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Friday, November 3, 2017

Global. Collateral. Accounts.

By Anna Von Reitz

In this world, you have to pay close attention to words.  Very close.
Take a look at the title of this article.  What do you see?
Three words: global, collateral, and accounts. 
What do those words imply?  Global = worldwide, planetary, jurisdiction of the air, the realm of ideas and intellectual property.  Collateral = things of value put at risk as assets justifying debt.  Accounts = a plus and minus ledgering system keeping track of something--- could be money, could be credits, could be number of oranges in a warehouse. 
String them all together and what have you got?  Global Collateral Accounts. An accounting system that is global in nature, keeping track of unspecified assets being used as collateral. 
You have just described the B.E.A.S.T.  and  --- though some people would give you the deliberate impression that the Global Collateral Accounts are stockpiles of gold amassed in China, the Philippines, and elsewhere---- that isn’t really the case.
You and everything you own or have an interest in constitute the “collateral” in the B.E.A.S.T. system. 
Your labor, your biological “products” including organs and children and blood, your home, your land, your businesses, your country, your culture, your art and artifacts, all the natural and human resources you can think of, have all been neatly cataloged, described, copyrighted for the benefit of corporations, and used as collateral backing the debts of these same corporations.  
In the old feudal system, serfs were owned by kings and countries.  In the new feudal system, serfs are owned by presidents and corporations. Nothing has changed.  The criminals responsible are simply sleeker and more diplomatic, more secretive, and far more automated.
It all comes down to the same thing--- a form of government in which the people are ruthlessly preyed upon instead of being protected and served, a variety of ancient tribal thuggery going back to the days of the cavemen,  rulership achieved by force and abuse of power, glorifying the few via the misery and enslavement of the many.
Our circumstance would be easy to recognize if we were honest, but we have been trained since babyhood not to face unpleasant things like death, slavery, meaningless drudgery, and criminals in our midst.
Still, more and more, the Truth becomes self-evident.  It shows up at the gas pump, when you realize that a large part of the price per gallon is taxes imposed by the “government”.  It shows up every April 15, when the “government” takes between 40% and 80% of your earnings. 
It shows up when the “government” tells you that you have to vaccinate your children with poisons, have to pay off a mortgage that the “government” owes before you can own land that is otherwise yours, have to use private bank script instead of money.  Have to, have to, have to…..
The fact is that the most abused serfs during the Middle Ages gave up 20% of their labor and substance to the government every year.  We are giving the B.E.A.S.T a hundred percent of everything for life.  We are “presumed” to have donated it all, usually within hours of birth. 
And when someone wakes up and says, “No!” --- what happens? 
The zombies in charge of this system of things can’t hear you.  They just plod relentlessly, mindlessly onward, shake their heads as if plain English had suddenly become gibberish, and continue filing and stamping and processing, processing, processing.
Dear hearts, those things you think of as “Social Security Numbers” are numbers assigned to prisoners, just like in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. 
Those NAMES that you see on every bill and account statement?  Those are charges against your ESTATE or a PUBLIC UTILITY named after you.  You no longer have an identity as a living being.  You are now considered a PERSON--- a dead corporate franchise literally belonging to a larger corporate franchise that belongs to a still larger corporate franchise.
And sitting at the top of this pile of plunder and presumption is the Holy See.
It is very evident now that the “Fourth Reich” of the Holy Roman Empire has nearly succeeded in its mad quest to own and dominate and rule the entire world.  It’s center of operations has been found buried deep in the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  
And as Voltaire said, it is neither “holy” nor “Roman” nor an “empire”.  It’s a gigantic crime syndicate, nothing more or less, operating under color of law and a veil of propriety.
It’s important to realize that you and your family are the collateral in this system.  You have been pledged as assets.  Of course, those doing all this pledging in your behalf didn’t bother to tell you this. You might have objected, as we do now.
You might have awakened and said, “All of this is nothing but automated fraud and lies!”
And then what?
These dead things, these corporations, have no right to exist.  In fact, their existence is predicated on them operating lawfully according to the Public Law, not according to some private, corporate law in which the criminals dictate their own rules.
Who is responsible for this Mess?  Ultimately, the Roman Catholic Church.
The Roman Curia created (out of thin air) all the various kinds of corporations infesting our world--- trusts, cooperatives, foundations, c-corps, s-corps, b-corps, limited liability partnerships--- you name it, and they defined and ordered it, by fiat, like acts of black magic, summoning these forms of organizations into the world, giving them special roles and privileges, defining what they can and cannot do. 
And the Holy See--- while remaining studiously unincorporated itself--- has used these arbitrarily bestowed privileges as bait, encouraging all the other governments of the world to incorporate themselves, which has left the Holy See in control of everything. Almost.
Iran, North Korea, and The United States of America (which just happens to own everything as a result of being used as a convenient storage facility and base of operations for this madness) are unincorporated and not under the control of the Holy See.  All around the world, other governments are waking up, too.  Lions and tigers and bears!  Oh, my!  
Corporations have no sovereignty.  Corporations have no life.  It is entirely permissible to rape, kill, and plunder corporations.  And because you have been “redefined” as a corporate franchise since infancy, the madmen responsible for Agenda 21 now think that they can just arbitrarily kill nine out of ten of you, and face no eternal consequences.  They think they can kill CHINA and JAPAN and the UNITED KINGDOM, too.
It seems that every day I get a dozen emails saying that this is the latest "Intel" and instead, it is all just a bunch of gossip and hearsay about this faction or that, this government or that government, one group of thugs versus another.  That is not what this is all really about.
This is a struggle for your mind, for your ability to think, for your ability to recognize what is real and what isn't real.  Let's get a guess and a grip?  Show me "PepsiCo" or "GM".  Right now.  In the flesh. 
These things don't exist, and yet they are claiming to own you as chattel.  That should be alarming enough, but beyond that, you need to recognize that what the perpetrators of this scheme are really aiming at is the reinstitution of the ancient feudal system --- only instead of belonging to a king and a kingdom, they would have you belong to a corporation and be bought and sold and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Time to object in the most explicit terms possible, to as many officials as possible. 
See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website
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  1. There is a corporate structure of corporations to bad lord Rothschild didn't think of it or we would have a central bank style corporation we call it ZOG.
    One wants your devotion the other wants you dead and replaced.

