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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Truth at Last -- A Message to General Dunford

By Anna Von Reitz

Instead of restoring and recognizing the actual civil government owed to this country after the so-called Civil War (which was never declared and never ended by a peace treaty and therefore just an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores)  the generals (Grant, Sherman, et alia.) took over, conveniently pretending that the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, was the civil government they were answerable to under the actual Constitution.  (It wasn't.)

This set up the "US Congress" --- operating as the Board of Directors of a commercial corporation and as the plenary oligarchs in charge of the Municipality of Washington, DC--- as the rulers of their own little kingdom, the Municipal United States.   You know this organization as the STATES OF STATES, like the STATE OF OREGON  and STATE OF NEVADA that have viciously prosecuted the Bundys, the Hammonds, and others.  

And it also left the Generals --- operating as the Board of Directors of another corporation -- as the military dictators in charge of the Territorial United States. This originally meant the District of Columbia and the Insular States like Guam and Puerto Rico and American Samoa.....but they quickly established "State of State" franchises --- which they called "States in the Territorial System".  Fake States.   

According to all these criminals, it left us, the actual states and people as "occupied territory"--- albeit, "occupied" by our own goddamned traitorous "representatives" and military officers, using our resources including our sons and daughters as fodder in foreign for-profit commercial "wars". 

I can only guess how disgusted the veterans reading this will be when they understand how grossly they and their families have been betrayed and disserved by this coalition of criminal self-interest between the military leaders and the politicians.  

And how all the Beltway Scum are still screwing around at this late date, dementedly trying to make this gigantic 150 year-old-Cluster F continue to function----as if that were desirable for anyone in their right mind on this planet.  

Now, the Municipal United States is in Chapter 7 liquidation and is going away.  By next June, the planners say that the STATES OF STATES will disappear and be replaced by the United Nations version of this same crappola: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with its "STATES" of  OREGON, IDAHO, and so on, just more "franchises" of the "UN Corporation"---- a nice, Nazi-sympathizer organization started during World War II in Vichy France.  

And where does this leave Donald J. Trump, the CEO of this outgoing Municipal Government organization?  Out of a job.  Unless he wakes up, reinstates his own birthright political status, and accepts our Bond and enters into The Office of the President of the United States of America--- and helps restore the actual land jurisdiction government owed to the people of this country. 

And, the Territorial United States corporations are in Chapter 11, Reorganization, hence all the rumors that General Dunford will be taking over as "President" of "the Republic" (Inc.)

We are sorry, but pardon us ---- the military leaders are now up against it to answer for their despicable behavior over the course of the last 150 years. 

We are the actual, factual Civil Government owed to this country--- the lawful owners of the international land jurisdiction of the organic states.  And we are telling the military to stand down.  We are declaring the peace after 150 years of this criminality. 

The United States Civil Flag, not the war flag, needs to be flying over the Capitol Dome.  And that's the fact of the matter.  We are not at war.  We haven't been at war since 1865.  

And everything else that has gone on under color of law and darkness and deceit is just nothing but crime and fraud, embezzlement, betrayal, and gross negligence and dereliction of duty.   You all need to back off and back up and turn 180 degrees around.  

We are also informing the military Top Brass that far from being broke, the American states and people are the richest -- by far -- of all the people on Earth, and the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of every Territorial and Municipal Government and every corporation formed under the auspices of these governments worldwide.
We own all the debt, all the assets, all the profits.  Worldwide. 

Dunford---- you think you need to borrow money from banks and foreign corporations and foreign governments?   That you have to borrow money from FRANCE???  

But wait a minute --- we own their debt.  We own FRANCE, INC.  and France, Inc., and guess what?  The Bank of France, too.  They are the ones in hock to us.  

Wake up, you great lantern-jawed lug! 

The banks are just Secondary Creditors pretending to "represent" us!  

We, the American states and people, are the creditors.  We are not "a" bank, we are "the" bank.  

And, once and for all,  we are not "occupied" by you, you are under contract to serve us.  Got that? 

