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Monday, January 22, 2018

America: Some Assembly Required

By Anna Von Reitz

Now released for immediate publication here:

Many of you have noted that I haven't been on the airwaves much in the last two weeks, and some have even been worried (bless you for your concern!)--- but I have been hard at work as always.

My faithful readers are aware that I have written two books that detail a lot of history and public records:  Disclosure 101 is about my own personal journey and You Know Something is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause is a "serious comic book" --- is written in large print and hits the highlights of our largely unknown and untaught history at a Middle School level.

The purpose of the first book, Disclosure 101, was to provide a public record of at least a small portion of the work I did over a period of years.  The purpose of the second book was to provide a reader friendly "basic primer" so that people could grasp the Big Picture quickly.

So now I've written a third book titled "America: Some Assembly Required".

It came about because a friend of Donald Trump came to me and asked me to write an "executive history" in "30-second sound bites" for the President that he could scan through pretty rapidly.  He said that Mr. Trump wants to know the history, but like everyone else, wasn't taught..... so.......

That is, technically, the reason why I sat down and wrote this third book and since President Trump is a business man. I did something that I think has worked out very well --- I wrote it from the perspective of the business history of America.  I promise it isn't as dull as that sounds.

It turns out that viewing our country's history from that standpoint reveals a lot of the inner workings of how our government was designed to work and how, when, and by whom it got messed up. And, in a very prosaic way, it suggests how to fix it.  One of my faithful proofreaders said, "It's like being shown an engine, and suddenly you can see that there are spark plugs missing!"

Seeing it in terms of business structures and business processes and practices may help Mr. Trump and a lot of other people wrap their minds around what has gone on here.

This is another Large Scale book.  I am covering a lot of ground with a short, little publication designed to be read in 30-second sound-bites by very busy executives.  The whole idea is to lay it down fast and in little puzzle pieces that self-assemble in an orderly fashion—, not a James Michener classic. 

So that, folks, is what I have been up to.  The Donald gets a free copy, but it is copyrighted for a reason and I will be blunt: we need to raise money. As important as it is to get this information out to as many people as possible, so is the work of The Living Law Firm and our researchers and Asset Recovery Team.  What started out as a handful of people has grown into a football stadium-sized crowd, and so have the needs.

It's good that we have people flying to places like Hong Kong and conducting business in behalf of the American People again.  It's good that we have researchers nailing down the exact pathways that have been used to siphon away the value of our labor, where our gold went, where our credit went. All of it.  It's good we have legal eagles turning over the dusty pages to discover the details of how our own government, our own employees, have been used against us.  It's all great, but it all costs money.

So in addition to cluing in Donald J. Trump to some of the nuances he might not know about, or think about, America: Some Assembly Required, is a fundraiser for our guys in the field.  I continue to ask for donations for the cause-- when some can be spared for the work here, please donate to my Paypal Account and/or send to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652----but I also want to give back in terms of products.  All the books will be available on

America: Some Assembly Required should be on sale soon and should be very affordable.  I will report back as soon as my publisher has it up and rolling.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. The missing Link.regular text book stuff is erased how Christopher Columbus was an imperialist, etc according to who? But international commerce is really only for wonks.

  2. Thank-You!
    i look forward to reading it :)

  3. the publisher I use is LULU.COM... it costs zero dollars and the books are professional just like you find at Barnes and Nobel... You upload the script... the cover art, set the price and LULU will print one book or thousands... Each book has a set cost of about 8 dollars and you add your extra on top like another 8 dollars... They handle all the ecommerce so all you have to do is the above and they even give you a website... We then can all go and order the book ourselves, have it sent directly to us... and their on demand publishing will send it to each customer worldwide... It is easily the most affordable, worry free... investment free solution...

    1. eight dollars is expensive. wow. Many books cost around 9 dollars. They don't leave much room for profit.

  4. Christ-offer from the District of Columbia. People will believe anything and the Vatican has that on speed dial!

  5. Thank you Anna! Your work is appreciated!

  6. I find it interesting that anyone feels it appropriate to essentially "dumb down" history for this cretin. His mere lack of knowledge and further, his unwillingness to learn, disqualifies him from any further attention of any kind. Would you write a "government for dummies" piece for a Black gang member who hadn't finished the ninth grade and had no interstellar in learning the particulars of ANY subject. NO!!! So what metric allows you to coddle this fool, all under the guise of a New Republic that doesn't exist? I respect much of what you do, and how you seem to have done it. But you cannot just "wish" that your dreams to make the new guy look good by smearing those who came before (rightly or not) is anywhere near a prescription for a clear look at where we are and where we are going. This is "the King's New Clothes" and casting American politics in the language of White and Black hats serves no additive function nor purpose.

    1. He would mop the floor with you in a debate .period

    2. You are entitled to your opinion. I am sorry you cannot see the big picture, but you certainly will in due time.

    3. I am so sorry that you lack the intelligence to appreciate the amazing gift that Anna has contributed to us and that there is a man in the White House that actually cares enough about our rights he, as Anna, have stepped into roles of trying to help even thankless people like you.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Check out to raise some funds where patrons donate on a regular monthly schedule with different incentive levels.

