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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Devil's Handbook

This will blow your mind.

I will ask Anna to explain this book. But use your discernment and you should be able to figure out what it is.

Paul Stramer


  1. devil - (Ballentines Law Dict.)
    "It sometimes happens that a junior barrister will be given work which a brother barrister, through press of business, is
    unable to do. Where a barrister obliges a friend in this way he is said to "devil" for him. Formerly the "devil" got no fee, but at the present day it is usual for him to receive [in the Chancery Division, but not seemingly in the King's Bench Division] half the fee marked on his friend's brief." Marston Garcia, A New Guide to the Bar (6th Ed. 1928) p. 124.

  2. The devil is a very real dastardly entity, and he ''roams to and fro over the earth seeking whom he may devour''. He is invisible but wields a lot of power, usually over the minds of the unsuspecting.
    When my son was a teenager, in that day the kids were into putting all sorts of large posters on their bedroom walls.
    There came a time when my son would jump out of bed so hard I could hear his feet hit the floor with a loud thud. I would rush over to his room and find him standing as stiff as a board and scared to death shuttering. It was a most horrific site to see. I would shake him and talk to him till I got him awake and ''back'' again.
    A few days later I was cleaning house, and when I was in his room the poster his friend had given him was a large yellow devil coming out of bright red flames of fire.
    I looked at it and though I knew nothing of the devil at that time, I tore it off his wall, thinking it does not belong here. I took it to the basement, put it in the incinerator, lit a match to it and watched it burn. And I ordered the devil out of my house in no uncertain terms.
    My son never had another nightmare after that.
    Take heed. It does not take much to make him think he is welcome, even when it is ''just an innocent decorative poster''.

  3. It's a lawyers training handbook. A guide for his/her apprenticeship with a 'licsenced practicing attorney' at the BAR...

    'The Devils Advocate' i believe is an Office within the Chancery Court(???) And exist to test the mettle of a (wo)man, even when no other will....?

    Pennsylvania common wealth

    1. 'The Devils Advocate' i believe is an Office within the Chancery Court(???) And exist to test the mettle of a (wo)man, even when no other will....?

      what i have read (dont have reference handy, google might reveal) ... it was used for "priesthood" and perhaps other things...basically some people argue why person should be admitted...but at least one person takes the "devils side" and tries to say all the bad reasons this person should not be a "priest" or whatever the case may be.

      so, literally, "devils advocate" ...(i.e. implication is this person is so bad, they are with the devil) ...the devils "representative" is saying "no, he cant join the priesthood, he is on our side, here is a list of horrible things they have done proving my case" :)

      i suppose the image is supposed to be "God" "jesus" "angels" etc. and "satan" "demons" etc. sitting in court, with lawyers from each side arguing whether this person belongs to side A or side B :)

      so, "devils advocate" is the lawyer for the "devil" side, saying "this guy belongs to my side, he cant be a priest" :)

  4. Its so funny how hollywood mocks us through their own movies...Does anyone remember the movie..."The Devil's Advocate" with Keenue Reeves and Al Pacino.. That was the exact plot. The Devil(Al Pacino) convinces Keenue Reeves to become an attorney , with him as his Advocate..Good movie..!! Except that in the movie, Keenue betrays him and does the right thing by taking his own life as a sacrafice to save his wife and himself....Redemption!!

  5. if i am not mistaken the term was coined in the story of the devil and daniel webster where he took on satan in where satan took the soul of i beleive daniel stone ??? so it was born the devil's advocate cliche

  6. Well, today we have both sides playing the part of devils advocate in the court rooms. Beware.


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