  2. Anna, what exactly are you trying to tell us here? It almost sounds like doors slamming shut. ?
    You tell us to object to officials, but you know their staffs and secretaries take care of their mail and screen their calls, and they never know of our objections. Its all pretty much a closed door policy they all have.
    This Article sounds like progress is somewhere in the wild blue yonder. Is that what you are telling us? I think we are all wondering if anyone is showing any actual movement, or are they all acting like inanimate statues, or are they feeling the flames on the seat of their chairs?
    As for the Pope, its high time people realize he is the seat of satan himself, and is absolutely NO representative of God the Father.
    Scripture tells us satan comes to deceive, to kill and to destroy.
    All of the popes fit that description; now who does he represent?
    Stop giving any credence to the vatican. Stop saying it has its good parts. So does a chocolate cake made with pure chocolate, pure organic flour, with a heap of arsenic added.

    1. correction: satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. And I add deceive. The RCC is the deceiver of the world.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I would ask, where is there proof of such claims. I see talk but not proof except for what some folks say or discover on YouTube. If i read it and see i would stop my weekly donations.
      Don't forget that Anna and Paul would also have you donate to their cause. I am not saying that either is right or wrong as i have taken on many different paths in my life. I'd like to see refrrences noted under comments in these columns so i can see references to the factual proof as i read. I'm being positive here and not reputing any claims nor trolling. I read often as a subscriber.

  3. Dear Friends,
    Maxim of law, Disparata non debent jungi (dissimilar things ought not to be joined) PAPER to PAPER and flesh to flesh but not flesh to PAPER or PAPER to flesh. When you operate in public commerce through that Birth Certificate ALL CAPS trust it is a mind control game. A PAPER corporation can not own a flesh wo/man as it is dissimilar. The PAPER corporation can only act in public commerce with another PAPER entity (BC trust). If you (flesh) believe that the ALL CAPS entity on the BC trust certificate is you then you are in prison in your own mind. (right where they want you) The system is a Self Assessment, Voluntary Compliance system operating in Color of Law, (the appearance of substance without substance). If you don't know who you are (flesh) and what it is,(PAPER)then you are ripe for the harvest they have set up. They are operating in usufruct, benefiting by the fruits of another. They created that BC trust entity from data your parents entered into the public record shortly after your birth. We all made a simple, powerful error, a mistake in identity. John Henry Doe is not one and the same as JOHN HENRY DOE, John is flesh and JOHN is a PAPER legal fiction. Not rocket science, yet this is your error and the presumption they baited you into. When you use that BC trust they created to operate in commerce they established terms and conditions that apply to that entity. That BC trust is a civilly dead legal fiction and when you cash flow through and name titles to it they monetize and collateralize those assets as it is their trust, they created it and you are gifting your labor energy to it in error. Voluntarily without knowing about flesh and PAPER, so, how do you like me now? HeartLightLove~PRK P.S. Stop Cash-Flowing Through the Government's Trust. PAPER can not hold title to flesh. "You Don't Know What You Don't Know.... BECAUSE.... You Don't Know You Don't Know It" (They don't teach this in school, by design.)

    1. Ive heard that before, but its not that easy when we are littery forced to comply with their system...and finally i heard it today from Trump for the first time...i was wondering how long it wouldbtake him to realize it.. but thats why i hang in there with Trump..!! He is finall so fed up with "Sessions" and his handling of issues he wants dealt with,he just came out and said i think the entire justice system does nothing for us and im pretty sure the rest of the country feels the same...."YES"..!! Finally you are getting to the reason why the "SWAMP" exsist in the first place.....the courts..!! If he is smart he will get the military to arrest every single judge, court clerk, prosecutors, and lastly every single BAR carrying attorney. Thetes finally a reason to use those FEMA!! If he listened to me when i wrote to him he could have saved himself a lot of frustration..!!

    2. James ! I couldn't agree with you more! Geesh, we peons out here saw many many months ago that Session was not on board with Trump's agenda, and is a skunk. Trump needs to stop turning a blind eye to these fakes/liars. Sessions needs to go and go like yesterday. Then investigated along with the other trash. Once again, y'all can see 'don't trust these people professing God out of they lying mouths''. Sessions is NO godly man in any sense of the word. You can take that to the bank!
      Election Day is almost here again, and on local TV there are all these attorneys running for Judge positions and city attorney positions. Whats up with that! Didn't they get the Memo !

    3. Yes, you're right, James, but Trump is surrounded by wolves, and now his right hand man Pence (pounds and pence) has just vetoed a bill that would have allowed class action lawsuits against the banks. True colors. But ultimately, what can we really expect from the CEO of a bankrupt corporation called UNITED STATES, INC.?

