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Monday, October 23, 2017

You Are Among the First to Know

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I told everyone that the "mountain moving" has begun.  So it has. 

Most of the criminality that has infested this country has been built around one central lie --- the idea that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people was in "interregnum" --- a polite fancy way of saying "on pause", not functioning, in-between periods of activity and leadership--- for the past 150 years.  

When a Pope dies and the conclave of Cardinals come together to choose a new leader, the Holy See is in "interregnum".  

So the rest of the world has, as Karen Hudes said months ago, considered our lawful government to be "in interregnum".  

We, the sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of The United States of America might come back and might not.  Meantime, our servants running the Territorial United States (military) and Municipal United States (Washington, DC) settled in for a nice long session of eating our food and drinking our wine and sleeping in our beds and generally running amok with our credit cards. 

That presumption can now no longer stand. 

Please see attached.  

By their own rules, the cards have been called.  And they lose.


Here is the document Anna referred to as an attachment in the announcement.
The first and second are page 1 and 2 of the whole document, and the third link is the last page of the entire document. 

The first document: 

Second document:

Third Document:

Fourth link is the entire 28 page Document: 


  1. Outstanding Judge Anna! These guys live in a world of their own.!

  2. Call Thair hand, abuse us at your peril . We know the who you are and what's your doing.

  3. I brought this up before but only heard crickets, any comments on this document filed back in 2012 for the new "The Republic for the United States of America" ?

  4. The second most important thing is to stop chemtrails. Unbeknownst to most people they are eating nanobots on a daily basis. They are sprayed in chemtrails and are getting on all the food crops, including organic. If you get a jewelers magnifying glass and look at your produce, you will see the plastic nano bots. They come in all shapes and sizes. Round, strings, and they even have lobter claw shapes (google nano claw). And through detoxifying, I pulled one out of my arm, that is how I found out about it. It's in prescription meds too! If you get a non contact volt meter from home depot for 15 dollars you can scan your produce and your skin, if you have any skin conditions. We are all being implanted. And they keep putting out articles saying by 2025 they expect they will merge man with machine. People believe they will have an option and it's voluntary. But, I'm sorry to let people know, they are not asking people for permission. All of us are being implanted. The only thing that we have found is that one has to detox regularly to move things out, like intestinal cleansers, herbs and essential oils, castor oil packs etc. They are using molds, fungi, viruses, parasites, mycoplasmas created by the military to spray into the air, as delivery systems to transport the nano all over the body. So anti-viral herbs, anti-candida, anti -biotic (holistic) herbs are really good to make as tea and drink regularly. They are transhumanizing the population, those in political power are the most targeted, hence why they don't seem human, chances are they are hardly human anymore, just cyborgs with tiny bit of human consciousness as battery to run the body, but parasitic galactic beings are in their energy body controlling them. Little Grays etc. Don't hate the player, hate the game, and get spiritual. This is a spiritual war for people's souls.

  5. Strong document...Lets hope the pen is mightier than the gun!

  6. Now lets see who pays attention. I've tweeted Trump. I doubt anyone will pay any attention. But God does work miracles.

  7. Anna I just love this woman she is on the mark with every point you blog and forth. Yes I agree with you Anna. I am posing this question not just to Justice of The Peace Anna but to all of us American Nationals? How do we FREE of us who are American Nationals from the cabal? How do we free ourselves from this incursion? How do we fire all these GOONS in public offices? How do we take our country back when our military has failed protecting us our lands and our assets? Our Military is a Military Junta that is aiding and abetting the enemy for sooo long. We need to place responsible American Nationals in these positions and move forward on the Jural Assemblies in every county yes yes I know easier said than done!

  8. There are not enough words nor enough praise to all that you have done for America and humanity, Anna, family and team! Truly outstanding, a ROCK of diligence, perseverance, and courage with nothing short of the steadiness this task encumbers!! Amen and God bless us all, the people of this republic, God's children, have come alive once again and for all. Game over, God, winner, Satan loser. And so it is.

  9. This is hard to take anyone serious here any more its as though people need a good story teller while they sit on their ass being a patriot meanwhile the Anna&co and 0000000.000.1% of population even aware of this possibility and 00000000001% even hear of Anna and 000000001% of them donated and 000001% will get off there ass and 000001% of that is going to force the military complex and all else to rewind 150 years and restart the America Dream but this one Has ALREADY INVADED ARMY OF MCDONALDS PRESCRIPTION PERSONALITY KARDASHIAN JERRY SPRINGER FOOTBALL WRESTLING MENTALITY of CONSUMERS THAT ARE FULLY PROJECTED AND HAVING SOCIOPATHIC DUAL MINDS THAT DO NOT KNOW THE ROOT WORDS THAT THE LANGUAGE THEY ARE USING IS DEBASED and to stop and LEARN ENOUGH TO BE one of the 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% to pull it off? Sorry my world is perfectly workable from here ,I aint buying any bit of this ,the comments even look manufactured like a tv studio audiance prerecorded.its also a fact that there is agendas and movements so much bigger than this and they have yet to have any real critical mass after 10-30 years ..why wouldnt they come to this side ,Is everyone so stupid or just us intelligent people on the right side of the fence ? hahha a Narcissism le Grandeur

    1. Lot of useless trolls plague our cause don't have a pure heart .
      You have to convenience 12 people in a jury box not CNN,ABC.or our bought we now see the governor is incorporated and they wear at least 2 hats .the doctors are enlisted or recuited.
      Alex Jones likes to tell the story of his dad a doctor or dentist approached. By feds to recuite. Him
      We also know they gather I'm formation from our kids are we anti american? Have a gun?...

