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Monday, October 16, 2017

Judge Roy Moore Full Speech and Value voters Summit

Found Here:


  1. So many great speakers at the Value Voters Summit

    Steve Bannon

    Sebastian Gorka - and join

    Phil Robertson

    Judge Roy Moore

    Michele Bachmann!

    Pres Trump

    Bill Bennett

    Rep Mark Meadows

  2. Judge Moore for president of the New America. Now that man truly knows what Time it is in the history of this world. Its ''either, or else'' Time, and the clock is ticking toward the 12th hour.

  3. There is another side to our history that no one wants to talk about..but its high time we all faced what Columbus and the troops that accompied him did to the original and rightful owners of the LAND mass we call America. Everything that is happening to us today is a result of what we did to the indigious american indians who only showed us peace and wecomed us, only to be betrayed and almost exterminated by us.....If we are christians, then we have a lot to be foregiven for. Watch this short video if you are really seeking the hurts..

    1. Man are you indoctrinated in this venue.
      Please do much more indepth research as to the bloody inter-tribal genocides, raids,rape, tortures, enslavement. eldercides and even cannibalism.
      They did not own land as that was a foreign concept.
      Changed title with whoever killed the other tribe off;
      true "right by might" with total Godless abandon.
      They hired out as nercs to the highest bidder killing off legitimate settlers- starting with 50yrs for the French and 50yrs for the British fr a total of 100yrs of colonists slaughtered.
      Men woman and children and all they could plunder along with scalps til every family had members murdered- and not in battle but farming or going about their lives as usual.
      It took the strong leadership and tactical acumen of Andrew Jackson to shut their butchery down to then crush the British at New Orleans; after Ghent no less as they planned to take the Mississippi from the South and North to invade us unaware from the west with 10's of thousands of mercenary savages. They were bent on taking the colonies back by hook or crook but Jackson and a bunch of Mt. Men kicked their backstabbing asses back to the sea and home to Merry England.
      Well anyway the ones that Jackson and his men didn't wipe out.
      There were very few "Noble Savages" and most were Christians like Chief Joseph and yes wrong was done different times mostly in retribution for prior experiences from the stoneage peoples that could not adapt to a culture 5,000 yrs ahead of them.
      I would add wrongs done were not from God fearing hardworking Americans trying to make a life, but by greedy set up politicians(just like now) who wanted that gold even if hundreds of farm families would be massacrex and a tribe then need to be wiped out and survivors "relocated".
      Many men like Jefferson did all he could to help Christiaize the various tribes having 20,000 Bibles printed to give to missionaries to reach these tribes.
      However by then animousity and mistrust was strong all the way around.
      How would you feel to find your wife having been raped scalped left 1/2 alive and all your children taken as captive slaves while you'd gone to market one day?
      I bet you'd have huge trust issues - abd - vice versa too.
      All is not God way nor what most wanted of the God fearing peoples but it must be relized some of these fierce tribes would eat ISIS for breakfast- creating great TERROR in the hearts of any within reach of them.
      It did need to he said and I've stated the same to militant 1st Peoples and they cannot answer because they know it true.
      The Irish used to raid, pillage and enslave those that later became the British peoples and one such slave became Saint Patrick who gave his whole life to the Irish when he became a Christian.
      Only Christ thru those that believe and honor Him can hope to make this a better world til He returns.
      This includes all peoples and America has sent out more misionaries then the rest of the world combined and I support ones in the Middle East, Africa, SE Asia, S. America, China and N. korea today winning people to Christ even members of ISIS are coming to Christ this year as WE speak.

      All good- many of them have been murdered this decade; esp in Iraq and Syria ad well as N.Korea.
      True revival can turn this world around just as the "1st Great Awakening" helped shape and create the men and women that gave us America with OUR "freedoms under Liberty".

    2. James, sorry but I have to totally disagree with you. I believe we are in this condition today because of all that Anna has been telling us. And all the tyranny she has been pointing out has been because this country has forgotten the One True God. Scripture even tells us this, tons of them.
      Our country has gone from the wholesomeness of ''Leave it to Beaver' to the swamp conditions which are now being exposed in hollywood; but hollywood is a mirror of the entire country. And so Wrath has been increasing commensurate with the wickedness. And none of it has anything to do with the Native american indians.
      James, I believe if you ponder this, you will find the underlying root of our decaying condition relates to our decaying spiritual condition.

