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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Suffering Fools But Not Gladly

By Anna Von Reitz

I am a Christian and a great believer in letting people confess their sins and make amends and go forward on a new path.  That is what Pope Benedict did and my faith REQUIRES me to honor his action in this regard. 

I have no evidence that he was not kept completely in the dark about the nature of the fraud and I have ample evidence that once he knew, he tried to correct it.

Many of the idiots who mistake me and misrepresent me as a "Vatican Sympathizer" are apparently too stupid to grasp the simple fact that I accused the Pope of great evil and did it to his face. 

Not only that, I took his Cardinals to task, also. Maybe some of these same Know-It-Alls should read my Letter to Cardinal George to get a flavor of it. 

I can assure you that Martin Luther was more polite and diplomatic. I simply placed the blame for this horrific mismanagement and criminality on their shoulders and at their feet. 

And upon their confession and attempts to make amends the second part of my obligation as a Christian kicks in. So long as they forswear their sin and try their best to correct this Mess I am obligated by my Lord to forgive and support them in it.

The only question everyone should be asking is where Pope Francis stands? 

He has made some good moves, but fallen far short of taking the broad spectrum reform and reorganization efforts that Benedict XVI embraced. 

Indeed, most of his work appears to be damage control for the Church to clean up its internal rot and public image-- and has not focused on the role of the Pontiff so much, which is central to the effort to deal with the World Debt and clean up the courts and make the kinds of changes that will fundamentally improve life on this planet for Christians and everyone else. 

I do not suffer fools gladly and I can assure you that those who misrepresent me as a "Vatican Agent" are either (1) working for the Cabal and trying to discredit me by association or (2) truly are fools who haven't bothered to read what I have written.  

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  1. Makes me pause how Benedict was mysteriously removed.ratzsinger.the brilliant pit bull of John paul

    1. Ratzsinger is STILL on the Committee of 300.

  2. Anna is absolutely scripturally correct. We are to go to the trespasser and Rebuke them, which she did.......and IF they repent, then forgive them. But their repentance requires them to correct their misgivings. And if they don't then they are a Liar. Anna, I think it time he gets another Rebuke and a double whack!
    One thing that just makes my blood boil is this stinking idea the world has about 'christians are supposed to be nice and polite''.
    Hogwash! No we are Not! Not even Christ is a nice meek little mamby pamby; anyone who thinks He is, has just plain got a false 'christ' which they acquired from listening to their false mamby pamby wolf in sheep's clothing who they go visit to get hugged and stroked and lied to, to fill that forever empty hole in their hearts. The real Jesus said, bring my enemies here and slay them before me!
    So anna, keep right on slaying them, full steam ahead, slap some sense into 'em. And for the worldly, wake up; its called Righteous Anger.

    1. Monday General Dunford will be making public mass arrest, are they talking arrest for the people?? That's what it sounds like!!!

    2. shortgirl, so where did you get that info from? Who said it and why would anyone pre-announce arrests?? Furthermore, when it comes to such things, it is the job of u.s. marshalls office, not some General IMO. Details please. Thx.

    3. The Aramaic version reads, "Father, forgive them not, indeed they know what they do"
      Crucifixion was capital punishment in ancient Rome. It was common practice to line the roads with humans crucified to give the message of fear to the peasants not to go up against their government. Sound familiar?

  3. I read it was because he was involved in pedophilia & satanic rituals. Many people in the Illuminati (Google Svali) have come forward & testified to satanic rituals being held in the catacombs under the Vatican. Leo Zagami has also testified to the evil at the Vatican. Don't think many Catholic's know this.

  4. dogma fast car chase blah blah blah........

  5. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Because in the end.... an end.... that ALL will experience the quality of your life and discernment you used are what mostly matters ! Did you or are you living the highest quality of life as the Creator intended ? Or are you or did you major in the minors ?

  6. I've seen utubes that there wre mass arrest of these pedophiles. Weinstein looks like the typye of guy that would through anyone under the bus to save his own neck. Trump seems to know everyone in that business...!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The greatest harm that has been perpetrated upon the world, I submit, is deception. People have been conditioned to perceive the Lord God as being a spiritual, ethereal type being who has little concern about the happenings on earth and that the Ten Commandments are but ten suggestions. Accordingly, since there are no eternal consequences they believe they must make the most out of this life. However, I am most certain that nothing could be further from the truth.

    From my many thousands of hours of research of the Bible and other ancient texts I firmly believe that Paradise, which is in the heavens, is as physical as is the earth. When our earthly body dies we enter a new one, which has light rather than blood and thereby makes it immortal with senses that are far superior.

    When we stand before the Lord to give an account of our lives we will judge ourselves according to His laws and the rewards or consequences will follow. When the Lord said, “Revenge is mine,” He did not mean that evils brought upon others would be swept under the rug. No. Each evil-doer will have to experience up to seven times the agony they inflicted upon others. At that time, if given the option, I contend that they would eagerly go back to earth, confess their evil deeds, and willingly accept whatever worldly judgments were put upon them.

    If world leaders today were aware of the reality that awaits them it is likely that they would do whatever was in their power to correct the evils that have been inflicted upon the earth and people everywhere. Sadly, even the Pope appears to be more concerned with protecting the system and powers-that-be than restoring the world to the conditions the Lord established for His children. Nonetheless, we have been assured that the world will indeed be rightfully restored and that day may be very near.

  9. James C, there will be no second chances for any of these tyrants. Their time is already up and they already made their choice. And the earth will be restored, but not for those who lived the ways of the World. First must come a good ole fashioned ''housecleaning'.
    Men's hearts will be failing them when they see what is coming upon the earth. True Justice is about to be served.

  10. Judge Anna, here's what you wrote in your article, "The Final End of the Fraud - Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes"

    The absolute bottom-of-the-barrel criminals operating as ELIZABETH II and FRANCISCUS are still profiting from this, and we can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. They used their undeclared Foreign Agents, members of the Bar Associations, to implement this vile fraud against Americans and then also to collect the resulting unjust enrichment---- and we can prove that in spades, too.
    They funneled their ill-gotten gains through the Bank of New York Mellon, laundered it through the Vatican Bank, and then after the Pope got his cut, sent it back via the Bank of Canada so the Queen got her bit of the heist, and left the remainder for the politicians in DC to cut up and parcel out bribes and kick-backs to the Territorial "states" and "counties" as "federal revenue sharing".
    Are you angry yet? Title to your home and land and businesses has all been stolen by these vipers, even your DNA and your name has been stolen and copyrighted by these vicious prigs for their own benefit.

    Please tell us, what's being done about this?


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