    2. LOL go sign up for Alex Jones website and I guarantee your on a federal database watch-list, he so handled and trained he should be wearing a CIA ball-cap on air to promote his team, the great gate-keeper controlled-opp Zionist puppet, man he's a total clown that built his whole platform off of Bill Cooper and acted like he didn't know anything about him a totally diluted cliff-notes rip-off artist, LOl and then ripped off Dr Wallack trying to be a health care guru now LOL cant go 5 minutes without hearing about his new miracle herbal cures ??? LOL
      I hope nobody takes that fool serious , he brings some good guests to the table but attempts to manipulate their whole message most of the time to fit his agenda.

  10. We thank you Judge Anna again our Father have you here for us for such a TIME as this All my love and prayers to you and all those assisting this great task.

  11. There seems to be some text missing between documents 2 and 3. They do not line up. Can someone help me?

    1. The fourth link is the entire document, of which the first three links are the part with the signatures to prove it's origin.

  12. Anna, will you tell us the 2 safe banks please.
    Also, I think we are all wondering what are the chances that these Funds/Trusts will be released by the stubborn tricky PTB? What is your ''remedy' for them if they refuse to do so? (consequences)
    How do you intend to enforce all these things? Do you have a Plan for that?
    I fail to understand why you need any Release from the Treas., the Secy of State, or the AG......when they are all holding positions in a fake unamerican government.
    Are you cutting off their paychecks so they will stop coming to work?

    Have any of those holding the money bags, showing any movement to 'obey'?
    Have you stopped payment to the UN yet? Is there any indication they are packing their bags and getting the hell out of Dodge yet? Have you gotten any responses from them or others yet?
    Looks like showdown time is arriving.........hopefully.

  13. To get a message to Trump we need to set up a time and message that we want Trump to read and we all need to tweet to trump at the same time. So who wants to organize this? What message do we send and at what time?

  14. All Fired Up, by Pat Benetar is my new power song to mark this amazing long awaited day!! Thank you So much Anna and Team! "Everything IS falling in line", "We live and learn from our mistakes", and the best part..."The deepest cuts Are Healed by Faith" I feel like my entire life's purpose was just exposed to me today and I can see clearly the path i'll be on! Like I mentioned before for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear; Refused For Cause- NAME Unknown- Return to sender
    This IS the most peaceful, responsible response to be true to yourself, govern thyself.

  15. So excited to submit this as Mandatory Judicial Notice in the alleged "vexatious litigant" case where i am now threatened with arrest via "bench warrant" with $1000 cash only bail if i fail to appear to show just and reasonable cause why i should not be sanctioned with monetary fines and the "potential of being held in contempt" under terms of Court's Order which was timely honorably returned "Refused for Cause" via "Special Appearances" showing lawful causes, seemingly ignored.
    Any other ideas?

    This brilliant work from Anna/ James Team Restores and Redeems our sovereign nation states status and standing, law of the land, and so much more, so we, as Americans, can each BE and DO our part in this Great Joyful work for highest good of ALL, in honor to Creator Source via Spirit within uniquely empowering same. THanks and Gratitude for these tools we can wield to peacefully lawfully manifest governance our forefathers would be proud of ie "a republic if you can keep it", per Ben Franklin.

    Let's all get busy sharing the Good News and gathering our local jural assemblies of concerned Americans ready to implement heavenly change that truly serves we the people for highest good of all. Love & Blessings, dear ones :D

  16. "specie is the only constitutional money in this country" bouviers law dictionary, "specie"

    ask them if they expect pay $1000 cash bail, where is the actual treasury they are supposed to be running?

    "the law cannot force anyone to do the impossible" , see "maxim"

    ask them to define "cash".

  17. I'm not sure but could this really be the act of repatriation of all Americans in one fell swoop...?

    (excerpt from , on pg 5 per the pdf page counter) therefore we proclaim that all incorporated entities of any form whatsoever being styled as municipal or territorial government franchises, trusts, trademarks, and ACCOUNTS such as: MARILYN KAYE MACGRUDER or JOHN M. DOE or any variation, permutation or reordering thereof and meant to represent incorporated entities, franchises of incorporated entities, or chattels or trademarks belonging to incorporated entities created by infringement of Common Law copyrights and natural given tradenames, are seized upon and returned and re-venued and lawfully converted to their natural domicile on the land and soil of each actual state and re-defined as property interests belonging to the unincorporated American states and living people.

    ...and turn the tables on all of them by instead requiring proof of US citizenship for those who really want to be citizens per this excerpt from pg 23...?

    We consider validation of federal citizenship to include proof of contract under conditions of full disclosure of all citizenship obligations in the presence of competent Witnesses, proof of life, proof of federal employment including job descriptions, applications, name of supervisor, cancelled payroll checks and similar actual, factual knowing and consensual federal employment or similar proof of fully disclosed, unambiguous, knowing and voluntary federal dependency, plus a signed wet-ink maritime contract expressing an explicit meeting of the minds, equitable consideration, and including a fully defined and enforceable exit clause;

    ...and the cancellation of federal income tax payer status for all Americans from pg 14...?

    We cancel all such blanket presumption of enfranchisement, citizenship and taxpayer status now being routinely and universally enforced and attached to bank accounts and banking services, contrary to the truth and to the detriment of people who are actually engaged in private international trade and who never knew that they were being secretively conscripted and mis-identified and mis-characterized as foreign incorporated franchise entities engaged in international commerce.

    Have I got that right?

    1. From Anna:

      Yes, Tim, you have that right.

      They have ruled "by presumption" just like obnoxious house guests, and now those presumptions have been turned on their heads a full 180 degrees, whether they like it or not. They could only continue this madness and plundering because nobody objected. Well, someone with the standing to object has done so---- in a big way.


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