    4. Abby, maybe, just maybe DT is choosing life instead of heroism ? I believe there WAS a President who messed with the goings on "at the Top" you know the happenings behind the veil. Where nobody really sees. As I recall things didn't work out well for him! Do you recall the same? Maybe that's why Henry comes and visits with DT ? You know to review the Rule book for the Members of the Big Club. Ya think?

    5. Hey Chris, they are not wolves exactly ! They are members of the Big Club. And you ain't in the Big Club !

  4. Notice that both BC have different registration numbers ... use number of long version BC as identity and not a name and mention estate of your strawman BC card number of short version .. in your man to man private documents .

    Court- only lawyers can file doc in their private law society

    (1) BC card, short version- STRAW MAN
    “FULL LEGAL NAME” your estate name
    (2) BC long version- child boxed& railroaded
    (3) statement of live birth - child real name
    “Christ-ian” or “ given name”

    1. Where and how do you get a copy of your long form? If I live in California and was born in Chicago, Ill, where do I pick up a copy of my long form BC?

      If everyone started doing this, the machine would kick into action and prevent the rest from obtaining their records. They want to make sure we stay in permanent bankruptcy and slavery. Nothing they do is illegal in their eyes.

  5. As stated under the Declaration of Independence, our Creator gave us the Right to Life, Liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of Happiness (property). These Rights are UN-alienable. This means they can never be repealed, revoked, or removed by anyone. We can waive them by informed consent. Additionally, the government can and does usurp these Rights, at whim.
    Under the United States Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, several Rights are listed. These Rights are IN-alienable. This means they CAN be repealed, revoked and removed in addition to being usurped. We can also waive them by informed consent.
    If you want to be free from the shackles of our rogue government, I suggest you studied all of Judge Anna's articles. Start with #1 and read them all. As I have said to my patients for over 46 years, education and taking effective action are the keys to health and longevity. The same applies to everything else. To this date, I have never read anyone with more knowledge and wisdom than Judge Anna.

    1. i believe in "modern practice" you are correct re: "bill of rights" ... but it is supposed to be based on (english) common law.

      it is a "bill" of things people are owed.

      specifically, "posterity" are owed those things (and other things not enumerated)...later, "civil rights" and such has expanded the scope of who is "eligible" for various "rights" and who is "owed" them.

      common law "rights" are property. you have to have property to "have" a right. otherwise, it is a revocable privilege, you are just "renting" it from "the government" or whoever gave you the "license".

      rights in property, property in rights.

      i agree you are correct in practice, but "rights" are "property" makes most sense to me. that is actual rights. that is the common law terminology.

      very importantly, "right to have property" precedes all other rights.

      for another reason too: because on another's property, they can just ask you to leave (so much for "freedom of speech" etc. if you have nowhere to stand on).

      "a man's home is his castle" you need your own castle to actually exercise rights, else you are always in someone else's castle.

      some might say that is "selfish" etc. just pointing out, logically, it makes sense and is simply a prerequisite. whether people abuse "private property" or not is another story, but logically, such "right to have property" precedes any other rights.

      right to property must come first, for those 2 reasons (rights are themselves property, and one needs somewhere to stand on their own ground to exercise any rights in practice).

      not disputing anything you said really except "bill of rights".

      just sharing what i have found from studying. it is so simple, but no schoolbook or "civil rights" lawyer/etc. ever mentions such things.

      rights are property. the more people understand that simple phrase, the easier it is to see why "civil rights" are so backwards.

      "state's rights" is a misnomer too. no "State" (at any level) has any "rights". only revocable privileges "we the people" grant them. such is a 'republic' and the declaration of independence.

      i wish people would stop using that phrase too "state's rights" as it is completely backwards too.

      people have rights. "laws of mortmain" prohibit states/corporations from "owning" things, such as "rights"

      modern practice again is likely "corporations are people too!" ...but that is not the common law tradition. that is not to say common law is perfect...but few people are ever taught a thing about it, or know that is the foundation of america. or was anyways.

      with proper background of such simple things, "bill of rights" is easy to understand. it is a property deed. it is owed to "posterity". it is a title. it is a list of properties people are owed. just like any other "bill" it categorizes and itemizes specific property people are owed.

    2. i am not really disagreeing with you james chappell...just pointing out 'right to property" logically must precede any other "Rights".

      that might sound "selfish" to some, but that is logically the only possibility in my mind. right or wrong, whatever abuses people do to environment or other things, that is reality.

      one of course can argue "right to life" precedes "right to property" :) and that is another reason corporations are so twisted...

    3. you did not use the phrase, but it should be "self-evident" to anyone that "state's rights" are a misnomer.

      any "state" or "corporation" has to be chartered/authorized/constituted/etc. by living people at some point in the chain.

      thus, any "state" or "corporation" by definition cannot have any "Rights" -- only privileges that some group of people set the terms they are allowed to "Exist" (or the terms under which we pretend they exist, so long as they obey their charter)

      the sooner people stop using the phrase "state's rights" the better. noone who thought about it for half a second would ever use that phrase.

  6. james, I agree with re Anna Von, " I have never read anyone with more knowledge and wisdom than judge Anna.", and I HAVE donated and WILL donate again and again. HOWEVER, her wriyings are nebulous in that they do not give specific guide to the WHOLE procedure as in how to do what when AND how to enforce and/or defend one's self. An example of this, in her writing today, she says "Time to object in the most explicit terms possible, to as many officials as possible.", but gives not a clue as to how to effectively "object"! Without a GOOD and meaningful objection it will go in one ear and out the other, except your calls and letters will be tagged for the trash can- IMHO! The best way to object is an ORGANIZED, documented fashion, otherwise --ZIP, NADA --- time and effort wasted. I have experience in this "wrong" complaining ---- I was arrested for documents sent to this state! IF we could get an exact format, with templates, and instructions for the COMPLETE process that has TEETH..... then we will make a difference. Judge Anna, I believe, has the ability to guide us ALL in effectively "complaining" and notifying the crooked government as to what the REAL FACTS are. I hope we can be guided so as to be effective.

