anyone for not seeing the revocation of election in Anna's process. It's absolutely there and if it was a snake, it would have bit me lol.
      I'm grateful for Anna's process as for me it's been valuable for me in learning and fully understanding of the process I recorded & processed long before I knew about Anna. I'm now so much more confident of my own paperwork and standing because of Anna's teachings and I'm incredibly grateful!!
      The only trouble I'm in is due to my own negligence in minding our own business (since we don't owe anyone) and the IRS is making a false assumption trying to trick us back in. That's all, no biggie...I Got this! Thanks for your concern but No One will "go to jail" for "intending" to Correct their Political Status and following Anna's Legal process. That would only happen in my opinion is if your writings were explicitly combative or belligerent in any way. Other than that, if mistakes are made, correct them. Mistakes get made all the time, and they don't hurt anyone unless that's the intention. Anna's process is the most effective and simplistic out there. No rush, just take your time and you'll get it.

  12. In past years of old, the irs used to send out their tax booklets with all instructions and the tax forms for filing 'fed fake income tax'.
    On the inside of the front cover there was a statement which said ''taxes are voluntary'.
    Also, irs agents are given a small pocket size agent's manual; on the inside of the front cover it says 'fed taxes are voluntary; do not allow anyone to see this manual; it is for agent's only''
    Devvy Kidd used to talk about this openly on her radio show. Last I knew, she still has a web site; not sure about radio show.

  13. Thanks for the very needed and helpful clarification on this matter, Judge Anna! There is a lot of confusion out there -- not the least of which lies among these governmental services employees!

  14. does anyone have ALL three (3) correct addresses for the:

    (1) Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service; and
    (2) Commissioner of the IRS; and
    (3) Commissioner of THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE

    Thank you!

  15. Native, these are the 3 addresses you need:

    Steven T. Mnuchin
    Secretary of the United States Treasury
    1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20220

    Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
    Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service
    P.O. Box 480
    Holtsville, New York, 11742-0480

    Internal Revenue Office of the Commissioner
    Room 3000
    1111 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20204-0002

    Send a copy of what you send to Mnuchin to both above commissioners.

  16. Well thank you for clearing that up. I will continue to study all of Anna's writings. I appreciate being able to read Anna's work at my leisure she is the only one imho that is trustworthy and it would be a terrible loss if she stopped helping us all. Thank you Anna, and thank you Paul

  17. Anna is an educator a teacher an asset if you believe we should restore our Republican form or governance, as a constitutional Republic. One must educate ones self and learn from that education. Given the subject matter to rely on one source, all be it a wonderful source for knowledge, could be a bad decision. Knowing associates of Anna I know that her heart is right, her info is as correct as she knows it to be, at the time she relays it. Given the complexity of the subject matter one must understand that what may be the correct path today could be the incorrect path tomorrow. That is not to say that anyone is making this up as we go along. I read and agree with most everything Anna says with very few acceptations, but there are issues that I have had questions with but that does not diminish the respect I have for her and her teachings. For the issue at hand I just now sending a default notice to 15 De Facto Government Corporations regarding a NOL. My Notice and defaulted upon is called NOTICE OF LIABILITY REGARDING TRESPASSING BY DE FACTO GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS. No response from Respondent/Libellees and I am not worried about any jail time soon, but the particular government actors should be.

  18. Has anyone had any experiences with sending the question to the Chief District Court judges asking if they have jurisdiction over the IRS and getting back the statement-" we cannot give legal advice, do not contact the court agin concerning this matter...? I have sent this question to 5 Judges in CA and this is the answer they all give! I even prefaced my question of jurisdiction with the " I am not seeking legal advice" statement. Anyone had any success?

  19. doonstr, you are inquiring in the wrong court. Send your request to the Chief Justice of the USDC in DC. Here is a sample letter:
    Hon. Beryl A. Howell
    Chief Justice
    US District Court, District of Columbia
    333 Constitution Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20001
    Date: _________________
    RE: Inquiry regarding jurisdiction
    Dear Justice Howell,
    I am of the understanding that the Federal District Courts are courts of limited
    jurisdiction. Therefore, I would like to know if the United States District Courts have
    jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please understand that I am not
    asking for legal advice. I have consulted attorneys on this issue and they were
    unable to provide me the answer to the above question.
    Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
    Don't let them scare with their do not contact this court again bs. As public servants they are required and paid to respond to public inquiries. Keep sending your inquiry and in time they have to respond.

    1. Thank You 1Freeman! You are a fabulous resource!


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