    3. It goes way further than that Abby and mtMan. Everyone that came here from England was already corrupted by godless kings that the people just went along with..!! And remember, we invaded them, they didnt invade us..!! And we are still doing it today using that same old excuse... they need is because we can teach them christianity, while filling the Popes pockets and Londons too, while we steal all there oil..!! Who has caused all this trouble in the first place..we were the very first ones to accept a foreign principal...the FR and come in and act as our legitamate government. No sooner did they take control of our monitary system, wars with everyone broke out..!! And thanks to Tricky Dicky(Nixon) he involved over 186 different nations to join our legal theft monitary system which systimatically stole the wealth of all those nations natural resources once they ran out of the initial bribe of billions from the banks. And unlike us, none of those other countries could just print up our dollars like us to survive, which by contract, was the only way they could conduct commerce with other countries including us..!! They all bought the lie we did, with one exception...they couldnt print money they agreed to pay in dollars for...including and especially "OIL". As far as the indians here are concerned, we barely know our own history, let alone theres. All our info from those days came to us by way of our govt controlled public school systems and there specific narritive books about "the truth". You have got to be kidding me..!! I dare you to show me one text book that ever gave us the whole truth to both sides of any story...whether it be the indians, the vietnam war, the Korean war, WW1, WW2, or any other public text book accounts of what truely took place, when both sides were always financed by the bankers...when in any textbook did you ever read that..!! I still have to argue with my stupid friends about who invaded who and why, which they think had nothing to do with money...sure we always do it in the ndme of "freedom", which no one to this day has ever defined it as a universely accepted definition.. Its an esoteric concept..!! If you were to ask 100 people to define freedom, you would get 100 different answers..!! Ive said this before, so ill say it again, freedom is just another "illusion". How can anyone be truely free based on a system where exchanges always involves a hidden third party...have you guys been really studing or just reading Annas site one at a time and then forgetting what you read 10 sites must be an inate genetic flaw that everyone wants to feel better about themselves than everyone else. But i know better..!! Even i think im an angle compared to some people, but in gods eyes im sure he doesnt see it that way.. We are all going to be very surprised at all the people we hurt, either emotionally, physically, or financially..!! But everyone that has had a NDE comes back to tell everyone that the past ,present, and future are experianced all at once and immidiately so it can be understood in ways that we cant in this dimession because of our physical bodies.

    4. You cant just blow off these NDE as anticdotle nonsence. Not after littery thousands of these now around the world...all with the same narritive..!! Im listening to one right now on "Coast to Coast am radio"KFI. He was a neuralsurgen (brain surgen) who never believed in intagibles like a god who created everything, that contracted negative menigitus in the brain which is almost always fatal and in fact he indeed clinically died..flatlined, for 8 days. Thats the longest NDE ever to occur and not only come back to life, but came back normal without any brain damage..!! Unlike our dreams in life, which we hardly remember, these NDE are always remembered vividly even after years have gone by. If everyone could have one of these experiances, i know we would have a different world than the one we have now. B Because all of them finally know what true unconditional love is.. We only know it when we have kids. But even that doesnt come close to that feeling on the other side. No one on earth truely loves anyone else, because its all based on conditional love on some level.. And money only exerbates the problem expodentially..!! One thing i know for sure is that no one is innocent, except children under 5. So if we could really see the entire human experiance all at once , we could easliy see the big picture of who was really guilty and who was creating and worse believing the lies created by evil men in high places..!! And trust me from dealing with everyone around me since i was born, only living in America, we have the best liers in the entire world. Even close frienfs cant be trusted. So why would i believe anything in print or in the MSM..!! Ive determined to never believe anything anymore unless i witness it first hand.. and i have never witnessed what you have stated about the native indians, but ive experianced plenty from the white race to convince me they would lie to god himself if they thought they could get away with it.. !! Thats proof enough to me the are lieing about the native american indians. If they were savages like you say, it was in retaliation of the white mans constant lies and absolute aggression on owning the LANDS, which the natives never believed in..the LAND belonged to everyone in their teachings..!!

    5. James, do you consider the Atlantic to be MSM?

      How about Newsweek as an MSM? They did an article on this man, Dr. Eben Alexander, who describes, in his recent book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife.

      Even your words: "Ive determined to never believe anything anymore unless i witness it first hand.. "

      So the question begs to be asked: Can you give your testimony or witness of your own NDE (near-death experience)?