    1. Tom, this is the best site i have ever found that will answer most of your questions and even tell you who to handle yourself in has 7 parts to it but will give you the best advice on who to win, if there is such a thing. Part 5 is crutial to understanding how to win... most people do not realize that in Commercial Contract Law there is only ONE, and ONE only issue before any court,and all the charges lead up to it, the underlying issue underneith it all...and its all summed up to one word..."LIABILITY"!! Thats what you are fighting, nothing else.. The charges are there to focus all your attention on those, which easily distracts everyone because we all know most of it is a lie.. so we immediately go into a controvercy mode...i didnt say that...that mever happened..what gun, i never had a gun..!! Forget all that shit..!! Instead of argueing stupid charges, get smart and make a "counterclaim" against the Corp. STATE and the judge and prosecutor...turn them into defendants too...and turn around the only issue at hand.."LIABILITY" back onto them..!! How!! You have to "BOND" the case yourself just like the court is doing to you..!! They are attacking your pocketbook...Attack theirs too.. now its a fair heres the site....and read it a couble of times to fully understand it... But the Corporate State is becoming so powerful that im afraid to say "unknown" has a point...when the rule of law is ignored by people in the "public trust" to protect us, then the only solution throughout history has always come down to "FORCE" in numbers, because nothing else works like a sword at a other remedy works as quick as a sword to the


    2. Actually they not only had all the templates, but were willing to do it all for you since it is not as easy as it sounds because the UCC has to be filled out perfectly.As well as the other forms.. They only know because their law team got a court case that explained it..that how they learned to do it right...unfortunately, the ladt guy i told to just let them do it, because its worth it. So he tried to email them several times but never got an answer... i dont know why unless they were targeted... !! But maybe you can try me, its worth it.. filling out the forms properly is not easy because you are dealing with yourself and your strawman.. Try and contact them again and see if you get a response..!!

    3. Their site mentions judge Anna a lot.. they post alot of her articles..!!

    4. I asked several times for some kind of template to follow / basic word structure. And she is not up to more than ongoing history lessons and loosy-goosy construct that has little to no value in solving a fundamental opportunity. I heard that the shortest distance from A to B is a straight line ? Not through a history book or subjective interpretation(s) ! And when it comes to history or any lesson you need proof or it too might be more con-jecture ?

    5. Tom, I've asked for the same thing. Templates or aka a properly key word road map. Never going to happen. Be ready for more history lessons that offer little to no problem solving value !

    6. Their site mentions judge Anna a lot.. they post alot of her articles..!!

  7. I don't know why y'all even discussing this ''what to do'' stuff. No individual battle can be won. We could have all our ducks in a row, present incontrovertible proof, and who is going to give us any just credence?
    Let me reiterate: It is going to take a bunker buster dropped on them at the top that will tear up the entire play house they have built !
    Nothing short of that will work. Lets not negate the awesome work Anna and her crew have been doing. If that doesnt blow this thing wide open, nothing will.
    Knowing 'who we are'' isn't going to do crap. Do any of us think 'they' are going to be moved by that?? No. They think there's nothing we are going to do about it anyhow. I think most of us know what is what and how we have been hoodwinked. So what. Knowledge is only power if you've got enough power to accomplish it.
    So that brings us back to getting rid of all the roadblocks, which I think only Anna and her kind have the capacity and position to do.
    What we can do, is spread the word, let their secrets be exposed, far and wide as possible. Make noise and let ''them' know we know what they did and are doing; we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Make them as nervous as we can, put some fleas in their britches; make them squirm.

    1. Abby makes a good point here guys..!! We shouldnt have to take these guys down by ourselves...its time to organize in mass like the bait fish do in the sea and form "bait balls" to protect themselves from can a minnow take on a swordfish..??

    2. James, how true. Well, for those with leadership skills and may be time for them to step forward, name their State and where to contact, so people know where and how to get together.
      Note: I know I sound like I am expecting others to do the doing, but folks I am way way past my prime. Still, the ''ole noodles' are working quite well. Time for you 'youngsters' to do the leg work; if there's anything I can do, I will or would.

  8. Abby, you have been saying the exact same things I have been stating on this forum to no effect. Yes, we are "to object" to all of these corporate officials, yes, I'm sure millions of objections will scare all of them into doing the right thing!!! Total lunacy and it doesn't matter what anna "discovers" it isn't going to change our situation until someone uses FORCE to change it, and we all know that is out of the barrel of a gun!!! shame the communists of this world have more gonads than the sheeple do, especially in the US and have been willing down through the decades to use FORCE on anyone that will not submit to their agenda. We all know what needs to be done but no one is willing to do anything as they will not risk anything. And if anna really found that "silver bullet" that threatened to undo all of this evil slavery, she would be DEAD in a heartbeat!!! Yes, complain to those that enslave you and let's see how well that will go over!!! Pharaoh will then demand we all make bricks with straw we have to fetch ourselves!!! Way to go anna, give us some more useless advice!!!

  9. Anna contradicts herself just April 2017 she wrote that these Accounts exist as forgotten Accounts in Banks, now these do not exist ¡ because Accounts are ourselves

    1. From Anna:
      Oh, there ARE bank accounts included "as" global collateral accounts, but people should not be deceived into thinking that the "global collateral accounts" are all or even mainly based on gold, etc.