Get your rump back in gear and moving in the right direction or we will happily invite the entire world to show up for a housecleaning party and provide the beer and pretzels for our guests.  

We don't want to hear you misrepresenting any filthy foreign incorporated entity as a "Republic" of anything but maybe the "Republic of Bull".  

We don't want any rumors of "Martial Law" because we have already been illegally and immorally subjected to "martial law" for 150 years and we are goddamned sick of it.  

Let us remind you of the Marine Code of Conduct which begins with this salutary bit of information: "I am an American."  

Not a "U.S. citizen" not a "Citizen of the United States" and certainly not a "citizen of the United Nations" either----- an American. 

We are all Americans.  First, last, and in between.  It is high holy time that you and the rest of the men sitting as Joint Chiefs started acting like it and cleaned up this whole mess---- the "UN" and the "US", too. 

One final note --- the Republics, all fifty of them -- are still here.  We didn't go anyplace.  We've just been commandeered and enslaved and betrayed by you Pinheads.  So do your duty.

Now that you know what it is.  

Help restore the actual American Government of the people, by the people and for the people, to full and proper operation as it is supposed to operate, and put this ugly history of criminality and fraud behind us.  

And if you need money to do it, you now know who is able and willing to pay your salaries, and your retirements, if and only if, you get your heads screwed on and come home and do the right thing by the American states and people and declare our peace to the rest of the world.  

The proof of what has gone on here, and what has to stop, is self-evident from the history and the presumptions and the behaviors of the courts and the verbiage being used and also from your own Field Manuals.  Take a gander at the first few sections of the 27-5 FM----and don't even try to deny it.  You and your buddies are caught in utter disgrace and must make prompt correction.


a. Military Government. The term “military government” is used in this manual to describe the supreme authority exercised by an armed force over the lands, property, and the inhabitants of enemy territory, or allied or domestic territory recovered from enemy occupation, or from rebels treated as belligerents. It is exercised when an armed force has occupied such territory, whether by force or by agreement, and has substituted its authority for that of the sovereign or a previous government. Sovereignty is not transferred by reason of occupation, but the right of control passes to the occupying force, limited only by international law and custom. The theater commander bears full responsibility for military government. He is usually designated as military governor, but may delegate both his authority and title to a subordinate commander. 

b. Occupied Territory. The term “occupied territory” is used to mean any area in which military government is exercised by an armed force. It does not include territory in which an armed force is located but has not assumed supreme authority. 

c. Civil Affairs. The term “civil affairs” is used to describe the activities of the government of the occupied area and of the inhabitants of such an area except those of an organized military character. “Civil affairs control” describes the supervision of the activities of civilians by an armed force, by military government, or otherwise. The term “civil affairs officers” designates the military officers, who, under the military governor, are engaged in the control of civilians. 

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  1. (Quote from an article By Mike Gaddy)

    """So, where is the proof the people of this country, in particular the people of the South, were to be forever treated as a conquered people since there was no peace treaty you ask?

    “…the people of the insurgent States, under the Confederate
    government were, in legal contemplation, substantially in the same condition as inhabitants of districts of a country occupied and controlled by an invading belligerent. The rules which would apply in the former case would apply in the latter; and, as in the former case, the people must be regarded as subjects of a foreign power, and contracts among them be interpreted and enforced with reference to the conditions imposed by the conqueror, so in the latter case, the inhabitants must be regarded as under the authority
    of the insurgent belligerent power actually established as the government of the country, and contracts made with them must be interpreted and enforced with reference to the condition of things created by the acts of the governing power. - Thorington v. Smith, 75 U.S. 1, 12 (1868)

    Notice please in this decision the North was defined as “an invading belligerent".
    If there was no Treaty of Peace signed after the Civil War, then there is not, nor never has been, anything which would put an end to the emergency policies and statutes issued after the war. All actions of the US government since the war have been actions “imposed by the conqueror.” For 152 years we have lived as conquered subjects to a government unrestrained by our Constitution and Bill of Rights."""