    6. Expedition to Sipapu: Zuni Elder Cifford Mahooty of the Sun Clan & Hopi 1st Mesa Elder Malava of the Snake Clan.

      Thank you for the Lakota link.

    7. ra string....Dr Eben Alexander is exactly the person i was listening too last night. And i have briefly read his book. But thanks for the link to newsweek article.. But to answer your question of my NDE...sadly the answer is no, ive never had one. And i dont really want to admit i would like to have one, but if it happens, i sure hope i can come back and give testimony to it on this site, because everyone that has ever had one comes back forever changed, and never terrified of dieing anymore. In other words, they all realize that no one ever really dies, because everything can be reduced to energy which is never created or destroyed. It just takes another form..But i would love to see all of my friends have one to finally wake them up so i can finally have intelligent conversations with them instead of argueing about their publicly school taught fallicies which no matter how hard i try, i cannot break the spell both their parents and the schools brainwashed them to believe..!!

  4. I don't find that video as compelling as you James. The fact is that none of the native tribes had the true Faith in the true God, His Divine Son, and the Holy Spirit. They just didn't have the truth of religion, until people like Father De Smet gave it to them. Read this.

    In any case, I believe God allowed the native Americans to be conquered for a reason. Whatever that reason is, we will have to wait till the next life to truly understand it.

  5. Yes, God has reasons for doing things, I try not to speak for God's planned or past actions, giving the reason as I do not really know it. I have had a lot of friends, of all kinds of heritage that were rumored or had stories about their "kind" of people in the past. I do not recall ever being stolen from by a native descent man or woman and found many of them very warm and friendly. Also I have had my own "kind of people" steal, set me up, lie, and seen the seedy life of the filthy cities of the civilized that cannot really be hidden if one actually goes and lives around the planet. There are the weed and the chafe, groups or killing like a whole family just cause they are white is obviously wrong and vis versa. Does not appear to me the killing of people for wrong reasons, selfish greed is just as bad now as it was in the past and needs to stop. God says in the Bible, "if at any time people listen to God and do the things we are told, all the blessings will be restored" and "if only they knew how much I love them" yet people keep trying to conquer not willing to accept that 1 plus 1 is 2 and trying to change it to some other thing for whatever reason.

    1. Air, I agree, evildoing is not particular what segment of society it uses. It is rampant from all corners. All my own heritage is from romania, and the men could be pretty rotten, having a strange idea about women. But all the women were good women, mothers, wives, homemakers. I wouldn't marry a romanian man if my life depended on it, lol. But still, I am 100% unmixed, rare these days and took after my mother.
      I've ministered to many over the decades, and not once did I speak of love or of hate, and I saw some very astounding things happen with life changing lifelong results. Families mended, marriages mended, suicide averted, wayward teens listened for the first time in their lives......and didn't even know what I was talking about or why, lol. Only afterwards they would tell me their little stories, then I would go Bingo! and thank you God!
      Back in the 80's I got sent on a 2 hr. drive by invitation at a time when I was sick myself (which I only later discovered was hypoglycemia). Didn't have any idea why, but then found myself faced with 2 doz. wayward teens. Had confirmation afterwards and upon my drive back, it began pouring down rain so hard I had to stop under an overpass.
      I asked God, why didn't you get somebody from that locale to do that; why have me travel when I am sick. He said.......
      I didn't have anyone in that locale to do it.
      (not long after that, I was healed of hypoglycemia within an hour...forever.)

  6. mtman2, I agree, it would take the majority of the population to turn from their worldly wicked ways, for our country to be restored. But I would not bet 10 cents on that happening. We now have the past 3 generations who have been raised without godliness, morality, scruples, respectfulness, integrity....all missing from their vocabulary. Even a simple thing like manners is almost totally absent. I equate it to ''you can't unring a bell''.
    Noah preached for 120 years, even with the evidence being built in his driveway, and still not one single person was turned around.
    Not that it is truly funny.....but can we just picture God suddenly saying All Aboard! for a ship sitting on dry land, not a drop of water anywhere, and it had never rained before !
    Different circumstances today, but the people are acting in the same way. Scoffers and mockers.