      We are the principle asset source in this brutal and totally unnecessary system and we ought to tear it apart without a moment of hesitation.

      As for "how to complain effectively"-- ????? Start educating the people in your community. Share the information I am giving you. Then go in groups to meetings and object to this -- town hall meetings, county board meetings, commission meetings, state representative meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, firehall meetings. Make copies of my articles and pass them out.

      Every county and every state is different. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but the Michigan General Jural Assembly will help you find yours.

    2. Michigan...that state is a joke!! Try coming to the most corrupt, richest, and most populated State in the entire Nation.....CALIRORNIA...with Jerry Brown as Governor, past down from his father, another corrupt bastard.. It a family business here..! He is openly challeging President Trump as if he is just as powerful or more than the president himself...Trump said he will not give federal funding to any state that is a sanctuary city for illigal immigrants...You know what Jerrys answer was to Trump...the middle finger..!! And our courts , especially the judges all think the same....there are an awful lot of "CHIEF's" in this state, with few indians...!!!!!!

  10. So many talented people out there like Anna,Robert Micheal,Rise Together,Kurtis Kallenbach,Miller and Syn Text,Minivanjack and others, some of those that may not be your choices or may not have same believes but share the thoughts that these parasite controllers need to be Xpelled forever .
    We somehow need to unite to show and tell others of the great fraud and to share simple ways we can do that freely without arguing and condemning each other and sharing what works and proven to work in simple KISS ways. We all want freedom That would be nice!
    Easy to tell someone of the great Fraud without giving them remedy to get the out of the cyst em without getting kidnapped and caged or get beaten half to death and thrown into live stock cage and ask for ransom and get your energy taken away from you and your family just for standing in honour and truth that your not a fictional corporate citizen slave.

  11. I haven't read the other blogs yet but here's how I see it. Obviously Anna and Neil Keenan are on a different page when it comes to the GCA yet both want the same outcome. If Anna can help us with historical facts and your documents contain factual legal and lawful truths, then who's to knock them back. But it's knowing who's who when filling in the correct forms (they often hide them). Who or what is the Crown as opposed to a Crown entity? Who or what is the Father, who or what is the "sovereign in right" as mentioned clearly in NZ legislation, who or what is a "guardian", who or what is "eligible person", "protected person". Who or what is the begotten son in law. You don't modify the forms you make sure by checking and re-checking what you put in them. The bible is their rule book, but as we know it's connecting the scriptures to the sections within Acts and thinking in a 4th dimensional pattern which is the hard part. Anyway hats off to Anna as she is 100% correct, we are the bank and (my input) we are the living embodiment of the Crown not John Smith. There is no John Smith in legislation just that person (and many forms of it). It's my belief that knowing who the three parties are and what their function is remains the key.
    On another note but related to our estates, here's an example of what you local government does to get it’s funding. As I have posted before when you know that you are the Crown they get very touchy. But faced with facts the head financial officer at our local government office said "OK how much do you want" when we hit them up!! Their trading stocks and bonds using the Crown annuities that are your commonwealth property but we have never altered our status. Now you’re probably asking how to do this when each time they just ignore it. All I can say is that you need to study every word and if it's not in the Acts interpretations then look it up in word etymology. Anyway we are sending their forms back soon and I'll let you know how things go. PS if you wish to look at local government becoming funded from our estates go here

    Now in regards to Neil, if most people and bankers still believe in gold as store of money, and that store of money can bring about tech systems that can remove the outdated and parasitical world energy and medical problems along with many others, I’m all good with that. Both Anna and Neil may have opposing views but I’m sure their hearts are in the same place. Oh one other thing.... why do you often see at the end of Royal writings “Defender of the Faith”? Have we drifted away from the rules given in a book of conduct? Not a hard question. I’m certainly no saint.

    1. Cody, the day my son finished college, I said I do not want to ever hear the word school ever again. No, we should not have to study and waste our lives trying to worm our way out of this ungodly dastardly tyranny that has been thrust upon us by these demonic bastards.
      There is no smarter or better positioned Warrior than Anna and her troops. She has done all this work, has it all nailed down to the floor, issued all the 'orders' to the proper people. Now if she can't get results, what makes any of us think we can? She has already informed all that need informed. Do they look like they are listening? And 'you' think WE should try our hand??
      I think this is looking like a job for the u.s.Marshal's Office and Interpol to go kick the schitt out of these deaf mutes!
      There are more individuals that went to jail for trying on their own, than those that ever won.
      This is a Monster we are dealing with; its going to take ''cutting of its Head' to make it 'die'.

    2. From Anna:

      Problem is that the US Marshals aren't on our payroll anymore-- they have been privatized and sold to the Bad Guys. Interpol, too, is useless. They see their job as maintaining the ugly and worsening status quo -- so our answer has to be to hire our own international land jurisdiction Federal Marshals.