    1. Since all that was done after the 'war' between the states
      was done by an illegitimate congress and by corporations fraudulently acting as a 'government,' NOTHING that was done was lawful. Therefore, Thorington v. Smith, 75 U.S. 1, 12 (1868), and all other "laws" passed by that congress or acted on by courts, do not apply to anything... ie., fraud negates ALL that it claims. For 152 years Americans have been lied to and told that a corporation is a government... if that can in any way be true, then certainly none of us needs to breath in order to live!
      Actually, we have never stopped living under the Constitution
      and Bill of Rights, we simply erroneously believed the lie and failed to activate our true government. Now, it's time to change that!

    2. Well every corporation is a government and basically every government runs like a corporation so not exactly sure where the lie is?
      You can deny everything imposed by the conqueror that simply makes you an insurgent or domestic terrorist against their rule of law, its all de-jure to the conqueror and the fraud is but a figment of your imagination warranting a psyche evaluation in the least. Research some more into territorial jurisdictions because the Constitution and Bill of Rights you believe apply to you may simply be more imagination, being ruled by Congress is not the same as being under the Constitution or having a Bill of Rights.

    3. So Mike V.... Divine Law is not considered in this equation? I'm the being in the body, through the body! Out of Divine law is Natural Law.... any deviation of these laws are null and void! I'm in this world not of this world! I couldn't give a rats ass about man's laws...just about his/her/their actions. No injury, no Damaged property.... break those rules and the People shall awaken!!! You are all witnessing the return! oh what glory to see!

    4. From Anna:

      No, not, because the entire action was illegal and predicated on FRAUD.

      Fraud has no statute of limitations and vitiates everything it touches. They did not "conquer" the Northern States and yet, have contrived and connived to pretend that result. They are nothing but criminals and con artists who have usurped against their employers and benefactors: criminals.

      And that is why no political action is necessary and no palaver about winning or losing is appropriate. These vermin are nothing but criminals under international law: pirates.


    5. Mike V:

      below is referenced from

      / House Journal, 37th

      Congress, 1st Sess. Pg. 123

      ; and Senate Journal, 37th

      Congress, 1st

      Sess. pg. 91

      “Resolved, That the present deplorable civil war has been forced upon the country by the
      disunionists of the southern States now in revolt against the constitutional government and in arms
      around the capital; that in this national emergency Congress, banishing all feeling of mere passion or
      resentment, will recollect only its duty to the whole country; that this war is not prosecuted upon our
      part in any spirit of oppression, nor for any purpose of conquest or subjugation, nor purpose of
      overthrowing or interfering with the rights or established institutions of those States, but to defend
      and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution and all laws made in pursuance thereof, and to
      preserve the Union, with all the dignity, equality, and rights of the several States unimpaired; that as soon as these objects are accomplished the war ought to cease.”

      so, they already declared it was not "conquer" ... see Lincoln speeches (inaugural IIRC) saying the same... he even said they have the "revolutionary right" to secede (it was not "legal" but they still had the "right" to...he did not recommend it, his analogy was a "divorce" would normally be ok, but with the physical land masses next to eachother, it would be like divorcing someone you still have to live next door to and see every day

      so, we have "congress" and Lincoln's words too...if they later claim otherwise, that is definitely a war crime...against the law of nations...and they should get a new flag is a war crime, even in war, to "surrender" and then continue to attack, or to not identify your vessel properly... (if admiralty can come on land, i dont see how land is any different) ...i have a "law of nations" book mentioning such things, these are/were "unwritten" although "lieber code" i believe, if there was anything "good" it was an early attempt to codify "rules of war" to be slightly more "civil" than "rape, pillage, murder, loot"

      the case you quote is "insurgent states" ... my state was not "southern" i have never had slaves, never been in any while that case may be well and good, they would have a fun time proving i am an "insurgent"

      if that case troubles you...might i suggest, don't be an "insurgent", don't give them anything to make them think you are?

      i am not saying there is much "law" right now at all...but let them prove you are an "insurgent"...ask them for the evidence...odds are, your "state" doesnt even have a proper state constitution, only "us citizens" as "electors" seems to be the thing nowadays...they are the "insurgents" creating new "states" on top of existing ones (outlawed by constitution)...

