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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cliven Bundy in Paradise Montana January 20th 2018

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  1. Thanks for the news. I don't know if this is true but according to X-CIA Jim Garrow - founder of the Pink Pagoda's - on his "Infiltration Tour" 2014 said that a ring of Govt snipers took aim on the crowd supporting the Bundy's when the Obama-Bush-Clinton-BLM thugs showed up. Garrow claims a second team of snipers surrounded them. Then the lead sniper of team 2 called the lead sniper of team 1, told them who had them in their sights... Team leader 1 put his phone away and he and his Gov-thug team put up their rifles and cleared out.

  2. Seriously able snipers?
    "WE the People" had'em in both Wars for Independence and considering today group including "long range" competition shooters and hunters in the 1,000-2,000-yd range= WE have well over 100k; and triple that in the 500-800yd range with several million easily in the 200-500yd range then 10's of million's in the 0-200yd range = no problem.
    Am I advocating such = NO - just stating the facts if it came down to that scenario of what's what and who's who.

  3. These EO appointed unelected parasite agency bureucrats KNOW that if the Constitution is the true law of the land= their cushy job positions are cooked and everything changes.
    Bundy's and Lavoy Finnicum totally threatened them because they refused to put their head's down and bend over= this is true Americanism in action and "they" couldn't allow that to take public root in this modern state of tyranny they have taken control of.
    These agencies ARE the deep-state swamp critters and are more loyal top down to the U.N.Agenda 21 + 30 then OUR 3-Founding documents as Framed intent...

  4. That's why we either need to replace the entire judicial system, or make a law that makes it mandatory to wear sidearm in plain site, around thei waist , not concealed !! Giving everyone an even playing field...!!! Whoes the fastest gun around..!! But it would be so much easier if we just got rid of all the BAR trained judges and replace all of them that know true law and equity...!!! It should be the FBI's responsibility to handle ....murders, rapist, ruthless drug cartels, and really serious crimes....not the cops!! That way they would truely be helping America...!!! Instead they are using all their resources to bury Trump...!!

  5. We need a new government. Abolish the Fed. Start from scratch.

  6. Our Lawful land government of the Land Still stands, always has. The seats were merely presumed to be "abandoned" and vacant/acquiesced. Anna and many others have officially STOOD and rebutted that FALSE Assumption and NOW the "LEGAL LOOK A LIKE" Agents operating in the international "Law of SEA" "legal Paper ONLY" Have been SERVED lawful NOTICE of The Facts.
    The Seats are Being filled by the lawful self governed Republics, and our numbers are growing everyday.
    This takes getting re educated and de-programmed from the False propaganda and mental construct conditioning we've all been subjected to and has led to OUR FALSE Beliefs.
    Its time NOW that we STOP passing the programmed "ADAM" Buck of no accountability, Blame, shame onto others and Start Owning Up like "EVE" and start becoming aware of the responsibility of OUR New awareness/knowledge of this programming, And start to re-learn, and educate OURSELVES to Start taking complete responsibility in Self Governing our Private lives and in Legal Commerce.
    The Power and Authority has ALWAYS Been ours. We Just need to Learn and Take control back. Its a lot to learn, but IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY. No One else's. That's what got us in this mess to begin with and WE NEED TO FACE UP TO THIS, First and foremost to Correct it.

  7. The next form of government will be new world order, a dictatorship. After that, there will be theocracy.... regardless of what we think or believe.

  8. Kelli...i know WHAT you are saying, because we all know the truth about our govt.....but if you Google just Anna Von won t believe what they say about judge Anna and her followers...they say we have it wrong, that there has never been two different countries and that we are a subversive and historically misfactual group of people..!! That's why I tell everyone, it's time you learn how to handle yourself in a courtroom, especially a judge who is used to seeing only serfs who know nothing about law or courtroom proceedure...because they don't like us exposing the truth..!! I'm not sure they even know it...!! That's why they are so dangerous to us..!! No one in a court seems to know anything about our country's history and that everything changed after the "civil war"!! One or two judges may know something but the rest dont...!!

  9. Yes, I hear you James. Thankfully we both know in our hearts and minds the truth and the facts. It is also proven fact that negative programming and conditioning has been used on us all our entire lives through false "JUDGEMENT", stereotyping and "LABELING" as in "BRANDING" the Non COMPLIANT into a negative "group think boxes" as they do NOT SUBMIT & COMPLY with the INTENDED and programmed CORPORATE AGENDA/Status Quo Majority of a FALSE CORPORATE MASTER.

    They do this ON PURPOSE to Use our PEERS to punish us, and each other through "PARROTING" these false narratives, pretenses & negative, shameful "labels" they create to promote/perpetuate false FEARS, Judgement, blame and shaming in attempts to reign us back into their complacent, submissive "state" of being "GOVERNED OVER" BOX vs our original choice to choose as Self Governed, by Natural Birthright nation State correct status.

    It is also a fact that we have been falsely labeled "enemy combatants", and as you know, to justify and continue their COMMERCIAL Military Rule on our shores, on purpose and also by clever design. We need to recognize and see this for what it truly is, as a means to fit us in another box of "Group think" Patriots that are ANGRY,COMBATIVE,BELLIGERENT in their "Speech" and "Actions which creates a "Threat" to their Foreign Corporate System of the/by the agreed "GOVERNED" of NO LAW OF SEA.

    How they choose to run their business, IS NOT OUR BUSINESS and WE as SELF GOVERNED need to only "Mind" our own business, without conflict and in peace.
    I understand fully the angry, frustrated, victim, belligerent, combative, prideful egoic "Patriot" Box, as I lived and fit in that box myself for 5 years. It SOLVED NO THING and only created my own self misery and MUCH Loss. The upside was how much I've learned NOW in retrospect from my thoughts, attitudes and behaviors of the past, and taking personal ownership to acknowledge and change them. NOW I accept my lack of understanding that we cannot FIGHT "PAPER GRAVEN IMAGES" appearing to be real. The False Corporate propaganda machine IS doing its very best to "use us" to INSTIGATE another False COMMERCIAL "CIVIL WAR" on our shores, just so they can once again distract us and commercially USURP us into UN CONTROLLED/OWNED CORPORATE MASTERS New FALSE Jurisdiction.
    We must be/remain peaceful and civil to correctly, responsibly NOT fall into their pre-planned agenda. We must stop playing as their fools and to perpetuate their games for them to justify their FALSE AGENDAS. This IS the issue and the programmed mindset we need to see, recognize and stop participating in. Once the MAJORIY does, game completely OVER. DONE.


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