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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Illuminati Exposed! 50 year old recording EXPOSES ALL!

Please comment. Can anyone refute any of this?

Found here:

Demons: Illuminati Rituals Caught on Camera


  1. Greetings everyone-
    I would like to acknowledge with much respect, Judge Anna and everyone else dedicated to managing this page & the information that is continually revealed.

    About me:
    I'm a Navy SEAL Veteran who became Awakened back in 2007 so I'm 10+ years into the digging of the equation of the Illuminati.
    I'm convinced this is the primary source in regards to much of the Worlds woe's...but everyone must understand that they are but a tentacle of the mass that makes up the full body of the New World Order's equation.
    This "thing"...goes way back. Back beyond the Venetian Black Nobility, further than most people want to admit but it makes complete sense once you realize that what we are all dealing with here is nothing short of the Eternal Struggle between Good & Evil.
    This is why their conspiracy goes beyond the conspirator's life times...this is why they pass it down through their children and those like minded that they rub shoulders with.
    What MUST be kept in that ultimately, this is all Luciferian in nature.
    The deep, hidden pullers of the strings of our "leaders", believe in an ancient pagan mystery religion that revere's Lucifer the Light Bearer.

    So that said...once we see everything through that begin to see why those who run the world (by controlling the money suppy of most the nations, they effectively influence the very evolution of our species) and they have the world just exactly as it is for a reason.
    It's planned...and it goes beyond the horror's that any of us could really imagine.

    Once Humanity hits critical mass in regards to the knowledge that these evil bastards exist AND what they have been doing to ALL of us, all of Humanity, We the People of the World will naturally rise up against them.

    This becomes long...but I just wanted to add my support to this article and concur that I also believe it to be True.
    HOO-YAH & God Bless the Awakening and the Restoration of the Republic.

    P.S...Anna & crew...I fly the Civil flag outside my house and I've spoken with my neighbors to ensure they know what it meant. ;) Encoded into law in 1874...!!! :D

    1. Rather one can reserve the right to not be bound by form or implore any judgment of all gods work in same ,Amen - being free.

    2. Thanks for your contribution, Thaddeus.

    3. Well said, Thaddeus! Thank YOU, for both your personal sacrifices in your service to America and your wise words above.

  2. This world is teetering on the brink, and about to see an alarming intervention by the Creator Himself, which will be sure death upon those who have taken it down into its depths of depravity as it has feverishly worked to blot out the true Master of the One who created
    it in the first place.
    The determining factor is not contingent upon people awakening, but upon what the Masses have done about God. Restoration cannot happen when there is such a flood of that luciferian spirit that permeates the entire world, and america has allowed false gods, false gospels, and heresy to overtake the Truth in 95% of the so-called 'houses of God' and having turned them into weekly coddling sanctuaries of lies.

    With all that there is not a snowball's chance in hell to ever revert back to our old Republic, but rather a complete 'housecleaning' is on the horizon to clean out all the swamp, and then the Kingdom of God where the King will rule.
    (God will not be mocked)

    1. I am not at all familiar with your references. Please be more descriptive of false gods, false gospels, heresy and lies so I may recognize and confront them in my own restoration efforts.

    2. Thankful - Today the majority of people have made up in their own minds a ''God' of their own liking. They have turned him into some sort of sugar daddy that they seem to think is just 'there' anxious to wait on them hand and foot and grant them their every little wish. They are still children in adult bodies, who transferred their fairy tale santa claus over to what they want God to be to them. They need to grow up but when you see Dec. roll around, you will see I am correct. Their God is a very false god of their imaginations.
      The false gospels consist of 'accentuating the positive, and omitting the negative'. What is left is half truths which is equivalent to lies: 'just tell me what I want to hear, and don't tell me what I need to hear'. The result of all that is false gospel; full of just pretty sounding words, watered down so badly, that the Truth is nowhere to be found. Empty wells with no Water.
      Some good examples of the real Jesus can be found in Matt. 7:21 onward. Look what he says in v.23; not the Mr. Nice guy people would expect. (all Matt.7)
      And look at what He has to say in the beginning of Luke 13.
      Galatians 1:6-10 or 2 Cor.6:11-18 or Rev. 2:1-5 or the Book of Jude (only 1 chapter to that)
      And lastly, from me to you personally....3 John v.2

    3. This goes back to G.O.D..and certainly before the Christ that was Jesus. Long before men interpreted God's words and put ink to papyrus, then added this and that; a meeting in Nicaea to determine Biblical "protocols" ( Pope Sylvester I couldn't attend); the coalescing of church and state (and the first "heresy" by Arius of Alexandria) all to bring us into this NOW, wherein we argue about the Bible, a book copyrighted to UCC code!

