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Sunday, October 15, 2017

The vile slanders and smears of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Below is Prager U’s new video on how the SPLC is the “anti-hate” group that is actually the real hate group. To learn more about the SPLC’s fomenting of hatred and lies, see’s SPLC profile. Also join the Freedom Center’s new campaign to oppose the SPLC’s and’s totalitarian blacklists of hate.

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  1. Ah yes, the infamous spitlickers. These ziocons work to divide us all. Here is what Gilad Atzmond has to say about these people:

    Gilad was born in Israel, but now has disowned Jews and refuses to be associated with them. He differentiates "Jews" and "International Jews." The latter have no allegiance to any country, but only serve themselves. Then they wonder why it is that so many countries have thrown them out.

  2. People fall in to these traps, always fearing the fact the we are governing ourselves. Who else is within you telling you how to think, act, when to wake up, will you agree or say no, when will you eat, what will you wear, what will you believe. Strange that we would say we have to do something when in fact we do not. We choose one way or the other all the time. Hatred is a for of self loathing, indicates some kind of hate for ones own actions, probably for doing things we know are wrong and blaming them on something else, hiding it then it festers and surfaces as hate. Thats why loving is better, it heals. Satanists try to spread self loathing as it impedes our natural existence.

    1. AC, ''hate is a form of self loathing''......that is so much bullshitt I hope you have hip boots for yourself then, because I am not buying into that dung. That is a ploy of satan himself trying to persuade Man to hate himself just because he hates all mankind, because Man is made in the image of God, and a God design. I hate all evildoers because THEY are evil and troublemakers! Period, and they deserve to be hated; hasn't got anything to do with me at all. Even God hates them, he says so.
      I'm not on this earth to go round ''loving idiots to help them heal''. Sheesh, they need a whole new renovation.

  3. SPLC and ADL labelled me a domestic terrorist for just having a website declaring my local constabulary as thieves and terrorists in 1998. They sicked the FBI on me, hacked into my computer and planted illegal porn on it so that when they came to arrest me, they busted me for felony terrorist threats and possession of CP. I was threatened with 20 years in prison, and spent a full year plus in jail fighting it. I was so exhausted seeing no end in sight of my incarceration, they brow beat me into taking a deal which makes me have to register as a sex offender for the rest of my life [for crimes I did NOT do!] So excuse me if I HATE THE BLOODY FUCK OUT OF THE SPLC AND THE ADL and hope to God they spend the rest of eternity in the deepest darkest pits of hell! Going to jail for crimes I didn't commit, trying to expose the fraud being perpetrated on the masses for the right to travel! After 30 years I have over 1 gigabytes of legal documents and research that proves I was right all along, yet these god damned cops continue to steal my cars from me, and throw me in jail. Every 6 years or so they make up an excuse to violate my registration trying to send me to prison for the rest of my life due to Californications 3 strikes laws. So excuse me if I hope an pray every single day that I have to suffer being labeled a sex offender and having to live with that shame, when all I am doing is being a patriot! FUCK OFF SPLC!

    1. Gamesmedic, this kind of stuff is exactly why I say it has to be torn apart from the top like Anna and her troops are trying to do; this stuff you suffer is exactly why we cannot do our individual fights with any guaranteed success.
      All these spaced out ''peace and love' jerks that must be leftovers from the 60's need their ass kicked and wake up from their fantasy, and face the fact that we are living in the worst evil days in the history of our planet.
      They take the easy way out, just 'love everybody' and go along to get along. Thats their way of life. They live on emotions and that way they don't have to use the brain, which they have put on 'vacation' a long time ago. Thats why we see all these ''touchy feely' minions among us these days.

      Well, we wait with baited breath, hoping to see a good report from Anna. That will gauge our next move, or where we go from here, if anywhere.

  4. Paul, since you know where Anna's igloo is, can you peek inside and see if the gang is alright? Maybe send us a smoke signal or something so we know aliens didn't abduct them?


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