    3. Cody,how did you come to the conclusion that we are the Crown? I came to the same conclusion a couple of years ago, and was wondering if you would share that line of thinking to see if it was the same idea i had. Thanks in advance

    4. Abby thanks for your reply. No we shouldn't need to study this hard but I have always taken the view point that it takes a special kind of man or woman to stand up and take on a representative roll as a politician for the people. The problem as I see it is that 90% of these people who go after those jobs must have huge egos, coupled with a "what's in it for me" mentality. Hence this is why we see these corps heavily involved in politics. We have put our faith and trust in them and all we get in return is more grief. It could be argued that what these so called leaders of our service providers have done is lawful but far from moralistic. So if it's to be, it’s up to me, or us.
      I agree that this takes a large chunk of our time but looking where we went wrong or where our inaction's were legally and lawfully taken advantage of, remain my focus. As an example (you probably already know this) on the internal affairs website, not sure what you call it in the US, they state that the Birth Cert is an official document. OK what's an "Official Document?"
      Official document - (law) a document that states some contractual relationship or grants some right
      Now why didn't our parents know this upon application? And if there is a contractual relationship what is the nature of the relationship, could it be as written in legislation a "financial arrangement?" It’s also a WILL by the way. As hard as this pill is to swallow, it’s not up to them to school us on what words, the context and terms mean. Yes the service providers have got out of line but only in the sense that we deal mainly with the poor compartmentalized front desk souls who don’t know any better, and to those higher up who do know, are willing to take the risk that you don’t know who you are.
      We have caught out two frontline staff who have told us that we can’t do this and we can’t do that. Once we show them the legislation that states we can their response is typically OH OK. It’s not that they want to Get Ya, they just don’t know. Yes they are afraid of the law that binds them and all corps along with your strawman. It took me a long time for me to work out that “ we don’t know who we are thing”. This is the paperwork we are sending off shortly to land info NZ, or in short LINZ on THEIR FORMS.
      Whether Anna, Neil, you, me or the people on this site are right or wrong, I’m sure that something is going to happen, you can feel it. We can’t go living this way and the pressure upon the system is hitting critical. I still think Abby that people should have a go but it’s a real minefield. One needs to pick their battles with caution and based on their level of understanding. Good to hear from Abby.

    5. Hi Carlos give me a couple of days before I post as I'm going to try and write it up in a way that most can get their head around, but I will post. It's a big story which needs explaining as we go over it. I must say that I do not wish to discredit Anna or her work only to publish our research and we are always open to constructive criticism from all even from Anna and Paul. When I publish it will probably be put in the latest blog. I apologize Paul if it's off the blog topic at the time as it's not often people re-read old post comments.

    6. Cody, I fully understand all you are saying, and yes it is correct. It has just gotten to the place for me, where I am just way past fed up, and logically, we should not have to dig our way out of this big LIE none of which should have happened. Now, as we have come to know exactly why we have gone from short periods of prosperity, 'they' always had to manufacture a recession to set us back where we were. And then it was back to climbing out of that. They even manufactured the great Depression. Then WW2 which I remember all too well; rationing stamps and blackouts right here in
      Now lo and behold they are still at it, but this time they have the big guns and technology with a science fiction mentality that is downright inhumane in nature.
      Yes, I totally agree something is about to happen; the heat is on and something has to give because you are darned right, we cannot go on living this way.
      The bad part is we are getting two opposing stories; one seems to spell defeat, the other tells us 'the good guys are up to something big' to defeat that defeat.
      The way I describe that feeling something is about to bust wide open, is like a dam about to break because it cannot withstand any further pressure. Its in the air and I can feel it. At the same time, it remains an unknown; like a mystery.
      And oh how I dislike mystery, lol.
      For me personally, the Lord has given me a 'hands-off, let Me handle things for you'. And so I do, since I have stacked up so many decades and a couple of heath issues which dictate. And I have overwhelming gratitude for all that the Lord has done for us in my household; we are far better off than many two-income families.
      But I wish whichever way this is going to go, would get on with it, and go.
      Good to hear from you Cody, as always.

  12. Dear Anna, I Ditto what Tom Dooly commented & some of which Abby
    commented, I just don't know where to begin, I have yet to have any of my Federal Representative or Senators pay any attention
    to my complaints.

    1. Andrew, don't even count on any help from any of your Reps. Don't even expect any direct sincere caring response; their staff will send you a form letter. They do not represent us.

  13., go and see how many times your name used as collateral and by whom, all leased by government for $99per use, per year. Enter social with the hyphen such as xxx-xx-xxxx.

  14. The way to object is this... NOTICE OF LIABILITY. has the forms and instructions, just mailed out over 20 today naming up to governor of Alaska bill walker down to our local GVEA electric coop CEOS on the issue of smart meters, the same thing that shut down jerry brown in California last week about smart crap invasion. This CAN be used for ANY issue! Notice!

    1. Yes, Renaissance Permastead and Apiary, the NOLs via Cal Washington and the InPower Movement work. We sent a modified one to Gov. Kate Brown of OR, and will continue to hit transgressing public officials where it hurts -- their own pocketbooks. The majority who have received the NOLs have vacated their offices in fear but are still on the hook for liability. I myself created an even more immediate way to hold these privateers in check by taking email conversations with them in which they lie or conceal a "material fact" and informing them that they have violated Title 18 USC 1001 as a starting point to the effective checks and balances of the people (since Congress is all lobbyists or CIA assets now). I have Chuck Young of the GAO over a barrel and many more will be forthcoming. Checkmate. The jig is up.

    2. From Anna:

      Yes, by all means! Hold them accountable.

    3. RenPerm, you say this can be used for any issue. How do you articulate the particular issue and differentiate this, on the NOL? Like if you are wanting to go after a city attorney or a muni judge or your community prosecutor, etc. If you can give an example please. Thx.

    4. Chris Robideaux, I have looked at the site and was not able to find the NOLs. Would you please direct me to what topic I should click on to see these NOLs, please? thanks

  15. Good one liability , the state and federal constitution is Thair check.sue them .don't hire the high dollar suits (attorneys ) take all your money you can do it file and go to court do discovery write congressional research service ask questions they answer example are we under the reconstruction acts ? Is this were executive orders come from build evidence.(we) are the over site .