  7. Yes Paul, i agree the early church was probably sent to the tribes in order to understand the images that the indian elders, who were highly spiritual were actually shown to by god , when they begged to him during their famines and certain diseases that decimated some of their tribes, how to pray and to was shown to them years ahead of the white man arrived through the clouds as god split the skies to show them the image of "Christ" on the cross. And upon seeing that image, they would all give praise and sing and dance to it never knowing who he realy was or what it had to do with them, because it was shown to them before "christ" was even born..!! All god ever showed them was that image. But he never explained it to them..!! That was certainly the impetus for the early church to arrive and explain a history they never had access to, because for ome reason they did not believe in "books"..!! I wonder why..?? Things like the great spirit and their connection to it was considered too important (for truths sake, not to ever be corrupted) for just any man (the commoner of the tribes) to be trusted with(SMART)!! Instead, they would pick certain people from their tribes "at birth" as special eminaries to be raised only for one thing and one thing pass on the truth to the next generation without changing one word or the "narritive" to ever change which usually happens if they arent raised from birth to be worthy of passing on the truth of the elders...which is why "Chief Joseph" (named after the greatest indian warrior of all time) to write a book called..."Thats what the old ones say"..!! Even though they never knew the narritive, they were living it in spirit way better than us by keeping only 2 laws...Treat everyone like you would want to be treated(fairly) and to love god with all your heart and mind..!! It was because they never allowed gods word to be corrupted by the written word, that they were actually following gods laws way better than us....How hard can gods laws be when a child even knows not to cheat or steal from his brothers and sisters in spirit, and to love and obey their dont need 1000 pages to understand such a simple concept, unless your a clever "jew"!! Foretunately they still werent corrupted by the white man and a concept that was only created by the white man and the "church"!! Thats why they all got along, even with other tribes, unless someone actually dishonored someone elses tribe deliberately...!! So they brought the "narritive" to the image they were shown by god which they really wanted, but along with it, they brought the white mans "LIE" about a purely created by mans imagination concept that "paper" actually had value which along with the white mans other corrupting factor...alcohol, which ultimately led to their deception and ultimate demise too, along with the elders being dispersed and losing their foundation of spiritual truth, that never changed for thousands of years. Every generation learning the exact same narritive as the last without one word being changed to explain it....isnt that what god ordered the white man to do...??? The real truth is that the white man was both a blessing and a major curse to the indian tribes that had lived in peace for thousands of years... And the timeline that father Pierre Jean de Smet was teaching all his teachings were in 1886 onward.. In other words, while we as the teachers of truth were ingaged in the exact thing.."the civil war" which wound up enslaving ourselves, father Smet was teaching the virtues of "Christ" under the corrupt Catholic Church..!! Even to this day, they realized that the white race had no concept of keeping their word. Countless treaties were signed, only to be broken every time by them, until nothing they said could be believed..

    1. Part 1, in the Thomas Jefferson writing called the "Declaration of Independence".
      For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. (now US Congress, DC & Courts)
      He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us. (now Enemies of the state)
      He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. (now Admiralty military common law on our land jurisdiction, directed energy weather terrorism-hurricanes, Sonoma Napa fires with military Grade EMF accelerants or scalar waves: )

      He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & Perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation. (now UN forces and UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome PRIVATE-CONTRACT-LAW. UNIDROIT uses the ALL-UPPER-CASE debased corrupt DOG-LATIN text of Babylon (Rome), being foreign to common law English language. DOG-LATIN is used for foreign Roman (VATICAN) military accounts.(Military dog tags)The UNITED-STATES was signed over to UNIDROIT in 1964, just after Kennedy was shot dead. This fact was hidden from the masses. )

      He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands. (now military industrial complex and military/admiralty common law)

    2. Good news on page 1024 As David Wilkins
      and Tsianina Lomawaima have noted,
      the American discovery doctrine
      “is a clear legal fiction that needs
      to be explicitly stricken from the
      federal government’s political
      and legal vocabulary.”144

      If the doctrine of discovery is seen as
      only conferring the right of preemption,
      it will be easier for the United States
      to defend the doctrine in domestic
      and international arenas.
      By acknowledging that the Supreme Court
      has in fact endorsed the more extreme
      “limited possessor” version
      of the discovery doctrine,
      advocates for the rights of indigenous peoples
      will be better positioned to expose the injustices
      of the doctrine and secure its repudiation. 145

      Now that's why we support Living Law Firm, Anna, James, Cookie, Paul, et al. They have exposed so much and now going for the juggler vein Conference. In our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

    3. Directed Energy Weapons DEW video of US Military clips:

      A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it. Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, potential missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles such as cars, drones, jet skis, and electronic devices such as mobile phones.