    6. mike v:


      (paraphrase) "The civil law cannot destroy blood relationships" (should apply to birthright native of a sovereign state too...that is "blood relationship"...)

      from "maxim", bouviers law dictionary, 1856. these are "law" still unless overturned or they can tell you why they no longer apply...the burden is on them to say why they are ignoring a proven maxim of law that is the "common law of the land"...

      also (paraphrase) "in case of parties with equal rights, possession is the deciding factor"

      i dunno about you, i definitely possess my body before anyone else claims me as a "citizen" at any level (pun intended, my spirit possesses the flesh)...some may say that is stretching things, but if they claim i am a "citizen" they are essentially claiming i am their "property" at some level..

      also, of course, declaration of independence...consent of the governed...put it on them to say if they are at "war" with that or not...

      i am not saying they follow any "laws" nowadays...just once you know who you are, and why, put it on them to point to where they think they cannot honour that...

      (paraphrase) "the civil law cannot destroy blood relationships" seems to me a "civil war" cannot destroy it either...

      birthright member of sovereign state cannot be destroyed by any "civil law" ... "civil war" or otherwise.....

    7. "so, we have "congress" and Lincoln's words too"

      LOL well case closed ! LOL it's been a 150 years and there is still 100 different debates on the true meaning of 1 14th amendment ! but hey we got it righ there in black and white with no unseen forces controlling any strings or gear levers of the political machine at work?

      Just passing on some good research and quotes by a great researcher, not going to defend nor have the endless hours to debate all the levels of patriot mythology and fantasy dreams of what country or national situation people believe they live in.

      Here is Mike Gaddy's blog feel free to debate his research with him, though he is quite busy touring around the country doing speaking engagement on the matters at hand.

    8. @knoclan:
      Just some insight from the Pope on what can be considered Devine Law, or the will of God as explained is carried out by Rulers, and all Conquerors are rulers bringing their devine lawful authority with them, this country was established through Conquest and the devine right and laws brought here by the Kings and Queens.

      It's all Devine Law through Conquest!

      (Pope Leo XIII - 1884)
      25. As men are by the will of God born for civil union and society, and as the power to rule is so necessary a bond of society that, if it be taken away, society must at once be broken up, it follows that from Him who is the Author of society has come also the authority to rule; so that whosoever rules, he is the minister of God. Wherefore, as the end and nature of human society so requires, it is right to obey the just commands of lawful authority, as it is right to obey God who ruleth all things; and it is most untrue that the people have it in their power to cast aside their obedience whensoever they please.

    9. Oh how funny is all that poppery garbage. God never but never gave any pope any authority to rule over the People.
      Truth is, all those ''whosoever rules'' are minions of none other than the devil himself. How else does any thinking individual think we got in this Mess of the Ages! ''They are minister of God''?? Oh gimme a break!

    10. Every corporation is NOT a government, as you (Mike V) have claimed... That is similar to claiming a pile of dung is apple pie! (You may eat it if you wish, but I prefer to call a spade a spade, and only eat real apple pie!)
      Further, God rules through free will for all, not through some mortal 'ruler' who tells those he wishes to control that his authority to rule is based on an edict of God Himself!!
      Perhaps you would benefit from re-reading Anna's writings again.

  2. Just a couple of days ago our own Ohio state secretary was doing a commercial urging people to register to vote if not registered,
    and to be sure to do an address change if they have moved recently.
    So this tells me ''they' all are acting like its business as usual.
    Why are they suddenly doing this even after they have been notified of big changes. ?

  3. Just a couple of days ago our own Ohio state secretary was doing a commercial urging people to register to vote if not registered,
    and to be sure to do an address change if they have moved recently.
    So this tells me ''they' all are acting like its business as usual.
    Why are they suddenly doing this even after they have been notified of big changes. ?