  16. You see folks there's this Big Club its roots go back many millennia. And the plain fact is you are NOT in that BIG CLUB. You and I are not in the Big Club ! We're in the work and slave club folks. The key here is folks that in this Club "the table is tilted and the game is rigged. And the central gang members inside the Club make and interpret the rules of operation. And lately there are people who seem to notice and people who seem to care.. However, if you grievance loudly the staff game enforcers may visit you and beat you with their BIG CLUB ! FACT!!! Much personal embellishment with two great and true lines & facts by the man of truth... GC ! Oh, we must not forget that when you're IN the BIG Club anything goes. There are few if any prosecutions because the Gang inside the Big Club pull the switches so the deciding members/judges have only certain facts. Facts of doubt and not conviction. And then if outcomes seem questionable key people seem to disappear. And later then found with a piano wire around their neck or MULTIPLE 'self inflicted' wounds or experience a mysterious heart attack, car crash etc ! And it's all by accident. And made possible by your favorite Big Club members ! ! ! Just a hypothesis for the movie we live in and shared called Life !

    1. Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton and his CIA. handler hillery.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. OK Unknown then why do agents for our a local council turn up with a boot load of cash for a filed statement of claim in the district court to GO AWAY. A bribe if you like. Thank god my mate never took it. It was a huge amount of cash. Yes it happened, TWICE!!
      Yep it's a club but not one I wish to belong too. They know the power of the law. Regardless of jurisdiction.

  17. Paul, please bring to Ms. Annas attention...she is viewing what has happened to us in past tense and in actuality, her proclaiming what has happened to us in present tense is creating an opposite force. Praying Anna begins proclaiming what has happened to us in past tense.

  18. Has anyone ever noticed here... how many people have their own perceptions about what's important? In psyche 101 that's aka the confusion technique and it is working perfectly !

  19. Anna, you have shown us all the ''demands and orders' you have issue to many various major players, people, and entities to transfer and release what belongs to the states and to the people. And many of them were sent to them quite some time ago, now.
    Will you please tell us what kind of feed-back or responses or reactions you have gotten? In other words, the rest of the story.
    This would greatly help us to know where we stand at this time.

  20. FYI: The Pope & the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


    Thursday, 16 December 2004

  21. Heres a glimst of our future...

    Everything You Need to Know About Pop-Up Electronic #Courtrooms Hitting Miami & New York (link: #LegalTech

  22. I am hearing from very serious minded patriot types who are dedicated to Truth and seem to know some of the 'good guys', that something big is in the making. They are trying to tell us something, while at the same time trying not to tip their hand too much, for obvious reasons.
    Now IMO it could be some sudden arrests, a roundup of sorts, friendly militaristic involvement.....or plans could get thwarted and be nothing, or delayed. ? But something IS stirring. Lets hope it gets accomplished and goes well for us.

  23. The demacratic party is in self destruct mode...we wont have to do a thing pretty soon..They are doing all our work for us...Boy, Hillary must have made a lot of promises to a lot of people that gave a hell of a lot of money for her to win...Now they are calling in their chips...!! I wonder how many list bodies are lying around because of this..We just learned today on the FNCHD that people that either come in through the lottery system of immigration or legally, that they can just bring in another 25 of their relatives in just because of that one person that is hear legally..!! This is unbelievable.. our congress is worthless...!! This is just now coming out because of that last terrorist killings who is being investigated...but do we hear it on the MSM...hell no..!! And then once those 25 are in hear they each can get another 25 in..!! When Trump just found this out, he said that this is over...!! Actually both parties are looking foolish now in the open public light... attorneys always tell their clients to just keep quiet !! But they cant even take their own advice..!! Since no one can just shut up about Trumps election, they are all exposing themselves for the rats they are..!! If i were you guys, just sit back and let them destroy themselves...its playing out as we speak...!! The news lately is the best running series on TV..!! IM Glued to the TV because of it..!! And Trump also knows now that the justice system is trash now... i guarantee you hes marked them for termination...hes finally seeing the truth through the fog...!!!!! I cant wait for the next 2 years..!! When they are at their weakest point, thats when we strick..And it will be obvious when it happens...God bless Trump..!! And just now one if the host on the FNC did a "jay leno" street questioning of random Americans and immigrants easy questions about our country like who did we claim our independance from..?? What body of water boarders the East coast, or the West coast, what part of our country did we buy back from the French..!! Not a clue from anyone..!! And you wonder why we have problems...Judge Anna, you are seriously overating the American republic. This is not a problem that can be solved by "jural assemblies".. they entire nation needs to go back to school, good schools teaching real history, in order to repatriate these "lost souls" whos only ambition is to have no ambition...!! Just give them a govt. nipple to suck on and they will be fine...!!! Its obvious to me that this immigration thing has two benifits for the corp. state...1)to dilute our true heritage and history and 2) to get more SS numbers for their monitary hyperthentication to the moon..!!