      There is a mass rise of mankind's intelligence, compassion, and consciousness in the last few years; one that obviously it escapes some.
      But we do live in hope.

    4. in reply to: "With all that there is not a snowball's chance in hell to ever revert back to our old Republic"

      while i generally agree...i would point out, all these "us citizens" all "pledge allegiance" to "the republic" as well as their new "one nation"

      i am not saying such things work in court or elsewhere, but they have already pledged allegiance to "the republic"..."civil war" or no "civil war" ...

      i believe that basically has to be there (although the "pledge" was generic for any nation, was for "patriotism" after the "civil war" died down, do your own research of course. "under god" of course was added later too to distinguish us from the "communists" supposedly. they started handing out the "war flag" to "schools" around then too...) ... point being, without "we the people" there is no "states" or "feds" -- territorial, municipal, or otherwise, and there is no "republic" nor the new "one nation"

      that is something good to point out if people argue with you...may not amount to much...but without "we the people" there is no "feds" or "republic" nor the new "one nation" ... and without "we the people" there is no "14th amendment us citizens" .....there is either constitution unless "we the people" exists to have authorized it.

      so, i think of "the republic" as a title...without that, they have nothing, but their own constitution and their own "creations of congress" "us citizens" (as opposed to birthright "americans", whether "state citizens" or otherwise) .....the best they can do is claim the "republic" authorized their "one nation" etc....judges have also said the "civil war" was not "conquest"...

      people try to distract "the 14th amendment passed, don't say it didn't" but that is a red herring IMO. the "us citizens" STILL all "pledge" "allegiance" to "the republic" .....they KNOW it exists/existed. without it, they have no right to do anything on american soil. without it, the 14th amendment is null and void anyways.....

      just pointing out, noone ever refutes that to my knowledge...ask them what the "pledge" means then, if there is no "republic" ? why do they still "pledge" to it?

      yes, the situation is very dire...but to my knowledge they still all "pledge" to "the republic" ... the trick is how to get them to honour it.....

  3. Abby, sadly i concure...This is the arrogant response to all your letters Judge Anna to the world...maybe you should contact him , since he is asking for help to understand it......

  4. One strange thing is Shriners temples have on the back of some of their worship places Akenaten an Egyptian Pharaoh in a painting looking like Jesus with children he allegedly loved. He had to hire mercenaries, looked strangely like half women almost and had a Nordic wife. The pharaohs wife was where their power came from, a requirement for pharoahs. He burned the library at Alexandria and looted the temples and tortured the preists for their knowledge. Associated with the Hyksos and Shepard Kings from southern Egypt who were hated and finally driven from Egypt mysteriously disappearing but the symbols still show up on family crests on bank doors revealing it is likely the same troublesome crowd of evil doers, possibly foreigners from another planet, become corrupted and turned on thier own families back in Ireland. At any rate the exposure is happening right now and people are becoming aware of the rot in the apple bin.

  5. Why did I think Trump was little better than any of the president? Lol

  6. How does the good people get past this crazies?

  7. i suppose i do not dispute the videos at all...

    culture of secrecy + counterfeit money + incorporating everything.....

    basically, that is "satanism" whether they do it on purpose or is materialism....satan is a "spirit" but represents "taking over the world" (materialism, THIS world, not a "world to come" ... he wants THIS one, he is "god of this world") ....

    so, to turn a phrase of voltaire (atheist/freemason/illuminist depending on who you ask) "if there were no illuminists/satanists, some people would behave in such a manner anyways, knowingly or unknowingly, it would be necessary to invent them [to explain events]"

    a culture of secrecy and counterfeit money and make-believe "corporations" -- it should not surprise anyone this leads to "satanism" or "luciferianism" ...

    so, it doesn't really matter to me which came first ... i would say it is the same scheme by any other name...

    materialism is materialism.....satan is the ultimate "materialism" (he is a spirit, but he wants THIS world)

    people trying to control everything, with no limit to their greed...they behave like satanists whether they are or it doesn't really matter to me whether they are "illuminists" or a deliberate/concerted/organized plan over decades/centuries.....such is just how "materialism" turns out anyways...i would say "illuminism" is just "materialism" put into practice. to me they are "control freaks" ... "satanism" is the same thing.


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