      The energy can come in various forms: - Electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers and masers - Particles with mass, in particle-beam weapons (technically a form of micro-projectile weapon) - Sound, in sonic weapons

    4. Analysing Santa Rosa fires. Directed energy? DEW

  8. Boy, do i know how they feel. Some of the worst cons i have ever come in contact with are the grandstading Christians and their families... the hypocracy is absoluty diabolical. You dont know it as well as i do because, number one your married and less likely to be conned by anyone, because we have always been single(we are twins) , and you have never had millions of dollars like us when our dad died... every single friend and aquaintainces used any and every conceivable story to convince us to give them money...and not one good on his word....EVER!! Christian or non Christian. Everyone thinks or has been brainwashed to believe that the indians were stupid and that they are only a few hundred years old.. On the contrary, they were here before us on the planet, because all their history was kept , but not in books that could be corrupted. There story has been kept intact for thousands of years by using makromy on scarfes that they still have to this day describing the "Nephilium"(giants up to 14 ft high) that created so much fear, they never forgot it, because they were helpless against them..killing all the men and sometimes even biting there heads off, so the word got around to other tribes, to creat fear all over, and then mated with there woman who when giving birth to such giants would die while giving birth..!! I cant believe you still believe anything we have been taught Paul... about the only thing we know about the native American Indians is that they now own Casinos and they all drink... and dont forget all the movies produced by hollywood "elitist perverts" which is finally coming to light, on how they depict the indians.. Images are extremely powerful and never forgotten. Hollywood is extremely good at creating any "fake history" they want so they can control peoples minds to the point where no one knows the difference between what is real and what is an illusion(or fake narritive). In our current system, i dont know how you can believe anything "anyone" says or does, because it is all lies..!! At least i can say this about judge Anna. She isnt interested in hurting peoples feelings or being "politically correct" just so she can please her readers..thats why i hang in there with her.. im sure she is disappointed in the results so far , especially when she knows people are in real trouble and undoubtably afraid and scared of losing everything. But i tried to tell her from dealing with the courts for years that they have every road blocked because we have reached the end... Paperwork alone now will never work because everyone including the courts and judges have replaced "faith" with "fear" and now only want to claim they are only doing their job..!! Im only pointing out the obvious....every single evil that has taken place in the relatively recent past has been by the so called intellicually enlightened white race, which has brough as much lies as true around the world....the more i learn the more all i see is nothing but one big intensional illusion on mankind for only one reason...Corporate Profit!! Call me cynical, but you would have to grow up in my shoes Paul to know how i feel..!! Remember Paul i was born a Cathloic and ill die one because no matter what their crimes are, they did have the truth and im lucky i wasnt born a muslim.. But i no longer motivated by "Blind Faith" like i used to be.. Ive grown up, and realize that nothing can be trusted "blindly"!! I hope you understand...!!

    1. James, one can only guess at how another person feels as we all have walked a different path in life. Still, the path laid out in the bible is the same for everyone, regardless. God does not give a hoot about any of these denominations; he didn't invent any of them. They all came about because they each wanted their own way and none of them agree with each other.
      That ought to tell you something right there; a whole bunch of people are in error. So then where is the Truth? You go to The Source, the Author, and that can only be found in the Bible, the KJV, not all those that man has messed with.
      No, the RCC does not have the truth, neither do any of the others. Bits and pieces are still just bits and pieces, but not the whole Truth.
      It took me awhile, but I quickly began to see not everyone who says they are a christian, actually is. What they are is mostly pew warmers with empty heads and half hearted, and as soon as an obstacle arises and they get into a corner, they will not hesitate to lie or be deceitful.
      There just is no easy answer, simply because it is nearly impossible to impart spiritual things to another person. It takes God himself to literally instill it in them. This is why the bible says ''for it is the holy spirit that teaches us all that we need to know''.
      When we see scriptures relate to real life, and come to pass, then we begin to realize the Word is true to life, and thus, can be trusted.....and that those things that have not yet come to pass, must also be true and will come to pass, as well.
      That is what faith is, and how it is built, precept upon precept. And then when we see him answering prayer, that is the cats meow; its proof he is watching over us and interacting on our behalf. That builds faith. And when he answers with more than what we asked, that is his love for us showing.
      And sometimes when we get ourselves all twisted up in a knot, its time to just throw our hands up, and say, ok, God you take over; straighten me out.
      I've learned that any time we are trying to get something done, and its like an uphill climb on an icy slope, its time to stop; you're going the wrong way. He closes doors no man can open, and he opens doors that no man can close. Not easy to deal with, but thats how it works. We have to learn to stop trying to bust those doors down.
      Anymore, I have a 'whatever' attitude. And I just wait for the next door to open. And while I am waiting, I say, God I'm getting bored here, Lol.
      On all the paperwork, I tend to agree; these bastards dont care about our paperwork. And when they see it start coming, they will have their minds made up already, they aren't going to hear us with our 'paperwork'.
      Hope this helps.