    1. Well said James, I recall reading a test paper of grade 8 students in 1912 and even I, as a so called adult couldn't answer. We have been so dumb down that when we look at the rest of the public we consider that we aren't personalty doing that bad. Funny how we use the rest of society as a gauge and reference point for our own intellect. As displayed of the cover of the Fat boy slim album "why try harder when your #1" LOL

    2. Cody, you are right about the dumbing down. When I went to grade school, we had a very very plain building with wood floors, no AC, and no homework for grade schoolers. We had
      the basic courses, excellent dedicated teachers; no extra-curricular activities, just morning and afternoon recesses, with 1 hour lunch time. It was all very orderly and sane. No cafeteria; you either went home for lunch, or brought your lunchbox. No horsing around in or out of the classrooms. We all spoke correct english, or got immediately corrected for any misusage. Slang words were not in our vocabulary. If you chewed gum in class, you were called on it, and or got set out in the hallway for a time-out 'punishment'. I used to get set out there just for passing a note to a friend during class, lol. But school was actually fun all the way through.
      In high school, kids that went under the bridge and smoked during lunchtime, were whispered about, they were the ''bad kids'' and were shamed.
      The police never came to the school in all my 12 years. Guns and knives were unheard of. Boys asked girls for a date, came to their house and to the door and picked them up, opened the car door for you, and we went to movies and held hands. When they brought you home, they walked you to the door, and maybe a kiss goodnight.
      Oh how things have changed....for the worse. Respect has gone by the wayside.

  24. Just now read on hal turner radio . com that john podesto's brother turned himself in sat. morning to u.s. marshal's office, and that john is expected to do so sat. nite. And that ''there is a 3rd person who is very close to john' also going to be arrested. All this is new and pretty certain to be true, but yet unconfirmed.

    Also this sat. evening a coup was attempted on the saudi royal's; the bad ones. Many many big saudi names arrested. Still unfolding at this point. Probably clarification will come on sunday.

  25. Monitoring the chatter on the judges call and they sound wiped all Thai comrades being held in solitary . Judges having Thair way in shutting off can't win in a federal equity court it's corporate .you must get back under state constitution state constitution trumps federal . a process to force a case back under state .and Anna is right it's everything to know are you a state citizen or U.S. you are a surf the other full state constitution covered.
    A scenario IRS bust in on a man he declares I am a state citizen they point to a U.S. flag he had in the window and said that gave us jurisdiction .

    1. One your on the ground floor the other the sky's the limit .federal you have privilege
      State you have rights!
      Civil rights laws ya right what your left with no privacy,indefinate.detention , no trial,no freedon of speach,hate laws are title,no money don't own your bank account.

  26. What a blow, to hear the u.s. Marshal's Office has also sold out. And Interpol? Once again the american people have not been informed. So we see we have no policing and these two are on the wrong side. So we have two additional enemies of the People. Now what?
    So if we have to hire our own, that would mean Accounts and Trusts must be released. Are any of these funding sources available yet?
    Or how far into this short future is that? Also, the People need the same funding sources released in order to do their/our part.
    This is getting to be just too long of a saga, and the clock is ticking......for everybody, regardless of age. The longer this stretches out, the harder it is getting.
    So again, how far along are we and where do we stand right now?
    It all comes back to the 9 Trusts and what is blocking their release?
    What are we waiting for?

  27. Hmmm, very strange everyone seems to have disappeared today. Whats up with that? In fact, a lot of strange things going on. Like why no response from Anna on very important question I had which applies to everyone? Why is Paul now seeming to sway people to a new internet business to make money; does he think things are not panning out on the release of Trust monies? Not being derogatory toward Paul in any way, but it's merely a wonderment.
    Another strange thing is, why are so many local Judges and attorneys running so heavily for election tomorrow, or re-election? This seems to say they did not get any Memo.
    In fact, its just very strange all the way around, that every single thing seems to be ''business like always''. The only place in the whole world that we've seen any 'progressiveness'' is in Anna's writings, but with the eyes, no reality.
    But still, I will pose yet another vital question: How are the school loan debts coming along? This is a national disaster involving 2 trillion in unpayable debts; all deliberately designed by the educational System.

    But, at least the serious minded patriot types were right. Something was in the making, and we saw part of the results over the week end; many locked up and many dead. Hellywood is now exposed, and continues. This is a big big deal for all of us. The worst sick epidemic that is downright unspeakable.
    Saudi is a big deal too. It shows that billionaires are not too big to take down. But we want the Witch. And soros.

  28. There is only so much time in a day Abby.

    Anna has not been writing since the 3rd. That probably means she is involved in something pretty important in trying to resolve the problems that apply to everyone. That is usually what happens.

    Don't jump to conclusions about my wanting to use a networking business to finance Anna's work. Everything I have said is very clear that I am just watching this company. I am also watching several others that handle silver. After all, silver dollars are the lawful money of our country.

    The only way we can get these criminals to move out of the way of freedom is to instill the fear of God in them by exposing them for the criminals they are. Anna does that better than anybody I have ever read. It's the education and prayer that will turn this around, and that is why I do this.
    The only way to handle the school loan debt it to forgive the whole thing and start from scratch. That will only come if we solve all the other problems first.

    Keep writing Abby. You are doing a great job commenting here.

    1. Paul, thanks for your response. I had thought perhaps Anna was deeply involved with 'loading her guns and taking some aim' got her eyes on some targets and focusing.
      Got an idea for a new Marshal's Office; how about the Militia? They are locked and loaded and not afraid to shoot if necessary. Swear them in, give them the quick study, and turn 'em loose. They are already experienced for such a job.
      Oh, how I fantasize getting all these nefarious ones packed in one room, lock the doors, and force them to listen for just one hour; I'd read them their 'future' and ask the holy spirit to convict them so bad they couldn't stand themselves. Then they are free to go.......find the tallest building and put themselves on the fast track.

  29. There are, of course, other times when I speak of mathematics as beautiful. Let me take you back to your schooldays and let's talk about Algebra. I know what you are thinking as you read this - Algebra was always "double dutch" to most of you. Am I not correct? Yes, I know I am. eduteka.icesi


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