  4. "Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations."
    ( Washington's Farewell Address 1796 )

  5. You Are Great Anna, what will we without you!

  6. And a resounding HOO-RAH Marine style for you Justice Anna and your solidly supportive Belcher!

  7. Top show hi level CIA.and professor James Fetzer and others fielded callers a rare common law enthusiasts spoke of corporate structure of our government and how one of our senators resented the corporation the other we the people.
    What followed is telling everyone refused to answer.because the didn't have a clue of our status as corporate

  8. I will continue to spread my knowledge
    To receptive ppl.
    The more I learn the better my message . The host of these shows don't want to be embarrassed so the make fun of you as a defense .
    Have to go slow first grade.

  9. he says anna is wrong due to proper use of words all should listen we need to get this right its a complicated game both sides make sense go truth! whatever it is

    1. Because of one word? There is copious sources reinforcing just what is written here.make a case not dual meanings of one everything is wrong because so and so said so.ha ha

  10. like we are the habitants of the land not the in-habitants those are the ones here to occupy us foreigners so not - habitant meaning not native

    1. just my opinions on what i use...

      inhabitant: "one who dwells or resides permanently" (websters 1913)
      "permanent resident"

      now "resident" just means "living in a particular place"...could be a "citizen" or "native" or not...could be permanent or non-permanent, could be alien or otherwise...just someone happens to be somewhere i believe is all "resident" alone implies...they are "residing" for whatever reason...

      so i believe the foreigners supposed to be serving americans are "inhabitants" because they are allowed to "permanently reside" ...still not natives, just allowed to "reside"...while birthright americans i believe are "natives"

      "native american" might be the best term..but that could lead to confusion for a number of reasons.

      thus, i prefer "birthright american" "birthright texan" etc. (that is the common law status in plain english...) . not because i want to lord my "birthright" over others, just because of who i happen to be related to...but because "birthright" means "cannot be taken away without my consent" is something that is mine without the "state" needing to "give" me anything (although proper ID would be a sign they recognize this claim of mine, which i can prove with family tree...but it is something i can prove on my own, merely with my own "private" family records, so is essentially permanent so long as i choose to invoke it)

      any "citizenship" can be that is why i prefer "birthright" ...i suppose in case of armed insurrection or treason someone might still be able to revoke that, but bar is likely much higher than some corporate "status' ...

      see "maxim", bouviers law dictionary 1856, re: "allegiance" "naturalization" and also (paraphrase) "the civil law cannot destroy blood relationships" would have to look up the cases to see if that was "citizenship" or some other status...but as these are maxims, i believe that perfectly applies to birthright natives of one of the sovereign/several states as well.

      also, since birthright americans cannot "expatriate" without consent of the "sovereign" (is this "the people" ? some claim this means "congress" merely has to allow it, which they have...) either way, point being, under "common law" birthright status is essentially permanent, unless "the sovereign" lets you go...

      so technically they are commiting fraud (from the common law side of things, they allow "dual citizenship" though) trying to get birthright americans to "pledge" to the "one nation" ...

      i believe the "common law" rule is you can "leave" somewhere, but only if they let you go...while the "us citizens" nowadays i believe dont really care, they will let anyone in, regardless of if their prior "sovereign" let them go or not first... (see )

      just my findings...i would also recommend "black's law dictionary"...should be "authoritative" as well.

  11. Excellent work Anna Von Reiz and you are right to put General Dunford on the spot.


  12. From Anna:

    It is now absolutely clear and in evidence that the "US"military has been running the court system in America under the Carpetbagger provisions setting up quasi-military tribunals in the ten "military districts" set up by the fraud artists in May of 1865-- simply extended to cover the entire country and used to bilk and defraud and penalize the public to benefit "the government".

    What is also clear is that they have set up the same military district system throughout the world calling these things "federal districts" so as to make people think they are postal districts when in fact they are "US" military districts---- and then using the black robes to do their dirty work.

    This is all part of the old Holy Roman Empire taxation system. The black robes have been tax collectors for the Roman Pontiffs since the second century BC and they still are.

    And this entire situation is bogus.

    There was no Civil War. There was an undeclared illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores and everything resulting from it is also done in fraud.