    2. Now i think we have reached common ground Abby... !! Ive tried every legal angle to try and get remedy, especially when i know for sure that fraud was committed on these forecloseures because just about every govt. agency from the "Comptroller of Currency", to the Attorney Generals office of every State, plus numerous private people who were lucky enough to find attorneys who actually cared about their clients won their cases, and actually showing exactly how they got away with it...!! But did it change anything...No. They simply gave them tons of money, and continued to do the same thing, without one banker going to jail... The foreclosure crisis was the last draw for me in trying to get remedy. Now im like you...whatever!! And when it gets to the point where i just feel ive had enough , i simply tell him that. And it doednt take long for him to answer me and provide me with my needs. Its much easier and heathier just to go directly to the "Sourse" than butt heads with some arrogant judge that is under so much pressure she cant possibly give me remedy...and it saves me for taking a ton of valiums to calm

    3. James, we've always been on the same side of things, lol. I will just add one more thing which gives me solace:
      It pays to know Gods solution to the whole mess, and I happen to know that his Plan in no way lets them win. All their long years of cunning and conniving is going to net them zero. They are never going to take over the world, tho it may look like they are, I assure you they are not. All of this shit is going to get wiped off the earth, then the King will show up and Rule.....minus all this stuff, all this evil, and true Justice will be served. 'Therefore comfort one another with these words''.
      Meanwhile, this is the time to make sure we are not among those who are going to be included in this wiping up. Liberal loose screws, republican sell-outs, elitists, tyrants, hollywood, d.c. scum, God mockers, you name it....all gonna get wiped out, and nothing they can do about it. Nothing! But that is His Remedy.
      But meanwhile, we do whatever is put in front of us to do.

    4. This is a little off topic, but I want to insert here that y'all can go to
      and there you can check out where you might be able to pick up their brand new TV station in your area. Be patient, more will be coming I'm sure.
      If you don't see it available in your area, you can call your own cable co. and tell them you want them to provide trunews tv station.
      I have no personal connection with Trunews, but it is a source we want to grow so it can be a venue for Truth and promote the stuff anna talks about. Even Trunews itself needs informed and enlightened to these things, to promote it.

    5. Abby...i hope your right about that channel coming to cable so i can finally kick back on my couch and watch a true news station. I know its on utube but i would really like to get off this phone once in a while, if you can

    6. Abby, I like your attitude. Duty is ours, results are God's.

  9. Today I decided to change banks for my little ole checking account, for convenience sake. So we are sitting there with the banker and he was very friendly and open. I could tell he knows things are not right, so I dropped a few statements, and he was agreeable. So I wrote anna's website down on a piece of paper and gave it to him telling him if he wants to know whats really going on, he can get all his answers right there, from the Justice herself.

    While we were there sitting in the waiting area, a very loud spanish speaking female came out waving a handful of papers trying to persuade us the bank was doing her wrong, apparently refused her a loan, and we all just sat there like disinterested statues.
    Another banker was putting her out of the bank.
    I turned to the man sitting nearby and said, thats whats wrong with letting foreigners into our country; they want to come here and tell us what we should do for them and expect special favors.
    He hesitated as he sort of nodded. So I could see yet another american who was afraid to express any real thoughts. I could see he didn't want to get into any such conversation, so I deliberately continued on with a couple more statements, Lol. He was squirming a little so I put the zipper on my lips. I only intended to wake him up a little anyhow.

  10. James, you may be able to catch the daily tv broadcast thru their website. I think you will like it.

    And James, its time to stop letting past injustices fester inside you. I've had some of the very worst done to me, and right from my own immediate family. You wanna know why it does not eat me up?
    I washed my hands of them, turned them all over to God, and told Him to do whatever he wants with them; I'm done with them, so have at it. I am moving onward.
    And James, I don't even think about any of them or the events...not at all. See, I understand that God's Word says ''vengeance is Mine, I WILL repay''. God IS a God of Justice.
    So James, like the song says ''Let it be, let it be, there will be an answer, let it be...........'


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