    The book should be written using the Bankers dictionary of terms we've been administered by bankers for almost 100 years now! Trumps a product of mega bank loans saving his hide and now is their puppet LOL Jerusalem is just too blatantly obvious pretty much shows his hand now and the Zionists at work behind the scenes.

    1. No matter what Trump did it for, I think the hand of God had a lot to do with it, because it has been stated that Jerusalem is where God will sit on the mercy seat of the "Ark of the Covenent "which was found by Ron Wyatt in isn't Isreal that will be saved, it will be Jerusalem because of the Ark which is sitting exactly 20 ft below the crusifiction of Christ...!!

  9. Awesome can't wait to purchase a few copies!!! Thanks be to you and Team as always!!

  10. I will buy the book, read it, and, if it is anywhere as good as youproject, I will make a donation.
    Tom Dooly

  11. This is the best news ever. Wishes really do come true. Thanks Anna

  12. Anna and Team, very kind Thanks for all the work, and precious, priceless time sacrificed. Just started your Disclosure 101 book, as i fight the State of Utah Institution, for the return, of my vaccine injured Son. I am grateful for what i have learned from all that you have freely shared. And continue to be enlightened by your emails,via Paul Stramer. I look forward to reading all your newest books. Much love and blessings to you all from just a Mom, in Utah.

  13. FOR any and all that care to share and help explain in laymans terms as far as having Correct Political Status/recovation of election established with Secretary of Treasury/Office of the Commisioner, INTERNAL REVENUE, the use of w-8BEN with "Employer" for filing? I'm having trouble understanding how this works in our favor as ncsn EXEMPT FROM LEVY status. What form works the best to achieve peaceful, legal/lawful filing status with "employer" without having to disclose your private business determinations and decisions without creating some falsely believed "Tax Protester" negative label?
    Any further assistance in this area would be very appreciated, thank you! I must correct these neglected records asap

  14. W-8EXP looks to me like a closer fit than anything I've found so far. RE International Organizations and Immunities Act, Title 8
    since we are or should qualify as a Foreign Government Agent/Officer through the USPO....
    any thoughts???

    1. So I'm recognizing NOW the root cause of false assumptions and incorrect "POLITICAL Status" is being applied via IRS to create an "APPEARANCE" of "NEW ELECTION" OF "TAXPAYER" vs CORRECTED STATUS OF "EXEMPT FROM LEVY" is being attempted using incorrectly FIRST NAME MIDDLE INITIAL with a period, and LAST NAME on the IRS System. THIS IS NOT OUR LEGAL "TITLE" Trust NAME and therefore it is being FALSELY ATTACHED TO YOUR SSN creating a FALSE REPORTING RECORD and causing our correct status/revocations to be ILLEGALLY MIS IDENTIFIED through EMPLOYERS AND THE IRS. TAKE NOTICE!

      LAST NAME and any Suffix

      NEVER USE THE MIDDLE NAME BOX-EVER! NEVER! This is what's causing the disconnect and imbalance of our corrected Status accounts and throwing them out of balance with the IRS!
      CORRECT THE RECORD and "RE-PRESENT" IT CORRECTLY and bring things back to balance. I See and understand this more correctly NOW... NON-ASSUMPSIT through correcting the record to begin with.


    2. So what it appears to be is by us mindlessly following the "INSTRUCTIONS" On these IRS Reporting "Certificates" is creating a "Fidicuary TRustee" using the look a like name as First MI LAST, which IS INCORRECT and creating a False conveyance of liability onto the proper LEGAL TITLE NAME. We have to become AWARE of this and to PROPERLY FILL OUT ALL FORMS, APPS CORRECTLY TO stop BEING FALSELY "ADDRESSED" as the FIRST, M.I> LAST appointed LIABLE TRUSTEE. NO, NO, NO!!!

    3. Also what I'm discovering is the "LEGAL TITLE" of these W-FORMS ARE IN FACT Creating the "BONDED CERTIFICATE" of "WITHOLDING AGENT" OFFICER "BOND SERVANT" FIDICIARY LIABILITY. So this IS ALSO very IMPORTANT TO Recognize and correctly sign "Under Penalty and perjury" YOUR PROPER
      BY:SIG, FOR:, AS: Authorized Agent/Settlor,& Dated EXACTLY as 1Freeman had described. SOOOO IMPORTANT to see this and recognize this.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Enumerated powers (United States)
    List of enumerated powers of the federal constitution

    United States Constitution
    Unenumerated rights and reserved powers (Amendments 9 and 10)
    Any power not listed is, says the Tenth Amendment, left to the states or the people. While there is no specific list of what these "reserved powers" may be, the Supreme Court has ruled that laws affecting family relations, commerce within a state's own borders, and local law enforcement activities, are among those specifically reserved to the states or the people.


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