    So all the "Reconstruction Acts" and the "military districts" and the forced constitutions at the state level and the incorporation of the governmental services and The Hague Conventions and the bankruptcies ---- all bogus. All conceived in fraud. All nothing but a vast and criminal scheme aiming to set up a modern system of feudalism on this planet, centuries after we outgrew feudalism.

    It is more than past time for everyone from the Pope down to be pulled on the carpet and held to account for these travesties, lies, and criminal schemes.

    And for the rest of us to get our poop in a group to self-govern and re-convert all the institutions and assets that have been unlawfully converted and misused.

    The Oaths of all military officers are hereby accepted. They are now liable.

  13. need smart good ppl.bring them into the fold no sense in going for the weak minded they will fight you. Target the smart ones.I notice when I sometimes talk on talk shows others rip off my completely unique material ppl listen

  14. (1863 quotes from letter - W.T. Sherman, Major General Commanding )
    The United States, as a belligerent party claiming right in the soil as the ultimate sovereign, have a right to change the population, and it may be and it, both politic and best, that we should do so in certain districts. When the inhabitants persist too long in hostility, it may be both politic and right that we should banish them and appropriate their lands to a more loyal and useful population. .....
    It is all idle nonsense for these Southern planters to say that they made the South, that they own it, and that they can do as they please — even to break up our government, and to shut up the natural avenues of trade, intercourse, and commerce. .....The Government of the United States has in North-Alabama any and all rights which they choose to enforce in war — to take their lives, their homes, their lands, their everything ,and war is simply power unrestrained by constitution or compact. If they want eternal warfare, well and good; we will accept the issue and dispossess them, and put our friends in possession. Many, many people, with less pertinacity than the South, have been wiped out of national existence.

    (Great work by James Montgomery )
    "I wonder if this is why we were all declared to be enemy aliens in 1933? The land mark case: FAIRFAX'S DEVISEE v. HUNTER'S LESSEE, 11 U.S. 603 (1812) absolutely defines a Treaty is the Supreme law of the land, and how the Treaties of 1783 and 1814 protected the kings holdings, period! In the case below you will see what the king has been doing is recapturing corporate holdings that came about after the two Treaties were passed, because the holdings were in the hands of aliens."

  15. And all this because of the one thing you said yourself judge Anna, that "all contracts" are pattently false or deceptive fictions of the mind, since no contract can really be enforced because no one can predict the future, if we will be here tommorrow or not.. Now i totally understand all the fighting that was going on when the "Constitution" was first preposed.. it immideately divided our concgess into "Federalist" and "anti - Federalist". Those half of the congress who wanted and fought for a Federal constitution were already traitors and "insurgents" working for the "Crown". That contract has caused nothing but trouble ever since its inception. Instesd of protecting our rights, it has done nothing but destroy them. Its been used against us and has divided us more than money ever did...!! That "contract" needs to go into the trashpile of historical mistakes ever made or conceived of.. No wonder God ordered man only to keep his laws only, and notto add or subtract one other words...dont legislate!!! Man, in his arrogance always thinks he can outsmart his creator..!! No more damn contracts. That is the whole reason we have attorneys and the corrupt system with corrupt judges that we have.. and for everyones clarification, Fraud does not viatiate everything from the beginning.. Bullshit...after 150 years of never "OBJECTING" to this , it is self evident that we accepted it.. common sense overides any law in place. Hell, if you dont object in court to a direct insult against you in a timely manner the court automatically assumes you accepted it and can never bringbit up again... and we havent said boo in 150 years!!! In fact, you only have a short period of time , 2 years i think, to bring a civil suit if you have been damaged or you lose that to.. And to think this is all due to "black slavery" is infuriating considering that they have risen to prominent positions in politics, entertainment, and music, while we have all became slaves.....was it worth it..!! We always fight for the wrong things or the wrong reasons.. and now that the "theater of fighting has expanded beyond our borders" we have no way of knowing what is really goingon because they control the entire "narritive"!!! Who in the hell are we supposed to know what is really going on half way around the world, when we barely know what is going on here... That latest incident at Las Vegas is not an accident. Everyone just let the authorities take the body away, while we all stood and watched. Who do you think is in charge of that body..!! That was an attempt by a guy "cornered" by our govt. who in a last desperite attempt, somewhow was trying to get a message out to us..!! He had access to area 51. The first thing he targeted was those two "containers" that looked like Gas tanks, but they were double walled metal containers. Gas tanks are not made out of metal. They are all doubled walled fiberglass. I know because i worked in that field and inspected them routinely. And no tanks, whatever their made out of can be above ground level. They are required by law to be in cement holes at least 10 feet deep..!! His gun could only penetrate the first layer.. Those tanks where headed to area 51.. They are planning something real soon. Maybe that was the readon for Trumpts septic message...."its the calm before the storm". Something wicked this way comes...!! Our own military is drunk with power and all those new toys they cant wait to use.. !! I worked with a 20 year military man when i worked in wastewater treatment...they cant stand "civilians" like us. They see us as undisaplined and spoiled, disrespecting the "chain of command"!! And we are from a military perspective... its time to wave a white flag.. only one thing can change this now... God forgive us..!!

  16. I submit to all that we do have an unseen, well, mostly unseen force, that is involved daily and likely throughout all hsitory, pulling the strings, moving the puppets around,wreaking havoc with manufactured weather, fires, hurricanes, terrorism, economic ups and downs, crisis actor/security companies openly providing such acting services used in False Flag ops, I could go on. There are bloggers, community groups like FB and Youtube that post videos, images, eyewitness testimony every single day worldwide in every language, enough footage and intel is probably available at this point in time that methods and research could be taking place secretly so that when, not if, but when the Deep State or whomever decides to unleash these relatively unidentified forces-we could simply flip on the right lighting, frequencies, magic, yes magic, effective weaponry needed at that pivotal point.
    I am going to ad some search terms in case anyone is interested. Mind you gotta have an open mind-if it's slammed shut we're doomed!
    A list in part would be; The Vril Society, Demiurge, cloud-ships, A-12, Avenger craft, Aurora, dimensional beings, archons, ankle bitters, UBE's, prepositioned in trees, trees communicating via silver metal orbs moving at extremely high speeds, between trees and cloud ships above, I've seen them in water, air, heck everywhere, dimensional entities, aircraft that defy all physics, perform acrobatically, capable of invisibility by way of unk cloakiing methods, U.S.S. Eldridge, Montauk Project, diffused lighting camouflage, reptoids, reptilians, morphological entities, human or non humans shape shifting, chem or chemical trails, mind control, food source may be the following, barium, strontium, whatever additives in chem trails, stealth capabilities such as invasive surveillance undetected such as a translucent craft protruding into a room or office to surveil the occupants or to apply subtle torture techniques, the ability to project images in any environment to create fear response, indications of artificial intelligence conjoined with alien or demonic beings. As crazy as this sounds, they are everywhere people. Go watch the live cams, traffic and weather cams worldwide, the PTB know-because they actively remove normally operating cams, and remove video and images in real time. Trust me on the last one...
    And yes, I suspect Trump is under complete control, as evidenced by his very own SS guys exhibiting non-human capabilities. Protesters exhibiting similar non-human capabilities as well-by morphing when struck by a vehicle. No doubt in my mind they film most of what we see on youtube and the like, but they just aren't very smart. They make alot of mistakes and lack any imagination I suspect. Look at reflections from windows, glass, shiny metals and such as cars of just about any real life event on screen (cannot always be see often with the unaided eye) and you will see weirdness, like Star Wars weird. I will leave the observations open to the imagination to allow for objectivity. The movie Transformers? I gotta wonder where that really came from..
    Until "patriots," "Americans," "occupiers of any sort recognize these entities, their forces, their m.o., and identification of their handlers perhaps, we're all screwed. God, HeLP US! PS: I am a former L.E.O. with a beautiful future and I wold never harm my self or others.

  17. The overarching Maxim of Law is Fraud vitiates all contracts. Period, so all you scumbag traitor brigands and undeclared foreign agents and privateers watch out -- it's YOU who will be shaking in your boots now.


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